Dear reader,

I have an unfortunate announcement and I apologize profusely for disappointing you. I'm discontinuing this story due to the death of my loved one and all the impacts its left in my life. The 'family member' who died almost five months ago was my husband Will. It's so hard to even write that much less fully accept it.

I can't even come close to describing what I've been going through and feeling for the past months. I've been in a lot of numbness and denial in between bouts of incomprehensible pain and very intense mania (not eating, not sleeping, doing too much, doing too little). The suddenness of his loss and the intensity of the grief has left me in the worst place I've ever been. For the first few months, this story was a haven from my pain where I could shut out reality and escape into a different one. Now, I have turned a corner and find myself in the wastelands of depression. I can barely function, and every small task takes Herculean feat for me to even think about facing. Can't think clearly, can't reason well, am overly sensitive, discombobulated, etc. I don't want to write this anymore, and even typing that really makes me sad.

Below, I'm going to post a summary of the story's planned plot + ending. I am soooo bummed we didn't get to Grogu. It was going to be so cute. I hope the summary gives you some feels and closure. I hate leaving things unfinished, and I do feel bad and sad because I loved writing this. I wish so much that the situation wasn't like this. There have been countless small losses and additional griefs that came with losing my irreplaceable husband and best friend Will. Please hug your loved ones, and give your love to them even when you're arguing. You never know when it's the last time you see someone.

If you have any questions about the summary, feel free to leave them in a review and I'll do my best to answer.

Summary of the Spoils of War third act/conclusion:

Following directly after the last chapter's ending, Tala continues to privately weigh Din's wish about marriage for the duration of their fishing trip. She's considering it, but doesn't let it show much other than little questions about what their marriage would be like, would it change anything, etc. She asks only enough to prick Din's hope before she changes the subject. It scares her—the thought of not coming back. Or, the thought of him changing his mind about lifelong vows between now and whenever she returns from her mission. Not likely given their history, but still. She frets, and feels like it would be an imposition on him and shitty of her to 'start a marriage' by leaving for years.

One conversation they have is about children. Tala is VERY apprehensive about directly discussing it because of her feelings: "I know what the vows say," she would venture. "About raising warriors. And I know about foundlings, but—don't most men want a child of their own invention?"

Din proves to be very insightful. "Not everyone is Leon Stryker. Men become fathers all kinds of ways. Same for mothers. It doesn't bother me, Tala, not at all. You believe me?" She would affirm here. Din would continue, trying to keep things light as he attempts to gauge her feelings. "Foundlings are few and far between these days but hey, you never know. And… well… I'd like that with you."

Tala is experiencing deeply touched feelings to learn he thinks about having a family of their own. "…I thought I was the only one who thought about that."

His reply would hit her profoundly: "You're not."

After a long debating silence, Tala would speak a difficult truth. "I want terribly to be a mother, Din. I don't know about a foundling. Because I… I want so badly to have a baby of my own. And I never, ever can." Here, she would begin to cry. "I've never said that out loud like that." Din would hold her for a long time, telling her that families can just be a husband and a wife. He means it. The subject is left behind otherwise.

Time progresses over the next few days. In a variety of natural-wonder settings, the two share brief and intimate conversations reflecting on things including their childhoods (Din tells her how he still thinks of his parents every day, and how he has felt for years that his grief cannot be shared with others because it disrespects his rescuers. Tala comforts him.). The couple moves camp down to the low meadowlands for the last couple of days, and the couple continues to bond and share meaningful, surreal, and intimate moments they had only dreamt of for years before.

Marriage is not brought up again after they leave Marion III. Tala loses her nerve and decides that it's too risky and unknown if she'll survive, so she will not marry him right now. She doesn't bring it up and Din gets the silent message. He's sad, but he's also spent years already feeling bonded to Tala in a till-death way and that has never changed. He sees her as his wife, and hopes they get to share a day when she feels the same way.

The passage back to Nevarro is bittersweet. It's strange for Tala to see Din without his helmet aboard the Razor Crest, thinking about everything ahead of her: watching him put his helm back on and having to live a lie; telling the Tribe about her mission and bidding them goodbye; Kal-Bruna; selling her apartment; then going out into the huge galaxy with an absurdly difficult mission to accomplish. She's afraid and sad, but resolute. After spending years in guilt and wishful thinking, taking action and doing the right thing for her family matters most to her. She feels that it will allow her to become a true warrior and full person. When it is done, she won't feel that restlessness or inferior anymore. She and Din can figure it out, finally marry, and live a life together if he still wants to be with her in the future. Her mind lingers on children, and the idea of a foundling. She loves kids, but doesn't believe she could love a child not 'her own' enough.

Din stays at her side for the next period of time as they return home. He tells the Tribe on her behalf what's happening and how she will be leaving to pursue an intensely personal and important mission. The Tribe is supportive and relatively somber—several floating the idea of how to help out. Tala again holds fast to needing to do it alone. Most of the Mandalorians have come to love their above-ground member and the feeling is mutual, so they are sad to see her go and worried about her fate (but proud of the warrior's heart this mission requires). Kal-Bruna is especially stricken and begs to go with Tala. Convincing her is actually harder than convincing Din was. It ends with Kal-Bruna being very resentful and upset. By this part in the story, it's pretty clear that while she's a lovely girl, she also has a lot of emotional immaturity.

Over the next few days between other tasks, Tala and Din spend snatched stretches of time in her apartment as she prepares to sell it and most of her belongings. A few select things, she asks Din to keep for her and he does. On the last night in the apartment when only the bed is left, they hold each other all night and cry. Not a lot is said. There just aren't words.

The night before leaving Nevarro, Tala and Din go underground for the final goodbye with the Tribe. Kal-Bruna passively aggressively does not attend. Everyone else surprises Tala with a chest/back plate of beskar forged from small pieces contributed by everyone present. The Armorer says this will keep her safe, and remind her even when she is at galaxy's edge that she is one of them. This is a highly unusual gift and situation, and the Tribe leader freely admits it and thanks Tala for her years of service. There is then a party (that Paz sort of unceremoniously begins) with drinking and feasting to send her off.

At the end of the night, Din and Tala are tipsy and find themselves in a similar situation as years ago in a dark, obscure, remote hallway. Except this time, Din thinks nothing of pulling his helmet off to make out with the woman he loves while he still can. Thankfully the two get to his room without incident—or so he thinks. He will later learn that Kal-Bruna saw them and knows he is a liar - she will hold his deception over his head before eventually finally running away from the Tribe. But more on that next day Din feels extreme guilt and confusion about where he's found himself in life and how disrespectful he feels. He hides it to let Tala leave on good terms. However, 'tortured' is putting his current deepest emotional state lightly.

As they walk to the airfield, both get less and less certain. They cry as the public transport arrives—Tala's sorrow visible and Din's shielded by his helmet. This is their last moment together. Maybe ever. They have to say goodbye, and it's very hard. At the last moment, Din gives her the necklace she found in his things years ago—the one that belonged to his mother. He entreats her to bring it back to him, along with herself. She hesitates, then promises she will and with tears in her eyes she squares her shoulders and she says she's going to make him proud. He says she already has. They hug tightly, words escaping them and each thinking desperate last-minute thoughts. But Din doesn't beg her to stay, and Tala doesn't let go of her resolve. With nothing left to do and tears filling her eyes she nods and marches onto the transport with only a small pack of supplies and weapons. Din feels like he's watching his entire world leave. It doesn't feel right.

A month or two passes. Everything feels shockingly different without her on Nevarro. Din is heartbroken in multiple ways, with no choice but to carry on the best he can. He does his best to do just that.

The story jumps to "four years later."

Tala and Din haven't seen each other since that day on Nevarro. Communications are few and far between—Tala has to maintain deep cover in every liberation and she elected to go full-force into the missions, thinking that if she gets it all done at once, it means she can be reunited with Din sooner.

Din struggles with depression in Tala's continued absence. In the years apart, he goes into a mode of working nonstop and putting all his frustrations and sadness into the numbness of constant doing. The few communications they've had, he re-reads obsessively. Sometimes he gets so fed up and angry that he decides kriff it, he's going to track her down and join her whether she likes it or not. But then he always talks himself down and tells himself one more job. To the Tribe, their beroya lost a measure of warmth and softness when Tala left. He's different, and it's sobering. Kal-Bruna ran away about a year after Tala left, and in that year she subjected Din to a lot of passive aggressive resentment, apologies and tearful bouts, then more anger. When she ran off, Din halfheartedly tracked her down and got one last angry tirade before he let her go and sat with a lot of sadness afterward and confusion. The Tribe is wounded and calls her apostate, which shakes Din and makes him sad. What would they call him, if they knew?

Life moves on regardless. Din keeps a very close watch on Tala's sisters statuses, keeping track of when each one is liberated. There's only one left to go when he comes across the child. Grogu (name unknown at the time) softens Din immensely, reminding him of Tala and the life that feels like a distant dream—the life he hopes is coming back soon. At a certain point as that little adorable green face peers up at him, he realizes this could be a foundling. Their foundling. His decision to go back and save the child is partially rooted in that realization, and also because he feels a deep pull of compassion—so much like the same feeling that caused him to save Tala all those years ago, too.

When he liberates Grogu, he gets in trouble with the Guild on Nevarro briefly. The Tribe fully comes out of hiding to keep him alive and help facilitate his escape. Now on the run while understanding the Tribe will have to hide somewhere new now, Din curses himself but knows he did the right thing more or less. Currently, he's searching for a safe place to leave the child and then he plans to rejoin his people. While in hiding on the planet Sorgan, Din meets Cara Dune. Once they've made an alliance, Cara teases him about the attention he's getting from Omera (the single mother who honestly reminds Din a lot of Tala). In his fluster over the comments, Din sputters something about having a wife—which illustrates to readers that even all these years later, Din still views Tala with that level of devotion. Cara is amused and intrigued and Din goes off in a huff after also spilling the beans on the fact that he hasn't seen his wife in over four years.

A couple weeks later with peace restored in Omera's village after Cara and Din assist, the Mandalorian plans to leave the child in the village to be safely raised there, but a Guild bounty hunter finds them and is killed by Cara. Realizing the child is not safe in the village, Din departs with Grogu. He gets caught up in a couple of jobs, and then gets baited back to Nevarro by Moff Gideon. When the battle with Gideon's forces takes place in the town center and Din thinks he is dying in the demolished cantina, he begs Cara to find his wife who goes by Tala Din and tell her he never stopped waiting for her. Cara shakes him and screams back he needs to get up and walk out of here so he can tell her himself. She is forced to flee with the child when the building fire begins to rage. When IG-11 saves Din, the pair catch up with Cara, the child, and Greef. They then see the Armorer, and Din learns that the Tribe was wiped out. This is a moment that will haunt Din for years to come.

By the time they defeat Moff Gideon (for now), Din is in mourning and decides he will put everything into finding Grogu's people and returning him to them. He believes Grogu to be a Jedi, since the child demonstrates Force abilities and healing too. He begins searching for other Mandalorians he believes can help him find the Jedi… all while beginning to believe that maybe Tala is never coming back. Maybe she fell in love with someone else out there. He hasn't heard from her in eight months now, after all…

Meanwhile! In her four and a half years away, Tala narrowly accomplished liberating her sisters and claiming the Stryker family fortune thanks to a legal loophole left behind by their mother. The oldest sister, Lora, knew about it and told Tala. The money numbers in the billions, and using the loophole their mother snuck into legalities like contracts etc, Tala was able to claim the accounts. She then divided a modest several million-dollar-each sum between her sisters, then anonymously dispersed the remaining wealth to the Vorians whose labor earned the money.

After ensuring that her sisters are all living safely together in hiding with their children, she arrives back to Nevarro differently than she left: rich beyond dreams, more weathered, bearing a scar on her jawline and a slightly tougher demeanor, owning a very cool starfighter just a little smaller than the Crest. But she's the same person underneath it all, now with victory to her name. The accomplishment she achieved has set her at peace. She is a little disappointed that none of her sisters wanted to join her on Nevarro—but they all elected to stay behind on a humble farming planet where they'll be safe and live in a village together with their children.

For years Tala has been longing to be reunited with Din. Her last sister's liberation was kept secret and there was no media coverage, so Din is unaware that she has accomplished her goal. Little does she know, he doesn't live there anymore. And her chosen family, the Tribe, are all but wiped out.

Tala returns to Nevarro and is surprised to see it becoming nice. It looks maintained and cared for, and she even notices a tough-looking female Marshall patrolling the streets. A Marshall! That never existed before! Tala goes underground, anticipating a joyful reunion with the Mandalorians and news about when Din was last on the planet. Instead, she finds ruins, looting, and signs of pirates. No Tribe anywhere. Everything is destroyed, and blaster fire scars cover the floors, walls, ceilings. Dismayed and devastated as she realizes something terrible happened here, she is caught off guard by the local Marshall, who supposes Tala is up to no good, sneaking around in the sewers. The women mistakenly think each other are an enemy and engage in a high intensity fight—first with blasters, then with hand to hand combat.

They reach an impasse and Cara puts two and two together when she realizes Tala is a beautiful warrior woman wearing beskar, looking for Mandalorians in a sewer, carrying pistols that look exactly like Din's. Cara avoids death when she realizes out loud, "you're the Mandalorian's wife, aren't you? Tala Din."

Briefly believing Din is dead too, Tala loses her wits and Cara has to reassure her that he is still alive. Relieved and touched, Tala notices what the reader hoped she would: "…He still calls me his wife." Cara is confused/exasperated by the comment and makes an offhand statement about them having a very strange marriage.

After changing location to Greef's office (Cara says she thinks he can fill Tala in best), they reach an understanding and Cara/Greef are able to tell Tala about everything: the Tribe's unfortunate ending, the Armorer surviving, Din and the child. Cara offers Tala work as Deputy, having witnessed Tala's skills first hand. Tala says she'll think about it but she has no true interest and obviously no need for money. Devastated by the news of the Tribe, Tala needs some time to let the information settle in and grieve. Greef lets her stay in some employee quarters and he sends a message on her behalf to Din, letting him know she's waiting for him on Nevarro. Neither of them know his ship has been damaged and the transponder can't receive the message.

From a second story window, Tala looks out at the town she doesn't quite recognize anymore and it's bittersweet. Nevarro is making clear strides and doing really well—it shows. And it's where people she loved died. After Tala has some time to digest what she's learned and mourn, she reemerges from privacy and visits Hapa's—which is no longer in business. It's been converted into a fancy café. Itching for an outlet for her grief, Tala tells Cara yes, she will take the position of Deputy but it'll be temporary. She gladly uses the job as a way to blow off steam chasing pirates down and clearing out black-market weapons dealer hovels.

More than a week passes with no reply from Din, which causes Tala to worry. Greef suggests a multitude of reasons why this might be, none of them putting any of the anxiety to rest. In her spare time, Tala erects a memorial of 38 cairns to the fallen Tribe outside the lava river exit—one cairn for each Tribe member she believes did not survive.

Weeks later, Cara comms Tala and says a starship she'll really want to see is making airfield approach. Tala runs to the airfield, glimpsing the Crest in the sky—she's overjoyed and nervous, with no idea how Din will feel to see her. As she sprints up, she can see that the Crest is in terrible condition. The walkway won't even come all the way down. Din is sauntering down tiredly, seeming to possess no clue who is waiting for him. Then he sees her running up and freezes for a few seconds like he can't believe what he's seeing then vaults to the ground and meets her halfway, slamming into a hug they spin in then grab each other.

For a moment Din is too surprised to even comprehend it as real, then he's overjoyed and asking "you're back?!" a few times in euphoric disbelief. Tala confirms each time. He asks her if she succeeded in her mission, she says yes. He asks where the sisters are and she laughs and says safe. Obviously, a long sitdown moment will be needed to fully understand where each of them is. But Din knows one thing for sure: He has a hard time holding himself back from kissing her. The years apart changed nothing for him, and he's surprised at how powerful the resurgence of feeling is. Tala spies Grogu toddling to the end of the midair walkway. She hadn't expected the kid Cara described to be so cute. "That's the child?"

Din gets the kid and introduces the pair, telling Grogu with a lot of feeling, "this is the lady I kept telling you about." Tala adores him right away and calls him Sprout. While it's obvious that Din and Tala are ecstatic to see each other again, they are a bit nervous and unsure to be around each other again—they have so many questions and so much to catch up on—but then the reunion is cut short when Greef and Cara approach and tell Din they need his help while his very beat up ship gets repairs.

After reluctantly allowing Karga to drop off Grogu at the former cantina which is now a school, Greef and Cara ask Din and Tala to help them destroy the last Imperial base left on Nevarro. Karga explains that he just wants the Empire off his planet. If they can take out the last Imperial outpost on Nevarro, they can be completely safe as a trade anchor for the entire sector. Dune adds that the planet will finally be free. Tala supports the idea. Din decides to go for it, even though he's got a million questions for Tala and would rather catch up. However, duty calls.

The mission goes similarly to the show version of events, with the major changes being that Din jetpacks himself and Tala up to the higher level where they discover two Troopers guarding the 'abandoned' base. After they take the enemies out, Din almost pulls his helmet off to give Tala a kiss, but he hesitates just long enough that the opportunity is gone (Cara and Greef and the Mythrol show back up).

After Tala and Din head back to town (jetpack again) before everyone else then save the day by taking out some bad guys from the sky, the Crest has been repaired and Din asks Tala if he needs to take her back to town. She says no, but she does need to show him something. She takes him to the cairn memorial, and they spend some time there grieving together. Din's helmet stays on. Turning their attention to Grogu when he becomes restless and impish, Din says he's on his way to Corvus, where a Jedi is supposed to be—the child's people. He asks if Tala will go with him, and she agrees immediately. This was her plan, after all!

As they travel in hyperspace, the pair catches up in the hold as Grogu sleeps deeply. Tala fills Din in on everything that's happened the past four years, and Din does the same. Neither mention how he's keeping his helmet on. He ends by telling Tala about the Mandalorians he recently met, among them Bo-Katan Kryze. The fact that they don't wear helmets fulltime fascinates Tala a lot, and she asks Din if his views have changed over the years. He tells her he doesn't even know anymore. Tala asks if the child has seen his face and Din sputters a no out. He thought he was hiding his affection for the kid pretty well. They briefly discuss who else might have survived the massacre in the sewers then become quiet, thinking of their lost comrades. Din hesitates a long moment then takes his helmet off, feeling just as awkward as he did the first time he did it. The pair re-establishes their physical connection with some romantic lines followed by a very long overdue kiss they get lost in—then cut short when they hear Grogu stirring. Din's helmet goes back on and he goes up to the cockpit, feeling self-conscious. Tala hangs back and sees that Grogu gets some food. Their relationship develops intuitively and sweetly, with Tala being curious about and protective over the little guy immediately.

Soon after, they arrive to Corvus and on it a town called Calodan in search of the Jedi named Ahsoka. They are taken directly to the corrupt town magistrate Elsbeth, who offers Din a beskar spear in exchange for killing Ahsoka.

Clan Djarin finds Ahsoka and she communicates with the child using The Force. Under a huge moon and purple night sky, Din and Tala have a moment alone as Ahsoka and Grogu are in a trance nearby. They remain a little skittish and shy, still getting used to being around each other after four years apart. It's pretty obvious they are both wanting to get physical badly, but are unable for the time being.

Ahsoka calls them over eventually. She's learned his name is Grogu and he was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After the Jedi Order fell, Grogu was rescued and has been suppressing his powers to survive. Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu, wary of the path he could take due to his attachment to the Mandalorian and the fear and anger inside him. Din asks if she will help get Grogu training in exchange for him helping Ahsoka confront Elsbeth. Tala asks Din privately if he's considering keeping the child as a foundling—she doesn't like the Jedi for their baby stealing ways. Din asks Tala in reply, how would she feel if he was thinking about keeping Grogu? Grogu knocks something over and thanks to the interruption, the question doesn't get answered.

Ahsoka, Din, and Tala storm the city, killing all the guards and freeing the citizens. Ahsoka gives the beskar spear she won to Din and directs him to the ruins of a Jedi temple on Tython, where Grogu may be able to contact another Jedi through the Force. She says she will not train him. Tala is actually very glad about it, and takes it as a sign. She begins to ask Din about what would happen if they didn't return him to the Jedi. After all, why had the Jedi not come after this child Din has now been protecting for months?

The Crest arrives on Tython and finds the ancient temple on top of a mountain. Din seats Grogu at the center so that he may choose his path. Grogu meditates, and a protective Force field appears around him.

Boba Fett arrives with the mercenary Fennec Shand, whose life he saved on Tatooine. He demands the return of his Mandalorian armor (which Din has on the Crest). Following a tense confrontation, Din agrees to trade the armor for the safety of Grogu. Two Imperial troop carriers arrive, carrying stormtroopers who attempt to capture Grogu. Honoring their agreement, Fett, Shand, and Din/Tala join forces to fend off the advancing stormtroopers, inflicting heavy casualties. Boba Fett retrieves his armor and uses it to wipe out many stormtroopers before firing a rocket that destroys the fleeing troop ships.

As the Force field surrounding him disappears, Grogu collapses from exhaustion and Tala, who doubled-back and stayed with him for most of the battle, rushes to him in worry, trying to get him conscious again. Overhead, Moff Gideon arrives in an Imperial light cruiser and destroys the Razor Crest from outside the atmosphere. Gideon then sends out four Dark Troopers, who capture Tala (who won't let go of Grogu), taking them both back to the cruiser. They care for and comfort each other and protect each other best they can while in captivity.

Chapter 15 (The Believer) would unfold about the same as it did on the show, but with the stakes even higher because Din is rescuing not only Grogu but Tala. Teaming up with various characters, he storms Gideon's cruiser to save his child and just-returned wife, never having been so personally invested or scared about a mission. He and his team succeed, until the Dark Troopers prove too big of a problem. The group is saved at the last minute by Luke Skywalker, who has come to get Grogu. Din takes his helmet off in front of everyone to let the child see and touch his face in a highly emotional moment. Afterward, he rushes out of the room without his helmet and Tala follows, helmet in hand. After consoling him as best she can (Tala didn't agree with the idea of Grogu leaving with Luke but deferred to Din), the pair hitch a ride back to Nevarro with Cara (where Tala's ship is docked) and spend a day or two there. There would be a brief period of will-they-won't-they as the emotional fallout builds and Din's guilt/pain over Grogu causes him to lash out. The pair find forgiveness for each other in the sewers and decide to go find what remains of the Tribe.

They travel in Tala's starship to Glavis Ringworld where they find the Armorer and Paz in a new covert. Din is finally honest about his helmet, and Paz immediately labels him apostate. Tala is ready to argue, especially because there are so few of them left, that no one should be casting anyone else off. Paz coldly says this is her fault and he blames her for Kal-Bruna's downfall too. A fight breaks out between Paz and Tala, and that fight becomes one between Paz and Din. Everything ends poorly, and Clan Djarin is told to leave and never return.

Din has been regretting his decision about Grogu since the moment he let the kid go, and when Tala calls him out on it and says they need to go get him, Din agrees and the pair head to the planet where Luke Skywalker is training Grogu. Ahsoka is also there, and attempts to keep the Mandalorian and Tala from being seen. But Grogu sees them and runs to them in delight. Luke approaches slowly, seeing the reunion for what it is: a small, new family who want to be together. He reports that Grogu has been distracted and sad for the weeks since he was separated from them. He asks Grogu what he chooses. Grogu clings to Tala with one clawed hand and reaches for Din with the other. And so it is. Clan Djarin sets off together toward Season 3.

From here I planned to weave Tala into the storyline and change things as I saw fit. The main conflicts would be:

- when will Din/Tala finally get married?!

- how will Din navigate his apostasy?

- how will the scattered Mandalorian people be put back together?

I don't actually know what exact moment Din and Tala would marry but I planned for it to be sort of casual. More of a formality than anything else, because it's always been real to Din and Tala more or less, in a very jumbled and confused sort of way.

Din's motivation for going to the living waters might not exist in SOW how it does on the show—he doesn't really have plans to stop showing his face to Tala, after all, and gets more and more comfortable with Grogu seeing his face too. So I would plan another reason for them to go to Mandalore. Possibly, this could be where Kal-Bruna has ended up. Disgraced and afraid and rejected, she went into hiding for a while and became a gray character. I thought for some time she might be on the 'bad guys' side of things for S3-4 and them get redeemed back to her place as a Mandalorian in some kind of touching and poignant way. Unfortunately I didn't develop the idea further and don't know exactly what this arc would look like.

Romy Bolt was another character I hadn't decided on - she was presumed dead at last story mention but that doesn't necessarily mean actually dead!

Also, the Vorian people could be an asset to our story - coming in clutch during the eleventh hour perhaps with weapons or people to fight alongside the good guys.

All this is loose, since I don't have the plot of S3/S4.

However, for the finale of the story, I anticipate that on the show Din will become the new leader of Mandalorians existing in a new, united way that allows them all to exist as they see fit. That's how I wanted to end Spoils of War. With Din realizing that Mandalorians as a people are a loyal family of warriors, and faces are a part of each individual. His change of mind is all influenced by his experience with Tala and Grogu, not to mention Bo-Katan's stance, Kal-Bruna's comments over the years, etc. Everything has come together to get him and many, many other Mandalorians to a place of understanding that united is the only way for their people to move forward, and a Mandalorian can be a Mandalorian many ways. The truest qualifier is loyalty to other Mandalorians, wearing the armor, and protecting the vulnerable whenever possible. So in a way, this entire experience of the story for Din has been an expansion of what it means to be a Mandalorian—and what it means to be himself.

For Tala, she's learned about family, non-transactional love, and the importance of doing what calls to her soul.

During whatever final battle takes place in the series (which we have yet to see since I think there's 4 seasons planned lol), Tala was going to get very very badly injured and almost die, but Grogu comes through at the last moment and saves her life, healing her miraculously.

The story would end shortly thereafter with the characters triumphing over opposing forces, then Tala taking the Creed, putting on her own full set of armor plus jetpack, then leaping off a cliff and jubilantly shooting up into the air, laughing and free. Din would follow her upward trajectory with Grogu cooing in his arms. The song I had in mind that captures the mood of this moment is called "Source of Light" by Dan Thiessen. You can find it on YouTube if you're curious.

The final chapter would have been followed by the epilogue in which two months after taking the Creed, Tala has been feeling very unwell, which worries Din a lot. He is double concerned because Grogu has been glued to her lately, like he knows something. Din is thinking disease and death and not much time left—something along those lines. We would see a scene of Tala looking very blank and confused as she comes out of a medical exam room with Grogu in her arms. She looks like she can't figure something out. Din is panicking and assuming negatives. Then she tells him her blood shows NO SIGNS of Miogen disease anymore. And… also… she's pregnant! Din thinks he misheard. Tala can't believe it either. Grogu coos and his mom and dad realize it at the same time: when he healed her in the last chapter, he healed her completely. She doesn't have the blood disorder anymore, and thus isn't prevented from becoming pregnant… obviously. Tala is going to have a baby! Overjoyed and tender, Din and Tala share a moment of pure delight as realization fully hits. They are going to be an even bigger family, and Grogu gets to be a big brother! Tala of course is sooo happy and overcome.

Flash forward to ten years in the future. Show Grogu looking juuuust a little older, playing with two dark-haired children: his older brother, and his sister! He has started saying words: Mama, Dah, and he tries to say his siblings names too (I didn't decide on the kids names - I think T/D would either choose meaningful names of loved ones they lost or Mandalorian/Vorian words that have meaning to them as well).

Din and Tala watch their children together, leaning on each other with a smile. Still in love. In fact, maybe even more than before. There is so much peace they share… but adventures still come, and Clan Djarin is always ready.

The End.