The Ultimate Ones are an interesting bunch.

Well, not interesting as in "I'd love to hang out with them", but interesting as in "I want to study them". Kind of like a rare species of... aliens? I never fully understood them.

Though, I hardly think they'll ever give anyone the chance.

But, its very weird. Each planet has only ONE Ultimate One, yet they sent them to Earth on Gaia's request?

Guess that's brotherhood or something.

Anyway, being considered the apex entity of an entire planet is very interesting, and boring, quite frankly.

Neither Gaia or Alaya has any jobs for you because, to be blunt, you're too OP. You would basically one-shot anything, and while they would love to deal with things easily, they apparently recognise that the world is meant to take on certain dangers to grow.

That doesn't stop them from having you as "Be ready for our call" for whenever shit hits the fan.

And ORT isn't offering any conversation, considering its basically as sentient as a freaking bee and it spends its time sleeping.

I mean, sure, there's nothing stopping me from just getting up and going for a walk, but considering my size and nature, that would be too much trouble.

Maybe I should explain.

Well, let's start then. This is the story... of how I became Type Earth.