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For hours, Gaignun had tried to connect with his brother.

But everytime, Jr. never responded back.

Each time that Gaignun had tried to reach him, he only received unpleasantly loud static.

It had been a long while since he'd heard from him, it was simply unusual for Jr. to not answer.

Now, Gaignun only assumed that something was truly amiss.

Never was he the one to ever worry, even in the most dire of situations.

Before Gaignun could investigate further, someone gently knocked on his door.

With a push, Shelley revealed herself. "Is everything all right, Master Gaignun?'

He couldn't deny the way that he'd felt, after-all he was always so honest with her.

They'd been together for so long, the two often shared their thoughts, ones that they'd never tell another soul.

Undoubtedly, it truly showed their unbreakable commitment.

After a sigh had escaped Gaignun, he disagreed.

"It's been a while since we've heard back from him, do you think that the operation failed on their end?"

Reflectively, Shelley thought to herself. "It's unlikely, but I'll try and contact Mary."

She knew that her sister had departed to assist Jr. alongside him.

Prior to their departure, both Mary and Gaignun hoped that there weren't too many reinforcements.

U-TIC weren't short of them either, since in just about every corner they always lurked nearby.

Sheer fire-power alone wouldn't cut it, as much as Jr. wanted it all done short and sweet. Margilus had already planned ahead.

With a slam of a door, both Jr. and Mary arrived at a hallway. Nearby, was the central control room.

One by one U-TIC soldiers suddenly clicked their guns, threatening to open fire.

Whilst in a casual stance, Jr. boldly smiled.

"I wouldn't worry yourselves too much, because I'm definitely gonna to toss some flowers on your graves!"

Before the soldiers could react, Jr. held his guns forward and immediately opened fire.

After he'd changed his pace into a dash, he suddenly flipped high into the air. To continue his assault from above.

With a quick snipe, many of the soldiers were instantly defeated.

Once the area had been deemed safe, Jr. slipped his firearms back into his pockets. "Yo Mary, can you bring up a status update for me?"

When Jr. turned around to repeat his request, he discovered that he was in fact alone.

With a sigh, he only assumed that she'd gone ahead to disengage UTIC's power supply.

"Weird, usually she'd at least tell me if she was gonna move on ahead."

With his firearms held by his side, Jr. took it upon himself to investigate the area further. Much to Gaignun's dismay, of course.

One by one he opened the many storage rooms, but eventually he stumbled across a pile of corpses.

Their wounds were fresh, as if they were carved open then and there.

"What the hell... is this... smell!" With a hand held over his mouth, Jr. almost vomited.

The smell was nothing short of revolting, the room as well was dingy in it's appearance.

Barely, did any light manage to filter through.

After Jr. regained his senses, a voice playfully beckoned him to approach.

"My my, what attractive sight- wouldn't you agree?" Immediately after Jr.'s hands had balled themselves into fists, his instincts kicked in.

"Just cut the crap, I don't have the time to mess around!"

With just a smile, Albedo's laughter was barely held back. "With pleasure."

Before Jr. had the chance to react in time, both his sides were suddenly blocked off.

"Mmmm... Rubedo, such a wonderful sight for sore eyes." "Found a convenient little lie to tell ma pĂȘche, have you?"

With a scowl, his brother retorted. "Don't even think about bringing her into this, you bastard!"