Don't Own D&D, Pathfinder, or Dxd, Only The Oc



"Powerful Creatures Speaking, like a dragon or a god"


"Text/speech via book, Tv, or newspaper... when those are around..."

I silently sit up in bed, staring in slack-jawed horror as an absolutely stunning woman with black bat like wings and horns climbs through my broken window.

The black curtains used to keep the sun out of my room have been thrown mostly over my bed.

She gives me an impish smile, her teeth sharp and shark-like "Congratulations! You have been selected for reincarnation! Please do not resist!"


She pulls out a golden revolver with a dramatic flourish, causing a spike of fear to pass through my entire body.

I leap out of bed, turning to the door just to my left and opening it.

There's an extremely loud explosion I feel a punch to the back, blood stained wood chips are sent flying down the hallway in front of me, as I trip and fall forwards.

In the next moment... all I see is darkness.

"Congratulations! You have been selected for reincarnation! This is a truly wondrous opportunity for one such as yourself!"

"W-What the hell?! The woman?! She shot me! I was still VERY much alive! What the fuck?!"

"Apologies, dear customer, the pandemic has been hard on the reincarnation market. Nobody is leaving their homes; thus, less people are being killed prematurely by being hit by fast moving trucks... so we have had to improvise just a bit."


"But, dear customer, we are merely completing the wish that you silently wished for when you blew out your birthday candles upon your last birthday! You wanted to be Isekai'd. Wishing each and every day that your dull boring life would become greater."


But now you have gained that one in a life time opportunity!

"Congratulations you're now the proud wielder of D.I.C.E.! Or rather, the Departed Immigration and Complementary Enlightenment System!"

"Wouldn't that spell 'Dices' instead of 'Dice', y'know , the incorrect plural of-"

"Shut up!"

My mouth clicks closed.

"The way this works is simple. YOU pick a dice system. Then YOU build a character, I give you a backstory, I make some brief changes to your character sheet to make it go with your backstory, then I give you a chance to look over and change things before I send you off to god knows where!"

"Wait... wouldn't it be more effective for you to give me my backstory first so I don't have to spend all this time re-writing my character if you break something with my build?"




"GOOD POINT! Fucking hell. Six point five billion Dice system users and we only NOW came up with that idea?!"

"Alright, so basically, on our randomizer here, you've gotten 'Hard' Difficulty. To put it bluntly, you are a kitsune, and you are being chased by numerous overzealous clan exorcists who want to destroy the 'vicious yokai' before it can hurt people."

"You will be starting at level 3 and will be forced to fight eight level fours, all who have weapons that are treated as if they are 'Kitsune Bane', making even a single slash potentially deadly. Also, if you couldn't tell, you are going to be put into DXD."

"Is this basic Dxd or some sort of alternate universe?" I mutter at the voice.

"Tell you what, user, if you TRUELY feel like you can handle it, how about we roll a couple of dice. If you are alright with me lowering your level down to one... I will roll a couple of dice to make changes to the world."


"Would Exe be a part of-"

"It is canon Dxd, so yes, EXE would eventually be a problem you would need to overcome... as is time traveling Satan class devil dhampirs who can stop time with their sacred gears."

"FUCK." I lowly curse under my breath. 'hn... if I'm a kitsune... maybe...'

"If you take this chance, I'll remove Exe and time traveling shenanigans- that aren't a result of your own actions such as you getting a time control spell- completely."

"Fiiiiine." I lowly growl. "How does this work?"

A table appears before me alongside numerous dice.

"It's quite simple. You will roll dice to determine just how many changes you can make to a particular element, I will, of course, be deciding what dice to roll, how many dice, and if you have any bonuses or penalties. As of right now, there are six separate factors you may change about this world."

"Character Backstory, Gender Swap, Character Deletion, Character Insertion, Personality Alteration, World Changes. I will briefly explain these things as you roll them, but some changes may be too big. Keep in mind, my word is law, but I will be looking favorable on you due to your time saving suggestion- and yes, I know it's genuinely disappointing we didn't figure that out sooner, but give us a break. We had to have an intern break into your house to isekai you! We couldn't even do anything cool like dropping an asteroid on your house! Too much legal work and we lacked the permits for it. Tch, needing permits to drop a meteor in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Ridiculous."

"Okay? So are we rolling now?"

"Yes. Yes we are. The first thing is 'Character Backstory, this allows you to make some minor alterations to the world in the form of changing certain aspects of a character (or characters) in question. I want you to roll three D-four minus two."

I grab the triangle shaped dice and toss them forwards, getting a two, a three, and a four.


"Good. Now you may make Seven 'Backstory' changes to Dxd. This can range from numerous things, but overall they cannot affect the world drastically."

"So I could say something like 'Kiba was never a part of the holy sword project', but not something like 'Ajuka created a method to ascend to godhood.'?"


"hn..." I lowly hum as I cup my chin. "May I know when exactly I am being put in this world?"

"You shall be inserted nearby Kuoh three days before Rias and Sona start their first year there."

"I see."

Step one to securing this world. Will be to get Valerie out of Rizevim's hands.

"Valerie escaped alongside Gasper and joined Rias peerage as her mutated bishop."

"Done. This inadvertently made Gasper Rias' second rook, yet you will not be charged for that."

"Seeing as how I am a Kitsune, Kunou will probably be a main love interest. Can you make her older? Like... not literally nine years old at the start of Canon?"

"How much older?"

"Koneko's age or older, but not older than Sona or Rias."

"Oh. Sure. Done. What next?"

"Griselda Quarta is granted the mission to reinstate the Kuoh Academy church, thus she takes her two wards, Irina and Xenovia with her and applies them to Kuoh Academy."

"That is... slightly larger than the first one... but it could reasonably happen, but I like you, ya crazy bastard, nobody EVER takes me up on this deal, so I'll only increase it to two. Three remain."

"Sona is sort of into the idea of sleeping with her sister, but has restrained herself until she can find someone who she can use as an 'Excuse' to do as it is more politically acceptable for a threesome instead of two siblings going after each other, and more importantly two siblings who aren't continuing their bloodlines."

"That's... sort of slipping into 'Personality alteration' territory, but done. two left."

"Serafall will be stationed as the official devil overseer of Kuoh town as she lost out on the Satan Leviathan position to Grayfia. She is there to watch over the exorcists and to make sure they stay peaceful as they said they were going to be. She also doesn't have any boys in her peerage. Only girls."

"I would normally make a fuss about you making Grayfia the Leviathan, as it is technically modifying two backstories, but let's be honest here, it's going to be her if isn't Serafall. Next?"

"Raynare and her goons aren't as bad as they are in canon and are actually doing their job instead of being fooled by Kokabiel's order to start trouble."

"That's too big. You're affecting four people with one wish. But tell you what, I'll randomly select one of the three girls to be extremely nice and EXTREMELY turned on by boys with animal ears just for you."


"Goodie. Now for gender swapping. Since this is an ecchi world, I'll give you more chances than a normal person would have. Half of four D-Four"

I rolled a total of twelve, thus I can gender bend six people.

"Issei, Saji, Sirzechs, Azazel, Ajuka, Vali."

"Done. Next you can delete entire characters which may potentially erase entire plot lines. Roll one D four minus 3."

I rolled a one, thus, negative two.

"Shame. We have to keep that regulated thought because you could easily just erase any big threats you may have. You could have erased Trihexa or Rizevim if you got it. Now for 'Character insertion' which is self explanatory, we will put characters from X anime/manga/game into your Dxd world. Roll two D6 minus 4."

four plus five minus four.

"Uh... may I get a discount if I target a group for character insertion... like, a 'team'."

"Who did you have in mind?"

"The scarlet devil mansion from Touhou. Or like... Touhou in general?"

"Hn. Sure. For the Scarlet Devil Mansion thing at least, I'll be forced to nerf the characters somewhat, as Flandre's 'destroy everything' ability and Remilia's 'Fate Manipulation' is a bit too strong for Dxd, but I'll still add the Scarlets, the time stop maid, the sleepy guard, the asthmatic librarian, and the random devil servant for two inserts in total. It's doubtful if you'll ever meet them, though, as you'll be in Japan and they'll be in Europe... as for everyone else? Fine. It'll probably make your life harder, I hope you know. Plus their powers won't be as conceptual or bullshit."

'that's fine. The scarlet devil mansion can be a future goal, I suppose. That's one way to get hot time stop maid and guard girl, plus I even got the rest of the cast for free. Anyways, who else could really be of use to this world?'

I sit for a moment, my mind combing over potential candidates.

"Neo Politan from Rwby. She's a part of Serafall's peerage now."

"Done. Two remain."

"Erza scarlet?"

"She's now one of the church's greatest exorcist. If you want I can make her come along with Griselda."

"I would like that."

"Done. One left."


"She is now the newly born Japanese goddess of time. She has no legends about her due to her relatively young age, born after the 'time of legends' where humans spread tales about gods, thus she is quite weak compared to other time gods. Now for 'Personality Alteration'. Roll one four sided die and subtract one from it."

I get a four, thus I can make three changes.

"Serafall is REALLY into fox boys, even more-so than she's into her little sister. She actually likes ALL boys with animal ears, just kitsune the most because of the fluffy tail, the only problem is that there aren't many- if any- male kitsune that exist. She keeps this secret fact about her close to her chest, so nobody knows about it. So if she comes across an unaccompanied kitsune who looks as if he is a stray, well..."

"Serafall instantly lusts after your character. Done. Next?"

"Let's just simplify it here as well, Neo is also instantly into me, but she never dated because she was afraid people were only after her because of her appearance. And Yukari is also into me as soon as she sees and notices me, purely to prevent her from maiming me with her boundaries."

"I see I see... you know, most people tend to use these to turn villains into good guys, one dude even turned Rizevim into a Doofenschmirtz level villain that kept being defeated by a chihuahua in a sumbrero and sunglasses, but you just used two alterations to wet your dick... well, technically three, but the latter of which has far more scope than just sex... ah well, who cares. Now for 'World' changes, this can let you do basically anything. Are Grimm from Rwby a thing here? Is the world magical at large? Do you have a sacred gear free of charge despite the fact that you shouldn't have one? Is the God of the biblical pantheon alive, a girl, and also into your character?! I want you to roll a D-Twenty. On a twenty you get one single change you can make to the world at large."

I roll the dice, swallowing nervously as it bounces across the table.

It eventually rolls to a stop...



"Ah well. You win some, you lose some. Get on with your character creation, then. What system did you want exactly?"


"Ah. A classic. Here's your character sheet and here are your stats."

Six sets of dice roll before me, each set four six sided die for a total of twenty four dice. As they finish rolling, the lowest number in each set is removed, leaving me with six combined numbers.

twelve, twelve, ten, nine, thirteen, and seventeen.

A decent stat block, I suppose. All that's left is to create my character.

A screen appears before me, notifying me of the changes.

Your character has been automatically selected as Kitsune. +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Str.

'well, now I need to survive level one against a bunch of level fours, thus I need to pick a character that CAN do that... oh! I know one!'

Name: [Please Insert Name]
Race: Kitsune
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Class: Sorcerer (Nine Tailed Heir)
Health: 7/7
Strength: 7
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 19

This will have to do.

I reach up and double tap the name.

'fuck. I am NEVER good at names.'


I type in something that sounds vaguely Japanese


Note: as a DXD kitsune, you are unable to take the 'Extra Tail' feat casually. But this has been more or less solved by the 'Nine Tail Heir' class specialization. However, when you gain another tail, you will see a notable difference instead of merely being able to cast a single spell once per day as a spell like ability.

In addition, as a 'Dxd Kitsune' your 'true form' is merely you with fox ears and tails instead of Pathfinder's canonical bipedal fox person.

Note: Touki, Senjutsu, and Youjutsu will be available to you through feats, but a level 1 is still far too weak to make use of these techniques.

Note: 'Kitsune Magic' racial trait has been changed to include Illusion spells, increasing their Dcs by 1. should you gain any effect that increases Enchantment's Dc, you increase Illusion by the same amount.

"Have you finished? Swell. You'll be given roughly a ten second grace period to re-orientate yourself. Kuoh will be directly ahead of you when you are put in the world."

Due to your character level going down, 'Hard' difficulty has been recategorized into 'Lunatic' Difficulty.

"Good luck, kid, you'll need it."

With a flash, I am suddenly elsewhere. I feel... different.

The fluffy appendage behind me and the two fuzzy ears atop my head probably has something to do with it.

A quest has been Received!

A quest has been forcibly minimized by the system.

My spellcasting and knowledge has been ingrained in my body, so my next action isn't strenuous.

I make use of a scroll to cast 'silent image' to cover myself in a copy of my body. The copy remains static as I dash forwards as fast as I can. Looking around, I see eight people stood before me.

"Four... Five... Six..." I quietly count under my breath as I run in between the first two.

"Seven... Eight."

I manage to reach about half way through the group


I cast another spell, this time on myself, causing me to vanish from sight.


The world lightens as the numerous clan exorcists shout out in rage, throwing paper seals at my illusion which turns on a dime and begins silently running as fast as it can in the opposite direction, avoiding the sealing paper which detonates on contact with the ground.

The exorcists rush forwards as I continue to silently count, as I reach the six second mark I cast 'Vanish' once more, refreshing the duration of my invisibility spell.

I manage to break through the pack of exorcists as I continue running as fast as I can.

As six seconds passes I cast the spell again, my illusion reaches the end of its range and turns around raising its hands defensively.

I hunch forwards, my body shrinking as I fall onto my hands and knees.

I continue invisibly running on four limbs as my fox transformation finishes, my new speed quite a bit faster than the rate I was traveling on two legs.

Multiple seals strike my illusion, causing me to cancel it as the seals detonate.

The exorcist let out hoots and hollers as I continue silently running.

I am far enough away at this point that they don't notice the small fox appear suddenly almost one hundred feet behind them after six seconds pass. Even as their excitement turns to confusion, I don't stop running. Fully confident in my new speed as I slip through the underbrush.

I let out a panting breath as I rest just at the edge of a small town.

Thirty minutes of running... but I have finally made it.

Kuoh Town.

I am now within my human form, lacking an additional set of ears and tails, as I quietly walk forwards into the town proper.

I am wearing a simple dark grey yakuta, I lack shoes or anything else of value, but at least I look attractive.

I pause to look down into a nearby puddle with a slight head tilt,

I have cheek length white hair, pale skin, and unearthly orange-red eyes.

Just as I designed.

If my ears and tail were out right now, they'd be snow white as well.

A screen slowly slides into view.

Exorcism Escape:
Why can't a Dice System user ever just wake up safely? You are in incredible danger. Eight humans, all of which with superhuman levels of strength, speed, and durability have decided for you that you are an 'evil man eating yokai'. Show them that they are wrong or right. You decide!
Survive for 2 minutes: [x]

Bonus Objectives:
Flee Successfully: [x]
Defeat at least one of your attackers: [-]
Kill them all: [-]

Special Objective:
Have your level reduced to 1: [x]

Rewards: 300 Electrum, 1 Free Item of up to 1000 Gp in worth, 'Fortune Favors the Bold' Achievement.

My Isekai-er explained Electrum... it's basically what I used to purchase levels instead of experience points, but in addition to levels, I can purchase items with it. Third party spells, new 'rules', special abilities, and more.

Fortune Favors the Bold:
Well well well, looks like that 'I'll survive this' nonsense wasn't all hot air. Don't die, kid.
You gain +10 Hp.

With three hundred electrum, I can purchase my next level... I think I'll do so.

You have Leveled up!

Requirement for the next level: 400 Electrum.

Shame, just out of reach. Ah well.

I let out a long breath as I make it into town and quietly begin walking along the road.

'now where do I go?'

I cringe as I feel water droplets begin to slowly drizzle down upon me, letting out a shuddering sigh as I begin to speed up my pace to a light jog, said jog doesn't last long, however, as I step on a particularly sharp pebble.

A brief gasp passes my lips as is shakily limp forwards.

I sit in an alleyway under the cover of a large door-sized shield that is leaned up against a box, my legs are brought up to my chest, my hair messy and clinging to my head.

With a wave of my hand I dry my hair with prestidigitation.

'ugh. I normally enjoy the rain, but this sucks.'

My clothes are getting wet from the water flowing past my hiding place.

Exorcist Escape 2:
Don't these bastards ever give up? They've tracked you to Kuoh and are now on the lookout for you. Beware!
Escape AGAIN (or survive 60 seconds (15 if you attract enough attention)): [ ]

'oh you have got to be fucking kidding me.'

"THERE HE IS!" I hear a man roar.

I gather all of my strength and shove my tower shield upwards, a long straight blade punches cleanly through the wood to the left of me, narrowly passing by the side of my head as I turn and run the other direction.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I snarl over my shoulder, my lips rearing back as I shout angrily.

The man freezes for a moment, hands briefly shaking, but he shakes his head and rushes after me.

An explosive sigil appears in his hand as he prepares to fling it forwards.

A long scroll appears in my grasp as my tail and ears appear, I rip the parchment from seemingly empty air, the lettering glows brightly as I make use of my one-time use, thousand gold item.

A brilliant magic circle appears in front of me as I successfully complete the spell, there was a twenty five percent chance it wouldn't have even worked, but it looks like I got lucky.

I dive out of the way of the sealing sigil as I vanish. It explodes somewhere behind me as I turn and carefully maneuver my way down the rocky sidewalk. My feet ache slightly, having trodden on more pebbles.


A grizzly bear appears with a flash from the magic circle, it rushes forwards towards the man with a ferocious growl.

"I DON'T WANT TO HURT PEOPLE! WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS?!" I scream as I reappear, narrowly avoiding the explosion of another sealing sigil thrown from a nearby rooftop.

A glop of acid is shot from my fingertips, aiming for a masked man's face on a nearby rooftop, he ducks to the side, narrowly avoiding the blast.

My bear reaches my first attacker... his sword abandoned in the tower shield a little behind him, with a single swipe of its paw it dislocates the man's shoulder, sending him sprawling to the ground.

I vanish again and rush to the side as fast as I can as three explosive sigils make contact with the ground.

"THERE YOU ARE!" One of the men roars.

I turn and raise an arm in defense.



A hand flies through the air as the straight blade slashes downwards.


"AAAAAAGHHHHHHH!" I roar as I lunge away from the man.

My vison is wonky, my entire body hurts. This is the absolute worst pain I have felt in my entire life.

My legs weaken as a fountain of blood spews from my... stump?

My face is wet.

Why is my vision so dark? Why does my head hurt so bad.

What's going on? Ow ow ow ow.

I hear an incredible snarl as a brown blur leaps over me as I fall to my knees.

"AAAGH!" I hear the dying scream of a man as he is torn limb from limb by a grizzly bear.

My breath comes out in weak huffs as my blood drips to the floor.

'Fuck. Fuck fuck! Get up! I have to get up!'

And suddenly the chilling downpour ceases.

I am rooted to the spot as snowflakes begin to gently fall through the street. Muted explosions echo around me as I am surrounded by a protective shield of magic.

The numerous puddles across the street freeze over as the temperature drops, my hands... h-hand? begins to shake under the sudden temperature shift, being wet when things are freezing probably isn't healthy, hypothermia is going to swiftly set in even if I don't appear to be the target.

A woman slowly walks down the street, her face is set in an absolutely furious frown.

She has her hair tied up into twin tails as she wears a simple green and black dress that goes tastefully to just above her knees. Her eyes sweep around the area, spying numerous people around the street, one man being brutally savaged by a bear-

The bear is killed by being frozen solid.

Her eyes stray to me... and she freezes, she seems to take in my appearance, body shaking weakly under the sudden chill, my incredible damage, the two white ears atop my head and my bushy tail.

Her gaze hardens as she sweeps her gaze across the numerous men. She raises a hand... and suddenly the world is white.

'ow... fuck...'

I let out a low hiss as I crack my eyes open, everything is slightly blurry, dull lances of pain arc throughout my entire body.

I blink slowly and look around. 'wh- something's wr-'

I reach up and touch a large bandage over my right eye.

'what? What the hell?'

I bring up my right hand to feel around my head.

Nothing is there.

A blood soaked bandage is all that is left past a couple inches past my elbow.

My hand is gone.

Holy shit my hand in gone.

My vision blurs as I sway slightly, suddenly feeling extremely light headed, my breaths come out in quick pants.

The door is flung open as I suddenly feel myself wrapped in a tight hug.

"Shhh..." A woman's voice soothingly shushes as she pets the back of my head. "I know... I know..."

"My arm! I-I-it-"

I droop suddenly, as if my body was a puppet that had its strings cut, practically falling into my comforter's grasp.

I let out a strained whimper, my ears flattening to my head. I can feel tears welling in my uncovered eye. 'It wasn't supposed to be like this.'

"You're going to be okay." The voice soothes. "Everything's going to be okay."

I manage to get my erratic heartbeats and breathing under control after around ten minutes.

My emotional outburst has seriously waned on my mental fortitude and my stamina.

One little panic attack and I feel like I had run a marathon... my body's current condition certainly didn't help. My body feels weak, apparently 'Yokai Bane' weapons are a lot more damaging to yokai than I would have thought.

I can finally get a good look at the person who was at my bedside.

A black-haired woman with her hair tied up into two long pigtails with pink ribbons sits on the bed beside me, she is merely clad in lacy black underwear, but at the moment... I can't even build up the energy to ogle her.

A nigh depressed expression rests on her face as she sorrowfully looks over my body, her voice barely comes out as a whisper. "I'm sorry I couldn't save your arm... but at least I saved your life."

She runs her hands through my hair. "B-But don't worry! I'll be sure to help you every step of the way on your recovery!"



No pain?

Am I not a devil?

She kept me as-is?

I could have sworn she might have used that as an excuse to reincarnate me.

"So... what's your name?" The woman asks.

I silently stare into her eyes for a moment. "Is... my eye gone too?"

She doesn't respond for a moment and looks down to the bed sheets.


Honestly, I would have taken losing an eye over my FUCKING HAND. But to lose both?! In one slashing motion?!

Okay. Fuck my life. What is this bullshit?!

"Oh..." I hollowly whispers.

I remain, staring at the bed for an extended period of time.

Eventually I break my stunned silence. "My name is Nagure..."

I sit in bed, a tray in my lap as I quietly eat soup.

I am using my remaining hand to keep the bowl steady, then using a ghostly blue ethereal hand to pick up the spoon and move it to my mouth.

"Nagure?" I hear my name being called out as I glance to the door.

Serafall opens the door and peers inside. "Someone is here to meet you."

I stare into her eyes for a moment.

"Okay?" I mutter.

The door fully opens, revealing a woman with long white haired tied up into braids, she has red eyes and wears an elaborate black dress that leaves her stomach exposed, her impassive business-like stare softens as she looks over my frail looking form.

"This is Grayfia Leviathan." Serafall announces as she gestures to the woman. "She is the Satan of foreign affairs."

"Oh. H-" I raise my right arm and pause, letting out a quiet sigh as I lift my left hand and allow my other arm to fall limply. "Hello..."

The woman gives me a pitying look, her eyes straying to my tails that swishes on the bed beside me.

"Greetings, Nagure... was it?"

I nod once.

"Are you aware of where you are?" She questions.

"Not particularly... Japan?" I answer.

The woman lets out a quiet sigh. "I see... and those men chasing you? What about them? Do you know anything about them?"

"I-I don't know..." I whisper as I meekly look down at the floor. "They said that I was a filthy evil yokai and that they were going to exterminate me... they said that they were part of the Kushi...ashi clan?"

"Kushihashi?" Grayfia frowns. "I see... I am deeply sorry this happened to you... I will leave you to your meal."

She nods once and leaves without another word.

"Thank you for your help Gure~ maybe we'll be able to get back at those people who did this to you!"

"Mhm." I idly hum as I watch her leave and close the door behind her.

I let out a quiet sigh as my ghostly hand reappears and begins to slowly return to feeding me soup.

I've gotten over my eye. And my hand.

I'll fix it in the future with a scroll of 'Regenerate'.

That is my current goal, but it is one that is fairly far away.

Exorcist Escape 2:
Don't these bastards ever give up? They've tracked you to Kuoh and are now on the lookout for you. Beware!
Escape AGAIN (or survive 60 seconds (15 if you attract enough attention)): [x]

Bonus Objectives:
Kill all of your attackers [-]
Kill at least one of your attackers [x]
Talk them down, calmly explaining that you aren't a vicious yokai, and get them to leave. [-]

Rewards: 200 Electrum, 'Murderer' Achievement.

+1 to hit and damage against humans and half humans

With this, I've gotten enough to level up to level three.

I should probably do that soon... but... to be honest, I'm not sure how everyone will react if I suddenly increase in strength like that.

Will they even notice?

Best not to take that chance.

For now, I just need to rest and recuperate and silently plan out a leveling guide to gain enough 'Use Magic Device' ranks to use a scroll of 'Regenerate'.

Thirty three.

I need to beat a thirty three difficulty class to use the scroll.

As I am currently? I can't even try 'Use Magic Device' as I have no ranks in it.

Even if I did have max ranks in it, I would only reach a plus nine.

To make use of the scroll I'll want at least a plus twenty three, so that means I need to either raise my charisma, raise my level, or buy 'skill focus' and other feats to increase my power.

There are at least two that I know of... but merely taking those won't allow me to use the scroll.

Well, I guess I sort of expected this when I came to this hell world. Tch. Level one bullshit.

At least I got to make a few changes to the world. Plus I don't have to worry about the travesty that is EXE.

Eh, so here we are again, in Dxd with a dice system with a NEW protagonist!

Now, normally, stuff like this would be stuffed right into my Trash Bin fic, but eh, fuck it. I'm writing for fun. I might as well post this as an actual fic because I've nearly got a chapter 2 for it done.

There are dozens of other fanfiction writers who can't finish shit, what makes me any different?

No. I am not killing D&Devil, I'm in the process of figuring out how to finish it off, as for The Essence of Fairy Tail?

Eh. Chapter 11 is sitting at like 800 words It'll be done whenever I get around to it.

I hope you enjoy my new character, crippled fox boy.

It appears that starting at level one with only like... two separate Level One spells isn't very safe in the grand scheme.

Plus he didn't get cheat regeneration like Gaius.

Meh, it's not like he'll stay crippled forever. He just needs to level up a little more to purchase that sweet sweet scroll of regeneration!

Unless the Dice System gives him reason to not do so?

*Cough* Hint hint *Cough*

Annnywaaaays. As always, I have a Pat Reon at Pat Reon (Dot com) Slash Flameclawsxx

I'll see you all whenever. Probably in an update for this all things considered.