Summary: Fry wasn't the one who Leela met.


Enroute to the Cryogenics Lab in New York City, was a young male with a mane of gravity defying, spiky blond hair, a pair of cerulean blue eyes, a trio of thin marks on his cheeks that looks like whisker-like tattoos, an athletically lean build, and a light skin that was garbed in a pair of orange pants, a long sleeved, black, undershirt with a scarlet red flame design in its middle, an orange, turtle neck, jacket, a pair of blue sneakers with black laces, and a black headband that kept the bangs of his hair away from his eyes.

This was Naruto Uzumaki.

And as he was enroute to his new destination as a delivery man with a new delivery destination, he was on the phone.

"So, she's at your place celebrating New Years?" Naruto remains silent as he hears the reply from the person on the other end of his phone. "Sorry, I don't think I won't be able to make it. I'm in the middle of a delivery; and as far as I'm seeing it, I won't be able to get there when the ball drops." he states. "And it's a Plus One event. I don't exactly have a date like you, or Yancy, or even your dad. I'd be feeling like the 18th wheel there; maybe it might've been different if I didn't break up with Sakura days ago." the ping of the elevator alerts him and he looks up to see that his lift was here. "Anyways, I gotta go; save some of the good stuff for me Fry, l8r."

Unfortunately, as he reached his destination after ending the phone, that was when he discovered something.

"Pizza Delivery for…" and that something, was the name of the one who ordered the delivery. "I.C. Wi- *Naruto slaps his forehead* you've gotta be kidding me. I fell for this prank? Of all people? Ugh! And just when I thought things couldn't get worse after finding out that my ex cheated on me… well, might as well enjoy the food, seeing as it'll no doubt come out of my pay."

Then, as he put the pizza box on the table and sat down on the chair, he opened a beer from the six pack he also brought as park of the meal that was 'ordered' while of the fact that at the moment, there's a little creature crouching under the desk his foot, crossed, was placed on while he was rocking the chair he sat on.

'I hope the data compiled on this human's abilities end up being true.' the said creature thought. 'Because if not, not only would I have just succeeded in robbing the life of an innocent young man, I'd also have doomed the future of the universe. Ugh. Why'd I have to be the one selected for this job?'

And as Naruto grabbed a slice of Pizza from the opened box, he looked out the window to see the New Year's ball drop on a screen from a nearby building.

"If anything at least the view from this place's good." Then after finishing the slice and drinking the beer he grabbed, he lifted the empty can up in a very despondent manner. "Here's to another shitty year of cheating girlfriends, no family, some shitty beer, and some moderately good Pizza." he closed his eyes. "Maybe I should've just let someone else take this job like Fry suggested earlier."

Unfortunately for the spiky haired blond, it was at that moment that the creature hiding under the desk pushed the chair he was rocking hard, making the one sitting on it fall out with a startled yell, and roll into an opened cryogenic tube that was directly behind him, and closed shut as his back was slammed in.

"Oh, F-"

Naruto's body was flash frozen before he could finish his sentence.

The creature, meanwhile, sighed in relief at this course of events.

"Good." then it crawled up the tube and reached for the dial to set the time that currently read '9 years'. "And now to make sure he wakes up when he needs to wake up."

And after setting the '9 years' to '1000 years' the creature patted itself on its back and left the office, because right now, what was on its mind was celebrating a job well done with one of its associates.


Over a thousand years later, and within the same Cryogenics Lab as before, an individual walked into the room with an air of boredom.

"Alright, let's get this over with.." She, the individual, was an extremely attractive female with a voluptuous, hourglass build complete with a pair of long, meaty looking legs covered by a pair of black, skin tight pants and grey boots which did nothing to hide the attractive feature - along with a pair of wide hips, and a narrow waistline, an equally attractive upper torso that consists of a pair of large and perky, E-Cup Breasts, which was covered by the cleavage revealing slim fit singlet she wore.

In addition to those features, she also owned a pair of plump lips, that were covered with a light pink lipstick, a mane of purple hair that was styled in a ponytail, and finally, perhaps her most eye-catching feature of her entire being: a singular large eye that covered most of her forehead. "So, Leela, who are you unfreezing today?"

And as she looked up from her pad and at the tubes in front of her, the being self-identified as Leela bent down and squinted her one eye at each of the timers that were attached to the tubes until she came across the one that was a few seconds away from running out.

She pulled back and looked at the one trapped within after wiping the fog off the glass.

"Huh…" Leela mused. "Well, hello handsome."

She then extended the timer for a few more minutes, left the room to quickly freshen up, and came back with a brighter look and her uniform jacket now covering her vested torso in a way that seemed alluring and messed with her ponytail a bit as she waited for the timer to go off.


Leela shivered as a cold steam of air flushed out of the tube as it opened and the man within, drowsily stepped out of the chamber with a stumble in his step, a groan, and a drink in his right hand.

"Easy there," and moving quickly, she helped him steady himself before he tripped and fell. "Sometimes, the first step is always woozy."

"First step? I-wha-" the man shook his head, before looking up to see the blurred visage of the purple haired female holding him up. "T…thanks."

"I'm Leela." the female, Leela, continued, moving the still drowsy man over to a chair. "What's your name?"

"N-naruto." Naruto muttered, holding his head. "Where am I?"

"The Cryogenics Lab in New York City." Leela placed her hand on one of his shoulders. "You've been frozen for 1000 years."

"Fro-" Naruto's back snapped straight. "1000 years? What the-" then his mind started to process things. "It's all coming back to me. I was pranked into delivering Pizza to this place and then I tripped into one of those tubes; you guys ow-" he froze, however, as his eyes landed on who he was talking to. "Ow, ow, ow, wow…"

Leela smirked, tucked her hair behind her ear, and puffed her chest out boastfully at the slack jawed expression she got.

'He hasn't freaked out about my eye yet.' she thought. 'Good.' with that, she spoke to the spiky haired blond. "Y' know, if you keep staring slack jawed like that, a fly's gonna lay eggs in your mouth."

Naruto clicked his jaw shut and shook his head rapidly.

"Now come on." Leela turned around and started to walk away with a sway of her hips. "We need to get a few things over with before we get to know each other."

And like a lost puppy, Naruto got up and followed the purple haired beauty to wherever she was taking him.


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Chapter One: Y3k…


Eventually, Naruto found himself groaning in slight discomfort as his now completely naked, perfectly sculpted body was hovering over the flat surface of a table while both of his hands tried, and failed, to cover his bigger than average tool from the shamelessly staring eye of the very attractive female employee that sat nearby and slightly pushed her chest out more to the blonde as she spoke to him.

"Oh relax you big baby..." Leela tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "That's the only time the probulator would ever be used on you; plus, at least now you know what it must feel like for girls to have a dong as huge as yours fucked in their ass."

"That's far from the case, as much as I'd like that to not be…" and as he spoke, Naruto sat up and faced the female employee. "Most girls I tend to date usually run the second they get one look at my meat. The only one that didn't manage to run ended up cheating on me because I'm too big for her to handle."

"Well I say they just don't have the know how to properly take care of a tool like yours." Leela responds, finally managing to turn away from her shameless staring and return to work. "I know a few people who'd be more than happy enough to give it a try."

"Present company included?" Naruto got a smirk as his reply, before walking to retrieve his clothes. He frowned as he looked at the blimp that was outside that read out the current date he was in. "So I'm really 1000 years in the future, huh? Part of me still finds that hard to believe; part of me thinks I got knocked out when I tripped, and this is one elaborate dream."

"If it was, I doubt the probulator wouldn't have woken you up." Leela commented, turning to look at Naruto as she waited for her computer to load. "Trust me; but if I was being honest, I was kinda expecting you to freak out more, especially considering you're from the 20th Century and beings like me didn't exist back then... didn't you have friends or family back in your time?"

"Trust me, your beauty's too distracting for me to freak out." Naruto missed the blush his comment earned him as he put on his jacket. "And as for friends or family? Fry's the only friend I had back in my time and the only one to probably care that I was even gone. I'm not exactly a sociable person." he walked up to Leela. "By the way, what're you doing? What was that probulator thing for, now that I think about it?"

"It uses your DNA to find your closest living relative." the female explained. She then motioned to the desktop in front of her. "This computer then prints out everything noteworthy about them."

"I wouldn't bother about that." Naruto mutters, but he was able to be heard. "I'm an orphan. Pretty sure if I had any relatives, they wouldn't have left me to grow up in the streets after I was kicked out of my Orphanage."

"Not according to this." Leela states with a feeling of empathy aimed at the spiky haired blond. She started to type on the computer's Keyboard and looked on. "According to this, you're related to… the Wongs?!" She looked further. "Not just any Wong, but the Mars Wongs?!"

"Pretty sure I'm not chinese." Naruto deadpanned. He paused, however, and thought back to a particular day in his life in a particular office building… "Though I do remember donating some Cum for a quick buck back when I was down-in-my luck broke."

"That probably did it." Leela stated. "It says here that you're the '6 times' Grandfather of Nigel Wong, which means you're the Greatgrandfather of their daughter Amy Wong, who lives here on Earth, unlike her parents."

"Mars is somewhere people can live in now? The future never ceases to amaze me." He looked at the picture of his apparent family. "And that's my granddaughter? Shoot. That means she's a fine ass I don't get to tap."

"You literally just found out that you're related to the second richest family in this Solar System." Leela deadpanned, staring at the spiky haired blond. "And all you're thinking of is hitting on who's essentially your granddaughter when they're more important things to be thinking off?"

"Ugh." Naruto clenched his chest in a rather dramatic fashion. "Stop adding insult to injury, Leela. I already know I can't fuck her." he grinned at the visibly annoyed cyclops. "And, aside from the fact that her beauty pales in comparison to yours by a long shot, although I might not have looked it, I was a hundred-millioniare back in the 20th Century so knowing that I'm related to the richest family on the 'Solar System' really doesn't bring as much surprise and excitement as you would expect."

"A hundred-millionaire?" Leela snorted. "Forgive me if I find that unbelievable."

"It's true." Naruto quickly defended. "Most of my cash was won via gambling; the rest I made through smart investments. I could show you how much I had left before I got frozen if my bank's still around till this day." he paused. "In fact, let's make this a bet where the winner gets to decide whatever they want to do with the loser if they win."

"That sounds like a stupid bet that could very easily backfire." Leela deadpanned. She sighed almost a second later. "But, I guess I've got nothing better to do. We just have to do one thing first before I can take a break."

Naruto blinked. "What's that?"

"Pick the carrier you're best at and assign you your permanent Carrier Chip." Leela replied. And as she computed a bit, she paused and squinted her eyes. "Wait, that can't be right. It says the job you're stuck with is… Delivery Boy?"

"Delivery Boy?" Naruto leapt back, looking at the cyclops with a look of shock. "What the heck!? I only did that 'cuz I was bored! There's no way in hell that's what I'm best at! My mom was an astronaut and my dad was a nuclear physicist for christ sake!"

"Delivery boy, see?" Leela revealed the results to the man in denial. "Honestly, I'm surprised." she reached into the drawer of her desk, seemingly searching for something. "For someone who claims to be a hundred-millionaire, I'd have expected you to be something higher than that."

"Trust me, that part isn't a lie." Naruto returned the computer to its owner. "Just as I'm sure this one is too; there's no way I'm being a delivery boy for the rest of my- what's that?"

Leela was holding what looked like a gun with a claw-like mouth that had a huge pin on its top.

"It's what I'm going to use to install your carrier chip." the cyclops explained. "It's a pretty simple procedure and everyone who's ever had a job does it."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up." Naruto said, waving his hand in a bout of panic and shuffling away from the 'gun' aimed at him. "People brand you in the future? Um, yeah; thanks but no thanks!"

"Okay first of all, this isn't a brand." Leela states, getting up from her table, and slowly walking towards the scared looking blond. "Second, aside from certain clubs on Tuesdays, they don't brand you; and third, stop being such a baby. I did it, and like I said, everyone who's ever had a job did it. It's the law… meaning that if you don't do this and walk out that door, I and every law officer on this planet will hunt you down because you'll be a fugitive; now sit down and let me install this damn chip!"

Naruto ducked under a swipe. "Woman, you may be hot but that doesn't mean I have to do what you say." he stated.

"Actually, you do." Leela shot back. "According to the 7610th Amendment to the Galactic Constitution."

"Did it say I have to listen?"

"...Touche." Leela deadpanned before she dove at Naruto in order to install the chip in his wrist but thinking on his feet, the spiky haired blond dodged to the side which made the purple haired cyclops dive into the cryogenic tube that he came out from, and the door of the said tube in question to shut behind her. "Hey! Let me out of here!"

"Sorry beautiful, but I'm not about to get branded like cattle." Leela got frozen as he finished his sentence, and as he saw the dial set to 1000 years, he twisted it until it was 15 minutes from the current time. "That should give you enough time to cool down. Hit me up when you do and we can go on that date."

With that, he walked out of the room.


About 30 minutes later, Naruto found himself walking along a very unfamiliar street.

"Maybe I shouldn't have knocked that chick out," he muttered. "Cause I sure as hell don't know where I'm going."

This was supposed to be the same New York City he grew up in and was familiar with but every corner he looked and went, nothing was familiar to him, not the futuristic buildings, the people, the cars… It was all so… surreal.

"Well I guess that's to be expected," Naruto said to himself. "It is the future, after all."

But then, as he turned around a corner, his blue eyes sparked with familiarity.

"A phone boot, yes!" Naruto cheered. "Finally, something I can use." Then, after he walked up to the line formed in front of it, and waited, he continued muttering to himself. "I think I'll call my quote/unquote granddaughter; maybe she can help me sort things out while I'm on the d.l. Good thing I have a really good memory."

As he waited for his turn, however, moving when the line shrank, he felt a presence behind him; and as the blond turned, his eyes widened in surprise…

"Holy crap, a robot!"

…because standing behind him was a bonafide, real-life robot.

"What? Never seen a robot before?"

"I certainly have but only been on T.V." Naruto replied, walking around the robot he was talking to with an expression of awe. "I've been frozen for about a thousand years and just got unfrozen; so seeing one of you guys IRL is pretty rad."

"Ah, so you're one of those popsicle meatbags." the robot nodded in understanding. "Well then, as your first official robot, allow me to give you your first greeting." His head started to spin around and his hands spread out. "Kill all humans, kill all humans!"

Naruto looked at the 'seemingly insane' robot, blinked, and threw his head back in laughter.

"Ha, nice one." the blond grinned. "And I'm pretty sure that it might've worked if I was someone else, but that was just timed poorly; I could teach you a thing or two about how to time your prankings right, if you want though, seeing as I'm a master prankster myself."

"Bite my shiny metal ass, meatbag, I don't need help knowing how to prank." the robot retorts, stabilising his head and crossing his hands over his chest. "Plus as a Robot, and we're built to be superior to humans in every way so if anyone needs to be taught a lesson it's you, from me, Bender."

"Uh-huh," Naruto rolled his eyes. "Okay. Superior. Yeah, that makes sense." he stated. "So who're you planning to call?"

"Call?" Bender asked, tilting his head in confusion. "What the heck are you talking about?"

"This line." Naruto states, motioning to the line in front of him. "It's a phone booth, isn't it?"

"Suicide booth." and instantly following the correction, the whisker faced blond jumped out of the line and Bender quickly took his place. "Ha! Got your spot meatbag!"

"Nooope!" Naruto grabbed Bender and pulled him out of the line. "Not letting my new robot friend take his life."

Bender looked taken aback at that. "You…" he paused. "You want to be friends with a robot?" Obviously, he was confused with this fact.

"Sure I would." Naruto grinned, unaware of Bender's state of confusion. "I've always liked robots, as far back as being a kid."

Bender eyed the blond for a while. "You are a strange meatbag…" he states.

"That's good." Naruto nodded. "'Cuz it's better to be strange than boring."

Bender nodded. "Good point.'' Then he quickly took a bottle of beer from his canister, downed it in a rapid gulp, burped a beam of fire, and tossed the empty bottle in the nearest pile of trash.

Naruto watched this with interest. "So I'm gonna guess robots run on beer?" he stated while he was led down the street.

"Bear, rum, ale…" Bender listed. "Basically, alcohol in general, but yup."

"Like me, with Ramen." Naruto nodded. "Got it."

"Ramen?" Bender stared at his friend. "What the hell's that?"

"It's a dish from the 20th century." Naruto explained. "Back where I'm from."

"Ah well I'm sure some human makes it somewhere." Bender said, waving the blond off. "You humans have so many foods that it's hard to keep track of sometimes. What even is the point of that?"

"Well, different people have different tastes." Naruto explained as he and the robot entered a bar. "And for some people, it's medically impossible to eat some kinds of food. If we had one type of food with one taste, then I'm pretty sure some people could very well die."

"And this is why robots are superior." Bender said with an air of gloating. "We don't need taste."

Naruto nodded. "Yea but taste makes food fun; don't you do anything for fun?" he asked.

"Whatever." Bender said, pulling out a cigar, lighting it, and then smoking it. "So what's got you wanting to avoid the streets? You punch a robo prostitute, or something?"

"Nah." Naruto shook his head. "This sinfully hot chick is chasing me trying to make me a delivery boy; says it's my fated job or something."

"Ah, the ex-girlfriend." Bender nodded, cuckling. "Got it. I have a few. Most of 'em are robot prostitutes."

"Ex?" Naruto threw his head back and laughed. "Ha! I wish. She'd be a huge upgrade from my ex; and even then, she won't be an ex. I'd make sure to hold on to her as tightly and as long as I can." Unfortunately for the blond male, the subject of his current discussion appeared in the window opposite of him with a pair of what looked like Police Officers; and at this, he moved to act quickly. "Shit, get down; she's outside with the fuzz!"

Bender turned to look at the purple haired female standing with police officers on either of her sides.

"Oi!" Naruto hissed. "Don't look!"

"I'm not looking." Bender's eyes extended to the glass and suddenly, the purple haired girl, aka Leela, looked directly at him and saw Naruto under the table the robot sat by. "Oh crap she spotted us!"

Leela yells, "There he is!"

"Run!" Naruto yelled as he ran into the back of the bar and out the back door. "Move it Bender!"

"I'm coming, hold your horses!" Bender yelled as he tried to grab a few bottles of beer but when he saw the cyclops nearing, he ditched the many he carried and settled for the one he was able to snap. "Crap, cheese it!" He quickly caught up to Naruto who waited for him. "You didn't leave me behind?"

"Of course I didn't, you're my friend!" Naruto exclaimed as he and the robot kept running. "Plus you know this place more than I do and I don't know anywhere to hide!"

"Leave that to me buddy, I've got your back!" Bender grabbed his friend and ran him to a nearby building. "And I know the perfect place we can hide."

Naruto just agreed as he was willing to hide anywhere.


Eventually, the blond found out that where his new friend chose to hide him was none other than a museum and when he stepped into it, there was one thing he instantly noticed at the obvious.

"So what," Naruto stated. "They keep heads in jars, now?"

"Well, duh." Bender replies. "It's the head museum; only important people though so who knows? If you're important enough, you might end up here before you die."

"Unlikely." Naruto scoffs. However, when his eyes spotted the familiar shade of purple, they widened and he looked around. "Quick, let's hide in there!"

And after he grabbed his robot friend's hand, Naruto took him to the door leading to the criminal wing of the head museum.

"The Hall of Criminals, huh?" Bender commented, as he and Naruto walked in. He nodded seconds later to himself. "Appropriate."

Leela, however, quickly caught up to them. "Stop! I don't want to hurt you!" she states.

"Keep running!" the human of the Robot/Human officer pair yells back. "I do want to hurt you!"

Naruto rolls his eyes at that. "So I guess the police here are still the same as the 20th Century." he deadpanned.

"Ha!" Bender barked, as he found that comment funny but ended up hitting his antenna on a light in the criminal wing, shocking him. "owwhatthehuh?!"

And hearing his friends cry of agony caused Naruto to stop and switch to helping said friend from his plight; however, his switch in directions caused Leela and the officers that followed after her to catch up to the pair.

"Ok, last chance." Leela walks up to the two. "Come quietly or we will use force."

"Sorry beautiful but that ain't happening." Naruto replied. "I'm not gonna be a delivery boy for the rest of my life."

"Alright, one eye, you've had your chance." the human officer harshly pushed past Leela. "It's our turn now."

"Oh good, cops are still assholes to women, and I'm probably guessing people of colour, and lower status, and aliens." Naruto sarcastically replies while protectively stepping in front of the still disoriented Bender, and getting into a fighting stance. "Good to know I don't need to hold back on your asses."

The cops pulled out two blue lightsaber styled batons to attack Naruto with it in response to his words.

Leela, however- "Hi yah!" -steps in with a flying kick at the robot officer sending him into the human one.

Naruto blinks in shock at this. "You're helping me?" he asked.

"Well, yeah." Leela cocks her hip, and places her fist on it. "He called me one eye. I don't like that."

"Noted, hot head." Naruto nodded, earning a scowl in response. "Emphasis on hot."

Leela's scowl quickly shifted to an embarrassed look with a blush.

Bender, finally regaining his senses prior to Leela's intervention- "Fight now, flirt later!" -rushed at the window bars in order to pry them open.

Naruto and Leela each used that moment to rush at the two officers with the cyclops aiming for the robot officer, while Naruto went for the human one; and after sending a flurry of kicks to her robotic opponent that sent him toppling to the ground with very little effort, she turned towards Naruto believing that she would need to help him out.

She didn't.

"Uncle," the human officer yelled on the ground. "Uncle!"

Naruto had both hands of the human officer in a submission hold behind his back, literally pulling his arms backwards while driving his knee on the cops spine in a surfboard stretch to ensure that the man doesn't escape so easily.

"Ok that's enough," Leela walked up to the blond. "You made your point."

"Fine." Naruto says. "But first he apologises to you for that eye crack otherwise I'm cracking his back like an egg!"

The human officer yelled in pain. "I apologise for the one eye comment!" He states.

"Is that good enough?" Naruto asked Leela. "Or do you want a little more grovelling?"

"No, no, I'm good." Leela said with a roll of her eye at how reckless Naruto was being. However, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked away from the blond in order to hide how flattered she was at this act of violence for her. "I didn't know you could fight."

"Needed to know how to as I lived in the streets of New York." Naruto replied, letting go of the officer. "And now that that's done, I'll be on my way… unless you want to continue hunting me down to stab that chip in my arm."

Leela sighed at this, took the chip applier and, instead of going after Naruto, used it on herself to pull her own chip out.

Naruto was taken aback at what she did. "You can do that? Isn't that really painful?" he asks.

"It is, but the pain is worth it 'cuz I just realised that this job sucks." Leela stated, rubbing her wounded wrist. "So as of right now, I'm quitting."

Naruto grinned. "And that just increased your hotness factor by double digits." he commented.

Bender, though, was tired of being in the background. "If you two meat bags are done, then LET'S GO ALREADY!" he states.

"Fine." Naruto rolled his eyes, and chuckled. "No need to get your panties in a twist, Bender."

With that, the trio rushed out of the head museum and into the streets of the future New York.

Leela was the first to point out their issue. "We need to find somewhere to hide from the cops."

Naruto spotted a particular building.

"How 'bout there?" He pulled up the paper that was given to him in the cryogenic office and saw an image of it under the face of a young looking female. "According to this, that's where my supposed Granddaughter works; we could get some help from her against the fuzz in the meantime."

Bender shrugs. "Worth a shot."

And with Leela agreeing shortly after, the trio quickly rushed to the building.


When Leela, Naruto and Bender entered the building, they were greeted by a very, very, very old man in a pair of pyjama tops and slippers, and a lab coat.

"Why hello there." The old man greeted the trio. "How can I help you?"

"Aaaah, Zombie!" Naruto screeched, before he grabbed Leela and hid behind Bender. "Don't eat our brains!"

"Don't be rude, Naruto." Leela scolded while pulling herself away from the blond. She then walked up to the old man and continued speaking. "Hi, I'm Leela, and these are Naruto and Bender, and is it okay if we stay here for a while?"

"Look old man," Bender rudely cut in. "We need a place to hide from the fuzz and yours seems to be the most convenient."

"Oh, I get it." the old man smiled. "You want to see my inventions; come in, come in."

Naruto was lockstep with Leela and behind Bender. "They have Mad Scientists in the future?" he whispered.

"They have Mad Grad Students but there's an intergalactic committee of Mad Scientists." Leela explains in an equal tone. She paused, however, and looked away from the blond. "By the way, thanks for trying to save me even though there's no real danger."

"Of course I'd save you Leela." Naruto replies. "There's no way I'd let anything happen to that sexy smile of yours."

And in response to that, Leela blushed.

The old man ignored the two behind them as he led them, and Bender, through his building and showed them various things he had.

"This is my Microscope." he states. "This is my collection of wires; and this is my intergalactic spaceship."

"A SpaceShip?" Naruto visibly perks at that. He then looks at where the old man motioned and sees the large, lime green spaceship sitting in the very large space that looked like it was meant for what it did. "Whoa, cool!"

"Yes, yes, my wires are impressive." the old man replies, not even paying attention to what the blue eyed blond was saying. "I have them organised by colour and by size."

"I'm not interested in that, I'm more interested in your ship!" Naruto states, leaning over the railing he stood by. "It's so cool! I was always into sci-fi stuff when I was a kid! What other cool inventions do you have?!"

The old man smiled. "Well aren't you a curious fellow?"

Before he could respond to the blonds request, however, someone else stepped into the room.

"Hey professor Fansworth, there are cops outside the doors." This person was female. "Are you doing something unethical again?"

And this female, with a mane of black hair that was styled in a spider-like cut, looked to be chinese in descent with soft looking features, a slender, yet curvy body and a light skin that was garbed in a pair of pink sweatpants that accumulated her curvy hips, a pair of brown boots, and a long sleeve sweatshirt that exposed her belly button and midriff.

Naruto's eyes widened in recognition.

"Hey I know you, you're Amy Wong!" he grins at his purple haired friend. "Wow! Talk about lucky breaks."

"Oh, hello." The now identified 'Amy Wong' brushed her hair back with a blush as she looked at the blond. "Have we met?"

"Later." Leela replied. "What was that you said about the cops?"

Amy looked at the cyclops. "That they are knocking on the door? Professor, who are these people?" she asks as she turns to the old man.

"Crap, they found us!" Bender cuts off the professor before he could reply. "Let's bounce!"

Naruto shouts. "Everyone on the ship!"

"The police?" the Professor finally jumps into action. "Oh no, they can't find out about my light speed dentures! I can't survive prison! Quickly, everyone to the ship!"

With that, and with Bender carrying the professor, everyone rushed to the large SpaceShip in the room.


To Be Continued.


Author's Note: Well, that looks like a fine place to end things off in this chapter, don't you think? Now all that's left is for you, the readers, to tell me what you think about this story so far, what you like, and what you don't like about it. And if I get a good reception to this chapter, I'll consider continuing this story; and yes, Naruto's father was a Nuclear Physicist, and his mother is an Astronaut. Why those hobbies in particular? Well, I feel like it's the best I could think off in order to give Naruto powers in this story, with his parents absorbing cosmic and nuclear radiation and Naruto inheriting something as a result of those two energies sort of mixing. You could say he has powers, but what are they? If I continue this story, you get to find out.