Hero work had always been exhausting, but getting to see Midoriya was worth it every time. Today the villain they had fought nearly had them calling for reinforcements. But as they always did they prevailed. Shouto had even gotten to watch as Midoriya dove during the finishing blow, sparks flying as his quirk made him shine. Shouto must've been watching for too long, or maybe too intensely though, as midoriya practically had to shake him back to consciousness. Midoriya joked that another few seconds and he would've had to use CPR. Shouto wished he had actually been unconscious.

Not for any particular reason. He simply wished to see if Midoriya could actually do it correctly.

Although he wished he had more time with Midoriya before his fans bombarded him.

They got a few more words in after they headed away. He hoped that some kind of paparazzi took a photo of the way Midoriya laughed at his pathetic excuse of a joke. Though hopefully they didn't catch him grinning while the top ranking hero laughed. Midoriya was just above him in rankings to the dismay of his father.

He set his jacket on his families old coat racket. His sister smiled when she saw him, "Shouto! What's got you smiling?"

"Nothing too exciting but I'm glad to see you all after so long." Shouto noted, dropping his smile.

"Of course, and guess what? Dad's gonna bring Mom over!" Fuyumi commented rushing back into the kitchen.

Shouto stumbled back in surprise. his mother had not been faring well since she was attacked. She had been out with Fuyumi when it happened, Endeavor practically rushed there and immediately took time off to be by her side while she recovered.

Dabi had basically taken over his agency in his absence though he wasn't happy about the circumstances. But Shout could tell he was happy to see Mother and Father spending time together like they did before Shouto was old enough to remember. Fuyumi had moved into their parents home, along with her boyfriend of three years now, Oscan. They took care of the house and of her mother when Enji was too exhausted to. Natsuo had gone and become a doctor after university. He worked hard, he had gotten promoted recently as well.

They had grown apart after Shouto had finally become a hero, an adult. But on holidays and days like this he could come and see his family again.

Tonight Fuyumi was planning a bountiful home cooked meal, some movies, maybe some kind of board game, drinks, and a wonderful breakfast to top it off. It was a usual get-together for the Todoroki family. Shouto looked forward to it every time. Although he knew something would get Touya and Father arguing over something trivial.

"Shouto get in here! Fuyumi's got soba!" He heard Oscan yell from the kitchen.

Although he wasn't always picky he was when it came to soba and everyone knew that if they were making it Shouto had to give it the okay before hand.

Enji howled out a laugh," that character reminds me of you Touya!"

Touya scowled at him,"why?"

"Because he doesn't know the rules of horror movies like how you don't know the rule of monopoly!" Enji chided happily.

Touya did not seem to like that at all, "I swear to god I wi-"

Rei giggled," oh quit it you too you'll have plenty of time after the movie ends."

Natsuo groaned,"I don't think they'll ever have enough time."

Todoroki found himself giggling along until moans practically erupted out of the TV. Now, wacthing make out scenes with your family would never not be awkward, but when your family is also against gay people, period, it became awkward and political. Which was even worse, Shouto just prayed that the scene would be over in a few seconds but that was not the case.

It was two men in a bathroom after one seemingly had a fainted at the sight of blood. One was administrating CPR until the man below regained consciousness. They looked into each others eyes before making out.

It hit hard for Shouto.

Shouto assumed that once they heard someone come into the bathroom it would end. But the man that was below pushed them into a bathroom stall and they both quietly removed their clothes. Because of the angle though they couldn't actually see much. But once the person seemingly walked out they became very loud and the man who was once below started bobbing up and down while crying out the others name.

His father quickly grabbed hold of the remote and fast forwarded. Shouto felt a heat from his face go to his ears and then to his neck.

His father seemed to shake his head in disagreement at the scene," I can't believe media these days, i know they exist but why do they have to be in everything."

"Yeah I bet Shouto gets you." Oscan chuckled.

Shouto as well as his father looked back towards Oscan in confusion, "what do you mean" they practically said in unison.

Oscan laughed,"you seriously don't know? People are shipping pro hero Deku and you together. Like there's edits and fan fiction out there about you two."

Shout gasped,"really- I mean what? Why?" He felt a tinge of blush creep onto his face.

His father frowned,"How vile," he stared at Shouto for a moment," do you have any idea why?"

"No. I've been friends with midoriya, sure, but it's so... distasteful to think of us like that." Shouto hoped no one could see him lying through his teeth.

Fuyumi gripped his shoulder,"I'm sorry that so many people think you like 'that' because of your friendship."

His father and mother nodded in agreement.

Oscan groaned, "dude they've written some really weird shit about you too, I'll send you the links so we can laugh about it tomorrow."

Shouto forced out a small chuckle," I don't want to read that."

Oscan grinned,"Alright, but if you change your mind I sent them to 'ya."

"Nasty," shouto huffed before focusing back into the movie. His family let out hushed laughs before continuing on with the night.

As soon as Fuyumi showed him his room and went to bed he was on his phone.

Going to his messages and copy pasting the links to his incognito browser. He read through the description but as soon as he saw pro hero Ground Zero mentioned he decided to abandon it. He quickly found the search bar and searched.

'Deku and Shouto.'

He found one soon and happily clicked on it once he noticed Ground Zero wasn't mentioned anywhere. Although he wasn't sure what any of the terms meant.

Some that he was confused on was 'bottom' and 'top' but he also wasn't exactly sure what 'fluff' or 'smut' meant. But he was sure it couldn't be too bad.

It started out slow,

Midoriya had just finished dealing with a daily patrol, to come home to find Shouto making dinner. He wrapped his arms around Shouto and kissed his neck softly.

Shouto felt heat rising to his face as he imagined how Midoriya's lips on his neck. He silently laughed he didn't like Midoriya that way, if Midoriya saw this he would think it's hilarious too, right? They would laugh it off like best friends do.

He continued reading about himself and his dearest friend.

Shouto placed his cooking supplies down on the counter, he wrapped his arms around Midoriya's waist, reaching his hands up his shirt. Midoriya breathed into his ear and Shouto rested his head on his shoulder.

He felt his hands begin to sweat, this was completely normal, in fact it was just so funny that he felt his pulse speed up. He went ahead only by a few paragraphs.

They were on the bed now, almost completely naked except for underwear. Midoriya whispered something about trying something new into Shouto's ear and Shouto nodded, letting Midoriya shove him onto their shared bed. He kissed him roughly, Shouto gripped onto Midoriay's hair as his mouth traveled down further. Midoriya's hand traveled down to Shouto's-

Shouto felt his pulse go unnaturally high, he tried his best to keep a straight face. He decided perhaps he should start with something a bit different.

He saw a book mark button, tapping on it led him to making an account with a spare email. He only book marked it because he thought it was so dumb and gross. Yeah that was it.

He found another one, after reading the description and seeing that again, Ground Zero was not mentioned, he clicked on it.

It started out well.

It was after a mission the both of them had been on, tired Shouto asked if Deku would like to stop and get something to eat before heading back to the agency. Deku agreed Shouto pulled him into a restaurant that he liked.

Shouto found him practically grinning from ear to ear while he continued. Not because- okay maybe because-

The dinner was slow but afterwards they went back to Shouto's place. They started drinking and started speaking to each other about the stress of Heroics. Deku smiled at him and put his hand on Shouto's shoulder. Shouto leaned into deku holding his hand in his own. He brought Deku's hand to he lips and kissed the back of his palm. Whispering a quite thank you into his ear. Deku shifted his hand from his shoulder to his face.

Shouto found himself kicking his feet like a teen girl messaging her crush. What would his family think of him now, but he found himself brushing that aside.

They stumbled towards the bedroom Deku put his hands on the side of Shouto's face once they sat down. He slurred out a, 'may I?' Shouto nodded before Deku slowly brought his lips to his. They embraced while they slowly separated. Deku giggled and the found them selves laying under the covers soon after. Time sped by while they giggled about old stories form school. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Shouto found it hard to stop reading.

Once Deku woke up he untangled himself from Shouto. He kissed the sleeping hero's forehead, ruffling his hair and going to grab a glass of water from the living room.

When he returned he was awake he had a hand to his forehead mumbling short regrets about drinking. Deku handed him the glass water. Ruffling his hair again sitting in the bed. After Shouto finished the glass he leaned towards deku, resting his forehead on Deku's.

He whispered again, louder, while looking into his eyes, 'thank you.'

Deku let out a soft laugh, 'for what?'

He wrapped his arms around his shoulders, ' being here, with me, right now.'

Shouto felt the jealousy in him of this not being his reality. he knew it never would be, never could be, but there was no harm in reading just a few more of these stories. What was the harm in dreaming a little? He felt that as soon as his smile was lost from his face it returned.

His eyes searched through them until picking out another one.