Imperial Prince Kaihito.

2nd son of Imperial Crown Prince Akihito and his wife, Imperial Crown Princess Michiko. Younger brother of Imperial Prince Naruhito. Grandson of Emperor Hirohito.

Born on the 7th of July, 1967. 42nd year of the Showa Era.

A day thought blessed by the gods as they received a gift from the Heavens in the form of a unique meteor composed of an unknown ore on this day. It was immediately gifted to the Imperial family in celebration of the Prince's birth.

A noticeably bright child from birth, as he quickly went from crawling to walking, as well as babbling to speaking.

The only downside many observed was his tendency to grow board of various things quickly and a certain need for stimuli, whether mental or physical. In this case, living in large property and being a prince did help with both.

The young Prince was constantly read books at a frightening pace and was allowed to room the large property surrounding the palace, spending his energy under the watchful eye of the maids and security.

Only of the only issues regarding Prince Kaihito was actually regarding his elder brother's bouts of jealousy from the attention lauded on him by the staff and their parents. Childish yes, but young Naruhito was still a child, no matter the strict etiquette and behavioral lessons he had to endure since very early. He desired the attention and approval of his parents, and after living 7 years without any competition, suddenly having some was proving to be something needing an adjustment period.

Luckily for everyone involved, the Crown Prince and Princess still couldn't take their youngest with them during their trips abroad due to security risks, giving Prince Naruhito alone time with them.

But regardless of this minor trouble in the Imperial Household, the Emperor found himself very satisfied with his 2nd grandson, taking him along when his parents couldn't.

Although this was a point of contention between the Emperor and the Crown Prince & Princess as the old Emperor was still an ardent believer in Japanese superiority, even after barely being allowed to maintain his rule following Japan's defeat in World War 2. The young prince's parents didn't want to allow such views to take hold as it would bring future troubles to their lands if a member of the family spoke such views.

The current global climate of the Cold War being an especially bad time for such matters. No one in the family wanted their lands to be subjected to the horrors of nuclear weaponry and sparking another World War, not after the devastation wrought by their atomic predecessors which they were still attempting to heal from.

Beyond all this however, there was some minor controversy regarding the young Prince's unique eye color.

Unlike the rest of his family and the vast majority of Japanese and even Asian individuals, Kaihito's eyes were likely the most beautiful green any of them had ever seen. Jade and emeralds would like be jealous of those sparkling green eyes which took in everything around them and lit up with understanding or amusement.

No one in the family could explain how this came about as they were all of pure descent and every hour of their time was accounted for.

Things became tense between the Crown Prince and Princess for some time, until a blood test was taken, proving that the young Prince truly was their child.

The doctors surmised that this was likely a spontaneous mutation, akin to those born with blue eyes without the prior gene, possibly brought out from pre-natal exposure to some sort of radiation. Something supported by a visit to Nagasaki and Hiroshima when none were aware of the pregnancy.

It was turned into a minor issue afterward, but the young prince's parents made sure to keep a much closer eye on their son's health after the possibility of him being affected by radiation came out. They knew all too well the horrors such things could have on human beings, more so if one was exposed when not even born. The large number of deformed and mutated beings birthed as a result of the atomic blasts was not few and many were still suffering from the effects even two decades later.

Luckily for the Imperial family, no such problems had been noticed in their youngest member.

Or at least, no negative effect.

No one could truly agree if the heightened intelligence and learning rate was a result of a possible mutation or not.

Prince Kaihito was closely monitored as a result, being surrounded by progressively high level tutors to test the limits of his learning speed. His parents were actually encouraging the young child to make it seem as if everything around him was normal, praising him for his rapid progress as he began learning mathematics, basic science, history, calligraphy, History, Japanese and English before even turning three.

By the time he was four, he was near the end of the elementary school curriculum and beginning middle school, actually forcing the Imperial family to begin concealing how much of a potential genius the young Prince truly was. Heavy censures were introduced to anyone who came to teach the Prince, all to not bring potential tragedy to their family as the nation was beginning to truly recover from the last war and the following dismantling of their previous government.

If it wasn't for the fact that Kaihito never seemed to show signs of maladjustment and took well to his etiquette and more spiritual studies, his parents would have been much more worried about him. Fortunately, they had the foresight to bring in some Shinto and Buddhist priests to teach subjects like morality and philosophy to help balance their youngest, stimulating his mind in a different way than pure academics.

And it was at this time that the young prince's genius would truly begin to bloom.

-Kaihito POV

'So I'm finally awake.' I thought as I laid down a very plush and comfortable futon.

I looked around the room and found everything to be as these new memories depicted.

A beautiful bookcase with numerous story, basic education, religious and coloring books. A pair of almost lifelike paintings representing the rising Sun and gentle moon, with a smooth and elegant piece of calligraphy with the 'Enlightenment' written on it by an ancient master.

Finely decorated rice paper doors, smooth, spotless wooden floors spiting at the tatami mats, a size appropriate work table with a very comfortable little cushion, some old toys and a small plush white tiger by my side.

My oldest companion in this life as it should be a gift from my grandfather, the Emperor, upon my birth.

'He appears to be surprisingly dotting for the man who led Japan against the Allies during the war. But I do believe it might be from what my parents essentially feared, meaning subtle indoctrination into a mode of thought.' I briefly pondered on that before turning my attention to other things.

The first being these new memories: as a prince and Nathaniel Essex's.

My toddler memories were incredibly clear and potent. Although short and limited compared to even my own from my past life, these new ones seem almost more impactful.

I could feel a desire for my new parents, the sadness of their constant absence, how 'I' found solace and guidance from stories, learning more than those around me could possibly guess as I learnt the burdens of the crown from fantasy stories and myths, sought to improve myself in their absence to earn their praise and hopefully ease their burdens in the future, the way I was always trying to be on my best behavior to not add any more stress.

I found myself speechless at how kind and mature this new self was, but then I began to understand why.

The Sage Force had been constantly nourishing my young, ever developing mind in not just in pure intelligence, but also in comprehension and even wisdom. I would almost go so far to say it was helping me grow in an spiritual manner as well, nurtured further by the simplified pieces of philosophy I was introduced to by visiting priests and tutors, all of which would be delved into further without them knowing.

It was rather humbling really, what a child could achieve with the Sage Force when inadvertently nurtured properly.

And with these memories came strong feelings of attachement towards my new mother and father, no matter how absent they had been so far. I had understood that I would soon be able to spend more time with them as I was going to be old enough soon.

I was looking forward to it.

To being with them and seeing beyond the walls and lands I had been growing in. I had a very active imagination.

But the idea of my being in danger, or more specifically something which others could use to hurt my family did take root in my young mind as well, thus was an interest in strength created as well. The way of Bushido my grandfather spoke of. Warriors. Protectors. Guardians of our homeland, people and family.

An interest in combat and weaponry was created once I had understood that knowledge may accomplish many things, but someone needed to wield said knowledge to accomplish anything.

Someone learnt which parts of a body hurt more than others but they needed to implement the knowledge for it to be useful. Then someone came along to refine it, then further, then passed on, allowing the knowledge to grow until it became martial arts, then later the way of Bushido or Shinobi.

The same is true for weaponry.

Someone created explosive powder, but it took another to see more potential in guided explosives, then better craftsmanship, then better designs, improved efficiency, all until we obtained modern weaponry.

This cycle has allows been how knowledge as been passed down and improved to create new knowledge.

And my young mind was already understanding all of this at the age of 4. Truly a little monster.

Especially now that my knowledge of this general universe and experience as a soldier are to added, giving my mind a much better path of development.

But then stack the treasure trove, or maybe even cursed treasure trove, of knowledge an amoral, monstrous genius like Nathaniel Essex was able to accumulate in over a century of research and completely unrestrained experimentation, I was going to be able to open an unprecedented path.

There was a reason I chose the man after all.

When it comes to matters regarding biology and genetics, he is undoubtedly the best on Earth. Adding his additional research in the other fields of science and he matches the intellect of the greatest minds in Marvel.

I have no doubt that when i obtain everything I need, I will be able to craft myself into an unstoppable existence.

With all due respect to Essex, or as much respect as I could hold for such a monster, he limited his gaze far too much. Focusing on only mutants and pure science to reach his goal.

Even then, his mad desire for the ultimate mutant was only deemed possible because of one of the most powerful existences in the marvel universe deciding to reside on Earth.

He never looked beyond in-born gifts. Seeking the knowledge of those studying outside of mutant research. Lacked the desire to find a way beyond his design.

It was an obsession brought on by his pathological need to prove others wrong about himself and free himself from his 'master' by surpassing him in the area he believed himself supreme. Essex's hubris and madness could not stand defeating En Sabah Nur in any other way. He just did not believe it possible due to his self-limited scope.

Fortunately I did not inherit the emotions behind his knowledge. Doubly fortunate was the fact that I could distance myself from the memories themselves as they were simply horrifying.

What that monster had done to so many. His actions upon children. The way he used the Nazi war machine to supply test subjects. The untold number to deaths and monsters he left in his wake.

It makes me shudder, even after having seen the worst sides of humanity during my past life as I delved in war, the darkest of criminal underworlds, the great inequality between the richest who trample down on any who are not part of their groups. I had long since learnt of humanity's darkness, but Essex was darker still.

And this world was full of such monsters I would need to end.

For now though, I needed to grow.

Essex and my own memories will be ideal for my current development, especially with the Sage Force.

It would not only nurture my mind, but also my body to contain it.

I would need some form of immediate defense however, as such I would be using Essex's experience as a telepath and telekinetic to unlock and develop my own abilities. This will likely save me decades of training as I simply need time for my powers to grow, making sure I adjust accordingly as well.

Our combined memories regarding combat and the likes will help me gradually forge my own body into that of a warrior, but I will adjust those plans as I go.

As of this moment I need to focus on developing my psychic abilities and my concealment of such.

And so with my current plans set, it was time to face my new life.