I normally write stories of different ways to bring Booth and Brennan together. I create a longer story to finally come to the point when they realize how much they mean to each other.

This story is a bit different. It's a bit more about the physical attraction between Booth and Brennan and that moment when they can't hold back when the dam breaks. There is no long story ahead to get to this point.

This story is inspired by the story ..Bathing beauty by jaed621 but things go differently.

Disclaimer: Bones is not mine, I only use the characters for this story.

This story takes place sometime in Season 5 after "The Goop on the Girl" Jenmaccun is my Beta again.

The Beauty in the Bath

Temperance Brennan closed the hotel room door behind her with a loud sigh and collapsed onto her bed. She was tired, she was exhausted but most of all she was frustrated.

She had imagined this weekend to be completely different, way, way different. They had been invited to a big FBI convention in Denver at the Hilton Hotel. FBI agents from across the country had come together to discuss new manhunt methods and investigative support. The focus was also on cooperation with other authorities and institutes.

This was the reason why she and Booth had to attend this conference at all. Yes, Deputy Director Hacker had insisted that they represent the Washington office to lecture the other participants about the great cooperation between the FBI and the Jeffersonian. Of course, that would also reflect well on him too. They were his best team and he liked to brag about them.

They arrived in Denver early Friday morning, and since then they'd had a packed schedule of either giving lectures or attending other meetings. Sadly, she and Booth were rarely in a group together, as the intention was to pass on their knowledge to as many people as possible, with the result that they had mostly only seen each other at mealtimes. The events lasted well into the evening and both were so exhausted from the journey, and the lectures, that on Friday evening they had fallen into bed exhausted from the long day. .

Brennan looked around the hotel room. Yes, the FBI spared no expense in booking the Hilton Hotel for this purpose. The room was tastefully decorated in a modern, simple style and the bathroom was spacious and comfortable.

Apparently, when Booth agreed to attend this convention, he had insisted that they had rooms next to each other with a connecting door. He always wanted her close by; somehow she even had the feeling that he would have preferred just one room, but they couldn't do that here: this was way too official.

A smile spread across her face as she thought about how Booth had woken her in the morning. He was clad only in a T-shirt and boxer shorts, his hair still disheveled from sleep, and yet he had already brewed coffee for both of them and woken her by sitting on her bed holding the cup in front of her nose. Actually, the aromatic scent had woken her instantly.

But this was also the only private moment they had had all weekend. Somehow she'd hoped that they would've had more free time together. Brennan felt that something had changed between them and she thought this weekend, away from work and everyone else, might have offered the two of them a chance to talk about those changes.

However, the opposite was the case: they really hadn't had a free minute together. And this evening seemed to be going just like the last one. If she remembered correctly, Booth still had meetings until 9:30 pm. The fact that she was already free so soon after dinner was only due to the fact that there had been an error in the planning and one room had been double booked, so her lecture had been canceled.

She hadn't even met Booth for dinner because his meetings ran longer than scheduled.

So what should she do with the evening? Her eyes wandered curiously around the room. The large TV on the wall opposite the bed was absolutely not a temptation for her. The mini bar under the desk was more to her liking, but it was too early in the evening to move on to the stronger stuff. Then there was only the bathroom. Suddenly she remembered the big bathtub and the decision for a nice, long bubble bath was quickly made.

While she undressed, she let the water run into the tub. A selection of bath products sat on a shelf, so she chose a lavender scent and poured it into the water. The room was quickly filled with a fragrant aroma. Surprisingly some white candles were placed on the wide rim of the tub on the side near the wall and why shouldn't she use them? This would help her to relax.

Brennan turned off the lights in her room and also in the bathroom. The candles created such a cozy atmosphere and their flickerings were reflected on the tiles of the walls and in the water. The bathroom was separated from her room only by a sliding glass door, which she simply left open.

With relish, she slipped into the warm water. "Yes," she immediately told herself, this was the right decision: it felt perfect and she quickly made herself comfortable in the tub, tying her hair in a bun at the back of her head with a rubber band to keep it from getting wet. A padded, waterproof pillow was attached to the head of the tub, which she now leant her head against whilst letting out a relaxed sigh.

Closing her eyes, her thoughts involuntarily began to revolve around the last few days, even the last few weeks and somehow they always ended up with Booth. He had changed since his brain tumor. He seemed more serious to her, often deep in thought and she was more than once surprised to find his eyes resting questioningly on her when he thought she wouldn't notice.

Brennan had left him abruptly after the surgery: she hadn't been able to handle the fact that he hadn't recognized her at first. No, that wasn't quite right: he knew who she was but kept confusing his partner Bones and his "wife" Bren. The coma dream was like an alternate reality for him, a world he couldn't forget, that he'd longed for ever since.

Somehow it was her fault, because she had read him the story, which caused the dream in the first place. And if she was being completely honest, there had to be a reason that this story had popped into her head as she sat there in his hospital room, fearing for his life.

Was it the fear of losing him? - the two weeks after his fake death was still the worst time she'd ever been through - or the fear of missing out, that there was something more to life than just being a successful forensic anthropologist and writer; or was it a combination of both? Marriage, family, that was something that had never been an option for her. Had Booth coming into her life changed that decision, brought a new perspective? One thing was clear, as she wrote the story for Booth, she always had them both on her mind.

Recalling all the intimate details she had written into the story flooded her mind, and suddenly sent her wandering in a completely different direction. She'd had no trouble writing the scenes where they were caressing each other, kissing and making love.

Ever since meeting Booth, Brennan had been aware of the physical attraction that existed between them. She had dismissed it as chemistry and hormones, but over the years they had gotten to know each other, she had become more and more aware that there was more. There was a reason she hadn't dated a man since Mark the deep sea welder. There was always the potential possibility that something might change between them. Ever since Booth had told her he loved her - okay, he'd quickly qualified by adding "atta girl kinda way" - something was different between them; she'd somehow sensed that there was something he wanted to tell her subliminally.

The evening under the sink, when they had become so close, was still vivid in her memory. The night at the museum came to her mind, where they'd almost kissed. And of course she couldn't forget the moment in the lab where she'd slowly undressed him to gather evidence.

In her mind she'd replayed this situation many times and in her imagination Cam hadn't interrupted them and the last piece of clothing had also been collected as evidence, after which everything had taken its natural course!

And this wasn't the first time she had imagined what it would be like when they gave in to their desire, their longing for more, and finally crossed the line they had previously set for themselves.

Booth was an attractive man and now that she knew every detail of his toned physique, she had no problem thinking of him in intimate situations with her. Ever since the night he'd kissed her passionately in front of the pool hall, the idea of having sex with Booth had been invading her musings . And eventually, there hadn't been images of other men in her mind that she called upon when the need for relief became overwhelming. She'd lost interest in calling one of her friends with benefits. When the biological urges were getting too intense, her hands and her daydreams would have to provide the relief she needed.

Instead of other men she thought a lot about him and all the things he would do to her. Yes, she had no doubts Booth would be an extremely loving, yet passionate lover. And it was nice to dream of how he would love her devotedly. Yes, she was also aware of the fact that he would love her with his body and his soul.

His words from back at the diner, when he'd explained the difference between crappy sex and making love, were burned deep into her mind. It was always present in her imagination that with Booth, with all the eroticism and passion, there would also be affection and love.

But right now, the fantasy of Booth making passionate love to her was what came to mind. It had been a stressful, frustrating day. She deserved some relaxation.

The thought of Booth, his perfect body, the flexing of his muscles, his strong arms, his narrow hips, his hands sliding over her body, all made her arousal slowly rise and a feeling of desire flood through her.

Slowly her own hands glided over her heated skin, wandered to her breasts, caressed, kneaded and rubbed them. In her mind it was Booth's hand that touched her and fondled her, got her all worked up.

Her motions became more intense, her fingers rubbing her nipples, making them pink and hard. The tugging in her abdomen grew stronger and stronger, and the need to be touched there became more and more urgent.

"Booth," his name falling from her lips, made her imaginary vision of him caressing her more real. She felt his hands, his lips on her body. The thought of his hard body looming over her, capturing her with his gaze, made her breathing heavier, her soft moans echoing around the bathroom walls.

She couldn't keep still anymore, her body squirming in pleasure in the warm water, her legs falling against the sides of the bathtub. While one hand continued to caress her breasts, her other hand slid down her body and slowly between her legs. Oh, she knew exactly how to touch herself to achieve a satisfying orgasm, even faster when her fingers became Booth in her imagination. So it wasn't her fingers that slowly entered her, it was Booth who filled her completely. He slowly slid into her, only to withdraw completely, and then his hips pushed forward, filling her again.

"Booth, '' his name escaped her lips once more, louder this time, drawling as if she were begging him for release.

Oh, she was so close to orgasm.


Now she even heard his husky voice in her imagination.

"Open your eyes."

His voice was quiet, soft and tender. She also felt his gaze holding her captive. His eyes, dark with desire, would not let go of her eyes.

The image of him looking at her and penetrating her at the same time in a steady rhythm took her even higher, near the brink of release…oh, this orgasm was going to be so good, so intense. Her fingers circled her clit now, her body squirming in the water, the tension becoming unbearable, the fall over the edge so close.

"Bones, please open your eyes:" His voice became more urgent. "I want to look into your eyes when you cum."

Oh, she was surprised at how real his voice sounded to her ears. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to really open her eyes, maybe this would make her fall over the edge.

Her eyelids were heavy, but very slowly and hesitantly, she finally lifted them. The faint, flickering candlelight in the bathroom made it a bit difficult to see clearly straight away.

And then there was the precise moment when she could see clearly and what she saw made her gasp and stop moving instantly.

Brown eyes filled with irrepressible desire and lust stared at her, eyes darker than she had ever seen before.

To be continued…

AN: You all know I had to stop there, right. Otherwise that would be no fun. I promise to update soon. This story will only be three chapters long.