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Notice: Before you start to read this story, I like that became a project after reading several "Hellsing" X "Harry Potter" along with "Bloodrayne X Harry Potter" stories that I found on Fanfiction. I decided to create my own story and give Harry Potter a small harem of eight girls. He will have seven magical families to rebuild plus one extra family. A lot of them will be character OCs that I created based on their source material from other sources.

So far, the pairing will be Rayne Harker (OC based on Rayne from Bloodrayne game) X Harry Potter and two other girls that will be covered in this chapter. Hermione fans, relax she is in.

The reason for Rayne's name being Rayne Harker is simple. Rayne, the main character from the game "Bloodrayne"was used because I found none of the stories that has her paired with Harry Potter. I also found that she was easy to tailor into becoming the daughter of Dracula and the daughter of Mina Harker.

Notice to the readers though, only three worlds have been merged into one. Harry Potter X Hellsing X Bloodrayne with some modifications to fit with the first two. There is an OC that is so much like an Marvel Character that I just used the name and description for her, however she is not the same character.

Now, for Rayne, I am having her kill Kagan in Betrayal which negates the existence of the second game

Chapter Notice: The events of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" had taken place, well up to the last task which will be changed by this story. Also, Ron is still being a git in this story and did not apologize to Harry at all yet.

Now, please note that the past of this world is altered with elements from several different sources. I crafted this past using several sources that I found. First, I used "Hellsing" manga's history which is based on Brom Stroker's "Dracula" which according to the wiki that I found is the timeline before Alucard was restrained. I also decided to alter it to fit my needs, so I used timelines from the "Bloodrayne" games, but the second one not happening at all since Rayne will be sealed for this story. Also, please note that I also will be using parts of "Marvels" comic's Dracula character's history along with those of Selene Gallio for my story to create history along with I found in the "Harry Potter" wiki.

Due to this, the characters Red Sonya and Conan as well as some supporting characters from Dracula's Marvel timeline is part of the history of this world. Even though their names and some things are the same, Marvel will not exist in this story, just some elements.

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Potter's Bloody Luck Chapter One – The Daughter of Alucard

If he did not know any better, he would state that the old Chinese saying 'May you live in interesting times!', they were talking about him. No matter how much he tried, something always seem to happen that put his life in danger. Something always happens to him. It is not like he wakes up and says "I wonder what I can do to put my life in danger today?". However, there is one thing he knows he'll never have a quiet life due to his people-saving complex that Hermione says he has.

The current issue at hand is a prime example of the curse that his life. Due to this he was not in good mood at all and had not been in some days. Better yet, he has not been in a good mood most of the year.

This year sucked worse than the last three years. This year he planned to sit back and attempt to stay out of the limelight and focus on school. However, the curse of his life decided to screw him.

He thought about how his life became cursed in the first place. It would seem that Karma was punishing him for surviving the killing curse or 'Avada Kedavra' when he was only a year old. Maybe it was something that he did in a past life? He was getting sick and tired of it.

How was this year worse? Well, it all started when it was announced that the Tri-Wizard Tournament was taking place this year. He was not sure why, but his instincts screamed danger when it was announced. To make things worse, his instincts screamed very loudly when the requirements to enter were stated, even though he had no intention to enter at all. He hoped that he would stay out of trouble this year, well he should have known better than to tempt fate.

Then came the day of the drawing of names from the cup. He had done all he could to make sure that there were witnesses to state that he was nowhere near the dam things. How stupid of him to count on them when the chips were done. He was stupid enough to breathe easy when Cedric Diggory's name came out to represent Hogwarts as the two champions were selected. You mean the tournament was only meant for one represented for each school and there were only three and come on the name had Tri which meant three. However, Karma decided to fuck with him, for it was then that it happened. His name came out making it four champions instead of three.

He was so shocked at what had happened with the Dumbledore shaking him the way he did that he did not think about swearing an oath on his magick that he did not do it. However, he had witnesses and they did not step forward so he doubted it would matter at all in the first place.

After much talk, it was determined that he had to compete or lose his magic. He was not sure why he had to, for he survived without magic beforehand so he could do it again. Then there is the fact that he would be stuck with the Dursley family year around. He doubt that even if he lost his magic they would treat him nice at all. So, he had to compete in it.

That was when everyone in his house as well as his so-called friends showed their true colors. Everyone in school turned on him thinking that he was trying to steal Cedric's glory and that he somehow managed to get his name in the cup on purpose. Ron, his best mate called him a lair when he told him that he did not do it.

To make matters worse, Draco took it and ran with it to make the year bad for him. The little death eater junior made money off the whole deal selling pins that supported Cedric and then insulted him. The only person in the whole school that stood by him was Hermione Granger. This was good, but she was making up for the whole firebolt incident last year so this made him lonely and isolated.

One death trap to another in this whole tournament was for him. Someone who was competing against others that were seven-year students. To make matter worse, no teacher was allowed to teach him anything outside what his classes had due to the rules. At least he managed to win some respect from Fleur with the rescue of her little sister in the first task and Cedric by telling him about the Dragons and how to solve the egg.

He also noticed that Cho Chang along with the Patti twins seem to look at him with sadness each time he was ridiculed by the rest of the school. Maybe six people in the whole school supported him, and one of them was not a student of their school at all. Maybe he should look into changing schools.

Then the current issue at hand took place. One that he rather not find himself in at all. For at this moment his life was in danger and he was not sure if he had a chance to get out of it. For, Cedric is currently on the ground dead and the man that had killed him had done something that Harry wished he did not.

Peter or 'wormtail' and 'traitor' that he was referred to by Sirius had used his blood to create a new body for the Dark Lord. The man that had attempted to kill him when he was a baby. The man that betrayed his parents was there as well helping him with the whole thing. Then the man demanded a duel of honor against him and had him untied and armed with his wand.

He felt disgusted by this fact, for in a way magically he was now the brother of the wanker. He is sure that his mother was rolling in her grave or throwing a fit in the afterlife if she knew that this had taken place.

At the moment, there were beams of magic coming from both wands and they were on equal footing with each other. For they both cast spells at the same time and both meet in the area right between them. The two spells collided and since both wands were brother wands, so there was no way one would overpower the other. So, after a few moments, a blast took place that forced the two apart backward.

"Confringo!" Yelled a voice that sounded like it came from Lucius Malfoy as something hit Harry in the chest as he flew backward off his feet.

The blast added more power to the movement which caused Harry to fly into the darkness several yards away. The force was enough that it caused him to hit the wall of a crypt that was behind him.

Pain wrecked his body as jagged edges of the stone wall that surrounded the newly formed hole cut through his skin drawing blood. Harry hits the floor with a loud thud as a cloud of dust kicked up in the air. He did not stop there, for his body skipped across the floor like a stone before he hit something made of metal causing it to crash onto the ground.

While he lay there, blood from the cuts on his body began to flow out of the cuts on his body. He did not stop there for his body bounced as it hit something metal causing a crash. He was in pain, but that was when he noticed that there was a sound of water running out of something filling the air.

As he lay there in pain, the sound of water running out of something into the cracks in the ground continued to fill the air. Little did anyone know except for a select few that events at this moment were triggered, events that would alter the fate of Harry Potter as well the world. For, someone from the past sealed and forgotten by the Ministry of Magic is now free.

Due to the cuts and injuries that he had, Harry started to bleed more. Blood began to flow more quickly out of the cuts. However, when the first drop of his blood hit the ground something happened. A magical circle that was colored red and green flared up as power filled the air. The glow of color from it filled the room as it grew larger unil it covered the walls, roof, and floor of the room.

There were four torches, one in each corner that flared up to reveal a silver coffin that was on the ground with a bent and broken stand that he had hit. It was at this moment that the torches flared up and time stood still.

"So, it is time for her to be released." Stated a seductive voice as a young curvy woman walked out of the shadows.

She looked like she was somewhere between the years 19 to 21 years of age. She was wearing a pair of black leather high-heel boots that went up to her knees, where a bikini bottom matched in color and material that hugged her curvy body that most will kill for as well as a see-through black lace mini shawl that was also hung around her waist. Around her waist was a black leather belt that had a skull buckle.

She was also wearing a corset that was also the same color and made of leather. It was small for it barely encased her large bust as it was tied closed with matching leather straps pushing her breast up with a V-cut that showed up her impressive cleavage. She also had black hair that reached the center of her shapely rear.

In the light that was provided by the torches that were in the corner of the crypt, one could see that she had tan skin, this was none other than Selene Gallio [1], a sorceress that has lived since the day of Conan and daughter of Death and Hecate [2] of the Endless [2]. Around her neck was a golden chain that had a yellow stone that glowed hanging around it making her The Supreme Sorceress of Magic since this was the eye of Magic [3].

[1. No, not the same one from Marvel 616, even though her looks and abilities along with a lot of history are from her. This is an OC based on her looks as well as all her abilities plus more. Marvel is not part of this story.]

[2. Yes, the Endless are DC characters, but I am using them with a few extra added to the mix for my collection. Later, will be told. Hecate though was not part of them, but I added her for it would seem good for my purpose.]

[3. It is like the Eye of Agamotto, but a stone that I created since the infinity stones do not exist in this story, though it does act as the mind stone.]

She looked at the coffin that she assisted in creating to help the person that was in it instead of permanently sealing her or hurting her even though she was forced to make it seem that way. It was currently tilted so the foot end was the ground while the head was up. It was cracked as well.

There was a second one inside of it and was floating in Holy Water with seals and runes along with wards carved into it. Inside was a sealed warrior that served the Bloodstone Society before and during the second war. That was until the Ministry of Magic convinced the other magical governments to shut it down, after all, there were muggles and magic users in it and that was not right in their eyes.

So, all the magic users were brought into the magical world as the muggles joined the Hellsing Organization, which is why their minds were not wiped. The only reason why they did not make a move against them is simple. One reason is Alucard and the second is the Queen of England who was magical and protects them and has since Alucard was taken in by them.

This warrior was a young woman that fought through a lot. She had defended humans and had slain what goes bump in the night. Her main target though was vampires. Hunted them for years while hunting down someone who she thought to be her father. She would later that she was not one of his children even though he thought she was. It was due to this that, she would learn that she was not only able to resist surviving him, but to kill him as well. For Rayne was the daughter of Mina Harker and Dracula before the second war.

The Ministry was going to attempt to kill her, and at that time they would have succeeded for all her abilities hadn't woken up yet and needed the blood of her true father. So, Selene managed to hide among those that were there to seal her. She had convinced them that as the daughter of Alucard, (the new name that Dracula had taken after being bounded to Hellsing), she cannot be killed so it would be better to seal her instead.

So, Selene took charge of the project and created the coffin. She made it seem that she was creating it to keep her sealed, but in reality, she made it so it would help the woman. She also made it so she would even become more powerful as well maybe an equal to her father.

As she was being sealed, Selene had spoken to her telepathically and explain to her what was going on and for her to just relax and allow it to happen. She also told her that this would assist in awakening the abilities that she would gain from her father as well to protect her from going mad and insane when all the souls of those that she had drained and absorbed awaken. Also, in time she would be freed with a new mission.

This mission was to protect someone that was chosen by fate to defend the world from all types of threats. Someone that would accept her for who she was. Someone that will be changed and will have a very long life, maybe forever as long someone does not find a way to kill him.

So due to this, one could say that Selene knew that this day was coming and knew of her mother's plans for Harry and decided that Rayne Harker would be a perfect warrior to serve Harry and all his needs. She knew that Rayne's abilities that she inherited from her father making her just as strong would come forth during the long 49-year sleep. Abilities that her father had wakened in her after finding out Rayne existed. The time that Rayne learned that Kagan was not her father, and she was not a child of rape but a child of love.

The holy water that floated the coffin that contained her was leaking very fast, the seals and wards along with runes that needed the water to work would break down and allow Rayne to come out. However, she was here for Harry. He was not ready to become the master, lover, and love of herself, another as well Rayne at the same time. This was something that she was going to correct at this moment.

"Harry Potter, I know you feel that you are cursed to suffer forever and for that I am sorry. I was not allowed to interfere until now." Selene stated as she looked at the eyes of the young man that was on the ground.

"Even though you cannot hear me or understood me at this moment, I know that your mind will retain this meeting and slowly filter it into your dreams. I must say this. Mother and mom created the three hollows, a joke in some ways. You were destined to earn the title of Master of Death, but it is not what many think it was. Back then wife of a man meant that he was her master. And it is not my mother they would gain but me, the one that has unrestricted access to their knowledge and abilities."

"However, the way thing stands, you will not meet your full potential due to someone's interference. Due to this, I am allowed to interfere now and in the ways that I had done before now. I believe that you are worthy of the plans of my parents and will make sure you do now." She stated as snapped her finger and three dark orbs flew from different directions and formed one in her hands.

"However, in this timeline Harry, you were meant to die tonight my love, something that I and my parents agree cannot happen. So, here in my hand are the enchantments and powers of those three artifacts making them nothing more than normal than more powerful items." She stated as she took the orb and slammed it into his chest causing a red glow to surround his body.

She sensed the bindings that were placed on him breaking so he would have full access to his powers and abilities. Bindings that his parents placed as well others that Dumbledore had placed thinking that he knew what he was doing and forgotten to remove or did not care to remove at all. A dark shade leaked out of the scar that was on his forehead.

"You are not going to report to the rest of you soul-shards little bastard." Selene sneered as summoned it and turned it into a glowing black ball.

"What to do with you, a fool that thinks that he can use mom's gifts to cheat mother? I know." She stated as she began to strip all the power, certain memories, and knowledge that it contained forming a glowing white ball right by it.

"Mom is Hecate of the Endless, or as many magical beings call her Mother Magic. Mother is Death in case you are wondering my dear." She stated as she use the abilities that she gained from her parents to continue doing what she was doing until she was done and destroyed the black ball with her hand.

"A little gift for you Harry, something that will give you an edge against Voldemort and corpse munchers as well make things easier for you." She stated as took the white ball and sent it to Harry.

"Now, you will stop aging when you are 19 years old and be like me and my parents but like me will have a gender and form. This will pass on to those that are magically married to you as well love. O, that is right thanks to the old fool you do not know that you are cursed to be loved and marry several women that will love you. You will also be able to gain some of their abilities as well if they have something that you do not have. But for now, it is her time to shine and usher you into your new life, for I will come later with another but not much longer." She stated as she smiled as the glow that surrounded Harry had stopped.

"I told you about him, Rayne, take care of him. Teach him what I told you to do and fix our broken love." She stated as she faded into a mist that slowly faded into nothing.

Time restarted as the magical circles glowed. A small series of circles glowed above the coffin and flew into it. Inside it, the circle hits the body as glowing green eyes shot open. She could feel the magic interacting with her body. She felt something like a bond and allowed it, for that woman that was there that night and spoke in her mind told her that it would happen.

"So, it is time, is it?" A low female seductive demonic voice stated as she felt everything that sealed her here begin to fade.

Her crossed hands shot up which caused the silver coffin to break open along with the other one since the holy water is now gone. The sound of both lids of the coffins being forced off and shot against the walls of the crypt echoed into the air.

This caused Harry who was on the ground in pain to jump some as he heard it. He looked over to where the sound came from to see that a silver coffin had been broken open. He was in fear, for he had several guesses about what was going on, but what was going to happen was far from one of them.

It was then that he noticed It. It was a young woman that was standing out of the coffin naked as she was born. Harry who was stiff and still due fear took in the sight that was before him.

The woman was moving very slowly, which allowed him to take in the beauty of this woman. Once she had gotten out of the coffin and was standing, she began to stretch like a cat showing off her firm assets and toned muscles. He noticed that she was standing about six feet tall, and even though she knew that she was not alone, she seem to not care. The candlelight showed a young attractive woman that had crimson neck-length hair that parted down the middle. Her eyes which seem to glow in power to the point that they were emerald green in color. Her skin color was pale in color though, as the light reflected off her slender athletic figure.

The whole event was causing little Harry to stand attention. What, she did not look like a corpse and was sexy as hell and he was a 15-year-old hormonal teenager, how could his body not have a such reaction? The whole time, Harry could not take his eyes off her, and she seem to know this as she gave him a wink and a seductive smirk appeared on her face.

'I think that is enough of a show for him at this moment.' She thought as she began to recall what she wore before she was stripped after being stunned that night and stripped by the witches.

'Thank god that she had kept the males at bay while she and the witches stripped me of my clothing. She stated that she would destroy them, but I will gain the ability to summon the shadows to cloth me from now on.' Rayne thought.

She snapped her finger using memories of abilities that she learned from the blood that her true father gave her to drink, blood that she accepted after killing Kagan and came across him and Walter after they finished wiping out the Nazi group that was experimenting on werewolves.

Black shadows erupted from the corners of the room and wrapped around her as she magically assessed void storage where she had stored her outfit before going to sleep when the coffin was sealed. The clothing appeared on her as she magically applied red lipstick, black mascara, and lavender eyeshadow.

The shadows took on her signature dominatrix-Esque outfit consisting of an all-red and black leather corset vest, matching detached sleeves stitched to fingerless gloves, and matching leggings stitched together with high-heeled stiletto platform boots that added another six inches to her height. They also formed a choker with a leviathan cross (the sigil of the Brimstone Society) in a red jeweled necklace, as well as black ribbons attached to large rings looped into her hair[4].

[4. Now, I would like to make three points. 1st she is her actual outfit in the first game. 2nd, sex, and vampires go hand to hand, that is how they entrap people to feed off of which is why she gave Harry a show and flirted some. 3rd, if you watched the movies, she was a slut and hinted at it in the game. My version for this story she is experienced, but not much of an slut.]

It was at this time that Harry began to have a hint of fear as he looked at her. He knew that this woman was dark and powerful for the hair on the back of his neck stood up at their ends. He had heard of vampires and his instincts were telling him that she was one, a very powerful one.

"He went over there!" Yelled a male voice from the outside.

'Hmmm, according to Selene when I was sealed, she stated that the one that I am bound to as a guard, weapon, and wife will be the first one that I see when I awoke. He is the only one here and the first one.' Rayne thought as memories of the magical bond that was formed when awoke came to her mind as she looked at the hole then back at Harry and smile at him while looking at the blood that was pooling around Harry.

Her eyes glowed as she held up her hand and all the blood flowed up into the air and formed a ball that floated above the palm of her right hand. Harry's mouth opened in shock as she looked at it. Then she willed it to flow into her mouth as her eyes seem to glow with anger, remorse, and desire. She smiled at him as she cut her upper arm which healed quickly after some blood flowed out and formed a ball. Before he knew what happened or reacted, she sent into his open gaping mouth. She closed her eyes as she communicated with the blood that was in him with blood magic.

"Hmmm, virgin blood is always the best. You can relax Harry for the blood that I sent into your mouth will not turn you. You can also know that you will not be harmed in any way by me or those fools outside. Tonight or ever they will not kill you by the decree of Mother Magic and Death on this night. The reason why is simple, I am not here to hurt you. After all, you are my master, for tonight magic and death as well as their daughter has deemed you worthy of having me as your guard and much more from now on to the end of time." She stated as her hands as swords flew off the wall behind her into her hands while she began walking with the sound of her heels echoing off the walls and filling the air as she walked to the hole.

'That is scary and hot at the same time.' Harry thought as he looked at the woman and her rotating hips which seem that she was doing on purpose to get a raise out of him.

He felt the wounds that he had received tonight starting to heal from the blood as he looked at her. He was enraptured by her seductively swinging hips that moved with each step she took as her worlds began to register in his mind. It was then that she stopped right at the hole.

"I am hungry tonight Master since I had not eaten or fed in the past 49 years. Do you mind if take a little snack from those wankers outside that are trying to kill you, Master?" Rayne asked as she stopped at the hole and looked over her shoulders to see that Harry had smirked as he realized that she was asking permission for something.

"Feast, but remain in the graveyard to assist me home," Harry stated in a firm tone for some odd reason as the words filled his brain that seem to be the right words as she smirked at him with a seductive smirk.

"Yes, that is the right answer master. I will be back after taking a small snack, and gaining the body of Cedric for we do not want to end it too quickly now do we? After all, there is a few things that you must do before you are ready to end it tonight and it is not time." She stated as she walked out of the hole as harry gawked at her.

Back to the point that Harry was blasted into the darkness into the crypt….

While that was going on in the crypt, another scene was going on with Voldemort and his followers. After Harry was blasted out into the darkness, all the summoned Death Eaters went to their lord and master. They had managed to get him back on his feet and he glared at the one that blasted Harry Potter.

"Now Lucius, why did you blast him?" Voldemort asked as he glared at his follower.

"Simple my lord, I wanted to make sure that you win since both yours and his wands are out of your hands. You may not know it, but he was raised by muggles so he might attack with his feet and hands which is not the proper way to behave in a duel," Lucius stated as he was on his knees with his head bowed.

Voldemort stood there looking at Lucius while trying to figure out if he should punish him or not. First, Lucius is correct in some way even though it was a loophole that he used. Then he recalled that he did not instruct them to not interfere, so for once Lucius got off lucky.

"I see and will instruct him when we do it again. However, do not interfere again," Voldemort stated as he looked at his followers.

"Now my friends, I want you to find him, bring him to me so we continue. Heal him, for this duel must take place for only one of us will live tonight! And no one interferes!" He ordered his followers, but at that moment the air grew heavy and much colder.

"He went over there!" Yelled a male voice from among them as he pointed in the direction that Harry flew in.

"Then go collect him, for I know wards were set up so without the port key or the mark no one can teleport out of here," Voldemort stated with a sneer as they began to walk in the direction that Harry flew in.

"My, my, what have here, several blood bags. Now can someone explain why did you all disturb my sleep?" A female seductive voice asked coming from the direction that they were heading.

It was at that moment that they all cast illumes spells with their wands to reveal Rayne slowly and seductively walking towards them. The light gleamed off the sharp blades that were in her hands and the leather clothing that she was wearing. There was a small drip of blood coming from her mouth that was open to reveal her vampiric fangs.

She looked at them as she snapped her fingers to cause the blades to vanish into a pocket dimension that she had. Then her mind went back to the all guns and ammo that she had collected during the world and realized that Selene did not remove them at all even though she told the others that she did. With an internal smirk, she made a mental note to go through them later and see about getting some special modifications and ammo for them.

"Who the fuck are you bitch?" Asked one of the male Death Eaters as another smacked him on the back of the head.

"You fool, that is a fucking Draculina and a very powerful one as well. She can you sense the magic in the air coming from her, even though it should not be possible." The one that smacked him stated as she smirked in response at them showing her fangs.

"The name is not important, what is that you woke me from my 49-year nap." She stated as she surveyed them all as well as took in the layout of the battlefield, "However, I am not that pissed since that was nice virgin blood that I just had a few moments ago and now hungry for more."

"You hear that lord, she drained Potter for you." Stated wormtail as he looked at her in fear and arousal while Voldemort looked at her with wonder and fear for, he could sense that she was a threat if he was not careful.

"Interesting creature that you are. However, serve me like the rest of your kind, and I will reward you in ways that you only can dream my lovely creature," Voldemort stated as she looked at him with a look of distaste on her face.

"Serve you like the rest of my kind, surely you a fool if you think my kind serves you when those so-called vampires are shadows to those like me. However, I gladly say that my answer is sorry, but my master would not like that and besides, I can't serve someone that sides with my sworn enemies and look like a shit face." She stated as she moved with unholy speed and skill.

Before the two could act, she grabbed them both by their necks. She bit one draining him of all his blood as the other's throat was sliced open by her fingernails. The others at once moved as they pointed their wands at her as she feed from the neck of one as the blood of the second one formed a ball of blood from his body.

"Avada Kedavra!" as several flashes of blinding green light and a rushing sound, as though a vast, invisible something was soaring through the air came from five wands that had pointed at her.

They hit her and released the two bodies as she fell backward to the ground and remained lifeless. They all looked at her and smiled, for everyone knows that the Killing Curse can kill a vampire as well wooden stakes, silver weapons, and holy water was a few things that could kill them.

"Now that is done, go collect the body of the boy if he is dead, however, if he is somehow still alive then bring him here for tonight his life ends for his crimes of existing against me," Voldemort stated in a firm tone as everyone started to move forward not seeing the blood from the one that she was feeding from flowed into her body.

"Out of the twenty that cast that spell at me, only ten of you hit. I have to say though, that was an interesting experience, you know having ten souls ripped out of your body. That spell had removed ten of the souls that I have, so with those two I need to collect eight more from you wankers to balance everything out." Rayne's voice echoed in the air as they looked in the direction that she landed to see that she was not there anymore.

"What!" An blond hair witch screamed as she was grabbed and taken into the darkness and silenced before anyone knew what had taken place.

"What the hell my lord, we hit her with the killing curse!" Lucius yelled as another male vanished from them.

"There are tales of another that could survive and it would seem that she is connected to him. Be careful my friends, for she is dangerous, and killing her would make us legends." Voldemort stated as he hides the fear that he was feeling as he recalled the stories of Alucard of Hellsing that he found while looking for the Elder Wand before he gave up and started his campaign all those years ago.

"Find her but watch each other's back," Voldemort stated as they all remain on guard unknown to them another one of them was taken into the shadows before he could scream.

A few minutes passed as six more were taken and then there was nothing. They even looked where the screams were and only found the bodies of those that were missing before. The fear was in the air as they took turns casting illumes spells into the darkness to find her but were not having any luck while others were ready to blast her. Then there was nothing but silence. Ten had been taken meaning that she had killed twelve of them by now.

Back at the Crypt….

Harry stood up and looked around and made sure that he had his wand. He was not sure what to do, for he knew that he had to leave soon and warn everyone about what had taken place tonight. He also wanted to recover the body of Cedric so his family to mourn for him and not allow the Death Eaters a chance to desecrate it.

"Master, I got Cedric's body and got a nice snack from the vermin outside. I however lost ten souls but gained twelve more to replace them. The blood I drank will take care of me for a little while." A female seductive voice stated as he turned to see her at the hole inside the crypt with Cedric over her shoulder.

"How?" Harry asked as she smirked seductively at him.

"Blood master, blood holds the soul of all as well memories and knowledge of those that it comes from. I have tasted yours and gained your memories and knowledge but not the soul. Also, the blood I control that is healing you has set up a link between us….and I am flattered about your thoughts about me but let's wait till you get to know me.

"Now, I had however drained a total of twelve tonight and gained their souls. This means that I have their knowledge and memories. I will teach you what I learned from them since like you, I can use magic since my mother was a witch. I have to learn though for never before had I never had a reason to. Now, I have gotten them scared and away from the cup. I can kill them all, but that is your fate with me beside you and you are not ready to do so at them now and your life is my concern." She stated as she seductively walked to him and placed her right index finger on his chin and lifted his head to look into his eyes.

"Master listen to my request…. Let's get you back to the school and regroup at the moment and later on we will deal with them. After all, revenge on him for your parents is best dealt with gradually then quickly." She stated as Harry looked at her with wide eyes and then nodded his head.

"I agree for we have to sort you out, my lady," Harry stated playing with words as she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"There is more to come, Master, for I am yours to command for anything and gain advice from." She stated as she places her hand on his shoulder.

"Master, however, I have a suggestion for you when we get back and knowing you have to tell them what happened tonight." She stated as she looked at him.

"When asked what happened tonight, do not say any names even though you know who was there. Just claim it was someone that said his name was Voldemort, but you are not sure since you do not know what he looked like. You can tell them about Cedric being killed by the person that was doing the ritual. From what I gained from those that I feed from; this would be the best." She stated as Harry looked at her and began to understand what she was saying.

"My name was Rayne Harker but now Rayne Potter, and you can tell them the truth about how you gained me as your servant and guard. I will explain the rest to them." Rayne stated as she gave him a chastised kiss on the lips as they vanished into a pool of blood.

Back outside….

"My lord, the body of the spare is missing," Wormtail stated as he looked around the graveyard gaining Voldemort's attention.

"She did all this to gain it, why would a vampire do something like that?" Lucius asked as he looked around to see something.

"I am something more than a vampire vermin, I would explain it to you, but your small dicks and brains will not register it at all. Now, I and my Master must go." Rayne stated as she and Harry touched the cup.

Voldemort cast a curse that hit Harry, but it did not stop him from touching the cup. As blood flew from the wound, she glared at him as they both vanished along with the cup and body of Cedric. The glare sent chills down Voldemort's spine.

"I see, somehow he gained a weapon in her," Voldemort stated as everyone relaxed but remained on guard as he regained his composer.

"I deal with her my lord through…." Lucius stated as Voldemort looked at him.

"You will not do such a thing; she is more than a simple vampire and making a move against her will get you more in trouble than it is worth. If she is connected to who I think she is, then it would be best not to. Even if she helped Potter, try to hold off for now until we learn who she is and hope that I am wrong." Voldemort stated as Lucius nodded his head to show that he understood.

"Lucius, see if you can find Tubalcain Alhambra[5] and ask if he knows anything about her, and those of you that still work in the ministry see what you can find out about her." He stated as they all nodded their heads to show that they understood their orders.

[5. Yes, there will be some trading between the Millennium and Tom, however it is not a true alliance due to contradicting agendas and like to see each other fail.]

Dumbledore and others were looking around for Harry Potter. They had no idea where he was at all. The only thing that they knew was the fact that he was missing along with Cedric. There was a mild panic. People began to wonder what was going on while those that supported him worried since they believed that someone had entered him. Ron was there trying to comfort Hermione, but she was having none of it.

"Bug off Ron!" Hermione yelled at him as Ron looked at her with a shocked look on her face.

"Why, I am trying to make sure you are okay with that cheater missing," Ron replied[6].

[6. In this story Ron had not apologized to Harry for not believing him and still think that he did and is jealous of him.]

A loud slap was heard as everyone stopped what they were doing and went to its source. Standing there with her hand cocked back glaring at Ron was none other than Hermione Granger. Ron was there holding his face as he looked at her with a look of shock on his face.

"He did not put his name in the cup you arse. Yet, you a friend of his stand against him with the rest of the idiots of this school and dare to speak to me like all is right with the friendship between us, go fuck someone with money and little common sense and leave me and him alone or I will hex into next year!" Hermione yelled as she began to walk off but was stopped when Ron reached out and grabbed her shoulder.

"Listen here woman, he is a glory hound and a cheat, and you know it, so…" Ron was staying when Hermione turned around while swinging her first which connected right into the center of his right between the eyes.

The punch had enough force that it sounded right on impact as well causing Ron to fly right onto his back with a wide look on his face as blood start to flow out of his nose. Everyone looked at her with bewilderment for it was not common for a woman to hit a male with such force. Even though it was not proper, every female there felt pride in Hermione for showing everyone that she was not weak like many males thought females were.

The whole time watching this was Harry and his vampire guard. They could hear it all and Harry was getting pissed at Ron who claimed to be his best mate. He was happy that Hermione stood by him like she had done the whole time since his name came out of the Goblet. She might have regained the title of a friend instead of just making up for the broom incident last year. At least she cared about him and not his fame or money like he figured that Ron was.

"Ooo Master, I like her." A seductive female voice stated loud enough to break the silence that filled the air as everyone turned to look at the source.

Everyone turned around to see a seductive-looking woman with red hair with Cedric's body on her right shoulder and her left arm around Harry Potter holding him up with signs of battle due to tattered-looking robes and clothes hanging on his body. The males of the group had a hard time not looking at the woman as the females beside Hermione looked at her with anger and jealousy due to her looks and Having Harry on her. Hermione quickly shook her head at such thoughts.

"Harry, what happened?" Hermione questioned as she ran to him and began to check on him for injuries a smirk appeared on Rayne's face at the scene.

"The…." Harry was saying as he fell to the ground in pain as Madam Poppy Pomfrey came rushing to check on him.

"He has been hit with a cursed cutting curse. Let me take….." She was saying as Rayne put down Cedric's body gently onto the ground and then with love and care picked up Harry like he was light as a feather and looked at her.

"Take us both, for I will not leave my Master's side," Rayne stated as Madam Poppy Pomfrey nodded her head and apparated both of them into the hospital wing of Hogwarts as Hermione looked at the spot they both were in.

"Look at that, the glory hound come back with a hot woman, he needs ….." Ron was saying as Hermione both throws another punch that knocked him out.

"Does anyone else have something to say about Harry in a negative light and what just happened?" Hermione asked with a bit of anger in her voice as everyone shook their heads as she stormed off with Dumbledor looking at Cedric's body.

"Someone see to Mr. Cedric while I find out what happened tonight," Dumbledore stated as he apparated from there.

"It's Harry, he killed him. I know it for Harry was jealous of Cedric being the true Hogwarts champion." Draco Malfoy stated seeing a chance to commit an act of character assassination on Harry.

"That is a good point there, just relax for I will deal with this heir Malfoy. I will contact Mr. Diggory's parents and then the Ministry for Aurors to come to arrest that creature or kill it along with Harry Potter for murder." Percy stated with a look of glee on his face seeing a chance to move up in the Ministry as he walked off towards the castle.

"Wait for me, for I need to know what happened as well." Barty Couch stated as he followed suit as the others stood there thinking about what was said not caring about the fact that someone who was missing for a while had appeared out of nowhere and was there.

In the hospital wing….

Pomfrey was fighting a losing battle in trying to heal Harry as Rayne looked at him. He began to cycle through the knowledge that she had gained tonight from those that she had fed on to find a way to assist her master. Then it struck her. She focused on the blood that was in him which was still working on old injuries that he had. She stopped it for a moment and told it to work on the cursed cut first and then resume what it was doing.

'Blood magic, you have to love it.' Rayne thought as she brushed the hair on Harry's head as a mother or lover would do.

"Can we speak outside in the other room Rayne?" Dumbledore asked as she nodded her head and got up and walked out to speak to him.

After they closed the door and were in the hallway that led into the medical room, they both looked at each other. There were a few seconds of silence before he sighed and spoke.

"Tell me, Rayne, how are you here when you vanished 49 years ago?" Dumbledore asked as he looked at her with a stern look on her face.

She recalled when she took on some of the followers of her father or should she say thought was her father. They had allied with Grindelwald's forces at that moment. It was then that she meet the headmaster. They fought side by side and then parted since they both had different adjectives.

"Well, from what I was told when I was attacked by your Ministry Aurors all those years ago as well as my contact months after we meet, they had managed to convince all magical governments that the Brimstone Society was illegal since muggles, squibs, and magicals were working together. Not only that, with Kagan and his kind dead or weakened by my hand, but the threat of their plans was also no more thanks to me, so they forced the society to be disbanded." Rayne stated as she looked at the man that she had a month before she finally took care of her father and right before her massive clash with the G.G.G. during the Second World War.

"The squibs and muggles managed to make it to Hellsing Organization for protection from being killed or having their minds wiped. The magicians were ordered to report to the magical governments of their birthplace for trial if laws were broken by them. As for me, it was determined that I could not be killed like the others, so they sealed me in a crypt in the graveyard of Little Hangleton. I was there sleeping sealed thanks to interference someone that decided that I need to since I was going be awakening the abilities of my father until tonight when Master was blasted into the coffin seal which freed me and restricted me to be his servant." Rayne stated as she showed the back of her gloves which had on what appears to be an arcane symbol.

It consists of a five-pointed pentagram inscribed inside a circle, with strange astrological or alchemical characters in the spaces between each of the points. Dumbledore realizes that he had seen this before on the gloves of Alucard of Hellsing.

"I see, so that is the Cornwell Invocation is on you like it was on Alucard. Most interesting." Dumbledore stated as Rayne gave him a fanged smile.

"Well, I am my father's daughter Dumbledore and it was placed on me by Selene Gallio as I was being sealed knowing that tonight that Harry would die without aid." She stated as he looked at her wide eyes.

"I thought you stated that Kagan, the Nosferatu King who raped your mother was your father?" Dumbledore asked as Percy came in with Aurors into the hallway that lead to the door that was the entrance to the medical ward of Hogwarts.

"He wishes that he was king of the night….sorry about that for he still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. You know, I thought so myself since I was told that he had raped and impregnated a woman that lived there after he came and murdered my mother."Rayne stated as she looked at the old man that was before her.

"However, I later learn that the woman that he rape in the apartment that I and my mother stayed in killed herself. That took place before my mother Mina Harker moved into that apartment. Also, I learned that my mother was not free from the curse because she did not age like a normal person magical or not. It was part of the curse that my true father gave her all those years ago when he turned her. She did not need to feed like Nosferatu since Dad was the only Apostle in existence at the time. So she, later on, returned to his side when her lover died and the children they had in their union were killed by humans." She stated in a sad voice thinking about the half-siblings that she would not meet due to hatred and fear.

"They fell in love but, this time with no tricks since she joined the Hellsing Organization. It was after I was conceived and she did not know that she was pregnant with me that she was sent to America on a mission and ended up living in the same apartment that Kagan had raped that woman a month before, so that is where the idea that he was my father came from." Rayne stated as she looked at Percy and the Aurors who looked at her with fear as they slowly began to realize what she was saying.

"I found out the truth when I came across Walter and him who was coming from dealing with the Nazi group Millennium as I just killed Kagan and ended his and his Gegengeist Gruppe or the G.G.G. a month after me and you crossed paths. That was when I learned the truth about who my father was, and he gave me his blood to unlock all his abilities that were mine to have, in his words…'Monsters like us are needed to protect the humans that are strong-willed and deserve it.'. He also stated that I would be the first halfling to have the powers and abilities of full-blood like him. However, he hinted that I may not be a halfling since mom was turned by him long before." She stated as she looked into Percy's eyes.

"I see, so you are the daughter of Alucard, and thanks to the events of tonight are bound to Harry Potter," Dumbledore stated as he turned and looked at Percy Weasley and the Aurors that followed him there.

"Yes, he is my master. Like dad is bound to the Hellsing line, I am bound to the Potter line for he spilled blood on a spell circle that was placed there in the crypt that I was sealed in which bound me to him and his line." Rayne started showing her fangs at Percy who was hiding the fear that he had and sneered at her.

"Monster, you are to submit to the Ministry to be destroyed and your master is to be arrested for the death of Cedric Diggory by my authority and orders," Percy stated as Rayne just looked at him.

"I would not make a move there Percy, for she just informed me that she is like her father Alucard. Magic can restrain them if you are strong enough, but even I am not that strong, and she will defend her master, Harry." Dumbledore stated in a firm tone to show that he was not joking in this matter.

"Master and Cedric were attacked at the graveyard where I was sealed at. A group of men and women and some humanoid creature that had no nose were leading them and barking orders. They were attacking master when he was blasted and nearly killed when I stepped in, so master did not kill him." Rayne stated as she shifted into a fighting stance while glaring at Percy and the Aurors that were behind him pointing their wands at her.

"Stand down all you!" Yelled a female as everyone turned to see a woman walking toward them.

She was an older woman that came with purpose and strength. She had a shapely body. She was wearing a black dress and cap. She was a square-jawed witch with close-cropped grey hair and a monocle. This gave her the appearance of being a serious person, which matched her personality perfectly. She also had a loud, booming voice that seemed almost too loud for her given her looks.

"Madam Bones, I have everything taken care of here, so there is no need for you to come here to handle this creature and the arrest of Harry Potter for the murder of Cedric Diggory," Percy stated in a firm tone as she glared at him.

"I am sure, but a few questions if you would, did you check the body of Cedric as well the boy's wand that was left behind by it? Did you get statements on what happened before you decided to start a war against the daughter of the dragon and her master just because you are trying to appease Umbridge?" She stated as she glared at Percy as he looked at her.

"I am sure when that is done it will…" Percy was saying when she cut him off.

"Well, I did before I came here when I received an interesting massive by owl from the Queen of England herself." She stated as interrupted him as well gave him a heated glare.

"All findings can be verified by Professor Snape and the three unspeakables that came with me. The body showed that it was hit with the Avada Kedavra curse. However, the boy's last three spells were not it and the time frame showed that two of the spells that he did cast were done in the maze tonight in front of witnesses. The last was not the killing curse, so that shows that he did not kill Cedric. You were about to make a mistake all because you want to appease Umbridge." Amelia Bones stated as the Aurors that were behind him lowered their wands as Percy glared at her.

"So what, I am sure that he had …." Percy was saying when she cut him off again.

"Shut up and think about what you are about to say. What you were about to say would mean that he had prior knowledge of the task and the ability to tamper with the cup as well as magical knowledge to turn it into a port key before the task, something that does not make sense. I recall that you and others that you have chosen to guard it after his name came out unless you are stating that there are Potter henchmen amongst the people that you have chosen Mr. Weasley or you are one yourself." She stated in a firm tone as Percy sighed and decided that he had lost the battle and reasons to arrest Harry Potter.

"As for her, the ministry received noticed that she and her master is now under the protection of the Queen and the Hellsing Organization, so by the order of the Queen you are to stand down, or any deaths that she causes will be justifiable in the protection of her master." Amelia Bones stated as Percy turned around and stormed off.

"So, they know of her then," Dumbledore stated as Amelia looked at him and then nodded her head.

"Yes, and somehow, they also know of his living arrangements and stated that the Dursley family will be investigated first thing in the morning. They also demand that he be turned over to the Hellsing Organization for training and usage in their mission. There is more, but I am not allowed to tell them at this moment." Amelia stated as she looked at him then at the young-looking woman and smiled.

"I heard of you from my father that you saved him several times when he was part of the group that you worked for from time-to-time Ms. Rayne. Glad to meet you." Amelia stated before she then turned back to Dumbledore.

"She will report to them along with Harry at the end of the school year with the Queen's support. However, it also stated that he will return to schooling and stated that Rayne and two others will be at his side to protect him. I do not know how they know, but they know a lot." She stated as Hermione Granger walked into the room and looked at Rayne.

"Now you lot, return to where you come from. I will handle the rest. Also, before you leave, I want to report to Auror Kingsley and swear an oath to keep your mouth shut on all that you have seen and heard tonight." Amelia ordered as the Aurors left the room.

That is when Madam Pomfrey let out a cry of pain. Hermione, Rayne, Dumbledore, and Amelia ran. They quickly ran to the medical wing where they see her on the ground knocked out. It was at that moment that Rayne snarled as she saw that Barty Crouch was choking Harry with one hand while punching him in the face with his other.

Before anyone could act, Rayne, vanished and appeared right by him and grabbed him by the throat with enough force that he released his grip on Harry's throat. She tried to pull out his wand, and she squeezed hard that forcing him to drop it onto the ground while slamming him against the wall. Right on impact, the room shook from the force of the slam, and the sounds of bones breaking filled the air as he screamed in pain.

"What do you think you are doing to my master worm." Rayne sneered as she took a bite from his neck and sipped some of his blood and then allowed him to drop.

"Rayne, I know how you can be, but please stop," Dumbledore stated as he looked at the scene that he was looking at.

"You are not saying that he deserves a second chance are you sir? I think she should make him suffer though." Hermione asked as she began to realize that he was not always right while walking over to Harry to check on him as well Rayne cycled through the recent memories that she had gained from the blood.

"He is not who he seems and is the reason why Harry's name was in the Goblet of Fire in the first place. However, he is using a Polyjuice potion to retain this form. The real person is in an expanded trunk with Alastor Moody whom he has also been pretending to be in Alastor's quarters. Both have been tied up with binding spells." Rayne stated as she glared at the down man who was in pain and Madam Pomfrey got back up and checked on Harry.

"He is okay, just out at the moment, and will soon awaken. I am baffled about how he healed from that cutting curse, for it is something that he should still be bleeding from. Not only that, but the damage from being punched in the face is also healing very fast." Madam Pomfrey stated as Rayne smiled.

"Blood magic, you got to love it. I used a little of my blood to heal him from his injuries in the crypt when I woke up as well as repair some old injuries of his. My blood will remain active for another four hours to make sure that all injuries are healed, and that he is in perfect health. It also amplified the phoenix tears that were magically in his blood using them to heal as well." She stated as she looked at everyone.

"However, that poison that was in his blood caused some damage to me and I would like to know where it came from?" Rayne added as she thought about the blood that she took.

"Harry was bitten by a basilisk two years ago, the phoenix tears are what saved him," Hermione stated as Rayne smiled at the thought that her mast killed such a monster at a young age.

"It would seem that we have much to talk about," Dumbledore stated as Rayne shook her head no.

"Unless it is arranging new quarters for me and him to appease those that might fear me, no there is not," Rayne stated as Dumbledore shook his head at her.

"I was thinking that you can teach DADA next year and if the curse does not affect you the following years until he is done with schooling. In turn, I will arrange quarters for you and him and whomever you want starting tonight.

"Take that offer, beside this year, the others that I had to deal with suck." Harry's voice stated as everyone turned and looked at him and walked over to him.

"Are you sure master?" Rayne asked as Harry sat up in the bed and nodded his head.

"Normally I will be wanting to keep him overnight, but what you did Mrs. Harker had done a wonderful job." Madam Pomfrey stated as she ran a diagnostics spell on him.

"Blood magic, it's dangerous and could be dark in some standings but for those like me and my sister it is wonderful and good." Rayne stated as everyone turned and looked at her, "That binding spell also magically married me to him, so my name is Rayne Potter nee Harker as of tonight and the binding will make both parties and others that join gain abilities from each other."

"Please treat him right," Hermione stated as she slowly turned around but was stopped by someone's hand on her shoulder.

"Magically, I know that he has other bloodlines to rebuild girl and I can sense your feelings. You passed my test when knocked that jackass a round so there is still room for you since by law he has to rebuild each bloodline that he is magically attached to by law." Rayne stated with a fanged smile on her face, "Besides he needs you to keep him in check as well to study and to research information as I protect him."

"Wait, sister?" Dumbledore looked at her funny as what she said earlier finally registered in his mind as she smiled.

"As I was fighting, I had gotten mental contact from my father. He knows that I am awake and bonded and is happy with what he has learned. He also informed me that he just now turned a squib policewoman who was about to die by freaks two hours ago. Instead of having them as brides since he found an interesting woman from his past that is very much like a very powerful Draculina that acts with sense and is not a danger to everyone and is willing to work with the Hellsing Organization to be his lover, he chose to have her as my sister." Rayne stated with mirth in her voice.

Hermione laughed at that. At that moment several Aurors that were singled by Amelia came into the area.

"Bind him, for he is under the Polyjuice potion, and I want to know who he is before I leave with him. Also, three of you go into his chambers as well as the chambers of Alastor Moody." She stated in a firm tone as she pointed at the man that was on the floor in pain.

"Madam Pomfrey, when he is bound, you may heal him just enough for him to be moved." She stated as Pomfrey nodded her head.

"I will not be using pain blockers on him, for I am sure he will need Skeleton Grow potion as well," Pomfrey remarked with a hint of a smirk on her face thinking of the suffering that the man was about to go through after no one is to attack her or her patients in her domain.

"Tonks, you are with me for I want you to take notes of the interview that I am about to conduct with Harry Potter," Amelia stated as the young female Auror nodded her head and produced a pad of paper and a quill.

"Now Mr. Potter, my name is Amelia Bones and I am the head of Magical Law Enforcement. Our investigations had shown that you are not the cause of the death of Cedric Diggory, but we need to know what happened." Amelia stated as Harry looked at her and nodded his head.

"Glad to meet you and thank you for investigating first before assuming what took place," Harry stated as she looked at him with a surprised look on her face as Aurors did binding spells on Barty Couch to wait for the Polyjuice potion to wear off to see who he is.

"With his name coming out of the goblet, and the incidents that took place during the past years, everyone has been pointing fingers at him and calling him a lair when he said that he did not or have anything to do with it." Hermione supplied as she sat down on his right as Rayne sat down on his left.

"When I and Cedric reached the cup, I suggested that we both grab it to show unity to all since he has decided to believe me after I warned him about the dragons in the first task. We were not aware that it was a port key. When we appeared, I was stunned and knocked out. Not sure about him though." Harry stated as he looked at Amelia.

"When I woke, I saw Peter Pettigrew whom I meet last year which I will explain later, next to a black cauldron and realized that I was in a graveyard. I heard this voice order him to kill the spare, and that was when I saw green light come out of the wand that Peter had in his hands flow from it toward Cedric." Harry stated as he remained calm, but there were signs of sadness in his eyes.

"Then I heard and ritual, something about 'bones of a father will reborn his son', which when bones from the grave under me flew out of the ground into the cauldron. Can I have some water?" Harry stated then asked as a glass of water appeared on the table next to him which he took a sip of.

"Then Peter said 'The blood of an enemy who will resurrect his foe', which was when Peter came and sliced my arm and captures some of my blood into a vail and dumped it into the cauldron. Then Peter sliced off his entire hand when he said 'Flesh of a servant, you will resurrect your lord.'." Harry stated as both Dumbledore and Amelia looked at each other.

"Then Peter tossed this baby-looking creature into the cauldron. Then in a flash of magic, the creature floated up and grew into the size of a full-grown man, one with no nose at all. They hinted that he was Voldemort when he summoned fifty people wearing white bone masks and black robes. I cannot say if it was him or not for I never meet the man or recall his looks on the night he attempted to kill me when he murdered my parents." Harry stated as he took another sip of water.

"He demanded me to be untied and my wand handed to me stating that we are to duel to the death for only one of us is going to leave there alive. We both shot spells at each other, but both hit each other and continued to push one to the other side. Then there was a bang and I was blown back off my feet along with him. It was then that someone hit me with the blasting curse and I was sent through the wall of a crypt which drew more blood from me." Harry stated as Rayne looked up from him while holding his hand.

"That crypt that he was blown into was the one that the Ministry sealed me into 49 years ago. I guess Selene Gallio, but someone inscribed magical runes in the floor that would activate when the blood hit it, the binding spell and the Cornwell Invocation spell being added to me. The holy water that empowered the runes of the coffin that I was in was being drained when he knocked it over and damaged it." Rayne stated as Amelia looked at her with wide eyes at the mention of Selene Gallio's name.

"Are you sure it was Selene Gallio?" Amelia asked as she recalled that she was the one that taught the four founders of Hogwarts, the original owner of the castle, as well as one of the first teachers of the school when Merlin attended.

"She stated that was her name when she froze time and explained to me what was going on and why I was being betrayed by my contact and what I would gain from it. Also, note that she also stated that I will get a new mission for I am to protect the one that awakens me by the order of mother of magic, " Rayne stated as she looked at her along with Hermione with looks of shock on their faces.

"That explains the forethought for it was said that she could see into the future sometimes," Amelia stated as Dumbledore nodded his head.

'This will cause issues with my plan, I must think of countermeasures.' Dumbledore thought in his mind.

"She is still out there, for I thought that I sensed her magic when I woke up from my slumber tonight and heard her voice stating that it was time to wake up," Rayne stated as Amelia nodded her head.

"I wish there is a way for you to pull my memories, for I have a feeling that the Hogwarts rumor mill will go against me," Harry stated as Amelia smirked and pulled out a vail and looked at the young female Auror that was there taking notes of the interview that was going on.

"With your permission, with Albus Dumbledore, Auror Tonks, and Madam Pomfrey being witnesses, I can pull the memories from your mind using magic and preserve them as evidence," Amelia stated as Harry looked at her and smiled.

"I Harry James Potter, hereby give authorization for my memories of tonight's events to be copied from my mind," Harry stated as Amelia nodded her head and got in front of him, "As a matter of fact I will include the event where I meet Peter Pettigrew as well as proof that I knew who he was as well the talk that we had about what happened that night between him, Sirius Black.

"Focus on the whole event in the graveyard for the moment." She stated as Harry did just that and nodded his head as she took her wand and pulled out a long silver sliver of light from his head and guided it to the vail.

"Now, we will repeat that event that you were talking about." She stated as they repeated that whole thing.

"There are three others that you might want, it is about the second year." Harry stated as she looked at him and nodded her head.

After repeating the process, Harry gave her memories of seeing Malfoy putting the Diary in Ginny's bucket, Meeting Sirius black for the first time, and then the whole incident of the Chamber of Secrets.

"That will do and thank you for your cooperation. I will keep you informed on the investigation of this matter." Amelia stated as Harry nodded his head.

"The location where you will find twelve bodies of those that I killed if they did not find them and collected them is in a Graveyard in Little Hangleton. Check in the trees along the edges." Rayne supplied as Amelia nodded her head as she looked at the man and saw that he had changed into the form of someone that should not be there.

"Well, this is a surprise, Barty Couch Jr, someone that died several years ago. Another matter to look into." She stated as an Auror came forth from those that went to investigate Alastor's quarters.

"We found Barty Couch and Alastor Moody alright there in the chest madam. We are bringing them to St. Mungo's to check and make sure that all is okay." He stated as she nodded her head and pointed to Barty jr.

"Take Barty Couch and put him into a cell to be interrogated and I want to a guard on him. He is under arrest until I clear him of any connection on why his dead son is free and alive all this time and right there on the floor after trying to kill Harry Potter," Amelia ordered as he nodded his head as the apparition out with him with her following suit.

"My boy rest for you had a long night tonight. Rayne, you are to remain here for I am sure that Pomfrey will not mind you being here. Ms. Granger, I suggest you return to your dorm for the night." Dumbledore stated everyone nodded their heads.

"We talk Harry and Rayne. Good night." Hermione stated as she walked off.

"Rest Master, for I will be here till you have awakened," Rayne stated as pushed him back onto his back and laid beside him allowing his arm to wrap around her waist.

To Be Continued…

Author Notes (Retooled)

Well, this chapter only took days to write and even longer to get corrected after putting it up on this site. When I decided to stop with a massive information dump and feed it through the chapters. You noticed that I hinted at Selene being in the pairing, just not yet. Note that she is like the one from Marvel Earth 616, but with my spin on it.

The Selene Gallio of this story is not one of Eternals, nor is an mutant. I just borrowed lots of the history, description, name, as well abilities. The version in this story though is the daughter of Death and Hecate or Mother Magic. In this story, Hecate is an endless and she is known as Power. Her and Death have no true Gender and fell in love with each other and took turns with one being the male while the other being female. When Selene was conceived, Hecate was female which is why she is mom with Death being Mother. Selene has all their abilities and influences at their will and must follow the same rules as them but has more freedom when it comes to using her abilities.

You will learn more about her later in the future. I am sure that you also noticed that I did not let Ron become friends with him again, I am not sure what to do about him now. Hermione, yes she is one of the girls that will be with Harry.

Also, Harry will change before the start of the next year because of what had taken place tonight. Rayne has magic just has not used it in combat or had training in it. Even though she had a pocket dimension for all the weapons that she collected during her battles. This will change as she now has the souls and knowledge of the tweleve OC death eaters that she had killed tonight. Also, the enchantments and powers of the three hollows are now part of Harry as of now thanks to Selene, after all, she is the daughter of Death and Mother Magic and wanted to choose her husband which is Harry Potter.

If you read the chapter, you would notice that I have said that Mina Harker was a witch. I did this for a reason, for I believed that Alucard aka Dracula was able to use magic at times, and so will Rayne which is why Mina was able to regain some of her humanity when she betrayed him. However, she did not lose the curse, just the need to drink blood or the hunger. However, she did not age which is why her children were killed by human zealots along with her lover.

Now I hinted at Seras being turned. Well, you will find out but she will be an OC created using another character from another series as a base. Well have fun and until the next chapter.