chapter one the wedding

humphrey pov — i was sitting in my den trying to decide if i want to leave jasper . there is nothing left here for me, the love of my life is gettin married to another wolf. i could try to stop the wedding but i dont belive she loves me back even tho i should go and see the last psrt of the wedding to make shure she actually dose it. i start walking to the valley where thw wedding is taking place. as i walk up i can see them on the ceremony rock about to smell each others cent when i started to feel a rumble in my feet . kates pov— i was about to marry garth for the good of the pack when i felt a rumble in my paws and i have a bad gut feeling like something bad is going to happen. when i turned around to look at the mouth of the valley there was at least three hundred carabou charging in one big stampede straight at us all i could do is yell ''RUN STAMPEDE TO THE SIDES OF THE VALLEY HURRY.'' as i climed the way up the side if the valley i looked back and saw my dad winston and the eastern leader tony trapped so i take off running as fast as i could . while im running i bump into humphrey . ''humphrey please we got to help them there in trouble '. humphrey pov — ''look a log we can use it to jump the valley and give them some cover lets go'. as i guided the log to the cliff all icould think about is her nothing else matters to me as i got out of my thoughts we hit the groung so i hurry up to the log for cover but kate got knocked out. shit i cant just sit here i got to help her so i jump into acton without even thinking an to shield her ftom the carabou with my body as long as she is ok it dosent matter what happens to me after what felt like a eterinity the carabou finnialy passed by i could feel the broken bones all throught my body but she isnt moving no no no no no she cant be i cant hear her breathing no why her why the love of my life and not me. with a rage ive never felt before i turned to winston and tony ready to kill them both for what they have done '.DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE SHE IS DEAD BEACOUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY UNITE THE PACKS YOU SAID ITS FUCKING BULLSHIT YOU FORCED YOUR CHILD TO MARRY SOMEONE SHE DOSENT EVEN KNOW AND THAT BARF DIDNT PROTECT HER DID HE NO HE RAN LIKA A BITCH '. as i got done yelling the alphas just put their heads down they knew they were wrong .