Diagon Alley

Later that day, Ginny pushed the door to The Moon and Stars open, delighting in the cool air that washed over her when she stepped inside. The oppressive August heat was barely relieved by the cooling charms over Diagon Alley, but they seemed to be working a lot better in the small bookshop.

"Ginny Weasley. Well, good morning." Sirius Black was lounging in the chair behind the front desk, Doc-clad feet kicked onto a small pile of books that was haphazardly spread across the counter. His black hair was pulled into a bun – held in place by his wand – loose waves escaping and falling in front of his intense grey eyes. He was wearing his ever-present leather jacket, hanging open over a maroon shirt, and dark jeans that hugged his thighs.

Her entire being was fixed on the way his plush lips were wrapped around the white plastic stick of a Muggle lolly, and as she watched he pulled it from his mouth with a pop, a smirk tilting his wet, reddened lips.

"What brings you in here today?" He prompted when she said nothing, distracted by the sensual action.

"There's a book I've been wanting to buy. I was hoping you'd have it in." Ginny blinked and shook her head to clear the dirty thoughts, "Where's Remus? I didn't think you actually worked here?" She raised an eyebrow at his relaxed manner, finally stepping fully into the shop and letting the door click closed behind her.

"Moony's in the back." Sirius gestured with his head at the door behind him, cursing when it upset his careful balance and his chair tipped back for a second before he managed to rescue himself from falling. She snorted, but didn't comment. "It's not considered working if I'm just here to look handsome." He winked, and put the lolly back in his mouth, a flash of pink tongue showing for a moment.

Ginny cleared her throat to hide her reaction, tucking a long strand of hair behind her ear, and averting her eyes. "I'm going to have a look for it." She motioned to the stacks over her shoulder.

She quickly disappeared into the depths of the store before Sirius could see the telltale flush climbing her cheeks. The shelves were full and overflowing, surrounded by stacks of books on the floor that didn't fit on them, taking care not to knock any of them over as she wound her way carefully between them.

She headed for the back where she expected the book she wanted would be hidden, trying to convince her body to calm the hell down as she searched. While she and Harry had had their polyamorous agreement for nearly ten years now, and it hadn't changed when Theo married them both in 2005, she wasn't quite sure how comfortable Harry would be if he saw her drooling over his godfather.

Sirius was a major flirt, and he'd turned that charm on both Hermione and Ginny several times after the war, but it had never felt serious – especially as he and Remus had been married for Merlin knew how long. Ginny should not be contemplating how his tongue would look wrapped around different things, or what he'd look like in nothing but that leather jacket. She'd already been satisfied multiple times that morning by her husbands, and no doubt would be later that day by her girlfriend.

So no, she didn't need Sirius Black to fuck her, but that wouldn't stop her wanting it.

Of course, all her efforts to convince herself not to think about Sirius – or Remus – sexually were in vain when she found the book she was looking for. The picture on the front of Amor Illud Desiderio was innocuous, but when she flipped it open to the first page the moving pictures sent a hot flush rushing through her body to pool in her core.

She swallowed, and headed back towards the front of the shop. She knew the hope that Sirius wouldn't still be at the counter was futile, and she wasn't ready to find out how good her self-control actually was. He'd always been an attractive man, and so had Remus, and the time since the end of Final Battle had been very kind to them both. They both looked as though they'd aged backwards – like the weird guy in that Muggle film Hermione had dragged her along to see – and certainly not like they were in their early fifties.

Of course, even if she did lose control – and end up admitting her attraction to them both or something – she didn't expect it to lead to anything except extreme embarrassment on her part. They were married and monogamous and finally happy after years separated, they didn't need their godson's wife inserting herself humiliatingly between them in response to some harmless flirting from Sirius. Good Morgana, why had she decided to come and buy the magical version of the Kama Sutra again?

"Ah, Ginny. Padfoot mentioned you were here." Remus' smile was soft and warm when she emerged from the stacks, book tucked beneath her arm.

"Hi, Remus." She forced her own smile, pretending she hadn't just been staring at explicit images in the book and imagining herself in those scenarios with him and Sirius. "I just wanted to pick up this book." She gestured at it, but didn't show him the cover – as though that would stop him seeing it when she knew she'd have to pass it over to be able to buy it.

Remus was standing behind the counter, wearing a dark green shirt that brought out the colour of his eyes, sleeves rolled up to his elbows and exposing his wiry-muscled forearms littered with silvery scars and prominent veins which ran down them to the backs of his large, yet gentle hands. Sirius had moved so he was leaning against the counter on her side, far too close to where she'd have to approach to purchase the book. But she didn't exactly have a choice if she wanted the book – and she did.

She stepped up beside Sirius, ignoring the small smirk on his lips around the still present lolly, and how good he smelled when she got close enough to catch the scent of his spicy, musky cologne.

"You'll have to hand me the book Ginny." Remus chuckled, holding one of those hands out for her to pass it over.

She swallowed, and passed it across the short distance – upside down – resolutely not looking at him or Sirius as she did so. She knew there was a blush covering her freckled cheeks, and she willed it away. She was better than this, experienced both in bed and out. They hadn't even done anything and here she was like some blushing virgin, unable to meet their eyes because she was buying a book about sex.

"Oho!" Sirius reached out and snatched the book before Remus could take it. "What's this, Mrs Weasley." He turned it in his hands, examining the front cover, and then flipping it open before she could stop him.

"Sirius!" She exclaimed, huffing when he gently caught her reaching wrist in his spare hand, and held the book away from her grasp.

"Is my godson not satisfying you properly?" He smirked and spoke around the lolly. His grey eyes flashed with humour and heat when she made eye contact with him. "Having to resort to filthy books, hmm?"

Her mouth fell open, and she found herself embarrassingly at a loss for words at his teasing, cheeks flushing a deeper red with a confusing mix of annoyance and flustered arousal.

"Pads." Remus' voice was low, cautionary.

Sirius sent Remus a look, but didn't heed his words. He chuckled, whiskey-smooth. "Two husbands and she's in here buying this book–" he shook said book at Remus, smirking, "–I can only assume she's desperate for a real man – or two – to take care of her."

Ginny finally found her voice at that, indignant on behalf of Harry and Theo, "They take care of me just fine, thank you very much." She snapped, ire rising when he raised a dark eyebrow.

"Are you sure?" He kept flipping through the book, tongue flicking out past the lolly stick to lick his lips at whatever images he was examining. "Wouldn't you like to know what it's like to be fucked by men with experience?"

"Padfoot, we've talked about this." Remus reached out to take the book and Sirius let him, smirking and turning hooded eyes to look at Ginny as he finally let go of her wrist.

Ginny wasn't sure what Remus meant, but she finally lost the tenuous hold she had on her control – just as she'd worried she would. "Prove it." She replied indignantly.

Sirius blinked, and stared at her, "What?" He rasped, straightening to his full height.

"Prove it." It was Ginny's turn to smirk, even though she was certain she'd regret this later when it turned out he'd just been flirting without intent. "Put your galleons where your mouth is, Sirius Black. Prove you're a 'real man'. That you can 'take care of me'."

"You mean it?" His grey eyes searched hers, and narrowed. She'd never seen him so flustered, and it was as delightful as the rest of this conversation was exhilarating.

"Of course I mean it." She raised her chin, her Gryffindor courage taking control. "You think you can fuck me better than the two men who know my body best?" She challenged.

There was a loud click that echoed around the otherwise suddenly silent bookstore, and then the light dimmed dramatically, no daylight streaming in anymore. Ginny turned her attention to Remus, who was standing wand in hand, and then the front where the door was now locked – sign turned to closed – and the blinds had dropped.

"We'll certainly try our best." Remus husked, his voice sending a shiver through Ginny as she made eye contact with him. He took charge, reaching over and taking the now empty plastic stick out of Sirius' mouth and tossing it aside. "Kiss her, Padfoot."

Sirius obeyed the order with an eager grin, reaching out to cup the nape of her neck and pull her close. His hot breath, sweet smelling from the lolly he'd been sucking on, washed over her face as he paused for a second to affirm she really wanted this. She nodded eagerly, grasping the lapel of his leather jacket and pulling him the final distance to kiss him.

He groaned against her, the sound vibrating into her chest and pooling in her core. She opened her mouth to his questing tongue immediately, whimpering when his tongue stroked expertly along hers. How had she lost control of the situation so fast?

Sirius tasted like the sour lolly he'd been sucking on, and the heat of the firewhiskey he loved to drink. Her tongue tingled and the sensation spreading through her body, fizzling in her fingertips and toes. She clenched her hand tighter in his jacket, the buttery-soft leather crushed in her grasp.

"How's she taste, Pads?" Remus' voice came from closer behind her than she was expecting as his surprisingly firm body pressed against her. The heat radiating off him was surprising, and noticeable in the cool store.

"So fucking good, Moony." Sirius pulled away from their deep kiss to nip and lick down her throat, little sparks of sensation that wound her up quickly.

"Can I kiss you?" Remus tangled his long fingers in her hair, gently tipping her head back so she was looking up at him. Godric, she'd never noticed exactly how tall these two men were until she was pressed between them.

"Yes. Please." Ginny tilted her head back into his grasp, gasping into his passionate kiss as Sirius licked his way sloppily down her decolletage.

She certainly wasn't unused to being with two men at once, but these two had decades of experience with each other and it showed. Remus steadily took her apart with his lips against hers, hands tangled in her hair, and his body pressed so tight to hers she could practically feel the definition of his cock through their layers of clothing. Sirius worked in perfect tandem with his husband, eagerly yanking her shirt up to her neck so he could suck and bite at her nipples through the flimsy lace of her bra.

Ginny couldn't coordinate herself enough to do anything other than kiss Remus back fiercely and tangle her hand in Sirius' silky black hair, pulling it loose from the bun until his wand clattered to the floor.

"Merlin! More, please!" She managed to pant out when Remus pulled away from her mouth. She could feel how swollen her lips were and knew she must be even more flushed now with how warm she felt between the two wizards.

"What do you want?" Remus brushed his fingers down her jaw and cupped her cheek in his hand, watching her try to process with Sirius still on his knees and torturing her nipples.

"You. Naked. On the chair." Ginny finally pulled herself together, talking to Remus. His eyes flashed gold as his wolf came to the forefront; her orders rankling even as he happily listened. He stepped away, unbuttoning his shirt and shrugging it off hastily. Ginny's hand tightened in Sirius' hair and she let out a sharp moan, half at the sight of Remus Lupin shirtless in front of her – pale skin scarred and toned, and half because Sirius had taken that moment to rip her bra in half so he could taste her breasts unclothed. "Sirius, that was my favourite. You're buying me a new one." She scolded, though the effect was lost when she was panting with pleasure beneath his ministrations.

"Sure thing, Princess." He snarled when she used the grip she had in his hair to pull him away from her until he was towering over her again.

"I want you in my mouth." She told him bluntly, gratified when his eyes clouded with lust, pupils swallowing the grey whole. "I want to sit on Remus' cock and have you fill me up both ends."

"Fucking Merlin, the mouth on you, Red." Sirius bent down to kiss her, scooping her legs and lifting her into his strong arms to carry her the short distance around the counter.

Remus was already sitting in the chair, divested of the rest of his clothes. Ginny gaped at the sight, legs spread wide to reveal his erection, standing long and thick between his thighs. She leant down to kiss him eagerly when Sirius placed her back on her feet.

Sirius pulled her top off properly, and – before she could stop him – he reached up under her tight pencil skirt and ripped her knickers off, the expensive lingerie now scraps of lace in his large hand. Her indignant cry was lost in Remus' mouth, but Sirius clearly parsed it out.

"I'll buy you a hundred new sets, Princess." The smirk was clear in his voice.

Remus chuckled, and pulled away from the kiss to admire her fully naked form; sun-kissed freckled skin well muscled and toned thanks to years of Quidditch, perfect small handfuls of breasts, topped with nipples firm and pink from Sirius' mouth. Her pubic hair was as bright as the hair on her head, short and neatly trimmed so her glistening pussy was visible even standing as she was. Her thighs were decorated with beard burn and finger shaped bruises from her husbands and she looked utterly debauched even though they'd hardly done anything yet.

"Come sit on my lap." Remus said huskily, his voice sending shivers skittering down Ginny's spine. He reached out and pushed her tight skirt up just enough that she was able to climb into his lap, thighs either side of hips. She shivered when her cunt rested over his thick cock.

"Circe." She whispered beneath her breath, arching her back into the large, warm hands he ran down to her fabric covered hips. Her arousal, which had been a heat simmering under her skin, flared to white hot lava in her core when he thrust his hips up, sending his cock sliding between her lips and catching on her clit.

"Look at you all wet for my cock." Remus murmured, hands grasping her hips and directing her instinctual rolls into a sensual rhythm. "Such a good girl."

Ginny let out a surprised whine, not expecting those words from Remus to hit her so perfectly. The clink of Sirius' belt buckle dropping to the floor behind them had her letting out an anticipatory moan. She dug her short nails into Remus' shoulders as she let him lift her enough to position his cock at her weeping entrance. She sunk down onto him, moaning deep in her chest as Remus grunted savagely. She buried her face in his throat, pussy fluttering around him as he pushed his cock up deeper into her already clenching core. His thumb pressed soft into her clit, stroking it gently as he let her adjust.

"Godric, you two look so fucking good." Sirius growled, stepping up close behind Ginny and leaning down to nip his way along her shoulder as she shuddered around Remus' erection. "You want more, Princess?"

"Fuck yes." She lifted her head, dropping it back against Sirius as Remus finally started thrusting. He leant forward to suck a perfectly presented nipple into his mouth, the three points of contact nearly overwhelming as Remus used the hold he had on her hip to control every thrust. Sirius' mouth at her neck and his naked body pressed up behind hers just added to it.

"That's it, Ginny." Remus encouraged, pulling away from her breasts, thumb still circling her clit as he pushed deeper into her clenching pussy, pushing her closer and closer to her little death.

"You ready, Princess?" Sirius had stepped around to the side of the chair without her noticing – Remus' ministrations had been gorgeously distracting.

Sirius was half-naked, and had somehow managed to fucking read her mind. He'd discarded his maroon shirt, but kept his leather jacket on, leaving it hanging open to expose his tanned, tattooed chest. His jeans were half way down his thick, muscled thighs, exposing more of his tattoos and his long, veiny erection.

"Yes! I want to taste you so bad!" She reached her hand out and curled it around Sirius' thigh when he stepped close, the other still pressing half moons into Remus' scarred shoulder. Remus paused his thrusts, letting Ginny sink down in his lap until she was completely full of him. She clenched around him desperately; she'd been so close to her orgasm and stopping was torture, but she wanted Sirius in her mouth now.

She moaned when Remus took her chin, holding her head up as Sirius slid his tattooed fingers into her hair and pressed his cock to her lips until she opened up eagerly to let him in. She keened around his length, lips stretching wide as he pushed in.

When she looked up through her lashes, Sirius was watching her rapturously. "I'd work every day if it meant I got this kind of treat." Sirius said huskily, licking his lips as she eagerly sucked his cock. Remus let go of her chin, dropping his hand back to hold her hip as he started fucking back up into her.

Though Sirius had a hold on her hair Ginny was in charge, working up to a rhythm of sucking Sirius length down as deep as she could, and pulling off to swirl her warm, wet tongue over the weeping head of his cock. She moaned, loving the musky taste as she swallowed him down again. The feeling of having a man like Sirius Black completely at her mercy was intoxicating, and being trapped between him and Remus as the latter fucked up into her was indescribable.

Remus' large hand splayed over Ginny's hip, his thumb stretching to press into her clit as he fucked up into her. He groaned at the picture Ginny and Sirius made, reaching out to wrap his hand over the part of Sirius' cock Ginny couldn't fit in her mouth. She was panting around Sirius' erection, struggling to keep her teeth away as Remus drove her closer and closer to her orgasm and pleasure washed over her.

She took Sirius as far down her throat as she could, swallowing around him. He grunted above her, his hand clenching in her hair. "Fuck, Princess. You keep doing that and I'm not going to last."

She smirked as well as she could around his length, pulling him impossibly closer and swallowing around him again. He swore, hips stuttering when Remus leant in and nibbled down his happy trail to the base of his cock, hand dropping to fondle Sirius' balls. "Fuck fuck!" Sirius lost control then, hips stuttering as he came. He groaned, head dropping forward to watch enraptured as she swallowed his come, his long hair falling into his eyes.

Ginny was so worked up that Sirius coming set her off. She pulled away from Sirius, tossing her head back and moaning her pleasure to the ceiling. She fluttered around Remus, crying out sharply as his thrusts turned hard and fast and he flicked his thumb over her clit to prolong her orgasm. It washed over her like shocks of Muggle electricity, and she clenched around Remus, sensitive and shaking.

He buried his face in her throat, teeth catching at the cords in her neck as he followed her and his husband over the edge. He groaned, his come filling her up and adding to the mess Harry and Theo had left in her. The extra fluid leaked from her when she stood on shaky legs from his lap after she'd recovered, nearly drunk with pleasure.

"Well, did we know your body well enough to take care of you?"

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