Hey everyone its Its Rice Man here and after replaying one of my favorite game series I figured how awesome it would be to have one of the female characters be paired up with Naruto? I won't say the name of the character since I want it to be a surprise but the mystery girl will be revealed at the end but I'm sure some readers would figure out who the character since it should be hella obvious so I don't blame them. I'd also like to thank PandaSDCA for being my number one supporter for this story, you're a real one man.

Chapter 1: The Crimson Haired Girl

-Land of Blood-

A young girl about thirteen years old was seen running through a small alleyway somewhere in the village in the land of blood. The Land of Blood was a very small and minor country that was very far away from the great villages and had very little recognition and status among the elemental nations and was so weak in terms of its ninja that the closest nation to it, Iwagakure thought blood country was a waste of time so Iwa left them alone during the last war since their ninja had no skill in any elemental jutsu so they specialized in assassination and stealth more so than the other villages. It was only given blood as its name because from what foreigners who happen to come across the village saw was endless murder and violence. A huge commotion was heard somewhere in the village and one girl seemed to have drawn the attention of the villagers and she was known as that "Crimson Haired Witch". Various clans throughout the world had their own form of jutsu called "Kekkei Genkai" such as the Yuki clan from Kirigakure who specialized in Ice Release or the fifth Mizukage using Lava release.

This girl was about 5 feet in height with shoulder length hair that was red and her eyes were red in color and the clothing she had now was a simple red shirt, red pants and red ninja sandals that was somewhat ripped in a few places, every thing about her was red, red, and more red. In addition to her red attire she had a dagger strapped to her upper thigh and was her go to weapon as a kunoichi.

Why was this girl being chased by villagers? She was considered the spawn of the Shinigami because of her hellish kekkai genkai. Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water, and Wind were the most common elements seen among the other nations but the power she had instantly made her the target of fear and abuse in her village and the second she was born it was as if she was blessed by the death god himself with the ability to not control any element, but to control blood. She tried her best to fit in with the other children in her village during her education at the academy but a horrendous accident happened in class when she accidentally killed a group of upper classmen who were bullying her and out fear and rage she turned the school yard into a blood fountain and was the reason why villagers were chasing her. She was chased before but the killer intent the crowd was now giving was something she had never felt before. Some were the parents of the children she murdered and wanted to see her pay for her evil crimes. She did not do it intentionally but regardless it was because of her hellish ability she was deemed evil by default. She had no control over her kekkei genkai and if she felt any type of strong emotion she would most certainly kill those around her.

''Why don't they understand? I did not mean to kill them!" the girl thought as she continued make a break for it.

She was a kind and gentle soul and would never hurt anyone intentionally and the accident only happened because she did not have control over her "cursed" kekkei genkai. She continued running and turned a corner that led her out of the alleyway and into the adjacent street only to be greeted with more angry villagers.

''There she is! The Crimson Witch!'' shouted one of the villagers in anger.

''Come on! Let's kill her!'' another one exclaimed.

Before they could do anything she turned around back into the alley and made a break for it and turned around the corner she originally came only to be met by the other angry mob.

''And where do you think you're going girl?'' one of the villagers asked.

The girl didn't bother answering the question and instead turned her head to her left she saw that there was another corner ahead and took off running for it hoping it could lead her away to safety from the crowd. Turning the corner she ran for a few minutes and her facial expression turned to dread when she realized she was at a dead end. She knew she was done for and hearing many footsteps behind her she turned around and saw the two mobs combined into one ready to end her life.

"Looks like you're trapped you witch." spat a villager.

"There's no way we'll let you get away with murdering those children!" shouted another.

"This is where you die and you will never ever torment anyone with your cursed jutsu!"

The crowd all drew various weapons from tantos, katanas and pitchforks and slowly advanced on the young girl. Skarlet took a few steps back before coming to a stop and when she did she realized she was now backed against the wall and trapped. Multiple looks of glee and sadism were seen in the faces of the people in the mob as they advanced toward the poor helpless girl.

The mob continued to walk toward her with their weapons in hand and she ended up getting on her knees, lowered her head toward the ground and covered her head with her arms.

''No! Leave. Me. ALONE!"

Just then the mob came to a stop and before they could realize what happen they all began to scream in pain and terror as blood began steadily flowing out of their mouths and eyes. The screams of pain made the girl look up and she saw that all the villagers were frozen in their tracks as the blood came seeping out of their orifices and the sight was very shocking for her as this was how she accidentally killed the upper classman bullying her earlier and soon enough the space above her was filled with balls of blood from each individual member of the mob and a second later the balls splattered all over the corpses as they all collapsed to the ground as well as herself showering her with the precious life essence.

She stared in pure shock and terror at the display before her and was left totally speechless from the gore.

''This...is a blood bath.''

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard more yelling coming in her direction and knew that it was another group of villagers who heard the cries of agony from the mob she just killed. Now that she was snapped out of her daze she took the chance to leap to the roof of the nearest buildings and after several minutes of making her way toward the entrance to the village she began running as fast as she could. Without looking back she heard the various shouts of the villagers calling out for her death but that only made her more determined to run faster into the woods toward the five great nations. She grew up knowing only pain, suffering and abuse and all she wanted right now was to get away from it all hoping wherever her legs took her she wouldn't be judge for her ability. She hope that wherever her new home is she would be accepted and seen as a normal girl so she ran.

-Outskirts of Konoha, a week later-

Three figures were seen walking about a couple miles out from the Village Hidden In The Leaves. One figure had spiky silver hair and wore a mask and had an orange book in his hands and was the tallest figure. This man was Kakashi Hatake a Jonin of Konoha. The figure to his right was a boy with black hair, dark eyes and his name was Sasuke Uchiha. Finally, the figure to Kakashi's left was another boy with orange, spiky hair and bright blue eyes clad in an horrendous orange jacket and pants. This boy was named Naruto Uzumaki who was relatively well known in his home village for being a prankster and having an incredibly loud mouth. Recently the three males were returning from a simple mail delivery mission to the Fire Daimyo, a mission that was a lower D-rank mission and the unimpressed look on Naruto's face told of his feelings of the mission they had completed, those feelings being annoyance.

''Man that was a boring mission! I'm tired of doing stupid chores and getting that stupid cat! I hate cats!'' Naruto shouted in annoyance.

Kakashi flipped through the pages of his book and while it looked like he wasn't paying attention to his Genin's words he had his own opinion on the matter.

''Just relax Naruto you know Lady Tsunade will not send us on anything higher than a D-rank for now since we do not have a fourth member of the team.'' said the Jonin, ''For now we're stuck with those chores but hey at least we're still getting paid right kiddo?''

''Tch, I'd rather get paid for doing some combat related missions than painting fences, shopping for bread or chasing cats! It's boring as hell! I want to get paid for real work!'' retorted the blonde.

Sasuke shook his head at his teammate's rant and although his voice was loud and annoying he couldn't agree more with his rival and friend.

''He's got a point sensei. We can handle missions dealing with bandits we're ninja trained to kill. We're not meant to chase cats or do simple tasks that are meant for first year academy students. It's a waste of time.''

The Jonin let out a loud sigh. His students were right but what can he do? When he was a Genin he and his team went on highly dangerous missions since they were at war against Iwa. If he tried to put in a recommendation to the Hokage asking for C-ranked or above missions he knew she was deny it. It wasn't that they were only a two man Genin team that prevented them from doing higher ranked missions but it was the fact that neither of the boys had knowledge in medical jutsu even the most basic of knowledge they lacked. All Genin team needed to have at least one member to know the most basic medical jutsu no matter what. Without a medic the team is as good as dead.

''Bah! I'm gonna give granny Tsunade a piece of my mind when we get back! I'll convince her to give us a third member no matter what!''

Just then some rustling was heard from the bushes behind them and the noise caught the attention of the guys.

''Huh? What's that?'' Naruto asked as he drew his kunai knife.

The rustling only got louder and more frantic which put Kakashi and Sasuke on guard as well.

''Okay, who's there? Show yourself.'' Kakashi ordered.

The rustling in the bush then came to a sudden stop and a few seconds later a few squirrels came scurrying out of it much to the amusement of the team. The two sides stared at each other for a few seconds before the little critters went about their merry way into another set of bushes.

''Oh, well who knew a few squirrels could make that much noise.'' Naruto said as he put his kunai away.

''Too bad it wasn't a bandit otherwise I'd be missing a few kunai and shuriken.'' Sasuke chuckled.

While the boys were inwardly laughing at the squirrels Kakashi was thinking other thoughts.

''Strange, it looks like they were spooked or running away from something. Nah, maybe I'm just overthinking it.'' thought the Jonin.

The three males then turned to continue their walk back home until more rustling came from the same bush and they turned around on instinct and before they could say anything a girl emerged from the bush. The girl appeared tattered and tired, her red clothes ripped in a few places and her hair a mess with a few leaves and small twigs on it and she had some dirt smudges on her face. Judging by her appearance it was clear to the team that she had been out on her own for some time now and they wouldn't attack a strange without reason, let alone a young girl who was obviously tired and hungry.

The girl noticed the three males eyeing her and out of instinct she drew her dagger from its holster and held it defensively in front of her. She had been on the run and on her own since she fled her village a week ago and noticed the symbol on their headbands. These three were ninja from Konoha so that confirmed where she had been running to non stop for the past seven days since she left blood country.

Kakashi would be the one to step in front of his students and initiate vocal contact with the girl.

''Who are you? Identify yourself.'' Kakashi instructed.

Naruto however was paying more attention to the state she was in more so than Kakashi and quickly intervened.

''Kakashi-sensei she's hurt I think we should help her.'' suggested the blonde.

Sasuke would object to his friend's suggestion.

''Naruto we don't know who she is though.''

''Sasuke is right Naruto, now answer the questions, who are you? Where are you from?''

The girl had no energy left to even speak and without even attempting to answer Kakashi's question her body was so exhausted at this point she collapsed forward and before she could hit the ground Naruto dashed toward her and caught her just inches away from hitting the dirt face first.

''I got you.'' said the blonde before he proceeded to give her a piggy back ride, ''Kakashi-sensei she's just a girl who needs help. Come on let's take her to the hospital!''

Without saying another word the blonde teen began jogging in the direction of the village leaving Sasuke and Kakashi behind.

''Naruto wait! She could be from an enemy village!'' Kakashi shouted to no avail.

''That's typical of him sensei he always wants to help anyone. Guess we have no choice but to follow him.'' Sasuke said as he began walking after Naruto.

Before he could say anything to Sasuke something caught Kakashi's attention out of the corner of his eye and he saw the dagger the girl was carrying resting on the dirt. He walks over to it and bends down to pick it up. He looked over the design of it and saw that the blade was had a bit of an uneven wavy pattern on the cutting edge and on the ricasso there was an elongated red 'U' shaped marking on it and the crossguard was angled slightly upward and the grip had a red orb near where the pommel was.

''Huh, what a strange looking dagger. Never seen a design like this among the five great nations.''

Kakashi then walked off after Naruto and Sasuke while placing the dagger in his pouch for safe keeping.

-Konoha General Hospital, a few days later-

She was running through the village being chased by an angry mob who was out for her blood and they wanted to kill her for murdering several of her classmates earlier because they were picking on her but it was intentional. She beckoned with them to see it was an accident but the villagers refused and thus formed a mob to kill her. She ran into an alleyway only to find herself at a dead end and before she could turn around she was grabbed from behind and held in a chokehold while she felt a hand take one of her daggers out of its holster.

''We got you now you witch. Now you shall die for murdering the other children!" shouted the villager who had a hold on her.

''No! Leave. Me. ALONE!''

The villager who had her dagger then proceeded to thrust it into her heart killing her...

Just then the girl opened her eyes and sat up immediately, her breathing rapid and heavy and a small stream of sweat descended down the side of her face. After a minute of catching her breath she sighed in relief knowing it was only a nightmare.

''That was scary, it felt so real.'' she thought.

She then looked around the room and she didn't even need to see to confirm where she was. Just the scent of cleaning products all around her confirmed that she was in a hospital room and she wondered how she even ended up in one. Then it hit her as she remembered she ran into three ninja from Konoha and came to the conclusion that they must've taken her here after she fell unconscious. She then looked to her left and saw her dagger resting on the night stand beside the bed and was relieved to see it as it was left behind by her mother when she was born. She also noticed that she had been changed into a hospital gown.

''Oh, I remember there was a blonde boy...''

Right when she said that the door to her room opened and in walked that same blonde boy, being Naruto walking in with a tray of food in his hands and the blonde noticed that the village's most recent guest was now awake.

''Hey you're finally awake! Man you've been out cold for a few days.'' he said as he walked over.

He approached her bed and placed the tray on her lap before grabbing a chair to sit down beside her. She did not look at him and instead looked at the tray in front of her and saw that it contained a bowl of pork miso ramen.

''Me, my friend and sensei found you a couple miles out in the forests from the village. So anyway here! I brought you some lunch hope you don't mind dumplings!'' Naruto exclaimed.

The booming sound of his voice made her flinch slightly and Naruto noticed that she was not looking at him at all.

''Uh, hello? You okay?

He waved his hand in front of her face which only caused her to flinch again and since she was used to having hands raised against her she grabbed his hand in defense out of fear that he would strike her and her reaction caught him by surprise since her reflexes were fast. Without saying a word she let go of his hand before she continued to stare at the food.

''Dang she has some reflexes.'' thought the blonde, ''So um, are you hungry or what? When me and my team found you in the forest it looks like you haven't eaten in days.''

The girl slowly turned her head to face Naruto and looked at him in confusion. She had already concluded that he and the other two ninja with him brought her back here but why did they help her? Why was this blonde boy being so friendly? Being helped like this and not being seen as a freak right away was a bit strange for her and was the reason why she did not know how to react to kindness or someone being friendly.

It was all so alien to her.

The two of them sat in silence for a good five minutes and before Naruto could even say anything the girl finally spoke.

''Why are you helping me?''

Naruto was caught off guard by this since he didn't expect her to have a soothing and regal sounding voice.

''Why wouldn't I help someone? You seemed tired and done so I did it because it's only right ya know? I wouldn't leave even a stranger in need out there in the world like that.'' declared the blonde proudly.

She did not want to believe him for a second but she guessed again because if she was found by people from her village like that all tattered, battered and tired they would've put her out of her misery though from what she was told ninja and people from Konoha in general were pretty friendly and helpful. She closed her eyes and began using her sensory ability and hers was unique compared to an average sensor type ninja. Average sensors would be able to detect chakra signatures of others but thanks to her blood abilities she could detect if a person was good or bad based on their blood alone. She took a minute to sense him and upon realizing he was giving off a warm and friendly vibe she decided to trust the blonde...for now.

She then opened her eyes and looked at Naruto who was looking at her in confusion.

''All good?'' he asked.

''Yes I'm fine, thank you for helping me.'' replied the girl.

Naruto smiled at her and waved off her comment.

''Hey it's no big deal I like to help others. Now eat you need your strength.''

''Okay, fine.''

The girl then took the chopsticks next to the bowl of ramen and pulled them apart and began to slowly eat her dumplings. She picked up a stick of the food and took a bite and was surprised at how tasty it was and noticing the facial expression she had Naruto smiled and watched as she ate more of the food and after about a few minutes she was done eating and was full since that was the first real meal she had for a little over a week now. After she filled her stomach up she set the last stick down gently atop the tray before taking a napkin off of it to wipe her mouth.

''That was good, thank you.''

''No problem! So what's your name? I'm Naruto Uzumaki.''

She closed her eyes and sensed his blood again and after getting the same warm and friendly vibe from earlier she decided that he was a good person and thought it wouldn't hurt to at least give him her name.

''My name...is Skarlet.''

Well, there you go the pairing in this story is Naruto x Skarlet (if it wasn't obvious already) or as I personally call it, NarSkar. Mortal Kombat 11 is the game that I've been playing again lately and in doing so I remembered how much I like Skarlet in the game and obviously she is my main. I thought it was pretty cool to have her blood magik appear in the Narutoverse as ''blood release'' and her appearance in this story will be based off two of her skins in MK11. Yeah I know she is out of character but don't worry she will get her personality as seen in MK11. I've always wanted to do something MK related and I'm glad I got the idea to do this story from replaying MK11 and no this isn't a full crossover with MK it will just be Skarlet featured here and her dagger will be the Blade of Clotted Blood. Anyway I hope it didn't feel too rushed but I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to follow, fave and review!