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"Finish the Fight" - speech

'Standby for Titanfall' - thoughts

"Level up" - game/entity

Liger Zero CAS Complete! - ANs

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Chapter 1: Finding my place.

Numb, that's what I feel at this precise moment, truly a fascinating and terrifying concept. I can't hear, see, smell, or feel anything. It's just dark like there's not a single thing that exists except me.


I 'see' the words floating there in front of my vision like some sort of neon 'welcome' sign. It kind of freaks me out a little if I'm being honest. Nevertheless, it'd be rude to ignore this obviously god-like entity trying to talk to me. I can't speak but it seems to know what I'm thinking judging by the next line of words.


'Well' I think in exasperation, 'I'm guessing that since I woke up in a dark void of nothingness, I'm dead. Correct?' as soon as I think that I'm mentally hit with what amounts to a hurricane of emotions. My vision becomes slightly blurry as I 'feel' the tears falling down my face. Again, terrifying.

The entity is 'silent' for a moment before 'speaking' again in a much more subdued manner.

"Yes. you have perished, I am sorry. Your death was one of the many unchangeable events of the multiverse."

'Oh well. If I was fated to die then there's no point in getting upset over it, I'll just enjoy my afterlife in peace.' I thought in what was hopefully a positive tone, kind of hard when I am currently being overwhelmed by emotions. 'I will be able to relax, right?' Curiously, the Entity was 'silent' for another few moments and I began to worry.

"Don't worry, you won't be sent to eternal damnation if that's what you're thinking. No, we thought you'd like to be reborn in a new world. Of course, if you don't want to we will let you carry on to the afterlife, we're not so bad as to force rebirth on you."

It seemed to panic slightly and I quickly tried to reassure it as best I could. 'It's fine, to be honest, I think I'd prefer to be reborn, I just thought that option was just a thing in those fanfictions I read when I was younger.' my thoughts seemed to calm the entity enough for it to get back on track it appeared.

"Oh yeah, it's a very popular option for the more… literarily inclined people who want to get a second chance in a world with 'meta-knowledge'"

I am beginning to like the idea, especially with that meta-knowledge bit. I may have been an active person but I could sit down and read a good book or manga, watch anime and play video games like the biggest of nerds or geeks out there.

'Before I make a decision, can I pick the world I go to? There are a lot of them out there that would get me killed within seconds of me getting out of my house y'know.' I did not want to end up in Bloodborne or Highschool DxD. No sir. Nope. I'd seriously consider Halo but I don't want to get drop-kicked by the Arbiter anytime soon.

The Entity is silent during my musings so after a little more debating I decided to shut up and let it speak.

"Well we don't usually allow people to choose but seeing as we find you entertaining, we'll allow it just this once. Along with that, we bestow to you something we're sure you'll like"

Ultimate Skill Earned: The Gamer

'...' I struggled to process this and needed a few minutes to compose myself, again the Entity remained silent and I heavily suspect it's very amused by my reaction if the soft buzzing I feel in my very soul is anything to go by.

'Status' I think and before my very eyes up pops a translucent blue screen detailing some very familiar things.

Name: -error-

Level: -error-



HP/HPR: 0/0

MP/MPR: 0/0

AP/APR: 0/0

STR: 0

DEX: 0

VIT: 0

INT: 0

WIS: 0

LUK: 100

Stat points: 35

"And before you ask, you won't be bringing every bit of knowledge you had in your previous life with you. Because in the grand scheme of things your old name isn't very important. We also had to cut a few of the more… ah… sensitive… topics out to avoid a mental breakdown upon arrival."

'I'm surprisingly okay with that. I think? It's very confusing but I'll play along.' I think. To be honest I think I'm still a little shaken up from earlier so I just look at the rest of my stat page while I start processing

I'm very surprised however with my luck stat being that high right off the bat but the others make sense considering I'm dead and haven't started yet. To ensure I'm covering all of my bases, I quickly think 'skills' and a list of shocking stuff comes up.

Basic skills:

-Survival: Level 34

-Cooking: Level 19

-Sprint: Level 28

-Eavesdrop: Level 7

-Sneak: Level 19

-Swimming: Level 22

-Meditation: Level 73

-Martial Arts Mastery: Level 5

-Polearm Mastery: Level 8

-Dagger Mastery: Level 7

-Firearm Mastery: Level 20

Advanced Skills:

Gamer's Body: Level MAX

Gamer's Mind: Level MAX

Blunt Force Resistance: Level 16

Heat Resistance: Level 4

Cold Resistance: Level 45

Unique Skills:

-Counter: Level 6

-Blessed By Tyche: Level MAX

Ultimate Skills:

-Gamer: Level 1

'Okay, I wasn't expecting that.' I thought incredulously. 'I was expecting to have Gamers Mind and Body, and nothing else! Are these Skills from my old life?' I questioned.

"To be Frank, we thought you might appreciate having a bit of a head start in some aspects so we took some of your previous skills and downgraded them. Your meditation skill was originally Level 273 so we had to nerf that quite a bit. I hope you understand that we can't make you too overpowered right from the get-go."

'I-I don't know how to feel about that. To be completely honest I hadn't thought I was good with meditation.' self-deprecating? Yes. true? Also yes. I wasn't the type to sit around in the lotus position with my eyes closed for a long period of time. I was too active and distractible so when I heard that my Meditation skill was THAT high? Astounding didn't do it justice. 'Still though, Thank you. This means a lot to me.'

The Entity didn't say anything else. Instead, a list of several different Fandoms appeared before me each one having what seemed to be a difficulty ranking next to the name.

Available Worlds:

Naruto - XXX

Marvel - XXX

Star Wars - XXX

Sekiro - XXX

Elden Ring - XX

Borderlands - XX

Danmachi - XX

Halo - XX

Titanfall - XX

Highschool DxD - XX


Fairy Tail - X

Avatar: The Last Airbender - X

SubNautica - X

Red vs Blue - X

Yakuza 0 - X

Pokemon - X

My eyes immediately gravitated towards RWBY, one of my favourite webtoons. The world of Remnant, AKA the land of Things that are also Guns. 'oh hell yes' was my thought process.

Selecting RWBY I was sent back to my stat page for the character-building montage only this time I also had a body designer screen off to the side with knobs, dials and stuff like that so I began my tweaking.

After what felt like hours I was done.

Name: Zephyr Asmodeus

Level: 1

Race: reptile Faunus

Class: Sniper

HP/HPR: 100/0.1

MP/MPR: 200/0.1

AP/APR: 100/0.1

STR: 5

DEX: 10

VIT: 5

INT: 5

WIS: 5

LUK: 100

Stat points: 5

Feeling happy with my stats I moved on to my appearance. I started with the general body shape, Sitting at 5'10 with a lean but not lanky frame I began with details. Dark purple near black hair with hot pink highlights in a mullet, a soft but sophisticated face with high cheekbones and full lips. My eyes were a deep green with yellow flakes in them and were angular but not overly so. Just enough to have a visible point but not squinty, my pupils had a reptilian slit-like appearance.

Moving down to the upper torso and shoulders I went with slightly broadened shoulders and noticeable but-not-by-much pecs. Again moving down to the lower torso and stomach region I gave myself a slightly pronounced 6 pack of abs.

For the arms had to remain proportional so they had to be the slightest bit muscular, my hands had a rough and scaly texture to them

For my legs, I went with a swimmer's build. Streamlined and healthy, perfect for running away like the coward I am. Surprisingly, I have a tail! It's long, purple and stripey, I love it.

Clothes wise I always picked two outfits in modern games and I chose to reflect the more classy of the two. I started with a midnight purple button-down shirt with the top two buttons undone and a loose white tie. Over that, I chose a black leather duster coat with big sleeves and a high collar. Down below I picked out a pair of black tuxedo trousers and a pair of black combat boots with purple laces. Back up to the face, I picked out a black fabric face mask (like Kakashi from Naruto) and a ceramic white cyclopean style mask, on top of that I put on a fedora because I always liked them as a kid.

Finishing up I closed the status page and held out a fist in a random direction in a thumbs up and everything went black.


[ – . 0 ] This is Miguel. He is my bird friend that likes to eat non-believers

/ ( _) \

– –,,– –,,– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Waking up wasn't exactly pleasant. My entire body ached and I found myself in the branches of a very tall tree for some reason. Checking my status for any changes the Entity might've made and finding nothing out of the ordinary I closed the tab and began to climb down the tree, getting to the ground was easy and as I was looking around I found myself wondering something along the lines of 'where in the holy can of Pepsi am I?'

After a few moments of contemplating the many locations I could be in I came to a startling realisation, smacked myself in the face and thought a single very important word that every gamer in existence worth their salt knows off by heart. 'Inventory' and there, right before my eyes were three items that would guarantee I could find civilization. A map, a compass and the most basic of Anti-Everything-in-that-direction weapons. An unmodified Kraber Sniper Rifle, along with twenty-five magazines of ammunition for it. Internally thanking Tyche for blessing me with this absolutely marvellous piece of death and destruction I hugged my Kraber like it was my own child.

Feeling eyes on my back I got a new notification that filled me with glee.

Skill Earned: Detect Bloodlust

I slowly turned around and there with its head sticking out of a large bush was one of the basic enemies of RWBY, a Beowulf. With pitch black fur and white boney protrusions all over its body, it struck a menacing figure.

Grinning behind my mask I hefted my Kraber and took aim as the wolf Grimm exited its bush and spoke my first words in this brand new world. "Tell that bitch of a queen of yours Zephyr says fuck you!" and pulled the trigger that caused the Beowulf to cease existing with the rest of its body falling over, dead before it hit the grassy ground where it promptly disintegrated leaving behind some loot as all videogame enemies do.

Walking over to inspect what I got from my first enemy I found three dust crystals, a lien card and a book. Picking said tome up revealed it to be a skill book as the System responded to its presence and a text box appeared.

Would you like to learn the skill 'Observe'? Y/N

Hitting 'yes' because I'm decidedly not an idiot the book shatters into golden motes of light that fade away after a few seconds and a flood of information enters my head like vodka on a Friday and another message pops up.

Skill Learned: Observe

Checking my Stat page again I see an exp gauge that filled up by about a tenth of the way. 'Nifty' I thought and dismissed the page before pulling up my inventory and storing my Kraber so I could take out the map and compass. 'Now where exactly am I?' I questioned. At the centre of the map was an arrow pointing down so I guessed that was where I was and at the top right of the map was something that looked suspiciously like a grey concrete wall.

`Okay then. Northeast I go.' I think stowing the map back in my inventory and holding up the compass. As I walk I start to think of the next course of action, I'm horribly under-levelled for this world and I need to fix that.

'Of course, the fastest way of levelling is killing over-levelled opponents. Luckily I have one of the most useful weapons for that' as I think this I take out my Kraber and sling it over my shoulder fondly remembering how many pilots I slew with one of these in my past life. 'Enough to give me a title and urban legend I suppose. My reign as "that one guy with the Krabber that murdered my entire team" was fun I guess.'

As I reach a cliff face I spot my destination and recognise it almost immediately as Vale. one of the last great Bastions of humanity.

Thinking quickly I activate my Sneak skill. I really don't want anyone important to know I'm here and avoiding the 'All Seeing cockbite' Ozpin is a must. Will I eventually get caught up in this little shadow war? Of course. Do I want to now? Hell no!

'First things first. I need to get into Vale' this doesn't prove difficult as all I have to do is avoid cameras and climb the wall. 'Seriously where are all the guards?!' I think in shock. Every good leader knows to set up several overlapping and redundant patrols.

As I get over the wall I look around and see an apartment complex about 20 feet across from me that had a fire escape so I jump across and climb down taking off my masks and fedora in the process, as they would only cause suspicion.

Reaching the street I begin a brisk walk in a random direction praying to Tyche that I come across something useful when after fifteen minutes I spot something out of the corner of my eye.

Looking across the street into an alleyway I see something glowing. So like any good gamer, I walk right towards it in the hopes of finding good loot. Only to find a glowing blue symbol painted on a wall (天守閣), upon further inspection I recognise it as the Japanese Kanji for 'Dungeon' and I nearly scream in joy.

I use Observe on it and it reveals the dungeon to be the beginner Beowulf/Creep Dungeon so I press my hand onto it and immediately everything shifts. Everything looks duller than earlier and there's no one in sight.

Shrugging as I had expected this I begin to climb the building next to me to gain a vantage point against the enemies I know are coming for me. After a minute of climbing, I hear a distinct howling noise and I scramble up faster.

As I throw myself up the last few feet I hear the howls getting closer so I make my way across some more buildings to gain distance so I can set up my sniper nest.

After climbing a twelve-story hotel's fire escape I look over the edge at the street to see a pack of six beowulves walking towards the hotel. Taking out my Kraber I line up my shot and breath in, holding it for a second I breathe out and pull the trigger. And with an almighty 'Crack' a round is sent through the chest of one of them and the leg of another.

Just like that, the pack scatters intending to surround me. But I'm a smart cookie. You see as I was setting up I tossed the three fire dust crystals from my first encounter in seemingly random directions. Aiming for the first crystal I see two beowulves nearby staring at me with malice and I grin.

They back up a bit and they're in the blast radius so I take the shot and the crystal detonates sending the two grimm flying utterly devoid of their chests. I mutter a "Thank you Tyche for allowing me that satisfaction" before scanning for my last three targets seeing them miraculously next to both remaining Crystals. Taking aim again I wait for the perfect moment for Beowulf number two (the one I shot in the leg at the beginning) to stick his head out.

I wait and wait. Until finally a flicker of movement, the trigger is pulled and a dust crystal detonates killing one Beowulf and chaining into the other crystal detonating that one as well killing one of them and removing the legs of the last.

Reloading, I aim for the legless beowulf and utter a single, simple sentence. "You are merely a stepping stone." and the grimm's head explodes.

Scanning the area again I make my way back down the hotel to loot my fallen foes. What I find doesn't surprise me and soon I have small piles of Lien cards, fire dust crystals and Kraber ammo hastily shoved into my inventory and I climb back up to set up and collect myself for what is to come.


[ – . 0 ] "hoot hoot. Consume the non-believers. Hoot hoot."

/ ( _) \

– –,,– –,,– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I sighed tiredly and fired one final round into a creep leaving it disintegrating on the Loot-filled ground. Gamers' body may prevent me from getting legitimately tired but this had started to get boring after the first raid boss died in one hit.

'I have been here for thirteen hours. I have killed hundreds of beowulves and creeps. Even the Ursa Minor Raid bosses aren't any fun anymore.' i think morosely.

On the plus side, I was now Level 12 and my Firearms Mastery skill was sitting at a comfortable Level 33 along with some minor level ups to some other skills. The only other major skill development was Observe reaching Level 54 But still, this was tedious work and I felt drained. So after some serious consideration, I throw my hands in the air in a stretch and make my way down for the last time to begin looting.

Most of it was the basic Lien Cards, Fire Dust Crystals and Kraber ammunition but a few things catch my eye here and there. the most prevalent of which I found we're two very useful books detailing the Aura and Kyber Finder skills. Another good find was a metal 'egg' the size of a golden retriever. when I used Observe on it, however, that's when things got interesting.

Name: Metal Gear Mini Ray

Status: Hibernation

Level: 5

Bonded: None

Bond Requirements: Must remain in submerged water for 72 hours straight

An actual Metal Gear. a pint-sized one, but still a Metal Gear. oh the possibilities, And from what Observe is telling me, it's semi-sentient too! This just got hella good. Storing everything in my inventory for better examination later I begin to make my way toward the entrance of the dungeon.

Upon reaching the entrance I press my hand on the Kanji and colour returns to Vale. making my way out of the Alleyway I activate sneak and begin to wander in search of entertainment. During my little walk, I came across a huntsman-themed carnival with a weapon showcase and shooting range so I immediately volunteered for a demonstration with my Kraber in hand.

As the timer ticked down I peered down the sights and held my breath, then, when the alarm blared I berated out and sent a round through both the first target and the one behind it as well before sending two more into another couple targets.

For my final round I decided to switch things up and aimed at the wall, the crowd behind me laughed, I smirked in response to their laughter and fired the special ricochet round at the bottom of the magazine that bounced from the wall to the ceiling and finally pierced the five remaining targets in the groin.

No one laughed after that as I just smiled and left to continue my walk.

After another hour of wandering around and doing nothing I got bored and climbed the wall of Vale again. Sitting down at the top I looked out into the forests surrounding the great city and breathed deep, relishing the clean air of nature.

Sitting there for a few minutes I open my inventory again and sift through everything to find anything else of worth. I found a few ice and lightning dust crystals, a scope for my Kraber and to my utmost shock I find one of my favourite weapons from the Halo universe, the Type-31 Needle Rifle. A reliable medium-long range DMR-type weapon used by the covenant during the siege of Reach and the weapon that was used to murder Kat B-320. Along with a good amount of ammo for it.

I just sit there for a minute basking in this find before getting back on track and searching some more hoping to find something for melee combat. Reaching the end of the loot I find a few throwing knives and a kukri.

Taking out the Australian death tool I give it a few test swings to get a feel for the weight before storing it back in my inventory and getting up to stretch.

Looking around I spot movement down below in the forest and take out my Kraber again in preparation only to see something that sent a chill down my spine. A young girl wearing a white cloak and holding a sniper rifle…

'oh Tyche please no. not her!' I think desperately as right before my eyes the girl pulls her hood down to reveal a head of black hair with dark red tips and a pair of sparkling silver eyes…

Chapter 1: End

AN: heyo. I hope you enjoyed this chapter of my new story. I will tell you this. Uploads will vary incredibly. Even these 3,800 words took a day and night to get done. I know the quality of this chapter ain't exactly the best but I'm a new writer! Take what you got and roll.

Now for what you've been waiting for.


Name: Zephyr Asmodeus

Level: 12

Race: reptile Faunus

Class: Sniper

HP/HPR: 124/0.45

MP/MPR: 200/0.19

AP/APR: 124/0.21

STR: 19

DEX: 24

VIT: 26

INT: 19

WIS: 21

LUK: 100

Stat points: 14

Basic skills:

-Survival: Level 36

-Cooking: Level 19

-Sprint: Level 29

-Eavesdrop: Level 7

-Sneak: Level 20

-Swimming: Level 22

-Meditation: Level 73

-Martial Arts Mastery: Level 5

-Polearm Mastery: Level 8

-Dagger Mastery: Level 7

-Firearm Mastery: Level 33

-Detect Bloodlust: Level 15

-Observe: Level 54

Advanced Skills:

Gamer's Body: Level MAX

Gamer's Mind: Level MAX

Blunt Force Resistance: Level 16

Heat Resistance: Level 4

Cold Resistance: Level 45

Unique Skills:

-Counter: Level 6

-Blessed By Tyche: Level MAX

Ultimate Skills:

-Gamer: Level 12