Nevada, 20XX – Madness Combat 9.5

Hank J. Wimbleton had faced various enemies: grunts, agents, monsters, messiahs and even gods. But this was already getting ridiculous…since he was facing probably his worst enemy…himself.

"FAKER! YOU ARE ANOTHER OBSTACLE CREATED BY THAT FUCKING CLOWNNNNNNNN", said his other self. Attacking him with a chainsaw.

"You can't silence your loud mouth, you're the only cheap copy here, also... I think a piece of your brain fell out somewhere LOL," said Hank. Fighting back with his binary sword.

"SHUT UPPPPP!" Antiphaty Hank grabbed an agent's head and hurled it at his "faker".

Hank dodged agent head's but didn't notice the incoming punch from his other self. The blow landed on his face and threw him into a wall. The impact was monstrous and he fell to the ground.

"D…a…m…m..i..t" Hank said - vomiting a lot of blood-

"YOU'RE WEAK, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE ME", Antiphaty said, approaching him.

"And you're...just a brute" throwing some flashbangs that exploded in the other hank's face.

"AGHHHHH" Antiphaty was blinded for a moment, and Hank decided to attack him with a series of coordinated blows, which ended with a spinning super kick, that launched his other self into another building.

"This guy... is hard as fuck", Hank looked at his bleeding fists, but despite of that he... was excited...he hadn't had this emotion in a long time...he had found a worthy opponent...being ironically himself. "This is so stupid…" *smiling internally*

Arriving at the place where the copy of him fell, he started looking for the guy and found his "doppelganger" looking the Auditor's Hell.

"YOU HAVE REALLY GOOD TRICKS, LITTLE ME" turning around, "BUT THIS GAME IS OVER, ¡NOW!" turning on his chainsaw and running at him.

"Hahaha if that's what you're looking for...who am I to turn you down" unsheathed his binary sword and lunging at the bastard.

But before they managed to face each other, a gigantic cybernetic insect leg came out of the ground, and approached to Antipathy. Hank was about to say something when suddenly the insect leg pierced his copy.

"What the hell", Hank said with confusion. It seemed that this thing was something external, maybe an invention of 2BDAMNED, suddenly he realized that there was a reaction between the insect leg and his other self, maybe he could escape with another of those things.

But when was another of these things going to come out? It could probably be hours, days or years. And this place had several of those guys called: Retainers, there was also the shitty agency and that crazy clown…Tricky.

-He wasn't going to waste more time in this place-

Determined, he threw himself at the insect leg when the teleportation process happening and produced an anomaly occurred due to the contact of two equal people, everything began to go out of control, the irregularity was breaking the space-time , breaking the dimension itself, breaking multiversal barriers ,and finally...the area exploded...destroying everything around it.

Hank woke up and his eyes saw...only darkness, had he escaped? and where his copy or faker was?

He looked around and found more darkness, then he realized that his feet did not touch the ground, he looked down and noticed that him was floating, and there was no ground just dark space.

He seemed like an astronaut floating in space, but... at least in space there were stars shining, there was nothing here, everything was dark. What the hell had happened?

Then he saw something interesting in his hands, on his right hand there was the letter A tattooed, and on his left hand the letter C tattooed... maybe…just maybe, his other self and he had merged, it was a good theory ... damn, he killed his sun with a pole...everything was possible at this point...although he didn't feel much different…now... he was the only Hank again, perfect.

He was in perfect condition and his clothing appeared to be repaired. It seemed that his outfit had prevalied over his copy's outfit.

Hank searched in his clothes, did he possess any weapons? and... he had a chainsaw on his back NICE, and a Desert Eagle in his left pocket. "At least you brought me useful things, another me" Hank said.

Although his greatest doubt was not yet resolved: ¿What was this place? It was clear that his escape was not successful at all…perhaps this place is….

"The beautiful afterlife," Hank said sarcastically. God was going to come to judge him? He would probably end up in hell *laughing*.

He never regretted his actions...his kills…his massacres… massacres... and he remembered, for a moment, his first massacre... and how all this madness started...

Nevada Historical Park, 1999 -Madness Combat 1

Hank was enjoying the tranquility of nature, sitting under a tree; his community service time was finally over he was free again *music* maybe he could change this time *music* maybe he could get a real job and not be a bum *music* maybe he could take care of animals *music* mayb-*MUSIC*.

His patience...his damm patience was over,he doesn't like that music at all and someone kept increasing the volume ,so he looked for the origin of the music and saw that it came from the radio of a guy he listened: DJ Birdie Chicken Dance. The guy is was dancing with his radio on his shoulder.

He decided to get out of the comfort of the tree, he approached the guy and started to draw the guy's attention...

"Hey, Hey, HEY!" Hank said. The guy didn't answer so he touched his shoulder.

The guy looked at him, so Hank said: "Could you turn down your music, pleas-...?", he couldn't finish the sentence because he got punched by the guy.

The blow sent him to the ground, the guy and other people nearby made fun of him for a while and the guy increased his music more ... Hank was lying on the ground with a bruise on his cheek.

He only had one thought in his mind: Did he have something to lose? if he did a…no, he had to respect the rulesthe policemen had warned him that if he committed one more crime ,they would have all the power to take him to prison … or worse...the government or some corporation could experiment with him...unimaginable suffering….public embarrassment …OR FUCK EVERYTHING? YES...YES...YES...YES YES YES!

He got up and made a decision …a wise decision… so he approched to the guy and touched his shoulder's again, the guy turned his eyes to him and attacked him again, but this time he dodged and landed an uppercut that broke the bastard's jaw instantly.

Everyone looked at him..., they were horrified and prepared to attack him. And he...he had nothing to lose against these assholes. THE MASSACRE HAD BEGUN

He would never have imagined that killing that bastard would cause all this chaos. Though, Nevada was already a dystopian society when he arrived, his massacre was only the straw that broke the camel's back.

And at the end of that massacre, he…began… liking the Birdie Chicken Dance "HAHAHAHAHA" Hank laughed for a long time.

When he finished laughing he was still floating in the darkness *sigh* It looks like Nevada won't have his favorite butcher for a while.

-Moments Later-

Hank soon stopped moving… stopped thinking… stopped doing anything…this boredom would be eternal...

There was no escape...of this purgatory…. Until…. the fate decided to act.

He felt a tug on his body. He was surprised to see a thread of blue light that grabbing his leg, he grabbed the thread and broke it. He wanted to rest a while longer

He felt another tug on his body and saw another thread grab his arm and he broke the thread.

Appearing elsewhere a new thread, which wanted to reach him, this began to make him lose his patience...again.

He continued with this new routine for several minutes, until he couldn't take it anymore....

He felt a pull of the thread on his arm with urgency.

"I'M TIRED OF THIS SHIT, KNOCK IT OFF!" He grabbed the thread and broke it into thousands of pieces.

Without him knowing, both of his tattoos were activated, he noticed that the pieces of thread turned red. He was confused, and looked at his hands which were glowing green.

"Is this a power of the improbability?" Hank said with confusion.

But, before he could rambled any further..….Something happened ... he discovered his worst recent nightmare, since he saw thousands of red threads appeared at once, and this things aprocching him quickly, he didn't have time to swear when he was caught by the threads.

Chaldea, 2016 / Post -Singularity F

"¿Are you sure about this, senpai?" Mash said worriedly, her senpai kept insisting on summoning the last servant since they still had a bit of saint quartz.

"Don't worry Mashu, I'm fine I just need to concentrate more" Ritsuka said. Although in reality Ritsuka was confused since he had managed to summon his first servants, but now he was not achieving anything, what a stressful situation.

"Okay senpai maybe I can bring the other servants you summoned here and they can explain to us what's going on" said Mash.

"Sure! Great idea, Mashu maybe that can help, bringing them here"

"Ok, senpai" Mash said with a big smile and leaving the room.

"Well..., let's do this again". He started reciting the invocation prayer, everything was going fine, he kept reciting…he keep reciting...he keep reciting until he felt something...something that made him scream in pain….

Everything had gotten out of control, the summoning site began to crack, several swords came out of the ground and his spell command was bleeding... what a situation he had gotten into.

He was about to call for help, when the summoning site completely exploded in front of him ,the explosion sent him flying across the room, his body was close to colliding with the door and...he close his eyes and expected the crash...


Hank woke up, where the hell was he now? the damn red threads brought him here? He was standing in a room of white or metal walls ,maybe this was another one of the AAHW labs or a hospital...the place was too clean...yes, this room look like hospital room's. Those of the agency never cleaned their rooms.

Then, he saw a boy who was about to crash into the door, normally he wouldn't do anything ,but HE NEEDED ANSWERS AND THIS WAS HIS BEST CHANCE , so he grabbed the boy's leg and saved him to collides with door...


Ritsuka opened his eyes and his body had not collide with the door, someone had grabbed his leg and saved him, although the guy who grabbing his leg, let him fall to the floor without warning, how rude, so he got up and looked for to his savior, and maybe his new servant. *noise*

"Eh?!" there was something behind him.

And he looked behind and saw a large man, wearing a black coat zipped up, a bandana around his mouth, fingerless gloves, and black goggles with red lenses. He looked like a ninja. But the guy had a….chainsaw on his back. Perhaps , a servant from the future? The guy was staring at him, god, this guy had a menacing presence.

-Calm down, Ritsuka, just say the magic words and everything will be fine - "A..Are you m..my servant?" he said nervously

The man narrowed his eyes and replied: "First, I'm nobody's servant, naive boy." cracking his knuckles

"Second, you have too much color and hair to be a normal grunt, you're... from…outside." starting to walk towards him

"And finally, I think it's my turn to ask the questions"… stopping inches away from him and taking something out of his pocket …which was... "and you will answer me only with the truth"...a pistol... "because if you try to play with me, your brains will be spilled in this room"...pointing the gun on his face... "so tell me... we have a deal?"

Without Ritsuka knowed it, he had managed to get a dangerous prisoner out from a dimension created by a force, ironically, protective of humanity.