Chapter 1

There is no going back.

Spider-Man's heart broke further at the revelation, as thunder rolled across the darkening skies, despite it being noon. An ominous orange, that looked rather sickening, illuminated beneath the heavy clouds. He could hear screams of the doomed, rising in the air.

His pride. His life. His home. It will all be gone soon. Never before had he felt so helpless. The knowledge that his world was doomed, made him more angry than scared. He wanted to believe he still had some sort of fighting chance. Yet, even he knew that there was no saving this world.

The screams grew louder and more frantic as large meteorites, the size of cars, shot out of the tears in the skies, crashing into buildings, and landmarks; killing more people.

He leaped towards a modest-sized brick building, scaling it on all fours before landing on a fire escape and entering through the unlocked window. It was dark inside. The electricity had gone out, leaving him in the intense darkness that was his home. Thankfully, he knew the layouts of his home from multiple nights of sneaking in and out at all hours. He hurried to the kitchen and opened a few drawers, feeling around the miscellaneous objects before he felt the ribbed handle of a flashlight. Now with battery-powered light, he could finally see and search.

"May!" He called out, struggling to sound calm, even as the world outside became more chaotic. "May, answer me, where are you?" He grabbed a bag and began throwing an assortment of items inside. The most important: is a family portrait of him, his aunt, and MJ on Christmas day.


"May!" He raced to the bathroom and found the door slightly ajar. Twin green eyes peered at him before his daughter shot out of her hiding spot to throw herself into his arms. "Sweetie, thank goodness you're okay…" He choked when his daughter started to sob in his chest.

"Daddy, I'm scared!"

"Shh, it's okay. Daddy's here, it's going to be okay." He pulled back to look at her. Her face was flushed with twin tear streaks rolling down her cheeks. He gently wiped them away and kissed her forehead. "Mayday, I need you to be a big girl for me. I want you to pack your things. Nothing big, just some clothes and Mr. Whammy. Can you do that for me, princess?'

"What's going on?' She cried, clinging to him again. And again he hugged her very tightly.

"Please, just do what I say, sweetheart. Grab what you need and let's go. We're going to go somewhere safe."

His daughter whimpered but nodded, rushing into her bedroom to grab her stuff.

Spider-Man tore off his mask, the heat of the room was getting to him now. Since it was a hot summer and there was no AC, they were roasting in here. He went into his bedroom and grabbed some more items. A stack of bills he and MJ had been saving up before May was born. It wasn't a lot, but if his calculations were right then it could hold them over for a month or so in the other world.

May came back to him, her arms full of clothes, including her favorite princess outfit complete with plastic shoes and crown; and, of course, Mr. Whammy. "Daddy, w-where are we going?"

"Someplace safe," he assured, taking her stuff and putting it into the bag. After webbing their stuff to his back he scooped up little May into his protective arms. An explosion outside, made their building shake violently, causing poor May to scream in fright and hide her face. "Daddy!"

"I got you!" He hurried to the window and gasped at the carnage outside. High above the complete chaos, a new rift had been torn, just as he had hoped. Placing his daughter down, he knelt to her eye level.

"May, I need you to listen very carefully. I'm going to take us somewhere safe, but I need you to hold onto me. No matter what, don't let go of Daddy."

"Where are we going?"

He points to the rift in the sky, "Up there."

"No! It's scary!"

"I know, May, but we don't have a choice. It's our only way out."

May sobbed uncontrollably, rushing into his arms again. It was a lot to take in for a three-year-old. She didn't fully understand what was going on, but there was no time to explain.

Spider-Man picked up his daughter and opened the window, "Hold on to me tight, sweetie. I promise it's going to be okay. I won't let anything bad happen to you. Daddy will protect you, no matter what. Can you trust me?"

May whimpered in his shirt and managed a nod. He kissed her head and stepped out. Pure uncontrollable carnage wrecked the world as it was ripped apart by the seams. Spider-Man's eyes focused on the rift above. As long as he was careful and quick, they had at least a 65% chance of succeeding. However, in the face of such destruction, that number may as well be -10000%.

Taking a deep breath, he jumped and shot a string of webbing towards the ruin remains of a larger building. He raced on it, trusting his instincts to alert him of any projectiles. When his spider-sense tingled, he pounced, jumping on a falling meteor and hopping to the next one; a lot of them were falling from these rips in reality and they were just big enough for him to land on.

He shot a web to launch himself and May to the next ones until they were just within reach of the rift. One more jump and they were home free-

His spider sense tingled but it was too late. Reacting on reflexes, Spider-Man spun around to hug his daughter just as another projectile grazed passed him, tearing into the cloth of his back and knocking them off course. Spider-Man ground his teeth from the searing pain, as May screamed. He shot another rope of webbing swinging them around and around a metal pole on the roof of a taller building. Gathering momentum he angled himself to swing high. They flew towards the rift. Spider-Man took advantage of the falling rocks, scaling over them until they made it to their original point. This time he took all of his strength to jump into the rift, entering the welcoming darkness.

Behind them, the final thread had been cut. The entire world, Earth-798816, was no more. No one, but two survivors were able to escape.