What is there to do when boredom sets in after weeks of being stuck in the house? You play games and make bets with your husband, of course. So who will be the ultimate victor in this game for two?

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Bet Your Ass

It began with a lockdown, masks, hand sanitizer, and the dirty five-letter word. The world had changed. I do most of my work as a medical transcriptionist, so it didn't affect me too much. My husband's career is more hands-on as a high school gym teacher and football coach, he quickly became bored at home.

We played games for a while; chess, checkers, strip poker, and anything where he could make a bet. I lost more than him since he is super competitive, and I'm not good at games. However, consistently winning bets against me began to have drawbacks for him since I didn't have any luck with the games we played. That's when he decided to fill his time watching old game tapes, or any games he had recorded on the TV. Maybe he was trying to give me a break from my losing streak.

Once he finished watching everything he could on TV, he returned to me with more games and larger bets. At first, the stakes were innocent, like back massages and small favors. Then they progressively became more sexual, which I was pleased with. We are newlyweds, after all.

"So the bet is that if I win this hand of poker, I get a blowjob in the kitchen with you wearing that little maid uniform you got at your bridal shower," my snooping husband suggested with a wink.

"How do you know about that?" I ask, narrowing my eyes, "I've never worn that for you, and it's in a box in my closet."

"It is; I've had a lot of time on my hands. Maybe I've done some exploring," he responds with a smirk.

I start to say something snarky in response when I remember what else is in that box with the costume. Internally I begin to panic. Did he see it? Why hasn't he mentioned that yet? Most guys would be interested in knowing why their wife had a strap-on in her closet. I take a deep breath and reply, "Hmm, I see."

"I'll deal this time because I can't wait to have you on your knees." Edward grins, shuffling the cards in his hand.

"What if I win? What do I get?" I ask, biting my lip.

"Anything you want?" Edward responds while dealing our cards across the coffee table.

Smiling to myself as I give my answer, I wait to see if this request will get the response I expect, "I win, and you get on your knees for me in the maid costume."

Barking out a laugh, Edward shakes his head before pointing his finger at me, trying to be serious. "Game on!"

I smile and pick up my cards. I groan while releasing a breath. Across from me, I can hear Edward chuckle.

"Bells, part of poker is having a poker face or, in your case, keeping the groans to yourself."

"I think you cheat at this game. I've yet to win a hand, and you're always coming in first in every game we play." I huff while crossing my arms in a pout.

"Oh love, I do believe you always come first."

"Uh," I laugh. "You know what I mean." I gesture to the cards in front of us—Texas Hold Em', my least favorite poker game. However, his little admission makes me squirm in my seat. Edward knows his way around my body.

When Edward clears his throat, I look up; it's obvious he knows what I'm thinking. Best get this game over with and on to more rewarding activities.


Thirty minutes later, I'm standing in front of the mirror in our bedroom, tying the tiny apron around my slender waist. I have to admit that this looks good on me, and I think maybe I should thank my sister-in-law for the gift, but that could be awkward. So instead, I slip on my black stiletto heels for the full effect and begin my journey to the kitchen, where Edward is going to pretend to be making dinner for himself instead of letting the maid do it. I roll my eyes at that sexist scene, but I know it's all in good fun. I may have lost the bet, but I've been winning since I met Edward.

The anticipation starts to bubble as I make my way to the kitchen, where I can hear Edward moving around, making noises for dramatic effect. I round the corner and gasp as soon as I see my shirtless husband wearing nothing but those low-hanging grey sweatpants that he knows I love. He knows just what to do to make me hot and ready.

"Mr. Cullen, sir, what are you doing? I've been sorting the laundry and was coming to make your lunch next," I whisper shyly, getting myself into character.

"Well, I'm hungry now. Are you just going to stand there, or will you come serve me?" Edward, my Mr. Cullen, snarks in response.

Moving around the kitchen island, I stand before him and look into his eyes with a grin, "I think I'm hungry too," I breathe as I slide to my knees. My caring husband has even placed a pillow on the floor within reach for my comfort. Even when trying to be a demanding dick of a boss in role-playing, he is the sweetest.

After getting myself into a comfortable position in front of my boss, I reach for his waistband to move him closer to me. "I'm here to serve, sir."

He leans over slightly to pick up the remote to the Bluetooth stereo, and I smile as he plays Desire-Slowed by Hucci. He knows this is one of my favorite songs.

"Then, by all means, have your meal first," he groans as I slip his pants down, releasing his growing erection. It bobs free, and I lick my lips before leaning forward and licking the tip.

His breaths start to grow ragged as I take his cock into my mouth, taking him as deep as I can before gagging. He likes it when I gag.

"That's right, you dirty girl, choke on my cock."

Edward's cock is long, thick, and uncut. The biggest I've ever had the pleasure of seeing up close, not that I've seen a ton in my 25 years, but this is one beautiful cock. Glancing up, I catch his eye, and he winks; the fucker winks. He knows what he does to me.

Having noticed that I pulled back, admiring his cock, Edward bucks his hips forward with a chuckle, then sneers in his best teasing tone, "it won't suck itself."

I move so that I'm sitting more on my calves with my knees placed securely on the pillow as I begin to take what I can in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness already, so I knew I was doing something right. I gently begin pumping and using my hand to work the rest of Edward's rock-hard cock. The grunts and moans above me spurred my movements as I continue to suck, lick and swirl. When Edward reaches behind me and grabs my ponytail, I begin picking up speed and keeping a steady rhythm as he pushes his hips toward me as I take him deeper. Feeling more comfortable with the pace, I remove my hand, using only my mouth. Then, with my hands free to roam, I bring my hands up to his pants, pulling them the rest of the way down past his ass so I can grip his ass cheeks just the way he likes it.

"Shit, I think you need a raise with how good you take that cock," Edward moans. "I can't wait to return this favor."

Hearing his words with the intentions and promises of returning the favor caused me to move my mouth faster, taking his cock as deep as I can. I continue my pace repeatedly until his movements become choppy and his breathing uneven; I was about to receive my meal.

"Fuck, Bella, I'm going to cum so hard down your throat."

His warning did nothing to stop my actions. I keep up the pace until I feel the warm thick cum hit the back of my throat. I swallow all he had and lick him clean with a smile as I watch his head fall back.

"Will you willingly provide my meal, or will I have to take it?" Edward asks with a hint of challenge in his voice.

"Are you hungry, sir?" I ask, wiping my mouth.

"Famished, love. Now make your way to the counter to prepare my meal," he orders, pulling up his pants and adjusting himself.

He doesn't have to ask me twice, because I know what's coming next. I scramble to my feet and move to stand at the counter. I let out a squeal when he lifts me quickly onto the counter.

"No panties?" He teases while clicking his tongue, shaking his head in amusement. "Did you expect to serve me my dinner in the kitchen, or did you think I would fuck you instead?"

"I was willing to take whatever you would give me, Mr. Cullen," I respond with a giggle. I love the games we play. I know he loves it when I stay in character.

He starts slowly by nipping at my thighs as he makes his way to my warm center. I can feel his hot breath on my skin as he gets closer to where I want him. I gasp when he slips two fingers inside me.

"Already so wet. Did sucking my cock do this to you?" He asks while pumping his fingers faster.

"Yes, I love sucking your huge cock, sir. It always makes me so wet." I moan.

"Good girl," he praises as he moves closer, licking my pussy from bottom to top, causing me to shudder in pleasure.

I'm so lost in the feeling of his talented tongue on me as he licks and sucks, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I know I won't last long if he keeps up this pace. But, as much as I'm ready to come, I want this to last. Keeping up his pace with his fingers while sucking on my clit brings my orgasm crashing down on me so fast I see stars.

Once I've caught my breath, I look up to see my husband smiling at me like the cat who got the cream; I suppose he did this time for sure.

"You look satisfied," he chuckles.

"You have no idea." I scoot closer to the edge for him to help me down. "Now I need a soak in the bath and a glass of wine."

He gets a weird look on his face as he wraps his arms around me and helps me down.

"What?" I ask, instantly worried about why he made that face.

"I just thought that since we talked about trying for a baby, you would stop drinking," he answers, almost looking ashamed he's questioning my nightly relaxation routine.

"I'm not pregnant, so technically, I can still have wine." I offer.

"I know, but doesn't alcohol lessen the chances?"

"I think more for men than women."

"So we both should stop drinking?" he asks, looking a little sad.

"Um yeah, you want me to stop having a glass of wine; you're not having a beer either," I state firmly, with my hands on my hips. I'm a little pissed he wanted me to quit drinking, not him. "You know what, let's make this interesting. Let's see if both of us can make it a week with no alcohol." I challenge.

"I can do that, no problem; what are the stakes?" he shoots back, matching my stance.

"Anything you want." I shrug.

"Anal?" he questions.

"Anal? Really? That's what you want from this?" I laugh.

"Sure, it's something we haven't done," he responds casually.

Before I agree, I think back to the contents of the box in my closet and let a smile creep onto my face before I give him my terms. Two can play this game. "Deal, if you win, you get your anal, but if I win, I do too."

"What does that mean?" He raises a brow in confusion.

"I'm sure you noticed the other items in that box with the maid costume. I received a strap-on as a gag gift. If I win, I get to use that on you," I answer, giving him a smirk and a wiggle of my brow.

"You want to peg me?" He asks, feigning disgust.

"Well yeah, why not? Maybe I want to hold that power over you. Plus, I hear it gives amazing orgasms." I'm hoping he doesn't fight me on this. It's something I've secretly wanted to try having seen some videos by complete accident on my favorite porn site.

He stares at me for a minute before closing his eyes and pursing his lips. "If I agree to those terms, you will tell no one."

"Scout's honor," I promise, holding up my three-finger salute while I'm jumping for joy on the inside.

"Fine, I'll agree, but only because I know I'll win," he admits.

"Great! Let's go together and take inventory of all the alcohol we have," I suggest with maybe a little more enthusiasm than necessary.

I relax in the tub, sans wine, right after counting and listing how many beer cans and wine bottles we had on hand. Maybe this is good because we have a lot in the house.


The first few nights weren't so bad. I had no issues not having a glass of wine with my bath. Edward seemed to be handling things just as well until Friday when he planned his weekly zoom meet-up with his buddies. They would get on zoom and watch old games together, have a few beers, and catch up.

While I was in the kitchen finishing up his snacks for the evening, I heard the garage refrigerator open and the familiar click of a can. Putting down the knife I was holding; I walk to the open door of the mudroom connected to the garage to see him standing in front of the computer with his earphones on and the zoom call in progress, laughing and sipping a Bud Light.

Hot damn, I win. I smile and then grab my phone and snap a picture with Snapchat. I make sure to add the date and time to it with the words, "That ass is mine," before sending it to my oblivious husband.

I decide to stand in the doorway to watch his reaction when he sees his phone light up. To say I had a little deviant inside me fist pumping watching him see the snap as the realization dawned on his face, would be a perfect assessment of the thrill I felt at finally winning!

Edward turns around, still holding his phone in his left hand as he looks to his right hand, where he's holding the can. Slowly he raises his face to meet mine in the doorway, and the oh shit look on his face is priceless, the way he scrunches his eyes while baring his teeth. I laugh and do my little happy dance while he shakes his head, telling the guys to hang on. Then, when I notice he's moving toward me, I bolt from the doorway so his friends don't see me on the screen.

I move to my neglected wine fridge and pull out a bottle as my husband enters the kitchen.
"I believe my victory deserves a drink," I state as he moves to stand next to me.

"I figured you were already on FaceTime with your sister," he says as if that would excuse his actions.

"So, you were going to sneak a beer thinking I wouldn't notice?" I ask, annoyed.

"Maybe, I figured you were going to sneak a glass of that wine she sent the other day so she wouldn't think you didn't like it," he admits playing innocent.

"But we had a bet going? So why would I do that?"

"I don't know, I guess I just assumed," he responds timidly.

"You know what they say about assuming, don't you? Well, in this case, you're the ass, and I'll have that ass." I smirk, then reach around to pat his ass which immediately tenses and makes me laugh.

"So when are you planning to punish me?" he asks teasingly.

"Who says it's a punishment? You might enjoy it," I tease back.

He looks terrified but intrigued. This is going to be so much fun. If I can get him to give in, it will go smoother. If we make a game out of this, it will loosen him up.

Clearing his throat, he searches my eyes for any intention of letting him off the hook. "Will I have time to prepare?"

"Gonna watch some videos?" I wonder. "I mean, I could send you a few to show you what to expect," I explain. But, man, I would love to get him to watch some with me. "I'll even let you make a playlist to pump you up while I pump you."

Edward gasps and flips me off as he walks back to the garage and his zoom call, making me laugh. I wonder if he will ask the guys about this or if he will just let this be our little secret.


I hear the bedroom door open and shut. Then, I see Edward stripping his clothes off in the middle of the room. Then, he turns around and says, "I'm going to take a shower."

His admission immediately makes me jump to my knees. "Tonight? So we're doing this tonight?"

"Why not? I watched some stuff and read some stuff. Maybe it's best to do it and not overthink it. I do have one question, though. It's small, right? It's not one of those huge ones that even a woman has a hard time taking?"

His question makes me giggle. I get up and move to the closet pulling out the box containing the strap-on and garter belt. It's a petite dildo, slim and short. It's purple since that's my favorite color. I hold up the dildo for Edward to inspect. He takes it from my hands and proceeds to twist it. "What are you doing?" I question as he continues his inspection.

"Checking to make sure it's not one of those rock-hard ones that have no give," he states, like inspecting dildos is now his job.

"Seriously? Also, you realize that's a lot smaller than what you want to stick in my ass, right?" I inform. "How would you have liked me to inspect your cock that way? Like, oh no, that's way too big, and oh, does it bend?"

He scoffs at my assessment of this situation before announcing he will take a shower while listening to his workout playlist to get pumped for this. While he takes a shower, I decide to get into character. I find my skimpiest lingerie and slide on the garter belt before attaching the strap.

Next, I take the time to light some candles and take out the large bottle of lube from the nightstand. Finally, I decided to move the bench from the corner of the room to the foot of the bed. I'm short, and I'm not sure how this will work, considering I'm 5'4,'' and Edward is 6'2''.

I hear the water shut off and move to my position, standing in front of the bedroom door opposite the bathroom. Edward will see me as soon as he steps out.

As I stand there anticipating Edward walking out of the bathroom, I remove my robe and then wait. When I finally hear the door open, I'm met with Edward standing in nothing but a towel. Realization dawns on him as he takes in my attire; I gyrate my hips, causing the dildo to wiggle. Finally, he laughs and steps toward me.

"I think you're way too excited about this, love," he states as he comes to stand in front of me. Looking up, I meet his gaze with a smile.

"You have no idea just how excited I am that you are willing to give me this piece of you," I answer truthfully.

"A bet is a bet, and I lost," Edward says simply. "Where would you like me, ma'am?"

"I thought we could make this into a little game as well. I'm you, and you're me in this scenario," informing him of my plans for the deed. I wiggle my eyebrows at him and give him my best seductive look.

Edward nods his head in agreement and blows out a breath, along with a chuckle. "Go lay on your back on the bed and wait for me," I order before giving his ass a firm smack when he turns to walk to the bed. He's already sporting a semi; I can't wait to see how hard this will make him.

I watch Edward as he climbs onto the bed and lays flat on his back. Once he's in the position, I walk over to the edge of the bed. I rake my nails down his chest and firm stomach, leaving a trail of goosebumps with every touch .

"You ready for this cock, baby?" I ask in my best deep voice. "I'm gonna make you feel so good."

Edward chuckles and closes his eyes as he says in his best girly voice, "Oh, daddy, make me feel good."

"Okay, if you talk like that, I'm gonna lose it." I laugh as I climb onto the bed beside him.

"Just playing my part," he responds.

Reaching over to the side table to retrieve the bottle of lube, I watch his face for any signs he is going to back out of this; when I see none, I pump a few drops into my hand and reach for his now hard cock. I slowly pump him while leaning down to kiss him, pouring all the love I can into this kiss. It's almost showtime, and I want him to enjoy this.

After giving him more pumps, I move to the bottom of the bed, where his legs are. I pump some more lube into my hands and massage his cock while moving my hand and fingers lower to play with his taint. I smile when I hear his small moan when I slip a finger into his ass. He seems to be enjoying this, so I slip a second finger in and start moving in a circular motion. Next, I brought my other hand back to his cock and gently stroked up and down his shaft, causing him to tense up and moan in pleasure. He's almost ready. Removing my fingers from his ass, I add more lube to my hand and begin stroking the dildo in the same rhythm I'm stroking his cock. He's watching me now. So I decided to get into this.

"Such a good boy. Are you ready to take this cock?" I ask seductively.

Biting his lip, he closes his eyes and nods in agreement. So I move closer and bring his legs up. I scoot as close as I can to him, which I'll admit is a little awkward with our size difference. Once I'm in position. I ask him to hold his legs for me, which he does without hesitation.

I watch his face as I tease his tight opening with my dildo. He tenses a little, and I know he needs to try and relax for this to work, "Deep breaths and relax; I don't want to hurt you."

"Give me a second," he responds as he takes deep breaths while slowly exhaling. "Okay, I'm ready."

I take the bottle of lube, add a few more drops to the head of the dildo, and slowly start to push inside. I hear his sharp inhale of breath which causes me to pause my movements. Looking up, his face twisted into a grimace. It makes me wonder if he will be able to handle this. When he starts to untwist his features, I begin to move again. Finally, after an agonizingly slow few seconds, I'm inside.

"You okay?" I ask genuinely, concerned for Edward.

"I'm okay; it feels different. Not bad different, so maybe a good different." Edward responds, finally opening his eyes to look at me. "Also, you look pretty hot right now."

"Do I? You like the way I look with my cock in you?" I ask, giving him my best seductive voice.

"Not going to lie, it's pretty fucking hot."

Smiling, I ask, "Are you ready for me to start moving?"

"I'm ready," he states confidently.

When I begin to move my hips, I also start to stroke his cock again in the same rhythm I move my hips. He's not as tense as he was, so it's easier for me set the pace. While I'm working him over, he is moaning and groaning without taking his eyes off me. I think I may come myself just from watching him fall apart beneath me. The power and the high I'm feeling now are more than I could have imagined. I continue my speed while stroking his cock and watching his face when I see it. His O' face is starting to take shape; I can tell from the crease forming between his brow, gritted teeth, and tensed-up jaw. He's going to come hard.

"Fuck Bella, I'm going to come. Is that normal?" Edward grunts out as the grip on his legs tightens.

"They say pegging gives the best orgasms," I state, feeling damn well pleased with myself.

"Oh fuck," he wails as I continue to pump into him. His cum shoots out, coating his chest, the lamp, the headboard, and my hand all at once.

Coming down from his intense experience, he's panting, and as I withdraw, he brings his hands to his chest before looking at me with a wide grin. "That was amazing, but I'm going to need like 10 minutes, and then I will take care of you."

I laugh and walk to the bathroom to remove the strap-on. I look at myself in the mirror, and the smile on my face says I'm pretty satisfied with myself. Maybe this won't be a one-time thing. Maybe, just maybe, my pegging fantasies won't end with tonight. Pretty sure Edward will calm down with the betting though, since this one literally caused him to lose his ass.