Chapter 4: Team 7's Newest Member

-Ichiraku Ramen's-

''Hey Naruto how are you?'' Teuchi, the owner of Ichiraku Ramen greeted.

After receiving her test results and passing with some of the highest exam scores ever in Konoha Skarlet was officially established as the third member of Team 7 which Naruto and Sasuke needed for a while now. Their original teammate Sakura Haruno's mental state was so far gone she was banned from ever being a kunoichi for the village and the two boys and Kakashi were not allowed to take on any missions higher than a D-rank until they had a replacement. Now that they have Skarlet they will no longer take on those tedious chores and will be sent on missions of higher risk which in turn will get them paid more and give the three Genin necessary experience in doing real shinobi work.

Currently the guys, mostly Naruto were treating Skarlet to a nice lunch at the famed ramen stand so Naruto can really give her a taste of Konoha cuisine. She already had some dango from Naruto when she woke up from her short coma and that was already good enough. The smell of the food emanating from the ramen stand could be smelt all over the village and she did not want to admit but the smell of the food itself made her mouth water.

Teuchi walked over to the team and smiled at them all before be noticed there was a fourth person sitting right beside Naruto who he had never seen before.

''So who's this young lady?'' asked the older man.

''Hey old man! You remember how we lost our other teammate because she is mentally unfit? This is her replacement!'' Naruto answered.

Skarlet waved shyly at Teuchi and the old man returned her kind gesture with a warm smile and nodded.

''That's quite a name you have there young lady. I've never heard it before nor have I ever seen you around so I'm guessing you're from another country?'' asked the older man.

''Yes, I am.'' replied Skarlet.

''That's great Konoha has a lot of people from other nations living here. Which country are you from? With a name like that you're definitely not from the other great villages or even the smaller ones.''

''No, I'm from a country that is very far away. I didn't really like it there so I don't talk about it much.'' Skarlet said a bit somberly.

Teuchi was quick to catch the tone in her voice and had a feeling she may have had a rough childhood so being the respectful man he is he decided to leave it at that.

''Ah okay I understand. So is there anything you want to eat? I mean I serve just ramen but I serve a variety of flavors.''

Naruto picked up a menu handed it to the girl.

''Here ya go! There's a huge variety of flavors so pick whichever you want!''

Looking at the piece of paper Skarlet looked the entire menu up and down and all the flavors seemed so delicious to her. She had never had any of Konoha's food aside from dumplings but from what Naruto was telling her this was the best ramen in the entire world so she hoped he wasn't wrong. She looked at the menu for a few more minutes before she noticed one of them had blood tofu included and she liked the sound of that but noticed it was also very cheap too.

''Everything looks so good but if I had to choose one I think I will take the pork miso ramen with blood tofu.'' said the girl.

Teuchi had a huge grin on his face and picked up his cooking utensils. It may seem silly to some but he was always so happy when he got an order because he absolutely enjoyed cooking for his customers no matter where they were from or what they ordered. He enjoyed cooking and he enjoyed seeing the joy in his patrons' faces.

''Okay Skarlet, and you three will have your usual right?''

Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto all nodded and when Teuchi went to the back to begin making the food the boys thought it was the perfect time to talk with Skarlet and get to know her a bit more.

''I can't wait! So anyway Skarlet, how was the exam? Was it hard?'' Naruto questioned.

''Why do you care? Every test we ever got in class was too hard for you even the most basic stuff.'' Sasuke joked.

''That's right kiddo. Sasuke scored a lot higher than you.'' Kakashi seconded.

Kakashi and Sasuke couldn't hold in their laughter and this earned them a glare from Naruto.

''Woah slow down there I'm asking the questions here!''

The dynamics between the three males couldn't help but cause Skarlet to smile just a bit because it was nice for once seeing people interact with each other in a positive manner rather than a very hostile one. She could tell they were all close with one another and while she didn't really show any emotion even around Naruto inside she was bursting with happiness to finally being accepted as part of a team and most of all, a village that did not shun her for being different. Naruto was different in a sense that she was loud, head strong and brash but she quickly grew used to it the few days she has been here and from what she was getting from Sasuke he was the quiet and more level headed one between the two. For Kakashi he was similar to Sasuke but from what she heard from Tsunade when she was given her test results she was to expect the Jonin to be late a lot of the time which was something she hoped she didn't have to deal with as she was the type of girl to begin things and finish them on time.

''The test wasn't even hard at all Naruto. I didn't even study for it and didn't even know what to expect and yet I still scored very high. Higher than you three apparently.'' Skarlet said with a small smile.

Kakashi was quite impressed to hear that but Sasuke on the other hand had a slight tic mark on his head.

''Oh did you now? I take your word for it Skarlet.'' Kakashi said.

''She scored higher than me? Uchiha are some of the smartest ninja around!'' Sasuke thought with shock.

''There's no way you scored higher than me I have the highest scores ever!'' Naruto protested.

''You were the dead last.'' Sasuke chimed.

Naruto glared at his friend and before they could wrestle more they were stopped by Skarlet who got in between the two boys.

''You two need to relax alright? No reason to bicker over some jokes Naruto.'' she said in a strict voice.

''Yeah dobe, accept it.'' Sasuke chuckled.

Naruto waved off both Skarlet and Sasuke with a highly annoyed look in his eyes and he just shook his head.

''You know what whatever.''

Deciding that that was enough joking around Kakashi then started their little conversation to get to know Skarlet properly which his own question for the girl.

''So Skarlet, tell us about yourself besides well, that place. Tell us stuff like your hobbies and favorites foods you know, the basic stuff.'' Kakashi said.

''Well, when I was in Chi I usually just liked to steal books from the library and read about the history of the other villages. That is really all there is when it comes to my hobbies but maybe I can have another one later on. My favorite food is something called klopsiki.'' Skarlet explained.

''Klopsiki? What the heck is that? It doesn't make you...sicki right?'' Naruto laughed.

Kakashi and Sasuke looked at Naruto in shock at how rude and indecent the comment toward Skarlet was and in the girl's case she was glaring at him with a rather angry look in her eyes and she responded to his comment by bonking him in his head as hard as she could.


''Do not make fun of klopsiki it is the most delicious food I have ever had in my life.'' Skarlet huffed.

''Maybe you can make some for me some time. I wouldn't mind trying some food from blood country!''

Skarlet rolled her eyes at his comment. First he basically makes a rather rude joke about her traditional food and now he says he wants to try it? She really couldn't read or understand the blonde some times but she knew she would have him figured out soon enough.

''Fine, but if you say something idiotic like that again I will smack you so hard Sasuke would feel it.'' said the girl.

''Wait what?'' stammered a confused Sasuke.

''Hang on how would that work? If you smacked me how would Sasuke even feel it?'' questioned Naruto.

Kakashi almost burst out laughing at Skarlet's threat, Naruto's cluelessness and Sasuke's reaction and had to do everything he could to keep himself from laughing.

''I can already tell these three will have great chemistry. One is loud and obnoxious but likeable. Another is quiet and a bit broody sometimes and this girl is serious, stern and has a sense of royalty to her it's like a match.'' thought the Jonin with a smirk.

Skarlet just had to shake her head at Naruto's cluelessness.

''It's a joke Naruto.'' she said annoyed.

''It was? Huh.''

''Okay guys that's enough. So back to it Skarlet could you tell us a bit about you?'' said the Jonin.

Skarlet looked forward to watch Teuchi prepare their bowls of ramen before looking back at Kakashi and nodded. As long as she didn't have to deal or listen to Naruto's bad and idiotic humor she was fine.

''I guess but I warn you there's a lot to me you wish you did not know but anything you wish to know you can ask questions and if I feel like answering it I will.'' said the girl.

''Oh! I'll ask the first question!"

''Oh no.'' Skarlet said sarcastically as she rubbed her forehead.

''What's your favorite and least favorite animal?'' asked the very curious blonde.

''I like dogs and I detest cats. Dogs are loyal and love you unconditionally whereas felines are ungrateful, aloof and don't love you.'' Skarlet replied, ''I also like butterflies and moths because they symbolize change and transformation.''

Sasuke and Kakashi both had to nod in agreement since they too were dog people and the few missions they did chasing that damned cat Tora left a really bad impression on them.

''I dislike them but I also don't really mind them at the same time.'' Sasuke said.

''For real. There's a reason why there's dog summons and not cat summons.'' Kakashi chuckled.

Skarlet inwardly sighed in relief at hearing that as she just could not foresee herself getting along with anyone who liked cats. Though she would never go out of her way to hurt a cat she still disliked them more than anything. To say she, Sasuke or Kakashi didn't like cats a lot was nothing compared to Naruto's burning hatred of felines as he was always the one who caught Tora and faced her scratching onslaught.

''Argh! I FREAKING HATE CATS TOO! Worst pets ever! The only thing they're good at is controlling rat and mice populations. What else are they even good for besides biting your hand when you pet them?!'' the blonde shouted in disgust, ''Dogs are the real deal.''

''I wouldn't hurt a cat but at the same time I don't want one near me. What is the next question?''

''I got one, what are some things you like to do when you have free time?'' Naruto asked.

Skarlet did not need even a split second to think about her answer and she smiled a bit at her teammate's question.

''That is easy, I love to read about history especially about Konoha. When I wasn't being chased by those idiot villagers I would sneak into the library at night and read about the history of this village. It is amazing how the men who founded this village are regarded as the most powerful shinobi to ever exist and were unmatched in battle. Another hobby I have is cooking as well and I've gotten quite good at it. Those are the hobbies I have at the moment but I am sure I will find more things to enjoy doing in the future.'' Skarlet answered.

''Ew I hate reading! I don't have the energy to pick up a book and read it. I'm more an audio than visual person.'' Naruto quipped.

''Well how can you learn to do things when you don't visually see how things are done?'' Skarlet questioned.

''Wait aren't we asking the question?''

Skarlet just rolled her eyes.

Before the next question could be asked Teuchi came out with his daughter Ayame carrying everyone's bowls and the sight of the food excited Naruto to a degree that Skarlet thought wasn't possible.

''Food's ready!''

''Finally! I'm starving!'' Naruto exclaimed excitedly.

Teuchi and Ayame handed everyone their bowls and Skarlet took a moment to marvel over how delicious the food looked.

''Wow this looks absolutely amazing.'' Skarlet said.

''Of course it looks amazing! It also tastes amazing!'' Naruto shouted before he proceeded to eat the entire contents of his bowl in literally a second much to Skarlet's shock.

She, Sasuke and Kakashi haven't even started to eat their meals. How could a human being possibly eat a big bowl of food that fast?

''For kami sake you need to eat slower dobe.'' Sasuke said in disapproval.

''Sasuke is right Naruto. What if you end up choking on something? Would I know?'' Kakashi said.

''As if I'll choke it just goes straight down!'' replied the blonde.

Skarlet had nothing to say to the blonde and just shook her head at the blonde's reckless and impolite eating habits so she just decided to leave that matter to the men and began to take her first bite of her dish which consisted of blood tofu. Just as she put the food in her mouth she went slightly wide eyed at how delicious it was.

Naruto was right! This was the tastiest food she had ever had the luxury of eating!

''Oh my kami, this really is delicious.'' Skarlet said in bliss.

Happy that his newest customer liked his food Teuchi left the team to be and went into the back of the house leaving the team to talk more.

''So anyway Skarlet back to the questions. What are you looking to do now that you're a kunoichi for this village?'' questioned the Jonin.

Skarlet took a bite of her ramen and with the noodles and other condiments finished she picked the bowl up and began to drink the broth before she sets her bowl down revealing that it was completely empty.

''I haven't decided yet sensei, I'm hoping you and the others can help me decide as we move forward?'' the girl said apprehensively.

For some odd reason Kakashi couldn't help but smile under his mask at the girl's answer and oddly enough he really liked it. Most girls her age wouldn't even think about what they even wanted to do with their ninja careers and some would just focus on boys rather than honing their skills and Skarlet seemed the complete opposite from what he's seeing so far.

''That's a good answer Skarlet and sure I can help you make a decision later on.'' the Jonin said happily.

Sasuke then took the chance to chip in.

'''I'd say maybe the medical field might be great for you since I get a medical kunoichi vibe from you.''

''Maybe, but I still want to be a front line kunoichi as well. From what I've told you I do well in survival situations and can easily live off the land.'' Skarlet replied, just then a thought came into mind and it was something she wanted to ask since she was told she was the replacement of their former female teammate. ''By the way everyone, you mentioned something about having a teammate from before and that I'm her replacement. Where is she? What happened?''

Kakashi and Sasuke shivered at the thought of the former third member of the team. Naruto on the other hand was too busy eating his one hundredth bowl in a row before even noticing what Skarlet asked and the girl was appalled at how many bowls the blonde had eaten in no less than five minutes. He had eaten over a hundred bowls already!

''Seriously how does he do that?'' Skarlet thought.

''You asked something about our third teammate?'' Naruto said wiping his mouth, ''Well, about that uh let's just say it's a long story...''

''Uh, yeah we never talk about it. She just didn't survive the cut.'' Sasuke said in fear.

Skarlet could sense the fear and anxiety in the blonde's voice and noticed he was in the same mood as Kakashi and Sasuke and their attitude at the topic really peaked her interest in knowing about what happened to the girl.

''Well? What happened with her? Where is she now?''

Kakashi would be the one to answer.


''No, sensei don't bring us there!'' Sasuke and Naruto protested.

-Konoha Psych Ward-

''Well, here she is.'' Kakashi said patting a door.

''S-she's in a psych ward?'' a visibly confused Skarlet asked.

After paying for their meal Kakashi took the team to the psych ward located a few miles away from the village in a remote section of the forest outside of the village's walls and were now standing in front of the only door for solitary confinement. Skarlet was even more confused than before as the way they spoke about Sakura made it seemed like she was mentally weak and unfit to be a kunoichi but this, what in the world could warrant her stay in a mental ward let alone solitary confinement?

Skarlet just looked at the name that was on the door and it read 'Sakura Haruno, exercise caution' and she just tilted her head curiously at that. Caution around her for what?

She turned to face Naruto and Sasuke for an answer but saw the two boys cowering in fear so she then turned to face Kakashi for her answer who let out a sigh before answering the girl.

''Well...I think it would be best if you looked through the little window on the door.'' replied the Jonin nervously, ''You really won't believe me if I explained it to you.''

Shrugging, Skarlet walked up to the door and before she could slide the window open she swore she heard some sounds coming from inside the cell. Stopping she placed her ear against the door to listen. There was no noise coming from inside as it had stopped the moment she placed her ear against the door but a few seconds later she began to hear someone sound like they're shivering before they began to whisper creepily to themselves.

''Hehe...Sasuke-kun...hehehehehehehehe I know you're there...hehehehehehehe'' whispered a demonic feminine voice.

The sound of the voice made Skarlet feel really uncomfortable and backed up from the door before sliding the viewing window open and she went to take a peek inside. She saw that the room had no windows and was only lit by a single light hanging from the ceiling directly in the center of the room.

''There's nobody in here.'' she said.

She scanned the entire room again and as soon as she started to step away from the door an arm and a face appeared out of nowhere through the viewing window startling her and making her shriek in terror.

''Oh my goodness!''

The face was that of a girl her age with long, pink hair and emerald eyes that had a severely crazed look in them and a wickedly evil smile on her face.


Skarlet jumped back a few feet as Sakura began to swipe aimlessly with her single arm that was through the window and she couldn't help but notice the sheer looks of terror and horror plastering Sasuke and Naruto's face.

''What is wrong with her?!'' Skarlet exclaimed.

''You see Skarlet, ever since the three of them were in the academy Sakura here has had a really dangerous obsession with Sasuke. Her grades were the worst in the village's history and she flunked her classes multiple times due to her obsessive love for him. However, due to feeling pity when the third Hokage was Hokage he allowed Sakura to pass and be put on our team so she can redeem herself.''

As Kakashi was explaining Sakura managed to get a grip on Sasuke's collar and pulled him in closer to the door with a slam as if she was trying to pull the poor Uchiha boy into the cell with her for all eternity.

''Oh no you don't!'' Naruto shouted as he grabbed Sasuke by the arm and began a furious game of tug of war with Sakura.

Kakashi and Skarlet were completely oblivious to what was going on in the background but Kakashi nonetheless continued to explain everything to Skarlet.

''She caused us to fail a few missions due to her obsession with him and when Tsunade-sama took over as Hokage she removed Sakura from the team and disqualified her from ever being a kunoichi ever again for life and placed her in this cell for the rest of her life since she is considered a danger to society. This is the second time we've visited her since she was locked up but I noticed the moment she detects Sasuke's scent and presence she enters this berserker rage mode and will aggressively try to make him hers. Tsunade-sama even had a member of one of the clans here, the Hyuga clan permanently seal her chakra points and the only food she gets is a paper plate with white rice and celery.'' explained the Jonin.

Skarlet and Kakashi then turned their heads to see Naruto and Sakura get into a brutal back and forth struggle for possession of Sasuke and Skarlet could only sweatdrop at how ridiculous the whole exchange was. She never even knew anything about Sakura and even she could tell the pink-haired girl was a danger to the village and who knows what she would do to poor Sasuke if she ever got a hold of him let alone the destruction she would cause.

''She's insane.''

''Goddamn let go you freakshow!'' Naruto shouted as he tries to pull Sasuke back.

''You pink monster release me at once!'' Sasuke cried out in terror.

Feeling that they've seen enough of Sakura Kakashi walked over and with a simple tug managed to yank Sasuke away from Sakura's grasp only Sakura was able to pull his sandals off leaving him barefoot.

''Hey what the hell?!'' Sasuke shouted angrily.

Now that she had him right where she wanted him she pulled him in closer by his ankle and she began to voraciously and vigorously sniff his feet before letting out a sigh of arousal.

''Oh yeah, that's the good stuff! Give me more SASUKE-KUN!'' she shrieked.

''Oh my Kami we need to get out of here.'' Skarlet demanded.

Kakashi then grabbed his three students and made a beeline out of the area leaving the crazed pink girl to her psychotic tendencies as she began to laugh maniacally. Her demonic laughter echoing throughout the facility.

-Third Training Field-

Kakashi, Naruto, Skarlet and Sasuke were now seen standing in the middle of the training field after hastily making their way there from the mental ward. While Sasuke and Naruto had accepted Skarlet into the team and the girl passed her transfer exam with flying colors Kakashi still needed to test her out in one more subject to make sure she is fit to be on his team and for him to mentor.

''So why'd you bring us out here sensei?'' Naruto questioned.

''Okay no that that's out of the way there is one more thing I want to do with you Skarlet before I accept you as my student. Skarlet, I know you passed the exam with a perfect score and you're basically on my team I can still reject you from joining permanently.''

''She already passed though and we already accept her on the team.'' Sasuke interjected.

Skarlet didn't even need to ask what they were doing at the field as she already knew what was going to transpire in a few moments. She knew she'd have to take on Kakashi and show off her fighting skills and though most Genin her age would be apprehensive about taking on a Jonin on Kakashi's caliber she wasn't scared at all.

''You want us to fight sensei am I right?'' the girl inquired.

Kakashi simply nodded.

''That's right and since I've already done this with Naruto and Sasuke I feel this is appropriate. The boys passed with flying colors, Sakura didn't of course but I want to see how you compare to them. You said you were surviving and fighting for your life as you grew up right? So show me what you're capable of because surviving since you were born means you developed some skills right?''

Naruto and Sasuke looked at Skarlet and for some reason when the boys first met her they felt some kind of aura emanating from her but they just couldn't quite put their finger on it and Kakashi was on the same boat as well. Being an experienced Jonin he sensed something about Skarlet that seemed a bit off. Most Genin her age wouldn't have lasted long if they were in her situation but the fact that she fought off vicious mobs as she grew up was more than enough proof for him that she possessed some serious skill. While she wasn't trained properly as a kunoichi in terms of knowledge and fighting skill Kakashi always saw anyone with her kind of background to be more lethal and unpredictable as a ninja and to him that's one of the qualities a ninja possessed.

''Naruto and Sasuke are trained ninjas, you aren't Skarlet but you've picked up some serious skill and you said you ended up..shutting down the last crowd that messed with you right? A girl like you is scrappy and a ninja sometimes needs to be scrappy and with proper guidance from me you'd definitely end up being a highly deadly kunoichi. How you perform against me will determine what would best suit your skills understood? First one to land a blow on the other wins.''

Skarlet looked intently at her sensei and nodded in response as she was determined to show him what she is capable of. She already knew she would absolutely murder anyone who tried to hurt her but those were just regular villagers with no training in combat so she thought that testing her self taught fighting skills against a seasoned ninja was a good way to hone and develop her skills.

''Naruto, Sasuke could you guys step to the side?'' Kakashi ordered.

Nodding the two boys stepped to the sideline and walked over to the base of a nearby tree with Naruto sitting at the base of the trunk and Sasuke leaning against it.

''This should be interesting right dobe?'' Sasuke asked.

''Oh yeah! I'm excited to see what Skarlet can do!'' replied the blonde.

The two watched as Kakashi and Skarlet eyed each other like mortal enemies and the Jonin couldn't help but sense that the girl wasn't intimidated by him at all. He was a seasoned war veteran with a reputation among Iwagakure much like the fourth Hokage. He wasn't fazed by anything but for some reason the look in Skarlet's eyes made him a bit uneasy.

''Just a few moments ago she had a friendly and calm look in her eyes and now she has this dangerous and predatory look in them. This must be how she is when she is in fighting mode.''

Kakashi noticed that she placed her hand on the handle of her dagger which was strapped to her left leg and he slowly reached for a kunai from his holster and just as soon as he pulls the blade out Skarlet charges right at him and the speed and distance she covered caught him by surprise and he barely reacted in time to block her dagger from stabbing him in the gut. Naruto and Sasuke were surprised as well at how fast Skarlet managed to cover a short distance in a short amount of time.

''Holy cow that was quick!'' exclaimed Naruto.

Kakashi and Skarlet were locked in a test of strength and despite having a massive height and weight advantage over her the Jonin could feel the physical strength Skarlet possessed but nonetheless he had to maintain his professional and calm attitude so he smiled under his mask.

''A little hasty are we Skarlet? I didn't even say start yet!'' he chuckled.

Skarlet only smirked.

''I just want to surprise you sensei and show you how hardened I became as a survivor of the streets.''

Skarlet then followed up by trying to perform a roundhouse kick at his head but the Jonin was able to raise his arm and block the blow with his forearm before performing a maneuver that would cause her to spin mid-air and thinking he got her he goes for a choke slam only for Skarlet to twist gracefully in a way that allows her to bring her dagger down on Kakashi's forearm.

''What the hell?''

Kakashi manages to bring his kunai up to intercept the attack and tosses Skarlet away several meters only for the girl to land on her feet and she stood her ground holding her knife defensively in front of her as she faced her sensei. Kakashi took a moment to gather himself as he did not expect to be overwhelmed by her.

''Damn you really caught me off guard there. I didn't expect you to be that fast.'' said the Jonin.

''That was just me giving you a demonstration Kakashi-sensei. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve.'' replied Skarlet with a smirk.

Kakashi's only response was to let out a light chuckle.

''Oh is that so? Alright then come at me Skarlet.''

The Jonin motioned for the girl to come and attack him and the girl wasted no time in dashing toward him with her dagger pointed outward ready to stab him and just as she comes within reach Kakashi grabbed her by the arm and flipped her over his shoulder and much like before Skarlet took the chance to switch her dagger into her right hand and twist her upper body around and goes in for a slash which causes the Jonin to let her go mid-air as to avoid getting sliced across the face. Like before Skarlet lands on her feet without losing her balance.

Kakashi goes to hold his kunai protectively in front of him and for some reason found himself smiling like an idiot. When he did this with Naruto and Sasuke when they first got him as their sensei Sasuke performed exceptionally well and Naruto surprisingly did even better than the Uchiha prodigy but comparing Sasuke to Skarlet it was no question that the latter was the tougher student. Sasuke was basically given all his skills at birth while Naruto had to train hard since he was young which made him a bit more scrappy and willing to win. Skarlet came from a similar background like Naruto but in her case it was worse and given her situation it made sense that she would develop a level of scrappiness Kakashi had never seen he even thought if Skarlet and the blonde went at it right now there was no doubt in his mind that the girl would emerge the winner.

Skarlet and Kakashi inched closer to each other hoping the other would make the first move and after a few moments of circling each other Kakashi would go for a stab at the girl and in response Skarlet used her free hand to grab Kakashi's kunai wielding hand by the wrist and move it to the side and this left the Jonin open to an attack where Skarlet goes to use her dagger to slice his hamstrings but with his lighting fast reflexes the Jonin puts some strength into his arm he manages to bring his kunai back and it inches closer to the girl and the two were locked in a test of strength and no surprise Kakashi, being bigger and taller was able to overpower the girl and she actually ended up falling backward on her butt and before his kunai can touch her face Skarlet goes to kick him in the groin.

''Woah hey now!'' Kakashi exclaimed as he blocked the blow.

Kakashi then let the girl go and he took a few steps back to give Skarlet room to get back up and recover.

''You said first one to land a blow wins so I had to take my chance.'' Skarlet said with a smirk.


''Wow she's good.'' Sasuke said impressed.

''Yeah you're telling me but I can still beat her.'' Naruto quipped.

''You're a tough girl Skarlet you're seriously keeping me guessing.'' Kakashi complimented.

''Perks of being a scrappy fighter.'' Skarlet said as she assumed her stance.

Kakashi did the same as like before the two inched closer to each other and just stared each other down. The Jonin had never seen a style that used bladed weapons the way Skarlet did and the stance was alien to him as it was completely different from basic kunai, ninjato or katana stances he's seen throughout the years.

''I have no clue what she's going to do next. Her unpredictability is giving her a big edge.'' thought the Jonin.

Skarlet goes for a feint attack and just like she hoped Kakashi raised his kunai to block any potential attack but she quickly reaches down and takes out a kunai from her holster and tosses the blade at her sensei who just barely manages to deflect the attack and before he can make out what she was going to do next Skarlet tosses another knife at him and he manages to catch the weapon successfully and sees another kunai being thrown at him and he deflects the attack without any difficulty. With Kakashi still reeling from the assault she takes the chance to dash forward and fakes another attack and just like before the Jonin reacts to it and with this opening she grabs a handful of dirt from the ground and flings it at the Jonin jerks his head aside to avoid the sediment getting into his eyes but that was where he made his biggest mistake. He did not see Skarlet maneuvering around him and goes to slice him in the back of the knee slightly enough to cause pain and bring him down to her level and she places her dagger's blade against his neck.

''No way! She got me!'' Kakashi thought in pure shock.

Naruto and Sasuke were amazed at how skilled Skarlet was at fighting despite her age and even the latter inwardly knew that her fighting style would beat him to the ground. Sure he was good with a kunai but never displayed the skill his female teammate showcased just now. Naruto on the other hand was shocked at how she managed to get a hit on Kakashi-sensei without putting in the effort he and Sasuke did in their spars with him.

''That's crazy, I never seen someone fight with a dagger like that.'' Naruto said.

''Tell me about it.'' Sasuke replied.

Kakashi and Skarlet remained in that position for a minute before the former started to chuckle.

''I win sensei.'' Skarlet said with a smile as she let Kakashi go.

''Yeah, you sure did. Great work Skarlet I'm really impressed with how unpredictable you were. Naruto and Sasuke I beat because I've seen their fighting styles before but yours is something new.'' replied the Jonin as he dusted himself off. He then turns to face his other students, ''Well, looks like Skarlet is already a capable kunoichi what do you guys think?''

Skarlet looked at Naruto and saw the blank look in his face and only shook her head in disapproval. ''Well Naruto?''

Naruto and Sasuke were still in shock at Skarlet's ferocious fighting and the silence was all Kakashi needed to know they liked what they saw and he looked at the girl with a nod.

''That means yes.'' he said with a smile.

Sasuke was snapped out of his daze and walked up to Skarlet and shook her hand and congratulated her on passing her sparring match with Kakashi but Naruto was still just staring at her and it was to the point where she was getting annoyed.

''Are you okay?'' she asked as she waved her hand in front of his face.

Naruto then began to slowly smile.

''That was awesome! Where'd you learn how to fight like that Skarlet?!'' Naruto questioned in a booming voice.

She went wide-eyed at how booming his voice sounded and it caused her hair to fly all over the place and she grabbed him by the mouth to shut him up.

''Be quiet you.'' she demanded.

''Dobe you already know she had to learn how to fight with how she grew up. Simple answer.'' Sasuke chuckled.

''That's right. Now I can report this to Lady Tsunade you guys. I think I'll give you guys the rest of the day off because tomorrow I will request a mission with the Hokage. Once again Skarlet congrats on besting me I know the Hokage will be really proud of you.'' Kakashi said as he began to rub his hamstrings, ''Ow...''

''Kakashi-sensei I did not hurt you did I?'' Skarlet asked worried.

''No it's fine just a scratch. Rest up the rest of the day guys and meet up at the Hokage's tower around nine okay?''

With that Kakashi dismissed his students with him and Sasuke heading home leaving Skarlet to be escorted back home by Naruto against her wishes. Skarlet didn't mind the company so the two of them headed out toward her apartment complex.

-20 minutes later-

''Well, here we are.'' Naruto said as he and Skarlet came up to her building.

''See you tomorrow Naruto.'' Skarlet said as she opened the door to her building.



''Seriously, where'd you learn to fight like that?'' Naruto questioned curiously

Skarlet shook her head in response but Naruto could see the smirk plastered on her face.

''Years of fighting to survive on the streets makes you like this. See you tomorrow.''

With that the girl entered her building leaving the blonde teen on his own on the sidewalk. To him it made sense and he did feel kind of stupid asking her that but the difference between him and her was as clear as day. He was self taught too but didn't learn how to fight like that and only knew basic techniques with blades and fist fighting.

''One day I'll ask her to teach me how to fight like her!'' declared Naruto as he turned and walked home.

Deep down he was extremely excited as he, Sasuke, Skarlet and Kakashi will now be assigned on C-ranked missions now that they have a third team member that isn't insane like Sakura and he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep good due to his excitement. Tomorrow was when his ninja life really began and he couldn't wait to experience real ninja work.

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