Summary: Looks like things are starting to settle down.


As the dawn of the new day broke with the sunset, Naruto yawned and stretched his body; however, when he moved to get up from the bed he slept on the night before, he blinked as he felt an extra on his body and when he saw why, he smirked.

"Hell yeah."

And with an air of satisfaction, he folded his hands behind his head and leaned on his pillow as the equally naked and snoozing, soft form Amy dreamed on with her bed head drooling on his broad chest.


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Chapter Two: Settling in a Different Era…


With the group of, now five, people - including a robot, and a very old man - now tucked into the spacious cockpit of the ship, Leela quickly took the Pilots position once the Professor asked if anyone could drive 'stick' and as the roof of the building opened to show the blackness of the night skies twinkled by the various littered stars, the ship - due to a mechanism on its landing pad - was tilted to a 90 degrees angle.

"Initiating Countdown." the Cyclops stated. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…" she paused. "Hold onto your hats everyone 'cuz we have lift off!"

By the time the police barged into the building, the rocket took off.


And using the fireworks - which celebrated the dawn of a new century, and a new year - as a cover to shield their get away, the crew of the lime green ship were able to successfully escape the fuzz, especially as they broke through the atmosphere and were now floating in the vastness of space.

"Whoa..." Naruto states in awe as he spies Planet Earth from the window of the ship he was in. "That's incredible."

Amy pipes up from beside the blond. "What, never been to space before?"

And as for Naruto, well he just stares at the woman in pink- ". . . . damn it." -until he mutters a response.

Amy tilts her head at that in confusion. "What?"

"Oh, don't mind that." Leela replied dismissively. "He's just upset that he found out that the two of you are related."

"Wait, we're related?" Amy asks, staring at Naruto; then, with her foot childishly stomping, she curses, "Damn it!"

Naruto agreed. "I know, right?"

"Wait, I haven't seen you in any family get togethers, and I haven't heard of you from my parents." Amy points out, rather logically. "In fact, I didn't even know you existed until today so how do I know you're telling the truth? Please tell me you're not telling the truth!"

"Oh he is." Leela confirmed from the pilot seat- 'Back off bitch, I saw him first.' -eager to stomp out any budding attraction between the two. "The Probulator in the Cryogenic Labs lists you as his available relative. He's your ancestors from the 20th Century frozen for about a thousand years."

"And if you need help confirming the validity of that statement, I have a device in my lab that matches up DNA sequences..." the Professor stated to the woman in pink. "We could use it when we get back."

"We just have to wait till the heat cools down." Bender stated. "Hopefully that doesn't take too long."

"Now I guess all that's left for me is to find a place to sleep, and a Job so I don't starve." Naruto states before looking at the old man next to Leela. "Hey Professor, do you have any Job Openings available?"

"Why indeed I do, young man." the Professor answered. "I need a new crew for the delivery company that funds my research - a Captain, Delivery Boy and Robot to be specific - and I may have already found my Captain."

"Please tell me it's me." Naruto hoped. "Is it me?"

"Oh, my no." the Professor dismissed with a hand wave. "But you can be my new Delivery Boy if you're interested, though."

And again, Naruto cursed. "Damn it."

Leela smirked, triumphantly. "See, what did I tell you? Fate." she teased.

"Fate can kiss my ass." Naruto scowled. He smirked a second later as an idea sparked in his brain. "But I guess since this job involves travelling to other planets, I guess it's way better than my old job so I guess I'll take it. It does involve travelling to other planets, right? With the SpaceShip and all."

"Why of course it does, my young friend, that's what the SpaceShip is for." the Professor states much to the delight of Naruto. "Now then, all I'll need is to install your Carrier Chips and we'll be good to go; but no space missions until you have all gone through a physical and signed a few contracts."

"Not a problem for me." Naruto shrugged. "Question, though, who's doing the physical?"

Amy grins widely at that.


Eventually, the heat had died down and when that was clear, the crew returned to the Planet Express building and after Amy and Naruto checked their DNA to see if it matched, which it did, the Professor got to work.

"Now then, since you're all going to work here we need to give you your physicals and job chips." He, the old man, stated. "And since our doctor is on his day off, myself and Amy will need to give you said physicals."

And as he spoke, Hubert, Naruto, Leela and Bender, were currently standing within the medical lab within the building.

Naruto, meanwhile, frowned at the thought of something.

"This better not involve a probe." The memory of the probulator was still fresh in his mind. "'Cuz the last one I did was already one too many."

"Well, since you've already done that, we're just going to do a basic check up." Amy stated. "Probulation is once a year so you're good until next year. If you want to keep your help up to date, that is."

"Dafuq?!" Naruto flinched. "You mean I have to go through that again?!"

"Every 5 years." Leela explained. "And like Amy said, once a year if you really want to keep your health up to date."

Naruto sighed- "Damn it." -while rubbing the bridge of his nose in irritation.

"Now then, Amy, you go ahead and perform the physicals." the Professor turned around and left the room. "Leela, Bender, come with me so that we can sign your contracts."

And with Leela and Bender following after the old man, not before Leela sent Naruto a backwards glance, the blond was left in the medical room with his descendant.

"So… now what?"

"Now, you take off your clothes while I put on the right outfit for this job."

Naruto rolled his eyes and did as requested.

"Eager to get me in your bed, Amy?" he comments while performing his task. "Jeez… at least buy me dinner first."

"Oh, I will after this." Amy grins. "Think of it as a celebration for becoming my new coworker and officially the cutest guy here; plus I won't worry about the whole being related thing 'cuz we're so far apart that I doubt it matters."

"Huh…" Naruto frowned as he was left to take off his clothes. "I didn't think of it like that."

When Amy returned to the room, she was garbed in a very form fitting, sexy, nurse outfit that accumulated her curves and as she stepped into the room, it was to find that the blue eyed blond was down to his boxers and as he took them off, she stared.

She stared for a really long time, especially at the huge, throbbing piece of meat that seemed to be pulling her with its gravitational field.

"So, um…" and then - after she had to mentally restrain herself from jumping at the adonis standing in front of her in all his naked, perfect, glory - Amy spoke. "I heard you were looking for a place to live in till you get your own. Have you found one yet?"

Naruto, too, couldn't help but admire the sight before him.

"Wow, Amy-" he grinned at the 'nurse'. "-that's a really sexy outfit. Brings out your hotness factor even more."

The said nurse smirked, cocked her hips, and gazed at the blond sexily. "Well, duh, handsome; that's why I wore it." she says in response.

"Obviously..." Naruto cockily replied. "And as for the other thing?" he continued. "Well, I haven't asked and the only people I technically know are Bender, Leela, and now, I guess you, and the Professor. My plan was to ask you to help out seeing as we are family, sort of... but then I realised it won't be fair to you 'cuz we just met today and barely know a thing about each other." he paused. "And it's pretty late so I doubt I'd find a place to stay if I went out and looked for one." he shrugged. "Maybe the Professor can let me sleep here for a bit?"

"I won't mind letting you spend a few nights in my place; I've got room."


"With that out of the way…" Amy walks over to where the Medical Equipment are, and starts to rummage through them. "Why don't we get to that physical?"

Naruto couldn't help but gulp once he saw the tools that would be used on him soon.


And roughly about 20 minutes later, Amy held a syringe with a tube containing blood.

"There..." she was shamelessly staring at the man she'd just performed a very thorough physical on. "All done."

"I should charge you, Ms Wong." Naruto, meanwhile, smirks in response. "You know, for the free show I just put on."

"Oh, I can afford it…" Amy replied, grinning slyly. "In more ways than one; trust me."

It was at that moment, a voice decided to make itself known through the speakers in the room.

"Amy, please bring me his blood." The voice belonged to the Professor. "I need it to test before you two have your crazy, promiscuous sex on that table."

And because her show was cut, Amy cursed. "Damn it." she didn't deny that she'd like to jump his bones, though.

Naruto, meanwhile, stepped up to Leela after putting on his clothes.

"So where are you gonna stay now that you have a job?" the Cyclops asked. "It's about 2 in the morning and the only places that are open right now are really expensive hotels, and run down motels."

"Why Leela," the blond growled lustly as he leaned into the busty cyclops. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that's an invitation on your part."

"In your dreams, hot shot." Leela replied, smirking, flicking her ponytail behind her shoulder and leaning back. "My place is too small, and fit to my specifications; I doubt you'd like it even if you were to spend the night."

"Well we don't know that, now do we?" Naruto shot back. "'Sides, Amy already offered to let me crash in her place and I said yes."

Leela cursed, ". . . . damn it."

"Wow." Naruto blinked. "That's really become popular today."

"Just as well." Bender added, shrugging. "I was going to offer you to bunk with me but I remembered that I kinda needed the space tonight." he patted his friend on the shoulder. "But knowing that at least you have a roof over your head, I can rest easy."

The robot turned around and waved at his friends- "Well, later losers. See you at work next week!" -and with that, he left.

"I better get going too." Leela added. "Seeing as it is getting late."

"I'll walk you to the door." Naruto stated, and after getting a nod in response to that, the two moved. "Y' know, if this entire thing about me waking up in the future is real, then I'm glad I did 'cuz I wouldn't have met you or the others. You especially, Leela."

"That's sweet." Leela blushed, before grabbing her friend's palm and taking out a pen from her trouser pocket. "Here… we'll see each other next week but if you wanna hang out before then…"

"You're giving me your number?" Naruto blinked in shock; then he smirked. "Nice."

Leela returned her pen once it was done and looked up at the blond.

"There." she states. "So when you get a phone, you better call me, alright?"

"Oh, trust me babe," Naruto's smirk shifted to a grin. "I will."

And after the cyclops gave the young man a quick peck, she left, leaving Naruto standing alone on the porsche.

Amy walks up to him. "Hey handsome, the Professor wants to see you before we leave; you go do that while I pack up for the night, 'kay?"

Naruto nods and follows after the young woman as she leads him to the only other occupant in the room.


Meanwhile, with the said occupant in question…

"Fascinating..." He was studying a sample of the blood Amy retrieved for him with the help of a Microscope. "It would seem that the DNA structure of young Naruto's genetic code is - at least compared to the humans on Earth - evolved to the point that it would seem like he's more than a human, despite the fact that he appears to be one on the outside...and from what I can tell he's not a mutant. This may require some further testing… oh yes."

…and with the prospect of a Nobel Peace Prize, he was going to make sure that his testing was thorough.


Shortly after the professor had seen Naruto, the blond left the 'Planet Express' building with Amy and after a quick trip across town, the two were now within the appartement of his new colleague.

"Well, here we are." Amy stated. "My little home away from home, courtesy of my parents. What do you think?"

"I'm thinking you really like the colours Pink, and Purple." Naruto answered, looking around the room he was in. "But who am I to judge? Especially when I like orange and black just as much? Aside from that it's a really nice place."

"Come on..." Amy, in response, grabbed her new roommate's larger hand and pulled him with her. "Let me show you where you'll be sleeping."

"Wait, it's not the living room couch?" and as for Naruto? Well, the confused blond just let her pull his body. "Trust me, I'm fine with that if it is."

"Nope." Amy shook her head. "Not if I have anything to say about it, handsome. You're sleeping with me tonight!"

". . . okay."

And with that, we bring this chapter to a close.


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