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Date night / steamy

With a long drawn-out moan, Douxie closed his eyes. The soothing warmth had enveloped every fiber of his sore body by now, and he felt the steam around him mingle with his hair while a stray drop of sweat tickled him as it ran the long way from his neck down his chest to finally pool in his belly button.

"How could you..." he muttered, earning a knowing laugh.

"Oh Doux, now I'm honestly disappointed. Don't pretend you don't like this steam bath."

At her mocking tone, the corners of his mouth pulled up into a smirk.

"Yeah yeah, it's fine. It's fortunate for us that Arcadia finally has something alternative besides the conventional sauna." Moving his hand a tiny bit to the left, he found Zoe's fingers and slid his hand onto hers. From her satisfied hum he could tell that she found this touch as pleasant as he did. "But actually, I was hoping that our date night would end in some other activity."

"Oh, really? Hmm, and what, pray tell, did you have in mind?"

"A full body massage would've been nice after that exhausting date..." He grinned, kneading the back of her hand with his fingers.

"Oooh yeah, right there," he heard Zoe say with relish.

Consciously relaxing his muscles, he turned his head that lay on the ceramic bench a little in her direction and squinted into the hazy steam around him. Zoe had closed her eyes. With a soft smile he admired her breasts which rose and fell rhythmically with her chest. Douxie would have loved to caress her delicate skin with his lips right then and there while touching her with his fingers in all her favorite places where he knew he could bring her to an immediate climax. But what he saw on her face was the same fatigue that he was feeling in every bone.

"Ah, maybe later..." he whispered, letting his eyelids give up the fight against gravity.

"Yeah, later sounds good..." she agreed with him just as quietly, and it wasn't long before he felt himself slipping more and more into a state of deepest relaxation.