Chapter 1


Standing on the top of a fifteen story building, a green haired boy looked down to the ground. He literally felt his dreams and world shatter when his idol said there was no way for him to become a real hero.

The man that he looked up to like to the father that he never had. The most powerful hero in existence denounced his only dream as if it was just a delusion.

"You can't be a hero without a quirk huh..." He said absent-mindedly to himself. The words of his 'friend' ringing clearly in his head, just one small hop away was his chance in a new life.

It was really tempting. No more bullying, no more fighting for survival on a day by day basis. The only thing that stopped him was the thought about his mother being sad... But would she really be? Obviously she would cry after him, but in the long term it would be at least beneficial for her.

Looking down once more he grabbed the thin railing when his head got a bit woozy from the height he was on. Who even made a building like this? It was totally unsafe for public use with only this flimsy thing serving as a safety barrier.

Looking back into the distance it took him a few moments to realize that a small blinking light was hovering just in front of him, pulsing rhythmically. Reaching out to it with his hand it did nothing, with the arm passing right thru.

Observing it for a minute his train of thought was derailed from an explosion nearby. A large cloud of dark smoke rose into the air a few blocks away, probably another villain attack.

The green haired boy walked swiftly to the doors leading to the stairs that the symbol of peace very heroically ripped out of their hinges and started to run. It was mostly by instinct, his body just doing what it was trained for. Even if he couldn't be a hero it didn't mean he couldn't look at their work as a fan.

Going out of the building he idly noticed that the green dot from earlier was this whole time in his field of vision. It changed too, now into a slowly growing line at the lower edge of his field of vision. Scoffing from the apparent trick that someone was doing on him he ignored it, jogging in the direction of the explosions that sounded from time to time.

When he arrived at the scene it was already crowded with people wanting to take a look. In the meantime the thin green bar in his vision was mere centimeters from reaching the other side of his vision.

Pushing slightly to the front he froze when the same disgusting villain from before was fighting with someone in the middle of a destroyed street. Inside of him the feminine form of a schoolgirl could be seen, easily identifiable by the greenette.

He stood there, mortified. What could he do? It wasn't like he had any options. There were heroes on the site, like Kamui Woods or Death Arms. Oh hey, even the giant Mount Lady stood like an idiot at the end of the street.

Why the hell those people stood there like a bunch of lemmings? They had the powers he didn't have, they could do something but didn't. He felt the slow bubbling of anger under his skin, thinking that those people dared to use the title of a hero.

He suddenly felt a slight breeze, spotting that the fight was getting closer. It took him half a second to realize that in fact it was him that started to run to help his tormentor that caused that. What in the name of All Might's grandmother was he even doing?!

"Hey kid! Stop!" A buff man that looked like a male stripper themed as a construction worker tried to stop him but the years of training from Katsumi paid off when he dodged the grab with the grace of an epileptic dancer.

His mind started to race, anger and fear coalescing into a nauseating feeling in his stomach. He saw that the line at the edge of his vision finally was extending thru it fully, giving a strong pulse of light. The whole world slowed down to a crawl, with sound distorting like in a cheap radio.

He stared with disbelief at a large colorful screen that showed up out of nowhere. It depicted a myriad of characters that the greenette didn't recognize, together with equipment and clear signs of quirks in use. A few vehicles ranging from fantastical flying boats thru military equipment and giant mechas to even bigger spaceships were completing the image on the borders creating a stunning collage of things that normally wouldn't be put together.

: Ready Player One? :

A question pulsed with a soft green glow in the center of the screen, somehow giving a powerful vibe. It was as if the fundamental forces of the universe itself were at play, from one moment to the next Izuku felt as if this question was about his very own existence.

"Y... Yes..." He managed to speak out, the whole situation barely registered by his adrenaline fueled mind.

The world that was moving in slow motion to this point stopped entirely. His body started to glow with an eerie green light, causing the now stuck teen to panic. The screen in front of him changed to an empty one for a few seconds, just to be replaced by the representation of his own body.

: Avatar Creation :

The title on the top read, with a large list of drop down menus and sliders. Not knowing what he was doing, Izuku by accident checked a few boxes and bumped a few sliders in some way. He played quite a few games in his life, it was the only way for him to feel like a real hero. As pathetic as this would sound, his only friends were the characters of the games that accompanied him through his childhood. After fumbling for a second he managed to order the screen to move away, not really knowing what he changed in the end.

He felt his body getting smaller, his point of view getting closer to the ground. With the corner of his eye he saw that his skin looked as if it was sprayed with a golden glitter.

After a few more seconds passed, in front of the now shorter boy another large screen showed up.

. : Unique skill acquired : .

: Stronger than Death :

: Nerd Rage :

: Mommy's Boy :

: Swift learner :

: Educated :

: Comprehension :

A list of 'skills' scrolled before his eyes, not really registering for now. With the large window being slightly see thru, Izuku focused on the panicked face of his tormentor. Her red eyes not burning with rage and hate like all those times before, now the only thing that was in those crimson orbs was a scream for help.

: Tutorial mode active :

The screen changed, but the green teen had enough of that all. Enough of being useless, enough of being laughed at and certainly enough of those fucking screens popping up one after another.

"Just fuck off already!" He shouted, or tried because he was still stuck mid step.

: Scanning database :

: Match to the Player preferences found :

: Ultimate Skill unlocked - Thuum :

Suddenly a slight feeling of vertigo hit Izuku, a language that should be incomprehensible to him just appeared in his memory. With wide eyes he started to understand, slowly word by word he could somehow piece together what it was.

: Ready Player One? :

The same question popped out of nowhere, surprising the greenette. After confirming, he felt that the whole world started to slowly move again. With the new power coursing through his throat and lungs, Izuku finally finished his next step.

To everyone else the teenager that ran out into the fight changed in a flash of light into a smaller, fairy-like child with golden skin and long ears.

Toshinori watched with wide eyes how that quirkless boy somehow used the power he didn't have. He knew that he was a tad bit too harsh, but it was for the boy's sake. He was sure that the green haired youth was sincere, the look of despair and acceptance on his face was too real to be a fraud.

Clutching one hand over his wound, he felt the agonizing pain that emanated from it. A constant reminder of his failure, something that will haunt him to the end of his days.

He wanted to intervene so badly, he wanted to save those kids and deal with the villain. But he couldn't. He hit his limit, and if he pushed too much, he could shorten his active time even more.

The green haired teen barely evaded a strike from a sludge tentacle that left a clear line in the concrete.

Just when he was about to shout at the useless people calling themselves heroes something happened. The boy took air into his lungs, an action that shouldn't catch so much attention, but it did. Sliding under the villain that loomed over him like a tsunami he opened his lips.

And when he spoke the world listened.

" FUS RO DAH!" With a roar some kind of energy wave materialized, smashing straight into the gelatinous body of the villain. With most of the sludge going to attack Izuku it meant that Katsumi was left at the side, not in the path of the attack.

The force behind that strange attack lifted the villain harshly, severing his main body from the still captured girl. The strange attack continued, pushing the screaming villain higher and higher. After around 50 meters the energy blast dissipated, but the momentum that the sludge monster gained carried him even further.

With the euphoria of using a superhuman ability coursing through his veins, Izuku ran up to the slime covered girl. Katsumi was trying to vomit the disgusting substance, coughing and heaving.

Being a very healthy teenage boy, Izuku could admit that Katsumi was really eye-catching. Looking like a mirror copy of her Milf of a mother she was one of the most beautiful girls in Aldera.

All of that didn't mean anything, as the explosive blonde made sure to drag him through shit and mud on a daily basis, sometimes literally. While making his life an ultimate hell she ensured that he didn't have any friends, even chasing off a few kids from other schools when they tried to help the green haired teen.

It was one of the reasons that he didn't really trust women, not counting his mother. All of them always made fun of him, tormented and laughed at him for the few times that he gave someone the benefit of the doubt only to get burned.

All of that didn't matter now too, as with the adrenaline flowing across his veins he didn't give a flying fuck about it.

"Hey! Get up! We need to book it before that thing gets back up!" He called out, grabbing her by hand and dragging the stunned girl away from the fight.

"D… Deku? What the fuck?!" She exclaimed, seemingly getting her bearings back. She stopped immediately, trying to get her hand away from the greenette but surprisingly wasn't able to.

"Shut up and run!" He yelled, the force behind his voice doing more in silencing her than the words ever could.

A loud splash resounded behind them, the sludge villain falling from the sky. It's body immediately started to gather into one spot, and after a few seconds shot out after the retreating kids.

Not looking back, Izuku wondered why the hell those heroes were there. He made an opening for them, he rescued the hostage. All for nothing as those idiots were staring at him with wide eyes, not doing nothing to help.

The green haired boy's eyes widened when in the crowds he saw the emancipated form of the man that not so long ago was like a God to him. They even locked eyes for a second, with the gaunt man looking to the ground with shame instead of helping them.

With the anger that he felt before turning into rage he couldn't believe how easy it was for the heroes to just leave them to die. Sure, he knew why All Might was standing there like an idiot but that didn't mean he couldn't do anything. If he had such power, such strength and speed, he would never hesitate.

With a sudden realization he had an urge to facepalm.

Running behind the mini Deku, as she dubbed that fucktard that dragged her by the arm, Katsumi looked behind her. With wide eyes she saw that the sludge villain was gaining on them fast. She wanted to use her quirk to blast that fucker away but her palm only let out a few cracks and sparks. Even if she was in a stressful situation and her palms were sweating enough, that accursed sludge coated nearly her whole body preventing her meta ability from working.

Seeing the undulating mass of filth that was closer by the second she started to panic, remembering how that monster nearly violated her on the eyes of the whole city.

"Don't worry. I am here." The mini Deku said, seemingly reading her thoughts. Turning back to him she was about to chew him out, even if it would be the last thing she did in her life. Just as she was about to open her mouth something occurred, something that should be insignificant but wasn't.

Grasping her hand tighter Izuku took a steady breath, preparing to speak in the dragon tongue once more.

" WULD!" With that shout the two teenagers nearly disappeared from view, moving so fast that the hero that they stopped in front of fell on his ass.

"Kamui Woods, take care of her." Izuku ordered, turning around to face the still pursuing villain.

"Kid! Stop! You are violating the law with the use of your quirk!" The construction worker stripper shouted at him, only fueling the inferno of rage inside him.

Taking a deeper breath he felt calmer, the power that he felt in his throat and lungs begging to be unleashed. The people around him backed away, even that idiot that tried to stop him. Who in their right mind chose Death Arms as their heroic name?

Looking back at the sludge monster he calculated that it would take around 10 more seconds to get to him. Surprisingly it was charging at him head on, not too concerned about the pro heroes behind him.

The mentioned 'heroes' were still not doing anything, even when the hostage situation was already resolved. He could think of at least 5 different ways for the supposed peacekeepers to defeat the villain, for each one individually! Why they didn't join forces was even more beyond his understanding, this should be a breeze for them. He supposed that the only breeze there was in between their ears…

All those thoughts took him milliseconds, his mind working overdrive but strangely calm. Was this how it felt to be a Dovah? It certainly was something to experience…

Feeling that his lungs and throat once again filled with power, he noted for later that after using just one word from the dragon language the time it took to recover was much shorter.

Now, he didn't have the slightest idea what was happening, what that strange screen was nor what it did to him. It shouldn't be a quirk of somebody else, it was impossible that a random passerby would be able to make such elaborate tricks just for lolz.

Even if it was just an illusion or a quirk induced dream… the green haired boy didn't give a flying fuck about that. It was so exhilarating, so breathtaking to be able to at long last be the hero he always wanted to be…

If this was really a dream… then why don't go all out? He always wanted to be like All Might, so gallant and powerful. If this is a dream, then he will make good of it and be the hero he always wanted to be.

Looking at the golden skinned child, at that boy who just minutes ago was asking him if he could be a hero without a quirk, Toshinori couldn't believe his eyes.

He rushed past the heroes to save his peer. He somehow manifested a quirk, and a really powerful one at that. The #1 hero was nearly certain that the boy didn't know that he could do that, those tears and the look in his eyes were too genuine to be anything other than the truth.

And now after securing the safety of the girl in the arms of pro heroes he stood his ground before a villain that a lot of said heroes would have trouble to even touch.

The symbol of peace watched with wide eyes how the now even smaller boy started to emit so much pressure that even he had an urge to back off. Practically everybody else did, taking a few steps back when he once more took in a deep breath.

This time those strange words came slower, but each one radiated so much power it was equally awe inspiring and terrifying at the same time.

"MUL QAH DIIV!" The boy's voice reverberated around, so loud it was nearly painful. His already golden skin started to shimmer, an ethereal armor constructing itself over his scuffed clothes. Over the green haired boy's forehead a set of two long and curved horns appeared, giving him a nearly demonic look. The impression only deepened when on his back a set of bat-like wings and a tail manifested, with his whole being emanating a suffocating amount of pressure.

When the now demonic boy moved, only a few people present were able to see what really happened. In one instant he was standing there, looking straight at his attacker. The next he was under the villain, his closed fist cocked back to perform an uppercut.

The shockwave that followed his attack was enormous, easily comparable with the strongest of All Might's attacks. The present heroes seemingly at long last remembered that they had a job to do, with Mount Lady falling to her knees and shielding practically everyone from the displaced mass of air.

Everyone looked on at the still glowing boy, his fist raised high over his head in a victorious gesture. The fire burning away at the buildings in the background giving him a backdrop ideal for his demonic countenance. The sludge villain that was giving quite a few heroes an extremely hard time. The same villain that managed to escape from All Might. That grotesque monster of a man defeated by a kid who didn't look more than 10 years old.

To the surprise of everyone, a few small droplets of water fell from the skies, slowly turning into a rain that shouldn't fall that day.

"He… he changed the weather with a single punch…" Kamui Woods whispered under his breath. The sight before him was so unbelievable that he had doubts that was really happening.

Lowering his hand, Izuku observed the gauntlet of pure power that hugged it. It was so cathartic, to be able to be who he always dreamed of. All those jeers and insults, all those years of being kicked to the ground. He hoped that everyone was watching, that all of the people that pushed him down could see what he did today.

Looking up into the sky he saw a circular hole in the clouds that coalesced into one spot, the pure pressure of his attack creating a short but intense rain that started to put out the fires around him. After half a minute all of them were gone, casting the street in a bit of darkness because of the thick grey clouds above. His aetherial armor giving of a soft golden glow, like a beacon of hope in the darkness.

That was it. That was what he wanted all his life. Smiling to himself he looked once more to the skies, letting the warm rain wash away at the grime and dust that gathered on him from his two encounters with the sludge villain.

"Kid! You are under arrest for an unauthorized use of a quirk! You have the right to remain silent, everything that you say can be used against you in court!" Only to get ripped away from his euphoria by the male stripper that had the gall to call himself a hero.


Sitting in the waiting area of the Musutafu Police Department Inko clutched onto her purse, tears threatening to flow when she thought about her baby boy being apprehended like a common criminal.

She couldn't believe that her son had a quirk. The doctors said it was impossible, every single one that they visited. Her heart broke when she saw the small and energetic kid become more and more withdrawn, his eyes getting duller from one day to the next. She wasn't as oblivious as he thought. She knew about his problems, at least as much as she could decide l deduce by her own. When your child returns from school in dirty clothes and with bruises it's rather obvious what is happening, especially with his school supplies destroyed or gone altogether.

The single mother would transfer him into another school but the costs of something like that were something out of her reach. Even working double shifts and overtime whenever she could, their home budget was barely in green.

"Miss Midoriya?" An officer with the head of a cat called out to her, waiting for a response.

"How's my Izu-chan doing? Is he alright?" She asked immediately, raising to her feet.

"Your son is fine and healthy. My name is Sansa Tamakawa, please follow me." He introduced himself and led the distressed mother deeper into the police station.

"Your son was taken into our custody on the charges of vigilantism, endangering the life of the present people and slandering the names of present heroes." The cat-like officer began when they were out of earshot of the rest of the people.

Hearing that, Inko couldn't even try to connect what the officer said to her sweet baby boy. Maybe vigilantism, he always wanted to be a hero after all. She could somehow explain the endangering part, bring quirkless and all. But slandering present heroes? He loved them, all of them! He always droned on and on about one hero or another, even ones that she never heard of. It was impossible that her sweet child could say anything bad about a hero, let alone something like this.

"That being said, all of those charges were lifted because of some circumstances that arose. A case of sudden quirk manifestation because of a stressful situation is an extremely rare situation, and thankfully the law in such cases is quite lenient." Officer Sansa continued, not seeing the extremely surprised look of the mother behind him.

"He… Izu-chan manifested a quirk?" She asked nearly in a whisper, bit the cat ears of the policeman caught that nonetheless.

"Yes, a powerful one at that. He underwent some mutation because of the sudden awakening but his health is good, perfect even." Saying that, the officer opened a door and gestured for her to enter.

It was a small room with a few shelves filled to the brim with folders and documents, something looking like a cork board that was covered with a white cloth, a small potted plant in the corner and a large wooden desk in the middle.

Inko's eyes immediately landed on the green hair of her son, who sat with his back to the doors. It was immediately apparent that he was shorter than in the morning, looking more like a small child than a teenager.

"Ah, welcome. I'm detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, it's nice to meet you." A man with short black hair and in a creamy trench coat greeted her.

"Mom?!" Izuku exclaimed, he jumped out of the chair and ran into her, hugging his mother with a happy smile. "Mom! Look, I have a quirk!" He happily said to her, jumping in place from joy.

"Izu-chan? It's that you?" Inko asked with slight astonishment. In her arms was a small child, looking around 10 years old. He had the same green fluffy hair and big emerald eyes that to her own raising joy were practically glowing with happiness. Izuku's skin was glimmering as if someone sprinkled him with a handful of golden glitter, ever-changing with his movements under the fluorescent lights in the room. To the sides of his head stood out long, elf-like ears that moved up and down as if trying to express his happiness.

After the two managed to calm down, Naomasa asked them to sit down for a few moments before they left.

"Miss Midoriya, your son was cleared out of all charges in the light of a spontaneous quirk manifestation. The hero Death Arms cancelled his claim of Izuku-kun here slandering his name, especially as everyone who heard what he said agreed with him wholeheartedly." The detective summed everything up to not waste the time.

"What did Izu-chan say for that hero to do such a thing?" The green haired mother asked, having trouble comprehending how her son could do something like this.

"Ahahaha, that's a really good question. After he rescued a hostage and defeated the villain that was terrorizing the whole district, the earlier mentioned Death Arms arrested him for the charges that were presented. Izuku-kun didn't protest and let himself be cuffed but before he was escorted to the police car he shouted at the heroes how they were not worthy of the titles they held. He spoke about how they did nothing but, pardon my language, sit with their thumbs up their asses like a bunch of lemmings while he fought, especially as he gave them enough time to intervene. A few more choice words were used but it could be mostly summarized by what I just said." Naomasa replied with a healthy hearty laugh.

"Izuku!" Inko turned to her son who bashfully looked away.

"But it was true! They stood like idiots while Katsumi was fighting for her life! They would let her die because they didn't have a suitable quirk! Those idiots had so many ways to catch that villain, even more if they would work together!" He replied back, talking so fast that they nearly didn't understand him at all.

" Don't worry, all of us think just like you. Some of the heroes forgot what that line of work entails. You two are free to go, everything is in order. Izuku-kun, please be careful with your new powers. We won't be able to just let it slide if you do something similar once more." Naomasa stated with a smile, gesturing to the cat headed policeman to escort the two to the exit.


Sitting at the dining table, Izuku happily swung his legs that didn't reach the ground any more. His mother was preparing a small feast in the kitchen, to celebrate his newly awakened quirk. He followed after her with his eyes, the short woman moving fast from one place to the other. Sometimes she used her own quirk to float something to herself, like a ladle or spices.

He didn't remember the last time when his mother was so happy, not to mention the last time he saw her using that telekinetic meta ability of hers so openly with him around.

Looking to his own hands, that were smaller and more slender than when he woke up today, he had an urge to jump for joy.

That power from before still was with him, something like a HUD from a game still in his field of vision. He could see a few thin bars with HP, MP and SP written near them respectfully. The dragon language was in his mind too, lungs and throat thrumming with power. All of this was like a dream, but thankfully he didn't wake up yet

"Izu-chan! It's ready!" Inko called to him, already preparing to serve his favorite Katsudon. This day couldn't get any better.

Just when he was about to start eating the chime of the doorbell resounded in their small apartment, surprising the two who didn't expect any guests.

"I'll go see who's at the door." He said to his mother, already jumping out of the chair. His body felt amazing, so much stronger and more limber that he arrived before the doors in a few seconds.

Opening the door because he didn't reach the viewer any more he had an urge to slam them back when he heard an argument on the other side.

"Stop messing up your clothes brat! You need to look the best you can!" A vice of Mitsuki Bakugo came first, angry at her daughter like always.

"I can't breathe in this you stupid hag! Why do I even need to play dress up for that nerd?!" Katsumi shouted back, matching her mother in the contests of loudness.

"Calm down you two, where are your manners?" Masaru Bakugo, the head of the family, tried to placate them both with practically zero effectiveness.

Bracing himself Izuku opened the doors fully, getting the attention of everyone. A sudden silence ensued, especially from the two women with their eyes widening.

"Hello Aunty, Uncle!... Kachan." He waved to them with a happy smile, a bit forced when he spoke to his old 'friend'. The oversized now All Might hoody nearly swallowing him whole, with the sleeve flopping around from his gesture.

"Oh My God! I want one!" Mitsuki exclaimed, immediately picking him up and hugging to her chest. "You didn't tell me he was so cute! Is this because of your new quirk Izu-chan? You look so adorable!" She started to gush over him, hugging him harder and pushing his head deeper into her rather large chest.

"Can't… breathe!" He gasped out, trying to separate from the woman that wanted to suffocate him.

Coming to his rescue, Masaru took him away from his wife who started to pout. "Let's get inside, is your mother home Izuku?" The older man asked while setting the teen on his own legs.

"Yes, we were just starting our dinner." Izuku replied, guiding the guests inside. With the corner of his eyes he saw that Katsumi was wearing a red fitting one piece dress with a wide black belt and some accessories to go with it. Now, he could agree that she looked gorgeous but the scowl on her face destroyed any chance that he would admit that out loud. Her mother had to be a miracle worker to even push the teenage girl into a getup like that.

"Mom! Bakugos came for a visit!" He called out while skipping like a small kid deeper into the apartment.

"Mitsuki? Masaru? I haven't seen you in ages! Katsumi-chan, you look so beautiful!" Inko beamed at the guests with a wide smile.

"Thank you, Aunty." The teenage girl replied in a soft and bashfull voice.

Serving dinner to the guests, both families started to eat with a jovial atmosphere. Masaru watched with a smile how his wife gushed at the now smaller Izuku, with Inko joining happily. Izuku just sat at the table silently and nibbled at his food. To his side Katsumi sat stiffly, she was eating the offered food in silence just like him. Both of the teenagers not really acknowledging the existence of the other.

"So, what brings you all here?" Inko asked after the meal was finished, now with tea and cookies at the table.

"My brat here wants to thank Izu-chan for saving her life. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw what happened on the news, but then your little hero here stepped in and ripped that bastard apart!" Mitsuki replied with fervor in her voice.

"Mom! I never said I would do that! I'm not thanking that nerd! I could get out of that shity villain without any help!" Katsumi immediately barked back, her palms sparking from anger.

"You ungrateful brat! He risked his life to save you and that's how you repay him? I thought you better than that! What if someone takes him away from you because of all this tsundere energy of yours?!" And like a charm the blonde mother yelled back, causing her daughter to get red in the face.

"What the hell are you talking about you shitty old hag?! I'm not a tsundere!" The daughter shoot back, raising from her seat.

"That's exactly what a tsundere would say!" Mitsuki replied, also raising from her seat.

"Calm down you two!" Masaru suddenly exclaimed slamming an open hand into the table. Both blondes immediately went silent, looking in surprise at the normally stoic and silent man.

"Katsumi! Thank him properly!" He ordered, for some reason his wife blushing.

"But dad!" She tried to protest but only got a glare in return.

Falling back into her seat in defeat she mumbled something to herself, but with the glare from her father not stopping she turned stiffly to the green haired teen.

Izuku just couldn't believe what was happening. Was Katsumi going to really thank him? Him?! It was official, this has to be a dream. There was no other explanation for what was happening right now before his eyes. It was like finding that one limited edition bronze age All Might figurine with his left sleeve ripped off. And there were only ten of them made!

"De… Izuku. Tttt… That… Thank you for ssssavi...saviiiing my life! Here! Done! Happy?!" She stuttered out as if it was costing her own soul to do that, finishing she turned back to her father who didn't look too impressed.

"You two know each other for years now. It's it really that hard to thank a friend for something like that?" He asked with a disappointed tone of voice.

"It's alright Uncle, she at least tried." Izuku said with a happy voice. On his face a huge smile that nearly generated light on its own.

"What do you mean you nerd?! I properly thanked you! Do you want me to bow to you too or something?!" Katsumi exploded, but his smile didn't waver.

It was official. He probably had a brain tumor or something. Maybe he was abducted by aliens and they were experimenting on him right now?

The only thing he knew was the fact that he never wanted to wake up.


Author's Note: Hello! I had this posted on the Wattpad for quite some time now, a product of too many ideas in my head at once. This story is just for cracks, a dumping place of ideas that won't fit into my other stories. I'm open to ideas for powers, equipment, companion's or other gaming things that Izuku could use to destroy the power balance of his world.

Please have a wonderful day! :D