There are many things that defy the point of life and existence as a whole, and one of these things is a Ragnarok Online fanfiction. Why anyone would bother, I don't know. But, wherever this file may go, there will be people who can find out. Whether they at all want to, or not. Like it's your choice. Hah.

So without more random nothing:

Battered and Bandaged: A Ragnarok Online fanfiction
by Flashfire, possibly the only guy that can and would

The sky in Rune-Midgard is not exactly beautiful. Most people ignore it, since nobody is ever looking upwards. Why should they? Everyone is out for themselves anyway, with a few simple rules;
** Kill horrible creatures with a dislike of humankind.
** Find the pieces of Ymir, which you happen not to know anything at all about.
...and then nobody is really sure what to do after then. Which is okay, since nobody had had anything to do with them in thousands of years, so, perhaps the first two of these factors got the most look.

She was actually pretty sick of it. It was a brilliant atmosphere, though; especially for a once-thief like her. So much to do, so many things to appropriate from people (that, all in all, had way too much zeny to care) and, of course, such a lot to see. Which reminded her of the fact she was standing atop a rather tall tower, with what could only be described in the way of her hometown; 'a bloody good view'.

A little too early in the day for a bloody sky, in reality it was overcast. At least from up this tower, one had a proper view of at least some of the continent. Quietly, she turned on one foot, brushing up that green hair from her shoulders, and identifying what things were.
"I guess if I'm stood on Geffen Tower and I face to the southeast.. I should be able to see Prontera from here." mouthed the agile one, beginning slightly scornfully. Geffen was the home of magic, and because magic was the cheapest skill known to her, she looked down. And besides, mages were very, very easily to do away with.

A sudden breeze threw her into a crouch, the shine of metal coming into the light and bouncing off the two most obvious things, her clothing which appeared to have it woven into the material.. and a rather mean looking dagger, which at current was clasped with both hands.
About Prontera.. yeah, that was the big place. Nice. Lots of people. Lots of foolish people, as well, especially in the height of day. Indeed, she could almost hear them from here.. people selling nonsense things to nonsense people for the most insane prices. Indeed, her armour had cost her a nice, pretty 150 thousand zeny. 150 thou.. she could have bought a house back in Morroc with that.
Lovely Morroc. The place she liked best. Perhaps when she did what she was planning, she'd face that way. A desert town for the desert rats, just like she; a place where people talked no nonsense, and where everyone went that meant anything to the world.

"I guess they can say I made my mark, hm?" came the quiet speaking of the slightly weary female assassin, although it'd have been a trick to look at her and say that much. Dressed in a decidedly male outfit more designed for the thieves of the Pyramid sector of the desert, a yellow jumper and green trousers. Over the top of this was slung a very high-quality and somewhat old set of body armour and the best part was its weight; not even as heavy as her blade. The coveted ninja suit. And indeed, over that she just had a loose manteau, falling to her waist and probably helping the world not see a tall yellow beacon atop the tower this moment.
It was busy down below, too. Nonsense people doing nonsense things. Removing a somewhat bloodstained red bandage from her head - an old memento, and one never really parted with, except for now, where she slung it from the tower in a light movement - she watched it fall, gracefully.

It occurred to her, just then, that she didn't even know a thing about the people who built this thing. Perhaps they hadn't designed it for being jumped off.
"It's been done before." she sighed. "Upon the name of Fareth, and if there's anybody out there, guide my path. Because if I come out of this broken and dead, I'm so going to come up there and beat you all up. Pfft."

And with that, she jumped. But this is not the start of the tale, nor is it the end.

Some number of years ago, there had been a thief. His name was Fareth, and he had been nothing special to anybody. Not in the early years. And besides, nobody reckoned thieves would really get along wearing a propeller hat.
Which was quite a shock to most people when a somewhat tougher Fareth slew the great demon Baphomet, seeker of souls, master of demons and of men.. with a two-bit knife, wearing a propeller hat. And sandals. By himself.
The fact he did this several times in subsequent months made him somewhat of a legend. That, and the fact he saved both Morroc and Prontera from the Overrunning, at the same time. Aided, of course, but, once again.. with the propeller hat. And boots, this time, since 'Prontera cobblestones are really not good on the feet'.

He jumped off Geffen Tower, as well, but this is not his tale, either.

We'll just have to start from a beginning. Not the beginning, but 'a' beginning. And not one of those 'whole life story' things, either. This is just a simple tale of a simple girl. A simple girl, with complex issues, who we'll leave falling towards a Geffen-town stone floor.

For this is the domain of Ragnarok Online, and everything can happen.