Sup guys? Lighting Wolf here, back with another story, this one about batman. Enjoy the 800-word chapter. I don't own Batman; Dc and a few others do.

Pamela Isley tapped on the glass which held her inside the cell. They never took chances with her. No, she was trapped at the mercy of THEM… All of them cared only for the fact that they were above her and all of this place's inhabitants.

"Why are you doing this… Why?" He heard as there were doors opened and a new patient was wheeled in.

Yes, wheeled. Society found them to be incapable of the simple idea of them walking anywhere within the place pathetic.

"Easy, he's one of them… Leave him chained up." She heard as he was placed within a cell next to him. "Go! Go, get out of here before he snaps it like a pretzel!" She heard before she rolled her eyes.

The being screamed, shrieking in a way that had only seemed to have made him far more violent as he tore himself free, his arms morphing like water as he shredded the leather, his body seeming to split apart. Water dripped from the body of the man as he slowly climbed to his feet… She could see water pouring from his body as he slowly stepped to his feet. Yes, it hurt… A LOT worse.

"You're going to be ok, eh, drippy?" ivy questioned as he turned to look at her before he snorted, too much upon his mind.

"N-No." He responded as he slowly stood up. "I thought he was my friend, but… He wasn't." He said before he seemed to clench his fist.

Water swirled around his palm. There were a few seconds of silence before he looked at her. She could see that there was a bodysuit clutching his body. There were shades of red on the said suit while the major parts were coated in blue. The majority of his suit glowed a deep shade of black. The lenses of his suit lowered before he looked at her.

The suit looked high-tech like it had been similar to batman, with sleek edges, a helmet with a fin running up the center, and little blue dots.

"Who are you?" He heard before he seemed to smirk.

He clicked his jaw against the top of his skull, water seemed to drop from the mouthpiece of the suit as he took a deep breath, the breath sounded as if it was cutting through him like everything was. It made him too curious as to how this was to have been with the problem for now.

There were a lot more problems with it all for now… This had been something understood clearly as the confusion was written on his face… Or mask, which shifted and reconfigured itself a thousand times over until he leaned forwards, pressing his face against the glass in front of them.

"So, what's your story? batman catch you trying to break into a water plant?" Joker asked as Ivy snorted.

"No." The boy said clearly as they thumped against the wall next to them. "Someone took my dad away…. And I'm going to KILL THEM." He said while the water slowly ebbed from his armor.

He was tired, there was a lot more to have gotten over like the lack of his powers when it comes down to it. There was a lot more to their moves. This game was something none of the inmates tired of it. They had something inside them that composed them to have gotten where they should have been.

Ivy watched as he slammed back into the wall behind him. There were a few seconds of silence when it came down to it. Ivy watched with interest as he turned towards her.

"You're the plant lady from… News." He said as he put his head to the side, too amused as of the time being.

There were a lot more enjoyable things in life… Like this. He was silent as he turned to look at her, a bit of interest on his face as he did so was to have gotten when it came down to it. This hadn't yet gotten where it should have come to it.

He had so much pain and annoyance when it comes down to it. He was so thrown off by this…

By her.

Author Notes

Phew. The first chapter is done! I want to point out that the next chapter will be in 2-10 months and will show more of Ivy and the others talking. The next chapter will also be a bit delayed and show most of the inmates and such at Arkham. Until the 900-6500 words and such. It will be much longer than this. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!