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11th August 2011
12 Grimmauld Place

Ginny woke suddenly, tingles spreading through her body from her throbbing core. A tongue lapping relentlessly at her swollen clit, as she clenched around nothing – already half-way to an orgasm. She whined, spreading her legs wider around the broad shoulders of her husband, as she reached a hand down, tangling it in his messy black hair to pull him closer.

"Harry!" She gasped, arching her back and pushing her cunt into the sharp pleasure/pain sensation of his beard scratching against her sensitive inner thighs.

"Morning, love." His lips stretched into a grin against her as he curved a hand around her arse and pulled her even tighter against him so he could suck her clit back into his mouth. He simultaneously curled the two fingers he'd somehow slipped into her without her notice, pressing them firmly against that perfect spot – always able to find it.

When she lifted her head to look down at him his green eyes were blown with lust, and his short, dark beard was drenched with the evidence of her pleasure. She whimpered, garbled half-words that could be a name spilling out of her lips as he drove his fingers into her harder and faster, pulling his mouth away from her pulsating clit to gently rub his beard against it. The sensation was nearly too much, and her legs quivered, torn between trying to close or open further.

Harry's face was flushed, and he groaned against her. Her mouth dropped open when he moved his hand from her arse to flick his thumb fast against her clit as he licked his way down to her hole and slid his tongue in beside his fingers.

She dropped her head back, red hair spread like a halo around her against the white pillow and stared unseeing at the ceiling above their huge bed. The picture Harry made buried between her legs – devouring her as though this was his present and not the other way around – was nearly too much and she couldn't bear to watch for long.

He drove her to her orgasm moments later, the perfect combination of his tongue, lips, and fingers sending her careening over the edge. She screamed her pleasure to the room, uncaring of who could hear her.

"Happy birthday." He murmured, sliding up her body and kissing her. The kiss tasted of her musk, and his soaking beard scraped against her cheeks, likely leaving the same burn she knew already decorated her thighs.

"Oh Merlin, Harry." She whispered, eyes fluttering shut as she happily kissed him back, still half asleep and nearly completely out of it after that orgasm.

He chuckled, the vibrations moving his chest against hers, his sparse hair scraping against her nipples deliciously. He kissed his way down her throat, sliding to the side and moving to spoon her from behind. His hard cock nestled between her cheeks and he curved his large hand around to rest against her lower stomach and pull her back into him tightly.

"Can you take more?" He rolled his hips into hers, precum leaving sticky trails on her lower back and arse. She panted, and tilted her head to afford him more room to keep nibbling her throat up to her ears.

"Yes! Please." She curved a hand around behind herself, tangling it in his messy locks. The move arched her back and pushed her breasts out tantalisingly. Harry took full advantage, moving his hand from her stomach to pluck and pinch her sensitive nipples into pinpoints.

"Gods, Ginny." Harry's voice was hoarse.

His hair speckled chest pressed against her glistening back as he moved his hand to lift her top leg up into the air and over his hip. She moaned when he pushed his cock into her with a loud smack, burying himself to the hilt, his balls swinging to hit her clit. Ginny's mouth fell open and an involuntary shout of rapturous pleasure tore out of her. He groaned as he settled inside her and began to fuck her steadily from his supine position behind her. His large hand, calloused and warm, gripping her hip.

She clenched the hand in his hair tighter as he continued to thrust into her, turning her face into the pillow to try to muffle her loud cries. A glance across the bed told her she may have actually been successful.

"Fuck, Gin. You feel so good." Harry rasped, sliding his hand over her hip to stroke his thick fingers over her sopping and sensitive clit.

Her cunt was throbbing in time with his thrusts, as an ache started to build deep within which would have had her squirming if Harry hadn't been holding her so perfectly still for him. Juices from her pussy soaked both their thighs, and she was surely drenching the sheets beneath them too.

"Your pussy always feels fucking amazing, Gin." He nibbled his way up her throat, hot breath washing over her skin and to her earlobe, pulling the sensitive piece of skin between his teeth.

Ginny sucked in air, eyes rolling back in her head as her cunt clenched harder around him. After thirteen years together and eleven years of marriage, he still fucked her like it was the honeymoon period – like he couldn't wait to be inside her. Merlin help her, she must be one of the luckiest witches in Britain right now...

Ginny untangled her hand from his hair, pulling at her peaked nipples as he kept fucking her, his long fingers still fondling her sensitive clit. The different pleasure points all coalesced together perfectly until Ginny's whole body felt like a live wire. Her brain was muddled with pleasure, which burned away the last remnants of sleep from her system.

"Fuck," Harry hissed as he fucked her pliant body, his cock splitting her open with each thrust. "Fuck, Gin. You feel so good."

"Fuck me harder, please," Ginny begged, angling her head to allow him more room to keep sucking and nibbling along her throat. Her long hair caught in the still damp, short strands of his beard, but neither cared.

"Shit." Harry grunted, and heeded her pleas, fucking her harder. He cast a quick glance across the expanse of their mattress, but somehow everything they'd been doing had stayed undisturbing enough. "You're close, aren't you? Are you gonna come for me?"

"Fuck!" Ginny nearly shouted, pleasure rippling through her body, lighting up every nerve. "Merlin, yes. Please. Harry!"

Harry finally sped up the still slow circles he'd been tracing on her clit, pressing down hard and fucking her as harshly as he could from his position. Her body seized in his arms as she came again, everything tightening as her cunt – exposed and glistening – tightened, fluids gushing out around his still thrusting cock.

Harry's thrusts slowed for a moment, his fingers nearly coming to a stop against her clit as she kept coming around him, "Holy fuck, Gin. Did you just–"

"Don't you dare stop, Harry James Potter!" She urged, tossing her head back, mouth opened wide as she let loose a long loud cry. He obeyed, his hard thrusts sending her straight into a shorter, less intense third orgasm, her pussy fluttering around him.

Harry groaned against her throat as he felt his orgasm creeping up on him. He shifted to his knees, and she limply let him pull her hips with him as he moved without pulling out of her. She rested her head on her folded arms, enjoying the feeling of Harry using her body to finish himself off.

She moaned his name, turning her head and trying to focus fuzzy eyes across the bed when she felt his dick twitch in her. He finally came, filling her full and fucking her though it with slow thrusts to work both of them down as he held her hips high up against him, the rest of her body lax against the ruined sheets.

Ginny felt completely full as he emptied himself into her, feeling some escape and drip down the crevice of her thigh and arse. He pulled out of her slowly, admiring the sight of her spent and satisfied beneath him. She panted as Harry stroked his fingers through her come-soaked lips and followed her gaze across their bed.

"I'm amazed we didn't wake him." He commented with a quiet chuckle.

Ginny laughed too, letting herself relax further into the mattress. Her eyes were still fixed on the broad, pale back facing them from the other side of the bed. The large snake tattoo that curved around his hip and climbed up his back moved sluggishly, waking up – which was always an indicator its owner was close to waking too. Its tongue flicked out and it lifted its head to look at her when she reached out and stroked her hand down the length of the intricately patterned scales of the tattoo.

"He's slept through louder, I'm sure." Ginny commented. Harry smirked and flopped onto the bed on the other side of Ginny.

"Do you want your presents now, or with breakfast?" Harry asked into the comfortable silence a couple of minutes later.

Ginny blinked herself out of the semi-trance she'd fallen into, tracing circles on the snake still, and letting her pleasure-quiet mind drift. She turned onto her back, rolling to face Harry, "Wasn't this my present?"

Harry scoffed, and reached out to tuck a bright strand of hair behind her ear. She shivered when he traced a soft caress down her jawline. "You think that would be your only present for your thirtieth?"

"Well, I'd hope not." Ginny grinned, and sat up, summoning her wand into her open palm and using it to twist her long hair up and into a loose bun. Her Quidditch-built muscles flexed as she stretched, and she smirked when she caught Harry watching her, his emerald eyes fixed on the sweaty trails tracing down her front over her puffy nipples and sharp-cut abdominals. "Like what you see?" She teased, cupping her breasts in her hands and twitching when she pinched her sensitive nipples.

"Godric, yes." Her husband was spread out on his back, toned tanned skin on display. He rubbed his hand over his short beard, squinting his eyes to see her properly without his glasses on. Ginny traced the thin line of hair leading from his belly button with her eyes, licking her lips as she watched his cock twitch valiantly as if he'd be able to get it up again so soon.

Ginny climbed over him gracelessly, not wanting to wake their bedmate, squeaking when Harry slapped her arse gently as she stood by the edge of the bed. He laughed as he rose from the bed too, and she poked him hard in the side in retaliation.

"Go have a shower, love. I'll make breakfast." Harry grabbed his glasses from the bedside cabinet, shoving them on, and watching her walk away from him towards their en-suite.

"There better be eggy bread." Ginny demanded as she pushed the door to the bathroom closed, not bothering to lock it. Harry chuckled, and she heard him moving quietly around in the room as she took her wand out of her hair and used it to start the shower.

She held in a moan as she stepped into the large shower stall, legs weak, warm come dribbling down her leg, and a glorious beard burn that ached and throbbed in the best way. Morgana, how was she still so horny after three orgasms?

Ginny tilted her face up into the spray, letting out a happy sigh as the water beat down on her, washing away the last vestiges of sleep – and sadly most of the remnants of Harry still on her body. She closed her eyes, slicking her hands through her hair and stretching languidly.

She resolutely did not jump in surprise when large hands slid around her waist from behind and a tall, firm body pressed against hers. She didn't need to look to know exactly who was touching her, and a soft smile curved her lips involuntarily at the feel of her husband holding her.

"Salazar, you looked so fucking good limping to the bathroom." He rasped, aristocratic accent softened with sleep.

He ran one of his hands down her front, sliding his long fingers between her still swollen lips and gathering up some of the come that was still dripping from her. He lifted his fingers and ran them across her lips, groaning when she sucked them into her mouth and swallowed their husband's come. He pulled his fingers from her mouth, sticking them in his own and licking the taste of both her and Harry from them.

"Fuck, Theo."

"That's the idea, my little lioness." Theo rolled his hips forward into her arse, his stiff cock pressing into her.

She huffed in pleasure when he cupped her small breasts in his hands, running his tattooed thumbs over her nipples. She could never get enough of his long, clever fingers – the precise way they touched her and took her apart. He slid his hands back down, splaying one over her taut stomach and pulling her even closer. His other hand dipped back between her legs and immediately sought her clit, pinching the sensitive nub between two fingers.

She whined, letting him take control, "Theo, please, I can't take any more."

"You need my cock that badly, baby?" He pressed his lips to the back of her neck, sucking a dark bruise there, and then licked along her shoulder blade, following water droplets as they hit her tanned, freckled skin. She dropped her head back to afford him more room, spreading her legs when he pressed a thigh between them.

"Yes! Fuck me!" She demanded, still needing more even when she wasn't sure she could actually come again.

"As it's your birthday, I'm more than happy to oblige your request" He chuckled, removing his hand from between her legs again, and pressing it to her lower back.

She happily followed his silent command, bending and resting her arms against the tiles. She clutched the small handles they'd built into the wall after the third time one of them had injured themselves attempting shower sex.

Theo stepped closer, grasping handfuls of her toned, thick thighs – no doubt pressing bruises into the delicate skin alongside Harry's beard burn (as though they were ensuring they marked her as their own). He helped her spread her thighs further, exposing her glistening, used pussy to his ardent gaze. "Harry fucking ruined you, didn't he?" He groaned, caressing her clit briefly and revelling in the moan and shiver it got him. "Now it's my turn."

"Godric, do it." Ginny arched her back, pushing back against him in search of his length. "Theo, please, please."

"Alright. Since you asked so nicely."

She could hear the smirk in his voice as he spoke and opened her mouth to say something snarky back, but all that came out was a wordless cry. He'd taken that moment to angle himself and enter her, spreading her sensitive pussy wide around his large cock.

"Oh gods!" She cried out, angling her hips better so that the curve of his cock – long, but slightly thinner than Harry's – dragged perfectly against her walls, slicked by Harry's spend.

Theo grunted, tightening his hold on her thigh with one hand. He slid the other up her curved back and tangled his fingers in her wet hair, pulling her head back and into the shower spray. Each deep slide in and slow pull out was sloppy, the slick sounds and slapping of skin audible even over the rushing water.

Ginny tilted her head back further into his grasp, eyes closed against the hot water. Every thrust jolted her forward, whimpers of pain-coloured pleasure escaping.

Theo and Harry never fucked her the same, and now was no different. Harry was always enthusiastic and eager, but he was often happy to let Ginny or Theo take the lead – a lifetime of taking charge gave him a need to let go. Theo was a confusing mix of possessive in the bedroom, and permissive in public.

When he had her in their bed (or anywhere else), Theo was exacting and… intentional about the way he took her. When she begged for harder and faster, he'd keep her on the edge with slow, deep deliberate thrusts, winding her to an explosive end. He was doing that now, acting like they had all the time in the world, like he had her spread out on their large, luxurious mattress, not bent over in their shower with Harry cooking them breakfast downstairs.

Little "Uh, uhs" left her each time his cock filled her, and when she whined his name desperately he fucked her harder, erection throbbing and swelling in her.

"Breakfast is ready." The stag patronus had materialised beside them in the shower and Harry's voice filtered out.

"Godric! Not now." Ginny moaned unhappily, startled by the sudden interruption. In her surprise she clenched around Theo, and his fingers tightened in her hair reflexively – they both moaned at the sensations.

"He can wait," Theo rasped, not changing tempo and taking his time with her. "Come on, Weasley. Tell me how much you need this."

"So much!" Ginny whined plaintively, "Make me come on your cock. Please. Fill me with your come."

"Fuck, yes." She shivered when he grunted, his hand slid from her hip to pinch her clit, "I'll fill you up. I'll come in you so deep you'll still be dripping hours later. Do you want that my little lion? To be so full of our come you can't keep it all in?" He snapped his hips, erection spearing into her savagely.

Ginny was nearly sobbing, Theo's words and her oversensitivity was almost too much to handle. "Yesss." She hissed, voice lost beneath the sound of the water.

"You'll have to speak louder, Weasley." Theo teased her. He stepped forward, her hair still tangled in his fist, so that she was forced to straighten up – pressed between the cool tiles and his hot body. "Do you want to come?"

"Yes!" She shouted, clenching around him when his deep, hard thrusts pushed her hard against the wall and he bit his way gently up her arched throat. She didn't care how sore or overwhelmed she was, all she needed right then was for Theo to push her over that final painful edge.

"Go on then. Let go." He pinched her clit again, shoving himself into her as deep as he could go until it was like she could feel him in her throat. "Come for me, Ginny."

She followed his order, her scream of her pleasure lost in the beating water that hit her face when she dropped her head back against his shoulder. "Fill me up." She whispered, licking at the small part of his pale throat she could reach.

He planted his hands on the slick tiles either side of her, turning his head to look at her as he adjusted his stance. His deep blue eyes caught hers, watching her as he finally fucked her as savagely as he wanted, letting go of the small vestiges of control he'd held onto to fuck her as slow and teasingly as he had. Ginny admired the water droplets hitting his face and chest and sliding down the few visible pieces of pale tattooed skin she could see from her angle.

Theo's brown curls were slicked to his forehead from the shower and he looked nearly feral as he bared his teeth and finally came in her. His cock throbbed and filled her until she was overflowing with his and Harry's come as he'd promised.

"Happy birthday, my lioness."


When they finally joined Harry downstairs, both dressed and dry, he raised a dark eyebrow at them. "Good shower?" He snarked, though the false annoyance disappeared when Theo stepped in close to give him a good morning kiss.

"It was wonderful." Ginny pretended not to notice his sarcasm, and took a seat at the table.

She grinned when Harry followed her with the frying pan, sliding two slices of perfectly cooked eggy bread onto her plate. Theo slid into the seat opposite her at the small table, passing her a cup of coffee as he sat down, his own mug of Earl Grey cradled in his long fingers.

"You look good today, love." Harry pressed a kiss to her forehead as he took the final available seat – the other was currently blocked by the small pile of presents waiting to be ripped into. Ginny preened, always pleasantly surprised when either he or Theo noticed when she'd made an effort. "Have you got plans?"

Ginny took a sip of her coffee, savouring the flavour, and happily told them her plans for the day; Diagon Alley, lunch out, and something with her girlfriend that the woman had refused to tell her about. She tucked into the meal, enjoying the amazing food Harry always made.

Theo leant back in his chair, long legs stretched underneath the table and tangled with Ginny's, watching his spouses bicker playfully back and forth. He wasn't sure what he'd done to end up so lucky as to end up with them, but Salazar he wasn't going to complain or question it.

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