Welcome to my short stories from "Big Hero 6 The Series." Just so you know, I use italics to indicate thoughts in these stories, just like I did in my "Who We Are Now" one I wrote. (If you haven't read it yet, that's okay; it's a separate multi-chapter story so you don't need to read it to enjoy these ones ;) ). I hope you have fun reading through the various scenes and characters I've explored in the stories to come. :)

#1 Guess Who's Back!

It was almost midnight when Felony Carl arrived home from work to find the lights were on, although he suspected it was because his boyfriend had waited up to tell him some news.

He was hired part-time as a bouncer at a club called "2-to-Tango," and while there were a couple of people that were stubborn and demanded/begged to be let in, that night for the most part was uneventful; at least it would have been if not for the news alerts he received on his phone. The husky biker had missed the first one, but when he heard the second notification "ding," he checked it out as soon as the club was at capacity. His eyes went wide when he saw "Globby Stops Rampaging Monster. City Saved." He then scrolled down to see the first message to find "Unknown Monster Destroying Everything." Felony Carl couldn't help but smile, feeling happy and proud that Dibs found his true self as a shapeshifting hero. Admittedly, he didn't know how there came to be two gelatinous monsters in San Fransokyo, but he decided to chalk it up a weird and improbable event (although those tended to happen a lot when it came to Globby).

When he got home and stepped into the living room, he called out, "I'm home." Felony Carl could hear movement in the kitchen, but before he could venture in there, the voice of Globby excitedly said, "Hey Carl, I have a surprise for you! Want to guess?"

The motorcyclist let a knowing smile appear on his face as he moved to sit on the couch, fully ready for Globby's reveal. "I believe I know what it is, but if you really want to show me, I will not spoil your fun," he considerately responded.

It was silent for a moment before a more deflated sounding voice replied, "You know what the surprise is, don't you?"

"If you mean the fact that you have returned to your gelatinous form, then yes I know," Felony Carl answered honestly.

The aforementioned pink and purple mutant proceeded to step out of the kitchen, slightly disappointed. "How'd you find out?"

"I was notified of your heroic act by the news sending my phone an alert," the bandana-clad man explained.

"Darn it. Leave it to the news to spoil my news," Globby remarked as he shook his head. He then looked sheepishly at Felony Carl as he rubbed the back of his neck. "So uh, I guess sorry for being in such a funk the past couple days. I had a real 'the grass is greener on the other side' thing huh?"

Felony Carl nodded and said, "I am still perplexed why you wanted to switch back to your nonmutant self in the first place?"

"Well…" Globby started as he moved to sit on the couch with Carl. "There hadn't been much need for me as a superhero lately, so I thought I could try to help out in some other way like with a real job or something." He then let out a deep sigh. "But nobody wanted me, either because they were still wary of me since I spent some time as a villain or because of how I looked or I'd sometimes come on too strong in the interview. When my chemist friend offered to turn me back to normal, I guess I let that failure get into my head and thought maybe they'd then give me a chance if I wasn't so different," he continued in a sadder tone. "You saw how depressed I was about not feeling special, but when I couldn't help my friends tonight and was actually a liability to them, I felt a thousand times worse than I did before," he lamented.

The gelatinous mutant then wore a look of determination on his transparent face. "So I decided I would do something about that. Luckily, I remembered how I turned into Globby the last time and got it to work again; albeit with a lot of frustration and pain, but that happened the first time too," he added with a wince at feeling the phantom pains of his transformation. "Anyway, I came back and saved one of my friends from being crushed by that Globby-wannabe. I was so worried when I left her defenseless against that monstrosity, but there weren't a lot of options unfortunately. Then, the two of us started battling it out and it was probably the craziest fight I've ever been in, which is saying something," Globby remarked while Felony Carl listened attentively.

"So, right when I get all tangled up with Nega-Globby, as Fred decided to aptly call him, Honey Lemon started blasting him with her new chem purse and weakening him; this gave me the upper hand and I attacked one final time, taking him down before he got her. The other people that were still around started cheering, which was really nice, but my favorite part had to be the hug Honey Lemon gave me a moment later," the gelatinous mutant recalled with a smile on his face. He then let out a small chuckle as the weight of the day's events began to really hit him. Turning to Felony Carl, he proceeded to politely ask, "Now you know how my day was, so how was yours?"

The husky biker now gave a small chuckle at the notion that his day was even remotely as interesting as Globby's, but he still wanted to know anyway. "If you insist Globs. The main event of my day was my dad's birthday if you recall. I delivered the cake I made last night for the celebration, which was followed by a fair amount of inquiry into how everything was going," Felony Carl answered.

"Did they like the cake?" Globby wondered.

"They enjoyed the chocolate caramel espresso immensely as it provided a balance of sweet and bitter without being too dense for consumption," the goateed man replied with a nod.

"Guess I'll have to request that for my birthday next year," the shapeshifter remarked with a cheeky grin. "So, what else happened with your day?"

Felony Carl shrugged and stated, "The rest of my day was uneventful except for the surprise that awaited me on my phone, which as a bouncer, is generally preferred to confronting a patron who will not take 'no' for an answer."

"Fair enough," Globby simply commented.

A few seconds later, the white cat Felony Carl adopted after Globby mistakenly grabbed her proceeded to walk into the living room, looking for attention. She leapt up onto the back of the couch between the two reformed criminals and let out a loud "Mreow."

"I see Jasmine wants some more pets before bed," Globby coyly said as he morphed his right hand into a brush; Jasmine may have grown to like Globby after the incident, but she was not particularly fond of having slime on herself. A few strokes later, the blue and green-eyed cat was purring with contentment. A few more strokes later, Globby couldn't help but let out an audible yawn. "Sorry about that Carl. It's just been a long day," the resident shapeshifter apologized as he looked at his boyfriend with sleepy eyes.

"Nothing to apologize for. I too feel the call of needing a good night's rest," he told Globby as he punctuated his statement with a yawn. Felony Carl then got a few scratches in along Jasmine, causing her to lift her backend up in response.

The two former felons proceeded to stand up and walk towards their bedroom, but not before Globby paused in the doorway and turned around. He just gazed into the living room, taking in all the details like it was his first time seeing it. I'm so lucky to have all of this, he blissfully thought with a grateful smile. Then, for the fun of it, he stretched his arm to switch off the light across the room.

With there being nothing but darkness and a sleeping cat left, Globby finally turned to go to bed.

Once on the top bunk, the gelatinous mutant snuggled his head onto his pillow and wished Felony Carl a good night, who was currently brushing his teeth. Wonder if tomorrow will be as crazy as today? That was all he was able to briefly think of before he was fast asleep and snoring softly.

Felony Carl turned off the bathroom light and upon seeing his sleeping boyfriend, smiled affectionately. As he crawled into the bed below, the husky biker whispered, "Good night Globs. Glad you found your happy place," before letting the sleep take him too.


Admittedly, there will be a fair number of FelonyGlob related stories in this collection, but I can't help it because they are so adorable together and I love to write about them. 3 I also wrote this one to be a happier end to "Nega-Globby" than the foreshadowing horror we actually got. O_O (That was the beginning of a 4-month period of anxiety and uncertainty). The next story will see Diane Amara emerging from her clone-chamber.