It was exactly 3 months after that fateful day in which Harry was declared a squib that the Minister of Magic, members of the Wizengamot and the magical press marched into Gringotts.

"This is a grand day for the Ministry," Fudge declared in showman's voice and manner.

"How so Minister?" one of the radio reporters asked as he held the radio mike out for the Minister's reply.

"Today is the day that the Ministry take possession of the Potter's estates," Fudge replied with a smile.

"I thought that Harry Potter was the heir of the Potter family and that he was still alive," a newspaper reporter said as her quill wrote every word that was spoken. "If Potter died recently, why are you taking control of the estates now and not waiting the required 13 years for an heir to appear?"

"The answer to your question is very simple," Fudge answer. "My good friend, Lucius Malfoy pointed out to me that since Mr. Potter is a squib and the required 13 years have passed since the death of his magical parents, the Ministry is required to take possession of the estate and safe guard it for the good of the British wizard world."

"But Mr. Potter was only declared a squib 3 months ago," one of the reporters blurted out.

"The laws don't say how long someone has to be a squib, only that they are," Malfoy chimed in.

"What do you wizards want," a goblin demanded as he stormed up to the group. "You are interrupting Gringotts business."

"Yes. Yes," Fudge said dismissively. "We are here for Ministry business with Bassass... Banfart… whatever the Potter account manager is called."

"Bannaff," the goblin growled.

"Yes, whatever," the Minister said. "Just summon him. I am a busy wizard."

An evil smirk appears on the goblin's face. "Of course. I will summon him right away. You and your party can wait here." The goblin turned and walked away.

"I really don't know why we had to do this here and not in the Ministry," Fudge whined softly to Malfoy.

"It's a show of power, my friend," Lucius explained. "You are the Ministry of all of Britain. Even the goblins have to obey your commands."

"Yes. Yes. That's right. I am in charge," Fudge said as he stood a little taller and straightened his robes.

Those reporters close by took notes of the interchange while those farther from the two noticed the bank tellers. One by one, as they finish business with their client, they closed their window. They then turned their attention on to the Minister and his group, which included the reporters.

"Why do I have the feeling they are wishing they had a snack and a drink," Angus, one of the reporters from a lesser-known agency asked his companion.

"Probably because they are expecting blood to be spilled after all Fudge just insulted one of the five most important goblin in Gringotts," Duncan, the older reporter answered back.

"Are we safe?" Angus asked as he looked around at the guards that have moved into place.

"Do not pull your wand and place you back against a wall when the fighting starts. It will be over quickly," Duncan replied.

"We are going to die but if we make it out of here, it is going to make one hell of a story," Angus stated with the satisfaction most combat reporters demonstrate. "Think the goblins will allow us to interview them after they kill Fudge?"

Duncan looked at the younger reporter before looking at the goblins around them. "Maybe. Should be an interesting side of the article. Have to write two versions of it. One for the British paper and then one for the rest of the world."

"How so?"

"You have to spoon feed the Brits and be careful in what you say since they seem to be sensitive to certain things," Duncan explained.

Bannaff soon entered the Gringotts main hall however unlike the other goblin he was not dressed in a suit or in armour, but a simple white shirt, pants and shoes.

"I thought goblins normally dress better than that," one of the reporters commented which unfortunately echoed around the hall.

Bannaff glanced over at the reporter. "If I was dealing with someone important, like my client, I would be. But unfortunately, I am dealing with this rabble," he explained as he waved a hand in the direction of Fudge and Malfoy.

"Here now!" Fudge explained. "I am the Minister of all Britain. I am an important man! You have to obey me!"

"You were chosen to be Minister because you are easily lead and bribed. In addition, you have the intelligence of a dead flatworm. Lastly, you got the job because no one with any real intelligence or morals would want it," Bannaff stated.

"I will not stand to be insulted in such manner," Fudge exclaimed.

"Then sit down," Bannaff commented.

Fudge stared at the goblin, gaping like a fish.

"The Minister is here to deal with the Potter's estate," Malfoy chimed in suddenly.


"Because Harry Potter was declared a squib," Malfoy explained.

Bannaff sighed. "And when was this?"

Malfoy grinned slightly. "3 months ago. I just… The Minister realized that the Potter estate is now defunct since Harry Potter lost his magic when he refused to compete in the Triwizard Tournament."

Bannaff nodded his head. "And who declared that Mr. Potter was a squib?"

"I did," Dumbledore said as he pushed his way pass the reporters, who surrounded the Minister.

"I see," Bannaff said with a nod of his head. "Mr. Dumbledore…"

"Headmaster… Oh it should be Chief Warlock since I am representing the Wizengamot in this matter," Dumbledore said with a chuckle.

Bannaff waved a hand to dismiss the subject. "And when did you add Healer to your long list of titles?"


"A licensed Healer must examine the person in question before they can be declared a squib," Bannaff explained. "Granted a number of families dispose of a potential squib before they could be examined in order to prevent the word of just an issue getting out. Is that not right, Mr. Malfoy?"

"I would not know," Malfoy said thru clenched teeth.

"My mistake," Bannaff replied dryly before turned back to Dumbledore. "So, when did you examine him?"

"Yes, umm…"

"Because when I examined him on the November the 25th, Mr. Potter had his magic. I was very distressed to learn that one of your employees, Sprouts I believe snapped his wand on your say so without him being examined for his magic," Bannaff stated.

"What does that mean?" Fudge asked.

"That means, while the British Ministry has declared Mr. Potter a squib, Gringotts and the rest of the wizard world does not recognize this declaration," Bannaff explained.


"It means you do not get the Potter money nor his land," Bannaff explained in the simplest of terms.

"But Lucius said…"

"He was wrong."

"Excuse me," one of the reporters called out. "But if Harry Potter is not a squib and he still has his magic then where is he?"

"Not in Britain," Bannaff stated after a moment of silence.

"But… but he is not allowed to leave," Fudge stated.

"I agree," Dumbledore chimed in. "As Mr. Potter's magical guardian, I did not give him permission to leave."

"Dumbledore, you were never Mr. Potter's magical guardian and if you were I'm sure that Lady Magic would punish you for doing such a piss poor job of it," Bannaff stated. "As for leaving Britain, Mr. Potter is a legal adult thank to the Ministry and the agreement of the 3 school administrators."

"Administrators?" one of the reporters called out.

Bannaff sighed. "Headmaster Dumbledore, Headmaster Karkaroff and Headmistress Maxime."

"Ohh," the reporter said before softly saying to the other reporters, "Why did he not just say so."

"I do not think that is legal," Fudge said hesitantly.

"It is legal," Bannaff said with a smile.

"Mr. Potter still needs to complete his O.W.L.s," Malfoy pointed out.

Bannaff nodded his head. "Mr. Potter and I did discuss other wizard schools in the world. I believe he is very happy with his decision."

"And which school did he decide upon?" Dumbledore asked.

"That is a private matter between Mr. Potter and myself," Bannaff stated.

"I am the Minister of Magic, I demand you tell me where Mr. Potter is," Fudge snarled.


"I am the Minister…"

"Per the treaties with the British Minister, I do not have to tell you anything about my client," Bannaff countered.

"We will see about this," Fudge snarled as he turned around and stormed to the entrance.

One of the reporters following him shouting out, "What is your plan, Minister?"

"To convene the Wizengamot so we can deal with this issue," Fudge snarled in replied.

"I whole heartedly agree with the Minister," Dumbledore chimed in.

Bannaff watched as the last of stragglers chase after the Minister and his party as another goblin, also dressed in a similar outfit walked up to him.

"I take it they took the bait?" this second goblin asked.

"As the Muggles say, hook, line and sinker," Bannaff replied with an evil grin.

The second goblin nodded his head. "Tomorrow will be a glorious day."

It was mid-morning the day after Minister Fudge's attempt to take control of the Potter estate, as the member of the Wizengamot began to take their seats.

"Who are you and why are you in my seat?" Ralph Spindlewheel said as he stared down at the younger man in his seat.

"Mark Bitterwood," the man said. "I am the regent for the Potter estate."

"No, I am," Spindlewheel said, the confusion evident in his voice.

"You were the person, who was appointed by Dumbledore to act as regent but your services are no longer needed," Bitterwood said as he pulled a scroll from his robes. "Mr. Potter has asked Gringotts to find someone to act as regent and that job was assigned to me."

"Is this legal?" Spindlewheel asked as he read the scroll.

"Completely," Bitterwood answered. "As a member of Wizengamot, you should be familiar with the laws."

"May I?" Madam Bones as she appeared next to Spindlewheel, her hand held out for the scroll.

"Of course," Spindlewheel said nervously. "Dumbledore said I did not need to worry about the knowing the laws, just vote as he indicated."

"Since Mr. Potter was unavailable to advise you on how he would have preferred you to vote, you should have voted in line with the previous votes of the last Potter who held the seat. I believe that was Fleamont Potter," Bitterwood stated. "You should not have blindly followed Dumbledore."

"He is right," Madam Bones stated as she handed the scroll back to Spindlewheel. "Thank you for your services to the Wizengamot and the wizard world."

Spindlewheel clutched the scroll towards him like a drowning man hold onto to lifebuoy. "Yes. Ummm… I… Dumble…"

"Dumbledore is a very powerful and respective man. It is hard to go against the wishes of such a person," Bitterwood commented.

Spindlewheel nodded his head as he glanced over towards the person in question who had been watching the interchange.

"If you want, you can watch this meeting from the visitor gallery," Madam Bones offered.

"Yes. Yes, I think I will," Spindlewheel said before hurrying off.

"Thank you for your assistance, Madam Bones," Bitterwood said.

Madam Bones nodded her head in acknowledgement. "I think this session will be very interesting."

"Oh, it will be," Bitterwood said with a knowing grin.

"What do you mean this is your seat!" bellowed from the other side of the Wizengamot.

"Per article 179, Line 67, only the person or their representative can actively take a seat in Wizengamot. The per article 841, Line 12, the heir's Wizengamot seat must be declared in the will of the previous Wizengamot holder," a young woman, who's blond hair was pulled up in a strict bun, said as she looked down upon Avery Shores

"And what does that bather mean," Shores snarled. "I am the heir of my father's estate. I have been sitting in this chair for the past 50 years."

"If you had fully read your father's will, you would have seen that while you are the heir to his estate, he named another to the Wizengamot," the woman stated.

"Excuse me, Miss..." Madam Longbottom interrupted the eruption that Shores was about to release.

"Poisonwood, Maple Poisonwood," the young woman said. "And how can I help you, Madam Longbottom?"

"You're saying that Avery is not the heir to his family's Wizengamot seat, the seat his father held," Longbottom stated.

"Yes, ma'am. Mr. Shores assumed that he was the heir of the seat since he was the heir of the estate. And since no one question it nor Gringotts about it, it was held as fact… until now," Poisonwood explained.

"I do not believe this," Shores shout as he rose to his feet and towered over the young lady. "I demand that you prove this nest of lies. I know that my father left me this seat!"

"Are you petitioning for an inquiry on Wizengamot and those who own seats," Poisonwood said cautiously.

"Yes! Yes, I am," Shores shouted. "I want proof on what you are saying!"

A smile that would do any cat proud appeared on Poisonwood's face. "Thank you."

"What?" Shores sputtered as he saw the young woman's face.

"Per article 57, Line 5, Gringotts will conduct an audit on all Wizengamot seats to confirm the proper owner," Poisonwood explained.

"Oh, sweet merlin," someone exclaimed.

Turning to Madam Longbottom, "Due to the nature of your case, goblin healer will be examining your son and daughter-in-law."

Madam Longbottom face pales slightly, "Are you suggesting that I am keeping my son from his seat!"

"No, ma'am," Poisonwood replied. "I am suggesting that someone would like to keep both your son and daughter-in-law unavailable from doing their… duty."

"What?" Longbottom said before her eyes narrowed. Turning her head ever so slight so she could see a particular person in the corner of her eyes. "I would like a full report on the finding of your healers."

"Of course, ma'am," Poisonwood said with a slight nod of her head.

"How long will this review take," Shores ask having sat back down, after realizing that this slip of a girl had tricked him.

"Oh about 3 to 6 months," Poisonwood answered. "Maybe longer, depending on how much someone fights this review, for example the Malfoy."

"If you make that bastard lose his seat, I'll forgive you for lying to me girl," Shores said softly.

"I can assure you that Gringotts does its best at everything," Poisonwood replied.

"What do you mean that Wizengamot can not meet," Fudge squealed from where he stood with Dumbledore and Bones.

"As I explained, until Gringotts has completed its audit, the Wizengamot cannot meet," Bones explained.

"But I am the Minister. I demand we meet and we meet right now," Fudge ranted.

Dumbledore sighed, "There are three things you cannot stop. Death, taxes and a Gringotts audit. I am going to head back to Hogwarts since the house elves had roast chicken on the menu for lunch."

"And I have paperwork, I have to deal with," Bones added in as she too started for the exit.

"But I am the Minster," Fudge whined. "You have to do what I say. Malfoy said so!"

Deep within the cave system of Gringotts, three goblins shared a drink. "A toast to Harry Potter. A human with a mind of a goblin."

"Here! Here!"

"I am surprise how easily everything fell into place," Furluk, the second most important goblin in the world stated.

Having taking a deep drink from his mug, Raglirg, who is Head Goblin, said, "I agree. I was surprise how your agent was able to get Shores to demand an audit."

"That was Potter's idea," Bannaff stated. "As he pointed out, someone who is quick to anger, can be easily tricked. You just do not want to be around them when they realized that you tricked them."

Raglirg nodded his head in agreement. "Those with clear heads are the ones that kept them."

The other two goblins nodded in agreement.

Furluk took a deep draw from his mug. "I am surprise no one questioned Shores placement in Wizengamot."

"Why should they," Bannaff said with a smirk.

"If his father's will… did his father's will the seat to someone else?" Furluk asked as he placed his mug down on the table.

Bannaff shook his head.

"Your agent lied," Raglirg stated.

"Once the audit is complete, my agent will simply claim she mixed up the Wizengamot member and will apologize for her mistake," Bannaff said.

"Which he will forgive especially if Malfoy is no longer sitting on the Wizengamot," Raglirg added in.

"Who did Arcturus Black name as heir? I doubt that it is Sirius Black since everyone believes that he was convicted of the crime he was accused of," Furluk asked.

"Sirius," Raglirg answered simply. "The old wizard knew his grandson was the godfather to Potter and magic would not let him harm the child. He just could not prove it. If he openly admitted such thing, he knew Sirius's time of earth would be much shorter than it should be. All he could do is hope that the truth would come out and that the Black was still sane."

"And if Black was not sane then the seat would fall to Potter," Bannaff added in. "The boy has been Black's heir since his birth."

"Powerful young wizard," Raglirg said before picking up his mug and taking another drink. "What of Black? You said that Potter escape Britain? What about Black?"

"Black is current residing in a wizard retreat in Siberia," Bannaff stated.

"Siberia?" Raglirg echoed.

"He is enjoying the hot springs in the region," Bannaff explained. "We also arranged for him to be seen by healers, so they can address the damage from his imprisonment."

"We did?" Raglirg asked cautiously.

Bannaff nodded his head. "At Potter's request."

"And for our benefit," Furluk added in. "Both Black and Potter will look favourably upon the goblin nation due to our assistance."

"Exactly," Bannaff said with a toast of this mug.

"And speaking of Potter," Raglirg say. "How is he doing."

Bannaff pause for a moment before refilling everyone's mugs. "I have had an interesting report on him recently."

"Interesting good or interesting bad?" Furluk asked.

"Interesting of fuck," Bannaff replied.

Both Raglirg and Furluk drain their mugs in a long draw.

"Explain," Raglirg ordered as he allowed Furluk to refill his mug.

"The island that Potter is residing on recently had a visitor who practice Haitian Vodou," Bannaff explained. "This person claims that Baron Samedi is greatly offended by Potter's scar."

"I think I am missing something," Furluk said. "Who is Baron Samedi?"

"From what I understand, and my understanding is limited," Bannaff warned. "The Baron is a loa or spirit. It seems that his role in Vodou is as the master of the dead."

"And he is offended by Potter's scar," Raglirg said.

Bannaff nodded his head. "As far as I understand there is a piece of someone's soul, mostly likely the Dark Lord, embedded in the scar."

Raglirg drain his mugged in a long drunk before slamming it onto the table. "Damn soul jar. I bet Dumbledore know about it!"

"Soul jar?" Bannaff asked.

"That's right you didn't tour Egypt in your youth, did you?" Raglirg stated.

"Inca settlements," Bannaff offered. "My talents were better suited in unravelling their traps and curse than the Egyptian ones."

Raglirg nodded his head. "Soul jars or as the wizard called them Horcrux are a way for wizard to extend his life. The split their soul and place the part into some item. The soul jar then anchors the rest of the soul to the earth when they died. They can either possess someone else body or have their followers create a new body for them and then they're back in business."

"Do they work? I mean I never heard of them before nor heard of anyone coming back," Bannaff said.

"There is a bit of a debate on that. There have been some dark witches and wizards, who have come back but they do not last long. Normally they are dead again within 10 years," Raglirg stated

"So, if this Baron is offended by the soul jar, what does he expect Potter to do about it?" Furluk asked.

"Potter bought a box of Cuban cigars and the biggest bottle of rum he could find on the island," Bannaff explained. "After that my contact refuses to tell me anything, expect that the Baron fixed the problem."

"Fixed the problem with Potter's scar or fixed the problem?" Raglirg asked.

"The latter one," Bannaff replied.

Furluk exhaled forcefully. "I would have like to have known this earlier.


"I only received this report this morning and I felt it was better for us to concentrate on the Wizengamot meeting today," Bannaff admitted.

Raglirg was silent for a moment before nodding his head. "How many members of the Wizengamot do you expect to lose their seats?"

Bannaff and Furluk share a looked before Furluk said, "One fourth to one third. The majority of them will be the younger members, those who took their seats during the war."

"So those most likely to follow the Dark Lord?" Raglirg asked.


Raglirg was quiet for several moments before say, "What do you suggest that we do?"

"If you are asking about what we should do about so-called Death Eater, I would like to remind you that is a human issue. Not something the goblin nation should interfere with beyond what our client may suggest," Furluk stated.

"But they did interfere with the running of Gringotts. They cost us profits when dealing with our client and their accounts. In addition, they raised the cost of security on the bank," Bannaff countered.

"But with the Dark Lord truly gone, do you expect his followers to still cause issues?" Furluk asked.

"Yes," Bannaff replied quickly. "They were not just following a wizard, they were following an idea, a belief."

"So, if you destroy an idea, then you destroy their reasoning," Raglirg said. "But how do you destroy any idea?"

"A book," Furluk said softly.

"What? Bannaff and Raglirg looked at him in confusion.

"A book. A scroll. Something we find during the audit. Something someone squirrelled away from the public. Maybe the book will list the secret source of the Muggle-born. Maybe a Druid spell to increase the magic population after some disaster and the Muggle-born were the results" Furluk suggested.

"It would have to be something connected to Salazar Slytherin, since most of them seem to swear upon him," Bannaff added in. "Maybe Slytherin found it in his later life but was not able to announce the discovery before his death. Something caused him to change his beliefs in Muggle-born."

"Or more like how Hogwarts was handling these children," Raglirg suggested. "After all they were sending children back home to places that were being taking over by the Catholic church. To have your children disappear and reappear nearly a year later, ever year would cause some unrest among your neighbours."

"Humans are stupid creatures," Furluk stated as he poured another mug.

"I am thinking we need to do this in two steps," Bannaff said. "First, we find the scroll that stated that Muggle-born are the results of the Druid magic. Six to nine months later, Slytherin lost journal is found."

"What is your reasoning for this?" Raglirg asked.

"Because Furluk is right. A Person can be smart but humans are stupid," Bannaff replied. "Humans need to be spoon feed ideas, allowed to digest it and the feed some more. If you give them everything at once… it will be a mess."

"Then the next question is if we can fake the necessary documents?" Furluk asked.

"Of course, we can. All we need to do is have it 'Gringotts certified' and they will accept it as the truth," Raglirg stated firmly.

"But would it stand up to Muggle testing?" Furluk asked. "We are trying to trick, not just Britain wizards but all the witches and wizards in the world. We are giving them the reason why Muggle-born exist. They are going to test the scroll and try to prove if they are authentic or not."

Bannaff and Raglirg share a look. "Could use a Roman scroll from that time period. There is a goblin in the India office who has made a study of inks use throughout he ages," Bannaff stated.

"That is an unusual study," Furluk said.

"He often has to certify documents as being authentic, so I can image he would be interested in trying to create something that will fool everyone," Bannaff stated. "I do not think we have to go as far with the journal since most wizards outside of Britain will not be as interested in it."

Raglirg nodded his head in agreement. "Agreed. How soon can it be done?"

"A fortnight, at the earliest, if we have a scroll from the right time period. At the latest, a month," Bannaff replied.

"The Black line are well known to be collectors of information. During an audit of their vaults, it would be discovered hidden away," Furluk said.

"Would Black agree to this?" Raglirg asked.

"He would agree to the audit, especially if we mention the soul jar to him and suggest that his relatives might have hidden such items in the vaults," Bannaff stated.

"While neglecting to tell him that all of the soul jars have been destroyed," Raglirg added in. "And the journal?"

"A Muggle rare book store," Bannaff suggested.

Furluk snorted. "That would put a twist in the Pure blood tails."

The leader of the goblin nation was silent, a calculating look on his face as he reviewed the plan. "I do not see a problem with the plan. Implement it. It is time for the wizard world to grow up."

"In that case, may I suggest a toast? Something Mr. Potter said," Bannaff said as he raised his mug. "Here is to wrecking the status quo."

"To wrecking the status quo."

The end.