Title: 悪魔新郎

Akuma shinrō

(Demon Groom


Town: nishi fukuhara

High school: fukushima high

Middle school: kiso-fukushima

Main characters

Male: Yasha kurayami – dark brown hair, average Hight straight. Ice blue eyes that make him look cold A student well-built swords man studying different types of hand to hand combat. Lives alone do to mother passing away when he was young and father away on business overseas. Works in the local café as a cook and waiter starts off human in the beginning of the stories but undergoes a ritual to become a demon so he can rule with Mila as orders by her father.

Female: mika kurayami

Relationship of the main characters

Accidentally Engagement at the start of the story then married 3 chapters in

Genres: romance, demon, supernatural, school, comedy slice of life

Chapter one…

(Mika and yasha at the playground age 8)

Mika I don't want you to leave ( yasha sad depressed face)

I don't want leave either. Daddy's making me. (Mika pouty face) he says we have to go back home. And we won't be coming back here for a long time. (on the verge of tears) what are we going to do yasha? ( mika looks at yasha with a hopeful expression)

There's nothing we can do to make you stay right now but there is something we can do so you won't have to leave next time ( yasha says with a determined expression on his face.)

What is it yasha I'll do anything

Dad gave me this after grandpa passed away and said it was grandmas. He said to give it to the girl you love the most and want to be by your side always ( yasha takes out a small box and open its to show mika.) Oh, I have something simpler see. (she takes off a chain with a ring on it from around her neck.)

Well I've seen this done on the t.v. and it's called an engagement. the guy gets down on one knee like this and takes the girls hand to swear an oath to the girl in front of him. ( yasha gets down on one knee and takes mika's hand)

Mika we may not have known each other long but your my best friend, someone I want by my side forever. I can't say I love you like adults can but I do love like best friends love each other. so I hope when were adult we can. Love like they do and we can always be together. will you do me the honor of marrying me. ( yasha say all this with a serious face stand with a blush from nerves)

Oh yasha of course ill marry you. You're not only my best friend but my only friend. I love you. And can't wait to be together with you by my side forever.

(Tasha then takes mika's hand and puts the ring on her finger which fit perfectly while mika took the ring from the chain and put it on yashas finger)

If I have to where a ring so does you.

Ok I guess that seems fair. (yasha rubs his neck and laughs a little from nerves)

Yasha Lets promise these rings won't come off I'm till we get. Married.

Ok I promise my ring won't come off till we get married mika

I promise my ring won't come off till we're married yasha

Now to seal the promise.

How do we seal it mika?

Like this ( mika surprises yasha by grabbing him by front of his shirt kissing him)

/A few seconds later mika and Tasha are surrounded by a bright red light. Unbeknownst to either of them at the time they just sealed a demon marriage contract/

Time skip 10 years

Uhh that dream again (yasha, wakes up throwing his arm across his eyes) its been the same for the past two months. Well time to get up

( yasha gets out of bed and takes a shower)

(Walking in to kitchen he spots his dad at the table with cup of coffee and breakfast waiting for Tasha)

Dad! Your home. When did get here

About midnight, I took the late flight in. And of. Course I'm home it is your birthday is it not.

Oh right. So, I guess you'll be leaving tomorrow then.

Yes, it can't be helped you know that. since your now 18 I thought I'd give you this as your gift . (yasha's dad pulls out a folder from his bag and hands it over to yasha.)

Um thanks. ( yasha opens the envelop) but dad this is the deed to the house.( yasha states with a surprised face) why?

Yes, it's the deed. after today your full adult. Which means you should be living on your own which you've been doing this just made it official.

But what about you where will live this is your home right

I have small flat where I work and other then your birthday and Christmas when am I ever here.

I guess you have a point but it still doesn't feel right somehow

You've more than proved to me you can handle it.

Ok dad thanks um its great seeing you but I have to go to work now

Alright see ya when your done

(yasha leaves the house)

That boy has no idea what awaits him when he gets home haha I hope we made the right decision.

(skip to yasha's work place)


( yasha walked in yo work with everyone yelling surprise with a small cake)

Haha thanks guys. You do this every year though. first time you got since I started here in middle school.

So, we finally got you. Well that's good man now finish your cake we got a busy day ahead of us.

Yes, sir manger

( yasha proceeds to the kitchen. To get stared prepping all the food for the day with the rest of the cooks.)

/time skip to dinner\

Yasha. We got 5 orders of sushi 3 orders of Tempura. Orders of Onigiri 6 orders of ramen

Got it guys

Wow watch yasha go the kids got skill

I know not even the boss can make food that fast and so well

Wonder where he learned how to cook like that

Who knows but according to the owner yasha has been working here since he was 13

13 he'd be a middle schooler. isnt that a bit young for a part time job

It wasn't part time I worked full time right after school till close

Yasha you were listening

Kind of hard not to when you 3 are the only ones in the kitchen. Orders up by the way

Got it yasha. Let's get back to work guys

(time skip) after work

"good work tonight guys"

Thanks boss yasha don't forget your cake

Right thanks again for it guys

No trouble yasha . now go home and enjoy the rest of your birthday

Right I'm off

(Scene change yashas house)

Dad I'm home

In here son

(YAHSA walks into the sitting room/Living room)

" what's going on? "

(sees two people sitting on the couch across from his dad. a man around the same age and slightly larger build then his father.)

" have seat son. i believe you and the young lady already know each other"

" mika? "

" hello yasha its been a long time"

: it sure has "

" as much as id like for you kids to catch up we actually have some pressing matters to discuss with you both"

( yasha takes a seat across from mika and next to his dad)

(mikas father)

today yasha turned 18 marking him as an adult if im correct .

then both our children have finally reached the age they can marry wich brings up the issue of the arranged marriage that these to agreed upon as children.

yahsa father

agreed now normally kids wed have played this off as you two being kids but were mika and her father are from these things happen regardless of age as long as both parties agree.

mikas father

has mr... stated the arrangement was made when you were about 8 years old you wore the one to ask Mika's hand in marriage were you not yasha that's your grandmothers ring on her finger and my fathers ring on your finger.

(yasha looks down to the rings on both his and Mika's hands. turning a bit pale and neveruse).

then the issue here is what to be done about this. now i have discussed the matter with your father and we have both agreed on you both getting married in two months and living here for the time being untill you graduate from high at the time you will come to stay with my family to learn the shall we say ways a global business.

( yasha looks from his father to the man across from them before calmly stating his opinion)

you cant be serious about this marriage and learning a business im sorry but no mika and i haven't seen each other in ten years and your demanding we marry like its a business deal on top of that you want me to move after high school. no thank you i already have a plan to go to collage and im two years away from owning the cafe i work at im not throwing that away for a promise i made has a child .

now you listen here boy i never once said the move would be permanent nore did i say to throw your life away to marry my daughter . im offering you a better understanding in running a business you little brat and has for you marrying mika that is final . you have been engaged since the day you were born the proposal you gave mika was just a better push and higher contract then your parents words if you ever disrespect me or my daughter again you'll regret it well see you in two months good day.