Notice of Poll and notice of story

Not on the poll but was set in stone at the start.

01. Selene Gallio (OC based on the Marvel character)

02. Rayne Harker (OC but based on the character Rayne from Bloodrayne games)

03. Seras Victoria

04. Integra Hellsing (She will be rebuilding the Hellsing line with Harry so keeping her name)

Now poll winners (I decided to count emails to chance tide of third place and made things worse)

05. Hermione Granger (she keeps her place) = 51 Votes

06. Susan Bones = 50 Vote

07. Fleur Delacour = 35 votes

08. Padma Patil = 35 votes

09. Parvati Patil = 35 votes

10. Astoria Greengrass = 35 votes

11. Daphne Greengrass = 35 votes

12. Gabriel Delacour = 35 votes

13. Nymphadora Tonks = 35 votes

14. Bellatrix Lestrange (De-aged clone with all the knowledge and power but no memories past Hogwarts) = 35 votes

15. Lily Potter (incest root, but she will be a de-aged clone with all the power and knowledge but no memories) = 35 votes

16. Please put Skarlet back into the story. = 35 votes.

Now, before I start, recall that I was looking for three places to be filled. Hermoine's place was kicked and she was placed on the poll due to hate PMs and review that I gotten. However, she won with 19 votes and Susan Bones being in second place with 18 votes. However third place had Fleur Delacour, Bellatrix Lestrange. And Lilly Potter tied with 8 votes.

I did an count on fanfiction but the result changed and two more came. So I did a count of AO3 this is the end result. SO due to this, I decided to reboot the entire story due to some flows I found when I attempted to correct them as well fit in the poll over the holidays. So Harry will rebuild 14 family lines, two of three of them are the girls' family and the others he is tied to. The last three, 14, 15, and 15 has been changed and you will find out. I have to give an shout out to Reviewer A10riddick assisted me.

Due to this, I am forced to reboot the story. I have issues with what I already written to fix the story and the chapter 3 over haul made the chapter too large. So I am doing a reboot. Sry for you readers, but I am working on this right now and will not post until I get were I should be. The poll and pairings will not be changed all on the rewrite.