A/N: I tried to make a funny fanfiction but I really don't know if it turned out to be funny. Beck and Jade are like 14/15 years old

"Wanna sleep with me?"

"What the fuck? Beck!"

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I didn't realize what I said. I meant if you would like to stay the night and nothing more!"


"Yeah, oh."

"Stop grinning at me, this isn't funny."

"I already told you that I'm sorry Jade! Of course I don't want to have sex with you."

"So what you are trying to tell me right now is, that you don't want to have sex with me? Am I not good enough for you?"

"No, I don't want to have sex with you right now."

"And why not? Maybe because you think that I am too ugly?"


"Then tell me why you don't want to have sex with your girlfriend who you told just ten minutes ago that you loved her more than anything else?!"

"Jade, I just wanted to ask you if you liked to stay the night. And I hadn't the plan to make love with you but I also hadn't the plan NOT to make love to you. Understand?"

"So now you call it making love?"

"Well because it's the same!"

"Apparently it isn't. You can have sex with anybody even if you don't know them. You simply fuck with that person. But making love means having sex with somebody because you love that person and the persons loves you back."

"But I do in fact love you so it would be the same."

"Oh come on Beck, go fuck yourself!"

"Not you?"

"You know, sometimes I would really really really really like to murder you."

"But you would wait until you made love to me?"

"Beck! I just can't… How can you even… Oh my god…"

"Aww I managed it to make you speechless."


"I bet you can't make me lose my words."

"You know, if only our friends knew how you are really when we aren't at school. I mean when we are with them you are always the cool guy who who just wants that nobody is fighting. And when we are alone you start messing around with me and provokating me and things like that."

"But you love it."


"Umm… Jade?"

"What`s up babe?"

"Why have you… Why the fuck… Jade!"

"See I can make you speechless too."

"But I didn't mean something like TAKING OFF YOUR SHIRT!?"

"Stop freaking out. If you plan to sleep with me someday you'll see my boobs anyway."


"Can I get my reward now?"

"What reward?"

"The reward I get because I made you speechless."

"But we never lost just one word about a reward."

"I'll get one anyway…"

"Is a kiss enough?"

"A long kiss?"



"Then crawl over here."

"Crawl? What the fuck Beck? Why do you always have to use such weird words?"

"I am so sorry Jade!"

"Just stop the sarcasm."

"then come here."

"With or without my shirt?"

"I know that there isn't a right answer. If I will say without your shirt, you would call me a disgusting, horny teenager and if I will say with your shirt on, you would blame me that I don't respect your boobs and things like that…"

"Respecting my boobs? Seriously Beck?"

"I don't know either!"

"Take your shirt off too."

"Whoa, why so demanding?"

"Again, stop grinning like this. It is incredible creepy and I'm sure you would get arrested for doing that in public."


"Take it off or I won't come over."

"I thought that you would come over to get your reward. Your reward. Not mine."

"But the reward is kissing and that is definitely something what you will enjoy too. Especially when I'm not wearing a shirt.

"Okay I take it off. But just for you Jade."

"I know that. And I really appreciate it."



"Will you come over now or not?"

"You now what I'll even crawl the few centimeters for you so that we can finally kiss."

"That's very nice of you."

"I know."

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