Once Jr. had caught a glimpse of the realian's face, his own heart sunk. He felt confused, enraged and worried. All at the same time.

MOMO was in unconscious state, it didn't matter how loudly he'd called out to her. She simply wouldn't respond.

With a committed nod, Jr. refocused his aim. "Why... why the hell is she here?"

In favour to fight, Albedo moved "MOMO" aside. "My patience ran thin, so naturally I grew quite desperate."

"Ma pĂȘche's body was akin to that of a twig." "Any more pressure now, and I think she might break!"

Before Albedo could arch back in laughter. Jr. fired a shot forward. His attack was so instantaneous, that bullet pierced both of his twin's arms.

"Quenching my thirst at source are we, Rubedo?" After Albedo's arms regrew their flesh, his right arm caressed across his left. "Is that all, if anything it merely tingled!"

With a loud yell, Jr. charged forward with his guns held out-front. "...Shut up!"

"I'm going to get MOMO back... I SWEAR IT!" Immediately after Jr. unleashed his last round, Albedo held out his palm.

"Says the one whose promises are so pitifully empty!"

In a long and electrifying wave, Albedo's attack destructively approached.

In it's wake, the storage rooms' windows shattered. To point of resembling small shining diamonds.

Seconds before the attack could land, it was surprisingly neutralised.

After the aura exploded, it blew a wild tailwind. it was strong enough for both of the twins to cover their eyes.

Whilst Jr. puffed to regain his breath again. He noticed that Albedo's line of sight had changed.

Initially the red twin felt confused. But once he turned around- he was filled with relief.

Enveloped a bright, and binding pink aura. Was MOMO.

The pink light eroded away at their colored auras. To point of only allowing them to glow slightly.

When her hands clenched themselves tightly, MOMO's aura was sent forward overwhelmingly forward.

Albedo attempted to assume a defensive stance, but it was already too late.

Within seconds his entire arm disgustingly bursted away from its socket.

Jr. couldn't believe his own eyes. Did MOMO just... fight? She'd only stood behind Ziggy most of time, during any of their battles.

"My time runs unfortunately short, but I do reassure that we'll see each other again."

After Albedo looked towards up the ceiling, his smirk grew into a satisfied grin.

"Farewell, Rubedo." As tempting as it was to give chase, Jr knew that he simply couldn't. Gaignun would've of course advised otherwise.

It had been fourteen years since the two had seen each other. There weren't many fond memories to look back upon.

With a look over his shoulder, Jr. saw MOMO pull a warm smile. "Hey, are you okay?" Quickly, Jr. pulled himself together.

"Y-Yeah, what about you?" "You're not hurt, are you?" The realian disagreed. "I'm okay, In case you're wondering- Mary's waiting for you over there."

MOMO's finger pointed out towards Mary's craft. From where Jr. looked, the craft was in desperate need of repair.

Out from the craft's entry, Mary hopped out. "Just where have you been, Lil' Master!"

With a nervous rub, Jr. replied with a wave. "Hey... Mary!" "I kinda got my hands full and..." Before Jr. could elaborate further, Mary turned away.

"When you say that you got your hands full, you mean testing out those new guns Master Gaignun bought, right?" With a sigh Jr. admitted his excuse.

"Maybe I got a little too carried away... but everything's all good now right?" With a nod. Mary handed over the timer. "We've got a few minutes before the base explodes."

"You know, if it wasn't for MOMO here, things would've gotten pretty heated.

With a eyeroll, Jr. sighed. "Literally too, you kinda missed the usage of that joke like- ten minutes ago."

"Ow!" "Hey! Whatcha' do that for!" "I'm not a little kid, y'know!" Eventually Mary's temper died down with a laugh. Alongside her, MOMO also giggled.

"That's what you get for leavin' me there!"