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Chapter 3: The Inevitable Smackdown.

I don't remember falling asleep but I certainly notice myself waking up seeing as there's a large translucent blue box in front of my eyes telling me things.

Critical system update complete:

-Skills rebalanced

-Stats rebalanced

-Weapons rebalanced

-BGM added

-Magic locked

-Title locked

-Quest system added

-Species altered

-Stat increase system added

Internally screaming as I processed what it said I hastily pulled up my stat page and almost cried at what I saw.


Name: Zephyr Asmodeus

Level: 13

Race: Human/?

Class: Sniper

Title: Earth Dragon Slayer (locked)

HP/HPR: 1124/0.45

MP/MPR: 4000/1.78 (locked)

AP/APR: 1124/0.45

STR: 33

DEX: 40

VIT: 34

INT: 25

WIS: 26

LUK: 100

Stat points: 0

After sending a silent prayer for my lost stat points I looked at my skill page to find all of my EDS skills locked and my heat resistance level up once. Then I remembered what the update said about weapons and I pulled out my kraber and needle rifle to examine them thoroughly with Observe.

Turns out my kraber had its base damage lowered to the point that I'd need two shots to take out an ursa minor and a whole magazine to kill an ursa major if I didn't hit them in the heads. My needle rifle on the other hand had its explosion downgraded significantly. I can no longer topple trees with just a couple of shots, and the range of the needles was also decreased as after a certain point they just explode without hitting anything.

The only upgrade my weapons got was in my kukri's as they had gained a boost effect based on my emotions and whatever opponents I'm facing, whenever I am feeling particularly angry my kukri's gain extra slashing damage and whenever I am facing off against grimm I get a speed boost, something that will be very useful indeed.

Sighing in resignation I stand up and bury my campfire before packing up my hammock and disabling my traps. After my campsite has been thoroughly packed into my inventory and leaving no evidence of me being here I look out over the forest around me before taking out my compass again and heading for Vacuo at a brisk pace.

After about fifteen minutes of walking, I happen across a pack of twelve beowulves and an alpha beowulf so I activate Stealth and climb a tree while taking out my kraber. When I get to a good spot I peer down the sights at the alpha while steadying my breath in anticipation.

It isn't even a full minute before the alpha makes a move, raising its demonic head in a howl that was cut short as its head evaporates after I fire a single round, shaking my head at the fact that my kraber is still overpowered as hell I stow it back in my inventory and unsheath both of my kukris and hold them in a reverse grip as the pack howls in what I assume is rage at their leader's death.

Seeing them huddle up in something that resembles a ten-pointed star formation with two outliers makes me smirk and I deactivate Stealth before launching forward into the middle of their 'formation' and beginning my own rendition of 'the deadly dance of death' on their startled forms.

As I start hacking, slashing and flipping over these demon wolves I reflect on how much I've changed during my short stay here on Remnant, before I was reincarnated here I was antisocial, cowardly, nerdy and only slightly athletic. But now, I'm a sure-shot sniper, coward, knowledgable and knife-swinging badass with battle mania a mile wide. It's kind of disturbing if I'm being honest.

As the fifth beowulf goes down I quickly dash to the other side of the clearing and sheath my kukris while taking out two of the wooden spears I made and quickly lobbing them at my approaching opponents nailing both spears into the shoulders of one beowulf while another takes its place and they close in on me.

Taking out another spear I dash under the closest beowulf and stab the spear as hard as I can into the shadow beast lifting the damned thing off the ground impaled before I use it as a makeshift battering ram slamming it into another pair of them and backflipping so I can take out my needle rifle.

Quickly taking aim at the downed and impaled trio of beowulves I send an entire bundle of needles into them but as I reloaded I get hit for the first time since coming here.

-15 HP

Flying into a tree isn't fun and suddenly all amusement has left me as I begin to hear white noise and two notifications pop up.

Skill earned: Blood Rage

Skill activated: Counter

Instantly my vision singles in on the beowulf that hit me and I see red. Standing up I let loose a blood-curdling screech and dash forwards at the cause of my pain and punch it with every bit of strength I can give, its chest caves as my fist makes impact and I feel immense satisfaction as I hear its gurgling breaths and squeaks of pain.

Then I'm hit again and Counter activates as I hit another beowulf, this time in the head and the damn thing just ceases to exist. Again and again, I am hit and again and again, I hit back twice as hard. Each time I punch something dies and after a minute of this, I'm left with just one beowulf, the one with its shoulders pierced by my spears.

My vision returns to normal and I stalk towards the damnable beast each step seemingly echoing around the glade we're in and before long I'm standing in front of it as it snarls and bites at the air. Pulling out one of the wooden spears from the beowulf's shoulder I point the tip right between its eyes and mutter an apology to Tyche for letting my emotions run wild and in one swift and passionate movement, I jam the spear into the wolf's skull.

Retrieving all of the loot and discarding spears didn't take long and I was soon back on my journey. After a few hours of walking, I got bored and while taking out both my kukris I climbed a tree and began flipping through them at almost blinding speeds.


[ – . 0 ] This is Miguel. He is my bird friend that likes to eat non-believers

/ ( _) \

– –,,– –,,– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

After my non-stop freerunning session through the forests between Vale and Vacuo, I finally see a change in scenery as before me stretches the beginning of my personal hell, the Vacuan desert. Now I will be the first to admit that heat sucks and deserts are famous for it! So when I say this place is hell, I fucking mean it.

Resheathing my kukris I take out my kraber and do a quick customary sweep of the sandy bane of my existence and begin my trek into hell. Now I've read quite a few fanfictions in my time so I logically know exactly what's beneath me when I'm walking. It isn't hard to do that when you think of a desert as a dried-up ocean, and why do I fear the oceans here? Simple, big fucking grimm. I know that somewhere in this gigantic dustbowl there are going to be at least three grimm that I want to avoid, I also got this confirmation from a scroll I bought in Vale.

The first big fucker I want to avoid is the Kaiser, a very big, multi-tailed monster of mass destruction. It is at the most basic level, a very old deathstalker with a sadistic streak as big as itself. The second one I want to be as far away from as possible is the Sentencing. A massive sandworm grimm that is nigh untrackable even to Faunus, if I had to put a scale on this thing: imagine me as the size of an ant, now imagine the Sentencing as the size of the empire state building in comparison. This thing is so huge that the only way to track it is by watching the sand shift as it slides towards its next target. The last bastard I don't want to face here hasn't even been confirmed to exist but we all know it does. Officially it doesn't have a name, but people like to call it the Sandsurfer, as for what it is, well people speculate it to be either a titanic king taijitu or (and I hope I'm wrong) an ancient sandshark. This thing is fast, relentless and deadly as hell. Anyone who has encountered it didn't get to say much more than "THE SURFER".

Now thankfully during my trip here I managed to level my Observe skill to its limit and that allowed it to evolve into the advanced skill Eagle Eye which is a passive skill that allows me to sense everything around me in a fifty-meter radius, and when used alongside with Detect Bloodlust I have a grimm radar that can potentially save me from ambushes and sneak attacks.

After a little while, I take out my kraber and sweep the area, seeing nothing unusual for a desert I continue on my way all the while feeling like I'm being watched so when the sun begins to set over the horizon I take off in a sprint in the direction of Vacuo occasionally looking back to see if I'm being followed.

A few hours passed and I kept sprinting not slowing down no matter what, as I crested a large mound of sand I suddenly realised my mistake as both Eagle Eye and Detect Bloodlust pinged loudly right before I saw a massive hole open up in front of me, using Eagle Eye I found myself genuinely scared for the first time as a notification box popped up announcing a chilling message.

Boss grimm detected: The Sentencing. Prepare for combat.

Quest Alert.

Titanic Smackdown

The titan grimm The Sentencing has appeared before you. There is no way to escape other than to fight.

-Objective A: Survive

-Objective B: Wound The Sentencing

-Objective C: Kill The Sentencing

-Bonus Objective: ?


"Well fuck me sideways and call me a cunt, guess there's no other way," I say in defeat. Taking out my kraber I hit Yes and load the explosive ammo into my rifle and wait. After a solid minute of waiting the grimm starts to move up and towards me and I aim right into the belly of the beast. As the demonic worm starts to crest over me I empty the magazine into it and dash away before it can eat me. I switch out for my needle rifle and begin laying into it with the explosive needles but to my dismay, they just bounce off the thick skin of it before it fully submerges beneath the sand.

Having enough of this damned thing I put my needle rifle back in my inventory and I know what I must do, I don't know if I'll survive it but I'll do it all the same. Dashing around the area I wait for the damned worm to surface again so I can get into the fucker and wound it enough for it to leave. After a few minutes of continuous moving, the worm bursts up from beneath me attempting to swallow me whole. But I have a plan, for you see while I was dashing I had tied several lengths of rope to some spears I made.

As I'm falling I see some key striking points in its mouth and I launch two spears that have been tied together in opposite directions so they can impale the inside of this thing, and as I do this a few more times I now have a web of ropes and spears for me to stand on as I attempt to wound this thing from the inside.

And I finish just in time too as right as I'm almost crushed by the thing as its maw closes above me. Thankfully Eagle Eye helps me see in the dark so I safely land on the net, I don't waste any time however and begin dashing towards one side of the worm while taking out my kukris.

Upon reaching my destination I start hacking and slashing at the pinkish red flesh of the monster to some effect as my kukris effects activate, you see, I'm really fucking angry right now, not as angry as I was when I got hit but really fucking close. So angry am I that my kukris slashing damage has been boosted by 2.6 times, now that might not sound like a lot but allow me to put it into perspective. My normal slashing damage output is 127 HP per slash. Now, that is five times the amount of damage it takes to lop the head of a beowulf off of its shoulders. Right now I'm doing nearly three times that. That's 330.2 HP per slash and while this Titan has well over 4,000,000 HP that's where the other effect comes in, you see my kukris get a speed boost when I'm fighting grimm, specifically the larger and more grimm there are, the faster I swing.

Now remind me, how did I describe the grimm I'm fighting right now? That's right, Titanic. So right now, my kukris are receiving a 16.9 times speed boost. Normally, thanks to my DEX stat I can slash almost as fast as a person can blink, that's ⅓ of a second by the way, and if I multiply ⅓ of a second by 16.9 times? that my friend is 563 slashes per half a minute. To put that into scale, I am slashing at nearly two times the speed of sound. Every minute I am dealing 185,902.6 HP of damage to this thing and it's eating it like it's for breakfast because whoop-de-fucking-doo it regenerates almost as fast as I cut it.

Keyword 'almost'. Oh, I'm dealing damage alright. But not enough for it to matter as remember when I said it has over 4,000,000 HP? I wasn't joking, and right now I'm dealing slightly less damage than I would against a regular fucking beowulf because it has fucking regeneration, oh by the way, did you really think this giant fuck is staying still as I kill it? Well, it's not. You see, grimm feel pain and I'm cutting this thing slightly faster than it regenerates. But the key thing here is, have you ever had a paper cut? Hurts don't it? Now try imagining five hundred and sixty-three of them every thirty seconds. This grimm is in agony and it is thrashing around like an upset toddler on a dance floor. I am barely able to stand and I am still slashing like nobody's business because of one simple fact. I want to live. I don't care if this thing lives, I don't care where it dumps me after I'm done with it, but I am going to fucking live.

And with that, the beast rocks sideways and I almost lose my footing on the rope below me but I don't stop slashing. It's like the worm senses this as it starts rocking faster and harder and I hear an echoing screech from below but I don't stop slashing at the flesh of this damned demon spawn.

Finally, the beast crashes against something at the exact point I'm slashing and I'm flung back to the middle of the rope web which has been getting smaller as the rocking dislodges some of the spears, sparing a minute to re-attach them then I get an idea, the outside of the damn thing is hard, and the inside is squishy. So I resheathe my kukris and take out my needle rifle along with a special item I got from the beowulf pack from earlier, a scaled-down version of the chaos mine from Code Geass.

With a press of a button and a pull of a pin I toss this little death machine straight down into the big fucks stomach and begin firing my needle rifle in the direction of the place my explosive kraber rounds hit, seeing as that area hasn't regenerated I figure that high temperatures make the regeneration stop working in that area. My theory proves correct as after my needles detonate the burnt area just keeps getting bigger with no sign of the regeneration kicking in.

I hazard a guess that the damned thing has figured that out as well as it continues its thrashing with renewed vigour as I hear my chaos mine stop firing and detonate. "I should talk more, this is getting boring." with that I pull up my menu and select the BGM option and hit randomize.

Now playing: So Cold by Breaking Benjamin

As the song starts I reload my needle rifle and wrap my legs around the ropes to gain a stable footing. I start firing as soon as the first beat drops, emptying every single little shard of crystal in the damn thing before reloading and doing it again and again.

This continues for a while at which point the monster has apparently had enough and opens its maw, I'm instantly hit in the face by the blaring sunlight but that doesn't deter me, what does however is the fact that I'm now flying outside the sandworm which is now trying to ram itself into me, big mistake.

Smirking I draw my fist back and in the millisecond in which the damned worm hits me I activate Counter and slam my fist into it and we both get sent plummeting away.

-630 HP

As I crash into the hot sandy desert I take a second to reflect on how the hell I got into this situation and then I'm back on my feet screaming in pain as my arm falls limply to my side. Truly the pain I feel is horrendous, oh wait it's healed. Thank you Gamer's body.

The same cannot be said however for The Sentencing as in the distance I hear a deafening crash followed by a pillar of sand the size of Ozpin's ego getting kicked up around the crash site. Finally, I hear a faint screech over the sound of rushing sand signifying that the beast is still alive.

Dashing over I intend to finish the fucker off only to be immensely surprised when the sand around me erupts and I'm caught on my still somehow intact net inside the damn thing. After using Eagle Eye to check how much health it's still got I take out my needle rifle and several fire dust crystals and start lobbing them around and shooting them when they impact the fleshy interior. This works so much better but soon other things take my attention like the fact that my net has failed me and I'm now plummeting into this thing's gullet.

Thinking quickly I grab one of the spears out of the air and hold onto the rope as I lob the sharpened stick into the beast's walls and hold on for dear life. My plan works and soon I'm dangling over a dark expanse that I am ninety percent sure contains several grimm spawning pools. Again thinking quickly I begin lobbing several dust crystals and shooting them again while dangling upside down with the rope wrapped around my leg. This seems to hurt the grimm even more as the crystals actually set the fucker on fire, this amazes me and inspires me to continue this at an accelerated pace.

Apparently thanks to Gamer's Body I don't actually get sick from going upside down for an extended period of time and instead, I just get white noise in my ears. The beast really doesn't like the fact that I'm setting it ablaze judging from all the swaying and crashing but after another Eagle Eye I see that its HP is down to 1,340,000.

This reinvigorates me again and I switch out my needle rifle and dust crystals for my kukris and I begin hacking and slashing at every bit of burnt flesh in my reach. It takes a long time and several very good songs but I managed to whittle it down to 254,784 HP before in an amazing feat of ingenuity for a grimm it dislodges my spear and I'm sent flying up and out of the mouth again before it tries to tackle me as I'm recovering, too bad I was ready for it and as soon as it makes contact I activate Counter and bring down both of my arms in a double hammer blow sending the worm plummeting down.

-284 HP

Suddenly I realise I'm in mid-air and I don't know how to land and I begin falling towards my death when I make a plan, you see Counter makes it so that whatever I'm hit with I hit it back with double the power so logically if I manage to angle myself and time it perfectly I could use the blow I'm going to hit The Sentencing with to ricochet me to a safe landing, theoretically.

-110 HP

In reality, the fucker lurched just out the way and now I'm pretty sure I'm dying. Looking up I see the damned worm begin to sink into the sand and for the second time today, I see red.

Skill activated: Blood Rage

A feeling of pure euphoria overtakes me and I stand up on somewhat shaky legs, taking out my kraber I heft it in the one way it was never supposed to be held and I fire. You see, this thing has pissed me off and while I'm like this I make irrational decisions, that's literally the skills description.

Round after round after round hits this damned thing as I roar in rage. The worm on the other hand lurches up and towards me apparently trying to crush me. I, however, don't give a shit and dash to the side to avoid the damnable invertebrate and continue my assault upon its black hide.

I hate this thing. It's brought me to near death, I've had to activate Blood Rage again, I've set it on fire and I've broken both of my arms using Counter on this thing and it still. Won't. Die. I hate it. I'm going to kill it, even if it's the last thing I do!

Racial Trait Unlocked: Undying Fury

Instantly the battle shifts as I stow my kraber and run straight at The Sentencing. It seems to sense this and attempts to crush me again, but that's what I want. Activating Counter again I raise my hands into the air and I catch it.

Spinning around with it in my grasp I scream something that inspired me to do better in my previous life.

"Have you ever heard these words, if not let me give you a demonstration. GO BEYOND! PLUS ULTRAAAA!"

And with a mighty yell that shakes the sand below me, I slam the creature down, then up again, and I spin, and I bring it down again. Over and over I do this. I heft it and slam it down.

Until finally, with one last all-powerful Crash the beast lets out one last strangled cry and I get a notification.

Quest Complete

Titanic Smackdown

The titan grimm The Sentencing has appeared before you. There is no way to escape other than to fight.

-Objective A: Survive [complete]

-Objective B: Wound The Sentencing [complete]

-Objective C: Kill The Sentencing [complete]

-Bonus Objective: Unlock a Racial Trait [complete]


-Objective A: 1,000,500 EXP, Skill Book: ID Create, Skill Book: Soul Shave, 500 Fire Dust Crystals, 100 Ice Dust Crystals, 100 Lightning Dust Crystals.

-Objective B: 2,001,000 EXP, Skill Upgrade Scroll: Stealth, Skill Book: Shapeshift, Skill Book: Alchemy, 500 Fire Dust Crystals, 100 Ice Dust Crystals, 100 Lightning Dust Crystals.

-Objective C: 10,000,000 EXP, Boost Pack, Titan Core, Mechashift Upgrade Manual, Transport Summon: Mongoose, Skill Book: Sharingan, Class Crystal: Void, 1,000 Fire Dust Crystals, 500 Ice Dust Crystals, 500 Lightning Dust Crystals.

-Bonus Objective: 1,000,000 EXP, Heritage Scroll.

Tossing the disintegrating corpse aside I take a moment to fully process what exactly my rewards are before I suddenly collapse in unbelievable agony as notification after notification bombs me like a London night during the blitzkrieg.

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Level up

Screaming like I've never screamed before at the sheer magnitude of level-up notifications I open my inventory and quickly learn ID Create and open an empty dungeon just before I collapse due to the pain.

Chapter 3: End

AN: hey there. Been a while, hasn't it? Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while, been sorting out college shit, going to the gym and losing my focus on this story cuz Ya'll apparently don't want to review my story. Seriously 35 followers and I only have two reviews. I'm literally in the corner crying from loneliness :( anyway hope you enjoyed this chapter, worked hard on it. Probably gonna nerf the shit outta my Character next chapter… again… anyway, here's the stats and skills ya fucking nerds


Name: Zephyr Asmodeus

Level: 49

Race: Human/?

Class: Sniper

Title: Earth Dragon Slayer (locked)

HP/HPR: 1124/0.49

MP/MPR: 4000/3.09 (locked)

AP/APR: 1124/0.49

STR: 33

DEX: 40

VIT: 34

INT: 25

WIS: 26

LUK: 100

Stat points: 3600

Basic skills:

-Survival: Level 44

-Cooking: Level 23

-Sprint: Level 52

-Eavesdrop: Level 7

-Sneak: Level 27

-Swimming: Level 22

-Meditation: Level 75

-Martial Arts Mastery: Level 10

-Polearm Mastery: Level 8

-Dagger Mastery: Level 23

-Firearm Mastery: Level 44

-Detect Bloodlust: Level 49

-Observe: Level MAX (Locked)

-EDS Iron Fist: Level 1 (locked)

-EDS Wing Attack: Level 1 (locked)

-EDS Roar: Level 1 (locked)

-EDS Earth Consumption: Level 1 (locked)

Advanced Skills:

-Gamer's Body: Level MAX

-Gamer's Mind: Level MAX

-Blunt Force Resistance: Level 16

-Heat Resistance: Level 6

-Cold Resistance: Level 45

-Blood Rage: Level 23

-Eagle Eye: Level 12

-EDS Crushing Blow: Level 1 (locked)

-EDS Continental Rush: Level 1 (locked)

-EDS Cave-In: Level 1 (locked)

-EDS Earthen Defence: Level 1 (locked)

Unique Skills:

-Counter: Level 15

-Blessed By Tyche: Level MAX

-Earth Dragon Slayer: Level MAX (locked)

Ultimate Skills:

-Gamer: Level 49