Two months had past since Beatrix had found Brian and she was starting to miss her other family in New York. Beatrix had decided to fly back to New York for a couple of months to help the crew pack up and get ready for their big move back to Los Angeles. It had been few years since the heat had died down from the Raymon Calitri heist and the issues that had caused for the crew, even though Detective Castlebeck and kept Memphis's out of the death of Calitri it got to heated to stay safely in Long Beach so the decision to move was a need one at the time.

Beatrix flew back to New York; Sphinx was meeting her at the airport to pick her up and bring her home to their place while they were going to be packing up their current location. Sphinx stood out from everyone in the crowed as people were avoiding walking near him, but that was due to the deadly frown that was currently on display. Grabbing her luggage Beatrix walked up to Sphinx dropping her bags in favour of embracing the man she had just spent months away from. Sphinx grunted in reply to being embraced by Beatrix, Beatrix was engulfed by Sphinx's arms and being pulled closer to his body to tighten the embrace this is how Beatrix knew that Sphinx had missed her just as much as she had him.

Leaving the airport was easy once the crowds and traffic died down for their thirty-minute drive to the house on city island. Once they arrived home Beatrix left the luggage in the hallway and climbed into the shower with Sphinx. "Ahh it's good to be home and back with you again" Beatrix said as she hugged Sphinx. "It was a long few months' love, maybe next time you hunt down your brother make it less time away ok".

After showering and getting dressed both Beatrix and Sphinx got ready to meet up with the crew at their local meet up place Sunday motors co. café, its funny that a group of boosters and their partners want to go to a restaurant that is based around cars but if it makes them comfortable then that's where they going to go. Memphis and sway were the first to arrive with Sphinx and Beatrix being the last as its an hour n half drive from City Island.

They were discussing about the move back to California and what that's going to be live being back in their old stomping grounds, unfortunately Ottos old warehouse had been torn down due to new works on the sixth street bridge. Beatrix said, "it's going to be good with all of us in the same location if it is in different neighbourhoods, we will still be able to visit and do BBQ n beer cook outs". Beatrix and informed the crew that she had found her brother and what had happened with Dom aka Bob, how their crew ran was sloppy and was looking forward to showing them what an original old crew was like. They had decided that they couldn't all just pack up and move straight away as some of them had jobs that they were hoping to get a transfer to another branch. Kip and the younger crew would head down first as they didn't have a full-time contracted job. Those who were employed fulltime like Sphinx with the county morgue would have to give notice and apply for a position in California. They would also need time to ship their cars and possessions that wouldn't fit on a plain.