I entered the A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Mini Summer Edition and am blown away by the love this little story got! I've been struggling with writing and reading FF lately, with how busy I've been, so this is a sign not to give up and find that motivation again.

Judge's Pick-2 Brown-Eyes May T. Brown

Funniest -Beach Ball Award

Cute-Meet -Dolphin Award

Best Tweaked Image -Sand Sculpture Award

3rd Place Public Vote


"You know if you take a picture, it'll last longer."

I'm on the beach enjoying the sunshine with my best friend, but I can't seem to stop staring at the bronze-haired adonis sitting on the lifeguard tower.

"Shut up! He'll hear you." I whisper-shout.

"I'll give you $50 if you go pretend to drown," Rose teases.

"I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate someone fake drowning," I scold, pondering the idea.

"Bella, he wouldn't know you're faking. You might even get some mouth-to-mouth if you play it off well enough." Rose laughs and pulls down her sunglasses to give me a wink.

"I could just go talk to him." I reason.

"That's no fun! Plus, you've seen how many girls tried to talk to him, but he ignored them. He's like a hawk keeping his eyes glued to the ocean."

I'm a little pissed that she brought that up. I'm irrationally jealous. What the hell is this feeling?

"Damn, it looks like you're missing your chance. Another lifeguard is walking toward the watchtower." Rose says, nudging my arm.

"Guess you saved yourself $50," I shrug, a little disappointed.

"Look at that hunk of a man taking over! Geez, he's huge." She's staring now.

"I've got $50; go fake drown." Daring her, knowing she'll do it.

"Bet," smiling with a wink, Rose stands to adjust her bikini and then struts to the water.

As she glides toward the water, I see if the bear-man is watching her; yeah, he is. The bronze-haired hottie has begun climbing down the ladder. He better not go after Rose.

I can't believe she's doing this. I start to panic. What if no one sees her, or she drowns? Standing quickly, I scan the water for Rose. Catching sight of her bobbing in the surf. I move closer to the water. What if these guys suck at their job? I reach the water just as Rose starts to wave her hands frantically while trying to jump the waves. I look at the watchtower. The giant man stands and blows a whistle before jumping to the sand and sprinting toward the water.

I'm at the water's edge, watching my best friend clutch onto her savior, when I feel someone touch my arm.

"What's your friend's name?" He asks, his voice breathy.

"Rose, and I'm Bella," I responded. Hopefully, he wanted to know mine too.

"I'm Edward, and that's Emmett. We'll drive you both up to the office. She needs medical attention. Grab your stuff and meet us over there.``

I nodded in agreement before quickly running back to our blanket. I start shoving everything into our bags. I notice a different man is now sitting at the watchtower.

Once I make it to the truck, Edward opens the door for me. Glancing at the truck's bed, Rose lies with her head in Emmett's lap. She opens her eyes and mouths, "fifty bitch."

I smile as I climb into the truck, glancing toward Edward. He smiles. Worth every penny.

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