fear fear

it was dark the stars and moon were out. most wolves were sleeping at this time but humphrey was not in fact he was runnin for dear life through a dark damp shady forest.

as humphrey was running he could hear the horrid growls behind him. It felt as if his body was about to give out when he ran in to a large grey wolf. out of breath and with no more

strength to continue he gave up and collapsed at this mysterious wolves feet. Bearly conceious he could see a bunch of wolves arguing then darkness.

humphrey pov — am i dead? what happend? i look around to see nothing and no wolf around . far off in the distance i see a light as i slowly walk twoards it i feel heavy then everything is blindingly bright .

in a den in a teritory unknown a young grey wolf wakes up screaming in a panic humphrey takes off running. as he his running he can hear shouts to stop but still in fear for his life he continues to sprint away anongst the chaos he didnt notice the wolf infornt of him he was caught. minites later he was brought to a den with a grey wolf , a tan wolf , and there was two pups twords the back of the den. when the grey wolf walks up and says " hello there my name is winston and this is my mate eve and were not there to hurt you we saved you from some wolves that were trying to kill you, now that iv introduced my self i need to know why were they after you?''. humphrey responded '' i dont know i was sleeping in my den when i heard screaming everywhere and my mom and dad told me to run west or pack has fallen and dont look back so i took off and then i heard those wolves chasing me they got a few hit on me but i keep going untill i ran into a grey wolf and i passed out thats all i remember ''. humphrey said while starting to cry the realization that his parents his family and pack were now gone he had no one he was now all alone. winston spoke up '' i see, im sorry for what happend you are more than welcomed to join my pack if you want to''. humphrey responded '' id like that very much but where will i live ''. when a young gold furred wolf spoke up ''mom can he stay with us please he is all alone''.

humphrey may be a pup but he is not dumd he could see the tension on eves face and decided it would be best if he left and found a diffrent place to live. humphrey said '' thank you for the offer but i should find my own den to live in if i an to stay in this pack i cant live with you guys"'. winston speaks up '' nonsence kate is right you will stay here for the time being untill you can find a den to live in''. '' thank you sir for your kindness, would it be ok if i go and have a look around the teritory". humphrey asked.

winston told humphrey he could explore arter a meeting. winston exited hid den and let out a loud howll and minites later all the wolves in the pack started to gather when winston announced that there is a new mwmber to the pack and pointed at humphrey this is all dismissed and just like that all the wolvws continued on about their day .

suddenly humphrey heard a voice it was kate and a white wolf pup asking if they could go out and play.

moments later two pups approached humphrey kate said '' hey humphrey this is my sister lilly and im kate we wanted to knoe if you wanted to play with us".