Hello, DarkPublisher here to give you a Batman/Poison Ivy story. Now I've always loved the relationship these two have had in the past and I've kinda wanted to give a version of their romance in a way with some stories where Batman and Ivy are romantically involved. Poison Ivy is my favourite female DC character so this is my version of her which is probably pretty OOC for her and Bruce.

This will also probably be the sexiest story I write as it's not normally my thing to write.

Also, I don't just want to do anime stories.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the characters or the setting they belong to their respective owners. Also these are my own interpretations of the characters for the sake of this story.

So with that out of the way let's begin.

Everyone (at least most people who knew their greek mythology) would know who Aphrodite is. She is the Goddess of Love. Said to be the most beautiful woman in the universe. Men and women were enchanted by her beauty and seductive nature.

She had long perfect pink hair with an utmost perfect face with perfect beautiful pink eyes. Her body was one of legends upon legends. Her curves were the best a woman could have, even a woman with similar curves couldn't pull off what she could. Her chest was a large and perfect size and her waist and hips were perfect for a person's hands. Her backside was large but perfect which has just as much of a sex appeal quality that her chest did. Her legs were long, perfect and sexy with thighs that were of perfect quality. It was safe to say that she had quite a busy sex life thanks to her godly charm and divine beauty.

She was satisfied with all the action she got in the sheets and all the gazes she got from the occupants of heaven.

But she started to hear of rumours of a mortal woman's beauty that seemed to have rivalled hers. Now she didn't pay this much mind at first thinking that it was just some men exaggeratedly complementing a woman's beauty but as the stories grew and grew she decided that she wanted to investigate more about this woman.

Now this wasn't the first time she had viewed other women as a challenge for the title of the most beautiful woman in the universe and she always won against those small little women who were confident in their looks but none have had as many stories told about them as this woman did and so Aphrodite dug deeper and found out who the woman was.

Her name was Pamela Isley although she used to go by the name Poison Ivy because of her ability to poison men. She retired from her role as a supervillain after she won the heart of a great hero who goes by the name of Batman.

Aphrodite gave her a look over and she was honestly shocked that a mortal could have her curves and beauty almost completely mirrored.

She had long red hair with a perfect face and green eyes that looked like they could enchant men just by looking at them. Her body was nothing to laugh at either with a rather large chest that while smaller than hers didn't dismiss the chest of this woman as less. Her waist and hips looked like they were crafted to be held by the hands of lovers. Her backside was also a point of heavy sex appeal that was on the same level as her chest. Her legs were long and just as mouth-watering as the rest of her with thighs that looked to be perfectly handcrafted. Her skin looked so creamy and smooth that people would just want to caress it in worship. She was everything a man could want in a sexy woman put to form.

Seeing this Aphrodite scoffed. Only one woman could have the sacred title of the most beautiful woman and that woman was the very goddess who particularly invented the standards for true sexual beauty.

Aphrodite decided that she would go to the human world and see this woman for herself and show her just how low she was in comparison to an ACTUAL goddess of beauty.

Pamela Isley was living a new life different from her first one where she was an unfortunate woman seduced by a man and betrayed by him.

Then her next life as the eco-terrorist supervillain known as Poison Ivy where she fought to help nature from the damage that humanity had done to it.

But now as Pamela Isley once again (Rose Pepper in public) a woman in peace…and in love.

In love with a man.

In love with a man that used to be her enemy.

An enemy who would dress up as a bat every night.

Who to her shock turned out to be Bruce Wayne dressing up as The Batman.

One day the two of them teamed up to stop a powerful gas from spreading into the city.

And in that time the two of them grew to have an understanding with each other.

Her already there feelings for him grew ever stronger and he found out that he grew newfound feelings for her.

After the crisis was over the two met with each other again and they profess their feelings for each other.

Afterwards, they became a couple. But for them to work she had to give up her life of crime and turn over a new leaf.

She agreed to the terms and they started going out.

In public, she had to use the name Rose Pepper to avoid suspicion and she wore a blonde wig.

She also had to attend balls and galas. She didn't entirely like those events because they were long and got repetitive fast along not helped that she kept getting gawked at.

I guess even disguised she is still considered one of the most beautiful woman in Gotham.

But still, she couldn't deny that she was happy as she could be.

This was a dream of hers.

The legendary Batman as her lover.

And make no mistake he loves her and wants her to stay.

Bruce's reputation as a playboy who would share his bed with many women sometimes more than once a time didn't exactly fade after it was shown that she was his more permanent woman.

The bimbos would come up to her and Bruce and make an offer (with or without her in attendance) for a special night with him, her and the girl in question. Or sometimes the more aggressive women would say that what she had they had and more and belittle her in an attempt to push her out of Bruce's heart and insert herself in. It was through these kinds of encounters that Pamela wanted to go Catwoman and claw out their eyes. But every single time Bruce would kindly reject the offer as he said that Rose was the only one for him.

Safe to say that their lives were pretty busy.

But when she was alone with her lover she could be free and just be her.

He treated her like she was the only woman in the world to him. He took the utmost care of her like she would treat her plants.

To mention the action at night they had was incredible.

Nightly experiences with a man were soured for her after what happened with her first love but her Bat showed her that a man could show a woman more than lust during the act. That there could be real love in what the man did to the woman and vice versa. Of course, he did lust for her but compared to how other men did it he did it less like a dog looking at a piece of meat and more like a man admiring a piece of art. He saw her as a goddess.

She would also show her appreciation through her love and the special things she does for him at night when they were alone in their bedroom.

She would buy or even create revealing lingerie and undergarments for him.

Tonight's outfit would be something special just for him to show him how much she loves him.

And believe her when she says she loves him a lot.

A white brightly lit orb came down from the sky and into an alleyway.

The orb stopped just a bit above the ground before the orb changed shape.

It turned into the shape of a person more specifically into the shape of a woman.

The light coming off from the figure died down and revealed the Goddess of Love herself in all her glory.

She had long pink hair like cotton candy pink eyes and an absolutely beautiful face.

She wore a toga that barely contained her large cleavage. It was held by a collar on her neck. The sheet-like garnet revealed her shoulders and arms. It clung to her lower half almost like it was stuck to her skin. It was long on the left leg but revealed her amazing right leg in all of its divine glory. Her thigh was a work of art itself that transitioned well to the rest of the leg. The cloth that clung to her backside was shortened and left a peek at the lower cheeks of her butt.

She walked barefoot out of the alley.

As she walked down the streets she instantly got people's hearts racing and breaths to get caught. Both men and women were smitten as soon as they saw her.

Now you may be wondering why she didn't go closer to Wayne Manor but her reasoning for this was that she wanted to get these gazes. She has not stepped foot on Earth in so long and she missed the result of her divine charm and looks. She loved to see the effect that she still had on mortals.

Several people stared but not a lot approached all except one who managed to shake off the numbness to approach.

"Hello, gorgeous. A nice night isn't it? I would hate for you to have to spend it alone." The man said with a face that said all it had to say about him and his not-so-innocent and not so well intended intentions.

The goddess turned to him and smiled. Normally she would be disgusted by the perversion that was radiating from him as she would be from men like him but she decided to have a little fun as she was still enjoying the results of her beauty.

The man was practically enchanted by her it was like he was under a magic spell.

"Oh don't worry about me, love. I'm sure I will enjoy my evening with how I plan to spend it." Aphrodite said as she placed her right hand on his cheek.

He started to do an impression of a dog with how much he was under her little whim.

The beautiful woman drew herself closer to whisper into his right ear.

"Now run along home. I believe you have something to take care of." The goddess said with a top-tier level voice of seduction.

She then turned and walked away.

The man looked catatonic but suddenly he ran home as fast as he could.

He knew exactly what to do after such an encounter with a beautiful such as the one he met tonight.

Ding dong

The doorbell went off.

Alfred Pennyworth butler of the Wayne family immediately went to go see who was at the door.

She looked through the peephole to be thoroughly surprised that such a beautiful woman in such sexy wear would be outside.

So with a swallow he gently opened the door.

"H-Hello ma'am what could I do for you?" Alfred said with a slight stutter at the beginning of his sentence.

He rarely stuttered in his speech.

"Hello, Mr. Pennyworth could I see Miss. Isley please?" Aphrodite said politely.

"O-Of course ma'am I'll have her down. Please come in."

Alfred then moved aside to let her in as he responded.

His mind failed to realize that this mysterious woman knew about him and the fact that Miss. Isley lives here.

Pamela and Bruce were having dinner as they talked about things like business considering Wayne Enterprises.

They were enjoying their meal and the company of each other.

Pamela began to think about what she had planned for the evening.

She kept thinking in excitement until Alfred came back looking more joyful. This face caused Pamela and Bruce to raise their eyebrows.

"Master Bruce, Miss Isley we have a visitor."

"Who is it?" Bruce asked.

"She didn't give me her name," Alfred replied.

Bruce and Pamela got up from their seats to see who the visitor was.

They stepped into the hallway leading to the main entrance.

They finally saw who the mysterious person was.

Bruce and Pamela noticed that she was extremely beautiful.

Aphrodite's face twisted in rage as soon her eyes saw Pamela.

"Could you kindly tell us your name miss?" Bruce asked.

Aphrodite smirked after hearing the question.

"I am Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and Beauty." She said in response.

A while after the woman introduced herself. Bruce decided to video call Wonder Woman and see if the woman was telling the truth.

After Bruce turned the phone to show the woman as Wonder Woman instructed.

"Yes, that is Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty and Love said to be the most beautiful woman in the universe able to charm men and women."

Bruce turned the phone back to his face.

"Thank you Diana I'll call you if we need anything else."

"Yes please do." Wonder Woman said before Bruce hung up.

Aphrodite was sitting on the couch looking at the fireplace.

Pamela was close to Bruce only 3 feet away and stared at the newcomer.

This was meant to be the actual Goddess of Beauty and Love?!

There's no way that it's true.

Pamela had these thoughts but she knew that if anyone would know a real goddess than someone pretending to be one it would be an Amazon and an Amazon just told them that the person before them was the real thing.

One other question remained and that was the reason as to why the goddess was here.

"Well if you are a real goddess then why are you here?" Alfred asked.

Aphrodite turned to the others in the room before she glared at Pamela.

She stood up and walked forwards with her hips naturally swaying.

Bruce and Alfred had to fight the urge to look at her hips while she walked though Bruce was fairing much better.

Aphrodite stopped so she was about 6 feet away from them and spoke at the only other woman in the room as she continued to glare.

"Are you Pamela Isley?"

Pamela was a little confused at the goddess's mysterious interest in her.

"Um, yes."

Aphrodite then rushed at Pamela and pushed her down while gripping her neck tightly.

Bruce and Alfred reacted in shock as they tried to pull the goddess away.

Pamela tried to get the hands of the goddess off of her neck.

Eventually, Bruce and Alfred pulled the beauty away enough for Pamela to kick her in the stomach.

The goddess stepped back slightly in pain.

Bruce pulled his girlfriend up as both women glared at each other.

"What the hell is wrong with you? What have I done to you?!" Pamela said in a raised voice.

Aphrodite stood tall and spoke in return.

"I have come to kill you. Rumours have been spread throughout the mortal world that you are the most beautiful woman in the universe when that title should belong to me alone. There can be only one with such a title."

Pamela was a bit surprised at this. She of course knew that she was attractive. She used her looks quite a lot to her advantage during her Poison Ivy days. But an actual goddess decided to come down to Earth for such a reason?

"Are you crazy?! So you decide to kill someone because you think they are more beautiful than you?! You are acting like a child!" Pamela said in anger.

Aphrodite was shocked. Who was this mortal to talk back to her and even have the audacity to call her a child? Only she should have the crown for the most beautiful woman. She was created to be such.

Aphrodite turned to Bruce and pointed at him with her finger.

"You. Who is more beautiful me or this vile vixen?"

Bruce was surprised to be asked a question like that but he knew the answer straight away.

"Pamela is more beautiful to me in looks and clearly in personality."

Pamela was beyond happy to hear those words as she smiled so brightly at him before she hugged him and kissed his cheek.

Aphrodite on the other hand.

Personality? PERSONALITY?!

Personality was not the thing that got people attracted to her or any woman for that matter.

Personality didn't give a body that was just perfect that could give a girl whatever man she wanted.

Personality was not what seduced men into the arms of women.

Personality did none of that.

What in heavens name did personality have anything to do with beauty?!

Aphrodite screamed in rage.

She stared down at Pamela seething.

"You and I will host a small competition to know once and for all who is the most beautiful woman in all of the universe."

Pamela still with an angry expression pointed at her raised her eyebrow slightly in response.

"A competition?"

Aphrodite then started to look smug and put her hands on her hips.

"Correct. We will have three rounds to seduce your lover and at the end, he will determine who is victorious."

Pamela thought that this was childish but it would teach this so-called Goddess of Love a lesson and Pamela was quite confident in her looks in the art of seduction.

Pamela then smirked and replied.

"Very well. I agree to this competition."

Bruce was strapped to a chair in the living room and it was dimly lit with the fireplace going, giving the room a romantic and sensual vibe.

The room was almost completely cleared of everything and all that remained was an open space for the girls to do their dance of seduction.

Bruce was strapped in just in case he wanted to get a little touchy-feely. Pamela knew he wouldn't but Aphrodite said it should be done.

Both girls would get three turns and Aphrodite was the first to go.

Bruce sat waiting for a few minutes before he heard a voice that was as smooth as silk.

"Oh, Bruuuce."

Bruce looked up to vaguely see a woman's figure in the doorway.

It was Aphrodite.

She looked at him so seductively and her eyes were zoned in on him.

"I hope you weren't waiting long."

The goddess began to approach the man with a sway in her hips that was more intentional than normal which upped the sexy factor.

Bruce was used to dealing with temptresses and knew how to control himself, but the problem lay in the fact that this was a goddess and had a charm that would practically turn people into lovestruck puppies and since dating Pamela and making love with her has made him loosen up a bit so he became more aware of the effect a woman could have on him.

Aphrodite stood in front of him still eyeing him in a certain way.

She then slowly walked around the man and spoke as she moved.

"Could you even imagine what would it be like if you had certain kinds of experiences that you may have with a lover only with THE Goddess of Love? Could you imagine the kinds of feelings of contentment and satisfaction that could be brought upon such experiences?"

The woman stopped in front of him again and brought her hand under his chin and lifted his head to meet her gaze.

"I know I would want to show you some things only men could dream of and I am perfectly willing to bask whatever you want to do with me."

Her words were like a drug that could pull a man away and sway him to do whatever task as long as he got the rewards she promised.

"But alas that will have to wait for now. But if you want such experiences keep me in mind love." She said as she walked out of the room with a sway in her walk.

Bruce would be given a few minutes after each round to calm down so he could reset.

After his few minutes were over he was ready again.

Or so he thought.

A figure began to appear and Bruce could vaguely see who this was even though he already knew.

It was his girlfriend Pamela Isley only she was dressed in some different than what she was wearing before.

She wore a shirt that she tied up so it would show her midriff. She also had shorts that revealed her thighs and legs and she wore glasses to complete the look.

Bruce could see she was going for the sexy scientist look and boy was she doing it well.

Pamela began to bring her arms behind her head as she swayed her hips in a dance.

She did that for a while before she decided to walk toward him with a sway in her lower half.

She can up to him and sat down on his lap.

"Hello, Bruce." She said in an oh-so-sexy voice.

Bruce's eyes widened as he took her in.

"Do you remember when I came into your office one day to visit?" Pamela said with a seductive smile.

She had her arms around him and got closer to him.

"I locked the door behind me and unbuttoned my shirt a bit before I walked up to you and sat on your lap just as I am now and I gave you a big kiss. A kiss that meant so much for the moment because it symbolized what you had to look forward to that night and from how you reacted that night that I delivered. I did deliver right, Bruce?"

Bruce could only nod his head.

"Ohh that makes me so happy to hear. Let's try and reenact that night sometime shall we?"

Pamela said before she got off of him and walked away again swaying her shapely hips but she also sent him a flirty wink.

Bruce used the time before Aphrodite's second round to calm himself down after he was enraptured by Pamela's seductive display.

After his few minutes were up something appeared out of the shadows and into the dim light of the fireplace.

It was a shapely leg belonging to a woman.

Then the rest of the figure appeared.

The goddess of Love was dressed in an almost transparent pink dress that hung on her shoulders and was cut like a V at the front and the back showing a lot of her chest and back. The dress ended at her feet and was cut at the side of her legs showing them off almost completely.

She walked up to him in a way that stretched out her legs to showcase their magnificent form.

If it was any other man they would've not been able to resist looking at the sexy legs whether it'd be from the divine charm she had or her natural beauty being shown to them but Bruce had better control over himself than most men.

Even in her first round, Aphrodite failed to make him breathless.

"Brucey dear do you want to know something?" Aphrodite seductively said while in front of him as she struts around him before going behind him and bending down to meet her ear.

"I'm bigger than her in the front and the back." Aphrodite softly said into his ear.

And he didn't need to know who she was talking about when she said "her". It was obvious she was talking about Pamela. And she wasn't wrong either. Aphrodite was bigger in certain areas. Despite the goddess having a bigger chest and backside that did not make what Pamela had any less. Pamela always invoked stares to be giving to her assets like her chest and backside.

They were filled in at a perfect amount as far as Bruce was concerned.

While he could appreciate such attributes of a woman he never particularly cared if a woman was well endowed or not.

It was never a requirement.

Aphrodite seemed to think that size was something that Bruce cared about. He didn't.

Aphrodite walked in front of him and brought her left hand under his chin.

She lowered her head closer to his and she kissed him.

Bruce's eyes widened and he started to feel strange. Kinda tingly. He surmised that this had something to do with her ability to charm mortals being the goddess of beauty herself. He felt like he could be swept away in this sweet and luscious feeling but he stay strong.

Bruce has had many years of women trying to put him under their influence (including his former enemy now girlfriend Pamela) but this was probably the strongest one he's had to fight and the more the kiss went on the more of a struggle it was.

'Have to stay strong.'

He decided to think not on the lips of the goddess but of his girlfriend.

'Aphrodite has no feelings for me this is a superficial showcase because her pride can't take the fact that there was someone as beautiful as her. Pamela has shown me more love and appreciation than this woman would care to show.'

Eventually, Aphrodite did pull away from the man and smiled at him and it portrayed a facade of sweetness that was not truly there.

She walked away from him.

She wore a smug smile as she went out of the room.

Bruce had to wait for Pamela to begin her second round and sooner or later he felt like he wouldn't survive this little game.

From Aphrodite's charm when in almost full force to Bruce's attraction to Pamela he thought he would turn into a human vegetable.

Bruce began to hear high heels clapping on the floor when he looked up to see something more familiar to him.

Pamela was wearing nothing but soft leaves clinging to her form.

Two large leaves were attached to her chest to hide her breasts while more greenery neatly made the rest of her outfit as it hid her stomach and connected around her lower back while her upper back was exposed.

The outfit looked like it could've been designed by a professional and was neatly put together and looked like a proper dress made of leaves than just leaves stuck to her body.

She wore high heels made of leaves and wood.

She also had some leaves in her hair.

She smiled seductively while having a hand on her hip as she leaned to one side a little.

"Hello, again darling." She oozed out of her mouth.

The green-wearing vixen then took a few steps forward placing herself in the middle of the room.

She then brings her arms up and put them behind her head and jets her hip one way putting her in a seductive pose.

She then begins to sway and grate her hips, swinging and rolling them.

She's giving him a sexy dance to entice him.

As Batman Bruce has been to clubs where women would dance provocatively to entertain but he never really paid much attention to them. But since he was captivated by her appearance and for the sake of the competition, he watched the woman do her work.

She's tapping into her old persona of Poison Ivy to do this display.

She starts to turn around and faces away from Bruce probably to emphasize her rear which his eyes drew down to.

The woman continued with her dance and both said nothing but all of a sudden she stopped, brought her arms down and turned her head.

She had a seductive smile on her face as she winked at the man.

She turned and walked up to him and clamped her hands to the man's face as she drew closer to him.

She placed her mouth to his and gave him a passionate kiss with a little bit of a bonus (wink wink).

Their kiss lasted a while before the beautiful woman drew away from the captivated man.

The woman smiled softly and walked away.

It was Aphrodite's last round. So he suspected that she was going to bring her A-game or that was what he was thinking.

Bruce heard a hum that oozed seduction like a lover who woke up after a special night with her lover.

A figure appeared out of the darkness and Bruce was surprised by what he saw.

It was Aphrodite and she was wearing something that completely left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

It was pink and was shaped like a V and it was so incredibly thin. It was like a very raunchy swimsuit. It barely covered her nipples and crouch. It showed all that was of the goddess form.

She smiled seductively but Bruce noticed it had a mischievous edge to it.

She turned on her sexy walk towards him like she did every round and this time it showed off the shape of her hips in their entirety.

She stopped in front of him and put her right hand on her hip.

"Bruce do you know what I could give you?"

Bruce looked at her with a poker face.

"I could you riches beyond what any man could dream you would not be a billionaire anymore you would be a trillionaire. You could be bathed in gold you could swim in it."

Aphrodite was trying to buy his affections?


Aphrodite said with a voice of silk.

She bent downwards her face was so close to his. At this level, he could glimpse at her cleavage but he kept his eyes on her face.

"…We could as much activity in the bedroom as we'd like in the massive bed a man could own. We could try everything together."

A promise that would draw any man or woman into her clutches with no problem especially with an outfit like hers.

The goddess brought herself back up straight.

"Think about it love, it would be marvellous." She drew that last word in with a voice of seductive silk.

And she left the room to go back into the shadows.

'I've won.'

Pamela knew she had to do something to blow Bruce out of the water with her last round. Something that would curl his toes. For anyone else, seduction would be the easiest thing for her to pull off but Bruce was the strongest man she has ever known both physically and mentally (which was one of the main reasons why she fell in love with him in the first place).

Then an idea hit her. She had something. Something that she had been saving for tonight and she hoped she didn't have to use it and hoped that he would've seen it under different circumstances but what choice did she have?

She would try a different approach an approach that even Aphrodite has not used because she couldn't. Pamela had something that the very goddess could not give to Bruce.

It was something that she had been given to her and something that she gave back.

She will win.

So she put on her special outfit and spoke loud enough for Bruce to hear.

"Hey, Bruce I want to show you something."

She walked out of the shadows to reveal herself to her forever love.

Bruce looked at her and looked surprised by what he saw.

Pamela was wearing black lingerie that barely covered her chest and clung to her curves. The area covering her midriff was made of silk and gave a little peak at the skin. Like her previous outfit, her legs were completely bare and she wore high heels shoes with ends that resembled leaves.

Something that stuck out to Bruce was the bat symbol on her chest with green outlines. It was large and the wings covered the area where the outfit cupped her breasts.

Pamela smiled softly and lovingly as she moved closer to the man and she sat on his lap with her side facing him while she still looked at him.

"You know the third time we met? After I made the park into my little fortress."

Bruce remembered that day.

Ivy had turned the park of Gotham into her fortress as she called it with massive trees and mutant plants and had kidnapped a lot of workers demanding that the companies they worked for stop their deforestation projects and held the police at bay.

Until Batman broke in and faced Ivy. Ivy was flirtatious and pleasant to him that time and a lot of other times afterwards unlike the previous encounters.

Batman demanded that Ivy let the men go but Ivy said no and held him by some vines and she walked up to him from her seat and spoke words that held truth and power beyond what was portrayed and said to the man before.

"Do you remember what I said to you that day?" Pamela said which took the man back to the present.

How could he not?!

Those words had an impact on him that not many women were able to have on him. If not for those words they probably wouldn't be in a relationship or at least the relationship they had would come much later.

"I said to you that I loved you and that the two times I've known at the time was enough for me to get an impression from you and love you genuinely for all that you were. I loved you with all my heart even back then you were so smart, strong, unwavering in your beliefs and did not feel shallow things that others have before you. You treated me with respect and care through firm I felt those things behind the cracks of our interactions. I finally met the one for me when I thought there was no such thing and though it took years I never gave up not for a second and then one day after that terrible event you told me that you loved me back and wanted to spend everything with me for the rest of our lives. I was so happy I felt like I could cry and throw myself into your arms. After all those years I was rewarded for my waiting and you gave me so much love and care than I ever felt from anyone. I will never go back on it ever for as long as I live I'm yours. Mind. Body. Soul."

"I love the man named Bruce Wayne."

"For all of eternity."

Those words…

Those words…

They held so much power that he could feel.

Love in its absolute form dripped from her words.

Pamela brought her head and hands to his chest and closed her eyes. If Bruce could move his arms he would put them around the woman.

They basked in each other for the time.

She eventually pulled away and kissed his forehead.

She untied the man and he stood up to bring his arms around her waist and her arms went around his neck.

"Okay love." Said a voice behind Pamela who revealed herself to be the goddess back in her normal clothing.

She put a hand on her waist and had a triumphant smile on her face like she thought she won like she was waiting for him to say that she was the winner and he would jump down to his knees before her to answer her every wish and desire.

Bruce smiled and Pamela had a scowl on her face.

"It was a decided decision from the very beginning. My choice did not waver and it was not divided. Not once."

If possible Aphrodite's smile grew.

"I'm sure it wasn't."

"Pamela is and always was and will always be the winner."

Silence hit the room for a few seconds before Aphrodite opened her eyes and her face slowly changed from confident and triumphant to shocked and baffled.


The goddess shouted with all the power of her lungs.

Pamela's face got darker.

"As I said Pamela has a personality that was unrivalled to me."

Aphrodite's eye twitched.


All men were pigs. Even the ones who try to believe they're not. They were selfish creatures who wanted nothing more than a good woman to lay with and she was the most perfect woman.

He was choosing her over the goddess of beauty and love?!

Pamela smiled at his words and kissed his left cheek this time.

Aphrodite proceeded to stomp out of the mansion seething and fuming like a child.

Bruce and Pamela watched her leave.

Pamela grew a seductive face and whispered into her lover's ear.

"Such a way with words darling. I think you deserve a reward for them."

Bruce chucked and looked into her eyes.

Pamela always loved men with blue eyes.

And hers were always bewitching to everyone but one person had the pleasure of looking into them and seeing the emotion of love being projected out.

"Do you want to know why you won Pamela?" Bruce said in a soft voice.

Pamela had her eyebrow raised playfully.

"I thought you said it was because of my personality?" Said the woman with a voice equally as playful as her action.

"That was one of the reasons. The main reason was that I know what you gave me that Aphrodite did not."

"It was actual love. Not lust and she didn't even feel much for me that way either. We could've had something but it wouldn't mean anything to her but you, you portrayed love in your last act with your costume and your words. Aphrodite was never going to win when you gave me that."

"I love you, Pamela."

Pamela felt like she could cry and she smiled the widest she could.

"I love you too."

They hugged each other giving love and receiving it from their contact.

Pamela then whispered into his ear again with a familiar tone of voice.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go and we can show each other how much we love each other."

Bruce simply smiled.

The End

Well that's the end of that recently I've been on kind of a high of writing Batman/Poison Ivy stories and this is the first one that I will be putting out. I've always loved the dynamic of Batman and Poison Ivy in the earlier comic storylines and it kinda saddens me that it's kinda fading in the past a little. I wish we saw more of their kinda relationship where Ivy is genuinely in love with Batman and is not afraid to say so. I wish we could have storylines that may be more disconnected from the main comics continuity and see something like a one-shot or mini-series where their relationship is focused more as a kind on the lines of romance or maybe in a live-action movie for once like I want at least one of that but alas I am just one person with that desire and it's not like I can change something in DC's mind to make at least some small storylines of a more romantic nature (no pun intended)between the two.

For the story itself like I said this is probably going to be the sexiest story, I may ever write and I only thought that it might work for these two female characters and I thought it was a good idea to write down.

One point I want to start with is that when I mentioned a terrible event involving a gas I was kinda making a wink and nod to Arkham Knight but that does mean that the game is canon to this storylines universe it was just a little reference and something to say that something like Arkham Knight took place that brought Bruce and Pamela together.

2nd point is that while this wasn't a conscious choice at first but I kinda rolled with it is, Pamela's three costumes where she went from a scientist-like outfit to symbolize her life as Pamela Isley then her second outfit which represents her life as Poison Ivy then finally her final outfit which represents her current life as the lover of Batman and how she loves him.

The final point is the fact that love kinda saved the day in a way. I made it so that it was made clear that because is Bruce kinda lowering his guard after he and Pamela got together that he noticed Aphrodite's beauty and was somewhat affected by it but not much because well it's Batman and his will of iron and stuff. While Bruce is still acting as Batman in this story it's like he slowly allowing himself to be happy kinda and not so miserable. Aphrodite was never going to win because she didn't love Bruce and he knew that. Pamela loved him and he knows that for a fact.

2nd last thing I will say is that if you still have a little bit of interest to read more Batman/Poison Ivy stories where the two are in love with each other I would recommend the following:

Kiss From an Ivy by IAmN0tDead (found on )

* This is a short bit romantic story between Batman needing help from Ivy and it is pretty sweet actually. I would say this is one of my favourite fan versions of Ivy who is in love with Batman the story hammers in that she does love him truly. In fact go to the comment page of the story and you'll find a review where a user gives a pretty good summary of Batman and Ivy's romantic history in the comics so I recommend reading that after you're done reading the story.

(I even added a little reference of this story in mine)

Batman and Ivy by Pootamis13 (found on AO3)

* This is one of my favourite Batman and Poison Ivy stories. It's a rewrite of Batman and Robin but with Poison Ivy working with Batman instead of being an antagonist of the movie. You still have her as kind of an eco-terrorist in personality but works with Batman (for now) because he's the hero.

I would recommend all of Pootamis13's Batman and Poison Ivy stories only they are not on anymore and he removed some of them off of AO3 but there are still a few there that I would recommend and his version of Ivy from his Gotham City Sirens story and its sequel is one of my favourites. Currently, he is working on Ivy Forever which is Batman Forever but with Pamela Isley as the main love interest so check out his stories.

A Bat's Flower by Rosie2009 (found on )

* Another short and romantic one very similar to Kiss From an Ivy in this one Ivy firmly gets her feeling across to Batman and they get together.

Like I said pretty similar to Kiss From an Ivy so I'm not going to say the same points but still a good one in my opinion.

Batman: Precious Art by KohnSmith (found on AO3)

* This is an ongoing story so it's not yet completed but I like where it's going and where it could go so I would recommend this one if you're looking for something to look forward to for Batman and Ivy content. It takes place during Batman's beginning days and Pamela is not yet Poison Ivy. Batman and Pamela have met and seem to have an attraction to each other.

Redemption of Poison Ivy by Hyperwryter88 (found on )

* It's not bad of a story and there are some moments I like so maybe take a peek at this one. It's a bit of an AU of Arkham Knight where Ivy survives and is assisting Batman for the rest of the story.

The author has mentioned returning to this AU but nothing has come out since the story ended so who knows if more will come.

Gotham City of Green by Jasontodd908 (found on AO3)

* This is a pretty good story with good writing for Pamela and Bruce's relationship. It has a few AU elements like the pairings of the story and even Martha Wayne is alive in this story and Bruce doesn't even become Batman he becomes Man-bat but if you don't mind those things then it's a pretty good read.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading. Maybe send a little review to tell me your thoughts and have a good rest of your day or evening.