Tatsuya woke up early to train as normal. He ran to Yakumo's temple, sparred with him and his disciples and left afterwards. Tatsuya came home to see Miyuki beaming a bright smile anticipating his arrival.

"Welcome home, Onii-sama" Miyuki bowed gracefully. Her smile radiated pure joy and it only made her more beautiful. Miyuki radiated so much joy that it was impossible not to get swept up in that emotion.

"I'm back. Thank you, Miyuki" Tatsuya returned Miyuki's smile.

Miyuki was wearing a sakura pink apron with frills and a small bow on each side of her hip over her house clothes which were revealing as usual. In this getup and the way Miyuki acted, Miyuki could have easily been mistaken as Tatsuya's newlywed wife.

"Breakfast is ready Onii-sama. Would you prefer to eat or take a shower first?"

"I think I will eat first, Miyuki. Let me just change my shirt and I will meet you at the dining table shortly."

Tatsuya usually showered before his morning meal but today he wanted to talk to Miyuki. The shower would only unnecessarily delay this urgent conversation. Tatsuya needed to talk to Miyuki about last night's events.

Tatsuya entered the kitchen after changing to find Miyuki sitting eagerly at the dining table. It looked like in Miyuki's good mood and eagerness she had inadvertently prepared a small breakfast buffet. Miyuki was still beaming brightly. Tatsuya mentally cursed himself. The conversation they were going to have would not be an easy one and he did not want to spoil Miyuki's good mood.

"The food looks delicious, Miyuki." Tatsuya complimented.

"Thank you, Onii-sama. Please help yourself." Miyuki handed Tatsuya a plate of bacon, eggs and hash browns. Miyuki had prepared a western style breakfast for today. There were also pancakes with fresh fruit, buttered toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. Miyuki had really gone all out for today's breakfast.

Tatsuya received the plate and thanked Miyuki. Tatsuya and Miyuki enjoyed their meal and Miyuki's good mood had no signs of dissipating. She looked at Tatsuya with warm and loving eyes. Tatsuya steeled himself. He couldn't allow himself to get lost in those beautiful obsidian orbs. He needed to discuss last night's events and what it would mean for them going forward. As they were finishing their meal, Tatsuya cleared his throat to speak.

"Miyuki..." Tatsuya called out Miyuki's name.

"Yes, Onii-sama?" Miyuki eagerly straightened her posture to listen what Tatsuya had to say.

"We need to talk about what happened last night." Tatsuya said in a serious tone.

Tatsuya felt a sharp temperature drop in the room and saw that Miyuki's eyes were downcast and her body was trembling.

"Did you...did you not mean what you said Onii-sama?" Miyuki's voice was pained and tears started to stream down her face.

The fact of the matter was that while Miyuki was absolutely elated to hear that Tatsuya loved her back, a small part of her felt like it was too good to be true. That this was all a dream. She was afraid that Tatsuya had only said that to console her in the heat of the moment. It also did not help that the anxiety of marrying a stranger was still fresh on her mind. Miyuki was still unconsciously on edge and now she was fully spiraling.

Tatsuya saw Miyuki crying and rushed to her side and knelt before her. He held her hands firmly in his and tried to meet her gaze.

"I meant what I said Miyuki. I love you as a woman." Tatsuya's gaze was firm and sincere. He squeezed Miyuki's hand to show her he was there; that this was real. Tatsuya's warm touch helped anchor Miyuki back to reality and pulled her away from the darkness clouding her mind. She saw Tatsuya's warm gentle gaze and her dark thoughts dissipated. Miyuki relaxed and the temperature in the room went back to normal.

After Miyuki had calmed down and apologized, Tatsuya sat next to Miyuki and turned his body towards her and Miyuki did the same. They were still seated at the dining table but the HAR had cleared the plates. Tatsuya held Miyuki's hands firmly in his and stared intently into her eyes. His gaze was stern and serious and Miyuki knew this was going to be a necessary conversation. She took a deep breath to steady herself and straightened her posture. She wasn't going to let her emotions, and more importantly her magic, run unchecked again.

"Miyuki..." Tatsuya started, eyeing Miyuki's expression for any changes. "We need to talk about last night." Miyuki's face remained serious and determined which Tatsuya took as a sign to continue.

"I love you, Miyuki. But you are aware that me loving you, that is something that is not allowed." Tatsuya continued apprehensively. Miyuki's eyes looked sad but the temperature didn't drop. Miyuki couldn't deny the unconventional nature of their feelings for one another. Miyuki stayed silent.

Silence overtook the room as the mood dampened but Tatsuya continued with his soliloquy.

"I need to ask you how you want to move forward from this...My only wish is to make Miyuki happy but I am afraid I do not know how to accomplish that. I have gotten myself into a situation that I am unfamiliar with. I am not one who is very good at navigating emotions and truthfully, my love for you was something I was never prepared to tell to you. I had resigned myself to keeping my feelings to myself so as not to inconvenience you but now I know all that did was cause you pain. I am sorry, Miyuki. I had not planned for this, any of this, to happen. I am truly sorry, Miyuki." Tatsuya stood and deeply bowed to Miyuki.

Tatsuya was truly apologetic. Tatsuya knew that they were in an unorthodox situation to say the least and he had no idea how to navigate themselves out of it. Tatsuya saw it as his duty as Miyuki's older brother to guide her and protect her but for the first time, he was at a loss for what to do. He had intended to protect Miyuki by never confessing but it turns out that had only been a source of pain for her. Seeing Miyuki's beautiful crying face let out sobs of pain as she confessed made Tatsuya feel immensely guilty. He could no longer bite his tongue and confessed his true feelings as well but that came with its own problems.

Now, after this confession and reciprocation of feelings they were in an impossible situation. It felt like a damned if you, damned if you don't quagmire with no way out. Tatsuya knew that his confession only encouraged Miyuki's feelings for him, which would only cause her more misery down the line. Tatsuya knew just as well as Miyuki that they could not be together so allowing Miyuki to continue knowing that it would only end in a painful separation would be cruel. Tatsuya also could not suggest they go back to normal either as it seemed equally cruel to her feelings. Miyuki's painful sobs still rang in his ears, the struggle for her to express herself and the desperation in her eyes as she pleaded him to stay with her. Tatsuya knew pushing her away would be just as painful to Miyuki. He could not decide, hence Tatsuya finally made the decision to allow Miyuki to make it.

Though it seemed like a cop out and a way for Tatsuya to pass the burden, he truly saw no other way out. Miyuki was a primary party to this situation and she would be greatly affected by whatever decision Tatsuya would have made for them. Tatsuya cared more for Miyuki's happiness than his own and so left the decision in her hands. If Miyuki wanted to forget everything that happened last night and go back to normal, though it would be painful, Tatsuya would oblige. If she wanted to pursue a relationship, though he was skeptical, Tatsuya would nonetheless try.

Miyuki's eyes widened and filled with tears as Tatsuya bowed deeply in front of her. She saw that Tatsuya was, for the first time, truly lost and more than that, he blamed himself. Miyuki understood that Tatsuya was asking her to make the decision for them because he could not do so himself. Human emotions were definitely not his strong suit and given the fact that she was the one who had confessed first, she felt it was only right for her to carry more of the burden. Miyuki knew she was equally to blame if not more so for the situation they had found themselves in. Though Miyuki did not regret confessing since Tatsuya had proclaimed he felt the same, she still felt guilty for making Tatsuya think that the burden was on him; that he was alone. Miyuki rose from her seat and gently cupped Tatsuya's face in her hand.

"It is not Onii-sama's fault. Miyuki is just as much to blame for this...but Miyuki doesn't regret it." Miyuki looked into Tatsuya's eyes tenderly.

"When Onii-sama confessed it felt like a dream, a very wonderful dream. So please, if Onii-sama will indulge me, can you let Miyuki stay in this dream for a little while longer?"

Miyuki tenderly caressed Tatsuya's face with her thumb, looking at him lovingly with melancholic eyes. Miyuki knew this was a gamble but it was a gamble she was willing to make. She knew that this would be dangerous and it was unfair of her to risk both her and Tatsuya's safety for the sake of her feelings. She knew that if anyone found out, that if the Yotsuba found out, there would be no end to the fury and condemnation they would face, especially Tatsuya. She knew that if they found out they would be forcibly separated. Miyuki knew it was selfish but she thought that perhaps just this once, she could be selfish.

Miyuki had already resigned herself to her fate. She had already accepted that she would be married to someone she didn't love and be forced to bear his children. Her only solace now was knowing that Tatsuya loved her back, that for a while she can live in a fantasy where they were together. She knew that the more she would indulge herself the more difficult and painful it will be when she will have to inevitably separate from Tatsuya but to her it would be better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. She was willing to risk all that future pain for a few moments of bliss with Tatsuya. She was willing to risk everything to be with him.

Tatsuya understood what Miyuki was asking of him and had no complaints. Tatsuya would move heaven and earth to make Miyuki happy. He knew it was risky but he couldn't say no to Miyuki. He also wanted to selfishly indulge himself as well. He loved Miyuki and wanted to be with her. Though Tatsuya said to himself that he would leave the decision in Miyuki's hands and accept whatever she would decide graciously, truthfully he was extremely relieved to hear Miyuki's answer. He didn't want to go back and forget. He couldn't. They were too far gone to go back and even though Tatsuya was good at playing his part, he knew that Miyuki's rejection would eat him up inside. Miyuki was the only person he could have genuine emotions for, the loneliness would eat him alive if Miyuki tried to push him away.

Tatsuya looked intently into Miyuki's eyes and kissed her gently on the forehead, signaling his assent to Miyuki's decision. Miyuki looked up at Tatsuya with cheeks slightly tinged pink and a relieved smile. The couple were in agreement. They knew the risks but they were going to face them anyway, together. After this touching scene Tatsuya took a shower and when he returned, he and Miyuki had a long chat about their new relationship.