At the time when the corona happened, I discovered this forum and so many beautiful stories about my favorite movie that helped me to keep my sanity and good mood in this madness. I admit that I have read all the stories and some of them twice because they are simply perfect. With this story, I want to thank all the authors who took their time and wrote wonderful stories about Maria and Georg. My idea was to write a crazy and hilarious story that will steal at least one smile from you and keep you in a good mood. That is my main goal.

Last but most important of all. My dear S., thank you for your help, I couldn't do it without you and thank you for your time and I hope that your loyal readers will not be angry because you neglected your phenomenal and extraordinary story.


Maria was a postulant who was sent to an aristocratic house with seven children to be their governess, but also to find out, according to the Reverend Mother, whether life in a convent was her real path in life. She was sad not to be on the list of those taking vows to become a nun.

"But Mother, I've waited for two years already," she pleaded.

But the Reverend Mother said to her with a kindly smirk, "Maria, since you are always late for everything, it won't be anything new if you are also late in becoming a nun!"

Those light-hearted words lifted up Maria's spirits at least. And thanks to her joyful nature she couldn't hide her smile since she was able to see the funny side of that little disappointment. Being Maria, her thoughts had already wandered off as she reflected on her habitual lateness. Had it not been for her destiny to become a nun, she would surely have been the first bride to be late for her wedding, she mused. With a discreet smile, she could picture herself as a bride, in a full running sprint towards the church.

Of course, she was terrified about the idea of seven children, she just didn't know anything about children. But then she reflected (with a huge grin), that it couldn't be any harder than dealing with Sister Berthe and others who were wondering what she was doing all the time, ready to criticize and scold.

And she figured that she could understand children better than adults, especially since she liked doing things like singing, laughing, climbing trees and of course sliding down banisters. So while she was a little bit nervous she had never backed off from a challenge. And what a challenge it would be: , Oh my God, seven children!

Upon her arrival at the villa she was taken aback at how disciplined the children were, standing in line, all wearing the same clothing, and answering to that silly whistle, and generally being well behaved. Yes well behaved for the most part, but even so, they did try to play a trick her over their names. Still, she figured that they were good children at heart and that all they needed was a little care and affection. After all they had lost their mother and they must be suffering a lot. And that was her plan to show those children how to enjoy every sunny day, to laugh, play games, run around, dance, and of course to sing. At least she was happy at the moment because now she too, could sing with full lungs, loud and clear, she mused to herself.

What she had not expected was that the Captain would be so forceful and impressive looking. Although the Reverend Mother had mentioned the children had a father, and that he was a widower, "a fine, brave man", a naval hero decorated by the emperor, Maria hadn't listened too carefully. It seemed that the Reverend Mother had a great respect for the famous Georg von Trapp even though Maria had never heard of him before. Nevertheless, while the Reverend Mother explained about him, Maria was already lost in her thoughts, imagining him to be an old sailor, with a big stomach, white beard, pipe, silly hat and of course big parrot on his shoulder!

And that was her first thought about her employer, when she turned around, after being chased from the ballroom, wearing a silly grin on her face as she searched for an imaginary parrot on his shoulder.

She immediately lost the small smile on her face, only to have it replaced with surprise, and wide-open eyes, with twitching lips in a small "oh," that she hoped was inaudible. His whole appearance was breathtaking. He was tall, perfectly built, with a perfect proportions like the picture of Da Vinci's Vitruvian man, she had seen in a book. He was in a suit which only emphasized his manly figure. His very handsome face was shaped with an aristocratic nose, dark brown curly hair but stylish, with piercing blue eyes and a little scar beneath his lips. Masculine indeed.

His stiff, upright posture and his serious demeanor made him somehow seem mysterious and appealing. But from the tight movement of his mouth and the look in his eyes she could see clearly that he was very annoyed with her. He proceeded to lecture her about all his rules, including no singing, silence, and the importance of the time schedule for the children.

"Each afternoon, they will march about the grounds breathing deeply. Bedtime is to be strictly observed - no exceptions. You will see to it that they conduct themselves at all time with the utmost orderliness and decorum."

While he was droning on and trying to put her in place to show her who had the upper hand, she was reflecting that God actually had a good sense of humor to send her to this place. The Captain was forbidding many of her favorite things, but at least he had not mentioned sliding down banisters, she mused.

Being essentially optimistic and positive at heart she decided in that moment to try her best in her position as a governess, as a way to gain the Reverend Mother's trust and finally achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a nun.

Georg had been waiting the whole morning for the children's twelfth governess, and he had high expectations. He was tired of trying to make the children content. Although he knew what they were doing, they were trying to seek his attention, but he just couldn't spend more time with them because it was much too painful to see his beloved Agathe in every one of their children.

So for the last four years he had run from the memories and the constant reminder of his loss. He was not proud of himself. Although he was a decorated hero for bravery, he knew in fact, he was often running from his children like coward.

After a long list of experienced governess with the best references, all of them failing to manage his children, he had asked the Reverend Mother for help. In his mind he pictured a strict old nun who would firmly discipline his children. Not only would it help his children with their religious upbringing, but he was sure they would not play practical jokes on a nun. So, with one blow he could kill two flies, he decided with satisfaction.


He could hardly wait to see his children's reaction when they finally met the nun with a black wimple and big cross and fierce demeanor. But, the first alarming moment was when he didn't find her in the hallway. All that was there was a carpet bag and a guitar.


What kind of nun plays a guitar?

No this must be mistake. The next blow was that the formidable old nun turned out to be a mere slip of a girl, and good God, she was actually dancing in his ball room. In other circumstances he would be amused by her ridiculous bow and her attempts to dance, but at that moment he was furious with her for disturbing a forbidden room.

After he chased her from the ball-room the first thing he noticed was her beaming mischievous smile. He had enough experience with sailors to know that she was trouble. It was an innocent enough smile but still it was annoying.

Although he had great respect for the Reverend Mother, she was obviously making a joke about his capability to keep a governess, that's why she had sent him this troublemaker. Or, he reasoned, the Reverend Mother was trying get of rid her problem, so that this nun would become his problem instead.

Well he was stuck with her for the moment. He used all his old tactics to intimidate her, but infuriatingly, they didn't work. She seemed clueless about any discipline and she kept babbling her opinions and questions. Didn't she know how to shut up?! Didn't she know that she should only speak when she was asked something?

Even when he blew his whistle and used his authoritative, stern voice he couldn't stop her attempts to speak. Didn't she know that nobody, absolutely nobody, not even his beloved Agathe would speak up when he was in his full commanding mood. She even had the nerve to taunt him discreetly and give him a taste of his own medicine. Her seemingly polite question, with a definitely mischievous smile, hit a nerve:

Excuse me Sir, I don't know your signal!

Outraged, his first thought was to throttle her right there in front of the children. How dare she confront him so openly?! If he had not been so desperate to leave the house he would have personally dragged her from his home.

Well he could only hope the children would play some practical jokes on her to put her in place. He reflected ironically that it was the first time he had wished his children would misbehave. Hiding in his study, he poured himself a double shot of whiskey to calm himself down after the sparring match with the new governess. With increasing discomfort he analyzed what had happened.

This slip of a girl, with the unfashionable short hair, big expressive eyes, beaming smile and gentleness had stirred something deep inside him. She had shaken him to the core. He had never met anyone like her. Every woman he met was either afraid of him like the maids or governesses, or, when it came to ladies from his social circle, trying to flirt with him and seduce him. In both cases it was a boost to his masculine ego.

But that girl with her disobedience, her determined attitude and her audacity in making fun of him, pressed a number of his buttons. Now in the silence of his study he could even confess to himself that she had woken up some long forgotten feelings too.

After the death of his beloved wife he was so deeply immersed in grief, that for a long time he didn't even notice other women. Eventually, after some time his body needed release and he had some meaningless affairs, but those encounters were so empty. He tried to be a rake like before his marriage, but he was not the same man who was driven by his hormones. Now that he knew what it was like to have the woman he loved melting in his arms he didn't want to settle for anything less . The awareness made him sad because he was sure that kind of love only happens once in a life.

That was probably the reason why he had avoided a sexual relationship with Elsa, thinking with time everything would settle between them. Of course she was very beautiful, witty and attractive and any man would be happy to oblige her attempts. But he was not an ordinary man. He was world-weary, and had experienced every joy and pleasure of life, but also great sadness. And, he reasoned, by postponing their sexual relationship it would build up some kind of excitement. After all, it was a matter of honor for him, that he should treat the woman he wanted to marry respectfully, even though at some moments he cursed himself for that.

And now, strangely today, after the long "dry spell" the rake in him had suddenly woken up after meeting this undisciplined and unconventional governess. Only after a second double shot of whiskey, was he able to admit to himself that she had aroused his masculine interest for the first time in a couple of years.

When she had challenged him with that whistle, he had been so outraged that he had a shocking thought to drag her to his study and show her exactly what his signal was, by ravishing her and taking her right then and there. And he had known her for only a couple of hours! This was madness, she is going to be nun! How could he have such disgraceful thoughts? But he concluded to himself with a flash of humor, that it was certainly one way to keep her quiet.