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So here is chapter three of this "one-shot"

Before he could answer, she had pulled his arm off the edge of the tub and grabbed his hand. Now she guided it to where she wanted it to be the whole evening.

"Booth." She was short of breath. "Please tell me this is not a dream, that you're not just in my imagination."

"Hey, if I was just a fantasy, would you feel my hand on you, caressing your beautiful breasts?" Booth couldn't believe he was saying that to her right now. Five minutes ago he had stormed into his room in frustration. Now he was kneeling here, next to her tub and the evening that had been so terrible was now becoming the most beautiful experience he could ever imagine. He was pretty sure of that, because the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was laying here in front of him and asked him to make love to her.

It was somehow so unreal, so unimaginable and absolutely so totally crazy. But that's the way they were - they didn't do anything like normal people.

He had just aimed his gun at her and now he was about to make love to her with his hands, his fingers. It had all happened so fast, he had never imagined it like this, but he was loving every minute of it!

With as much tenderness as possible, he brushed his hands over her tantalizing skin. Slowly, his long fingers caressed the soft swell of her breast, sliding over her tummy and the smooth skin between her legs. Pressing into his hand, there was no doubt where she wanted him the most. Finally he slid his fingers into her, first one then the second. Her moans of pleasure were music to his ears; instinctively he knew just how to touch her. Her body arched towards him, her head fell back. Her eyes were closed - obviously she wanted to focus on his touch.

"Booth please, I need more."

He increased the speed at which he slid his fingers into her and now pressed his thumb against her clit at the same time.

"Baby let go, cum for me." His hoarse voice was the trigger that sent her falling over the edge. "Boooth". Her body literally exploded under his fingers. Rarely had she experienced such an orgasm. Her whole body was shaken and hot waves swept through her.

Gently, his fingers slipped out of her and his hand trailed down her hip and under her back, almost lifting her out of the water. He was still kneeling in front of the tub, not a comfortable position, and he needed her to be closer to him. His other hand slipped under her neck and his upper body leaned over the edge of the tub.

As Brennan still savored the last waves of her orgasm, she felt herself involuntarily being pulled into his arms. She didn't even have time to open her eyes before she felt his hard lips on hers.

Hungrily his mouth slid over hers, all his desire poured into his kiss.

He had to get her out of the tub, absolutely. He let go of her lips standing up hastily, simultaneously pulling her up and, more or less, out of the tub, holding her tightly in his arms.

He immediately grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. His hands ran over her body, drying her as quickly as possible. Simultaneously, his mouth found hers in a passionate kiss, his tongue sliding deep into her mouth, playing with hers.

Her hands also moved eagerly over his body trying to unzip his trousers with trembling fingers, brushing against his now steel-hard erection. "Careful Bones," he murmured against her lips, "otherwise this will be over much quicker than we both would like."

He pushed her hand away and unzipped it himself. She wasn't idle though and slid both hands down his back, down into his pants, pulling down both his pants and boxer shorts in one move. He got out of his pants and finally he was how she wanted him, how she had imagined him all evening.

She let the towel slip to the floor and pressed herself hard against him. The feel of their bodies, skin to skin, made her shudder. The moment overwhelmed her. Years of dreaming didn't come even remotely close to reality. Why had they waited so long to finally get here?

Somehow they had made it from the bathroom to the bedroom. Booth moved her very slowly but steadily until her calves hit the edge of the bed. He carefully placed her in the middle of the bed, then turned on the bedside lamps. He wanted to see her. His eyes roamed over her body, now lying seductively in front of him.

"Booth." She reached longingly out to him. "I want you, I want you inside me."

He laughed softly. "Bones, Bones, so impatient, huh?" But he laid down next to her and instantly bent over her. "Shh." He stroked her head, looking at her; the emotion Brennan saw in his eyes made her heart beat faster.

"We've got all night, there's no rush." Then he got very serious. "Let me make love to you, slowly and gently." Her eyes widened, she hadn't expected that. He obviously wanted her as badly as she wanted him, yet he wanted to take his time.

"I want to get to know you, cherish every inch of your skin." He ran a finger down her cheek and down her neck. "We kind of got off to the wrong start." He nodded towards the bathroom.

"It's absolutely not how I imagined the first time with you." She smiled at him mischievously. "So you've been thinking about, I mean…about us together." Suddenly he heard some uncertainty in her voice. "Bones, I hope you have no doubt that I want you, that I want to be with you, and have wanted you for a very, very long time."

He leaned towards her and kissed her again. She should have no more doubts about how much he wanted her. Her body was beneath him pressed against his, one leg wrapped around his waist to draw him even closer. It was exhilarating.

Hesitantly he broke away, but his face remained only a few inches above hers. His breath was short and heavy. "I always thought of a date, nice dinner, dancing, and a coffee to end the night. A spark that overflows somehow, slow undressing, exploring, caressing." He moaned softly. "But I suppose it's a bit too late for that now, what do you think?" Then he kissed her again but this time he didn't stop. The kiss became more and more intense, more passionate; deeper. Then his lips slid down her chin, brushing hungrily down her neck.

He loved the pleasurable sounds that fell from her lips: obviously he was doing something right. Her skin smelled of lavender and Bones. He inhaled her deeply, while his lips slid down her neck over the curve of her breasts.

She arched her back, wanting to be even closer to him. Whilst he leaned on one arm to remove his weight from her, his other hand ran down her body, cupping one breast, kneading and stroking. Her nipples grew hard and sensitive under his caress. His lips then followed the path of his hands and sucked on her hard, rosy nipples.


Oh, he couldn't get enough of hearing his name breathed with her voice low, sensual and full of desire.

She had never felt so much with a man touching her, kissing her, sucking her. Her whole body was figuratively on fire. Waves of lust flowed through her, passion making the blood rush through her veins. More, she wanted more but at the same time wanted to stay in the moment and enjoy.

Booth's lips against her skin took her breath away and increased her desire at the same time. Said lips had now let go of her breasts after they had both been spoiled extensively.

His mouth continued to travel - over her stomach, along her waist. He left a trail of small, tender kisses that made her tremble with longing. She squirmed beneath him and he savored every little movement.

Of course she had expected him to finally kiss her where she was most sensitive, but Booth had other things on his mind. From the waist, his path continued down, along her thigh, over her shin, finally reaching her feet.

He was now kneeling on the bed and her legs fell apart to make room for his body. He slowly kissed up her other leg, his eyes looking for hers. He needed the certainty that she was with him, that she was enjoying his tenderness as much as he was.

When he stopped just above her knee to look at her again, he found that she had closed her eyes and tilted back her head, her mouth slightly open. He wanted to memorize this image: she looked so beautiful.

Then he couldn't hold back anymore. His lips pressed against the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. He slowly slid up.

"Booth, please," she moaned. He knew what she wanted and he didn't want to wait any longer either. His broad shoulders pressed her thighs apart whilst his lips sank onto her pubic bone. His tongue caressed her, circling her most sensitive spot. The gambler in him knew right away that he had lost. Her scent, her taste: he was instantly addicted.

Brennan's breathing hitched and Booth knew she was about to fall over the edge.

"Baby, let yourself go; for me."

The sound of his voice, hoarse and full of passion, made her fall again, deep and long. Booth tried to drag her orgasm out for as long as possible. Her screams of lust were the most beautiful thing he'd ever heard.

Finally he kissed his way back to her mouth, another deep kiss, so intimate as she tasted her flavor on his lips. Hesitantly, he broke the kiss and leaned back slightly. He looked deep into her eyes, which were so dark and so bright at the same time.

"Hey." He smiled at her and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. He could linger in this moment for hours. Just look into her wonderful eyes and she too was caught in that moment while they halted. She put her hand on his cheek.

They didn't need to say anything: as always, they understood each other just by looking at each other. Then suddenly there was the awareness of his body sliding against hers; she felt his penis pressing into her abdomen. Desire washed over her again and she let her legs fall apart to make room for him.

She nodded slightly and he understood her without words. Here, now was their moment when everything would change. She lifted her hips slightly and he slowly slid into her. He was careful, not wanting to hurt her.

When he finally filled her completely, he stopped. Brennan wrapped her legs around Booth's waist to pull him even closer. It left her breathless. No man had touched her so deeply; it was as if they were melting into one another. His words came back to her. Becoming one, breaking the laws of physics.

And suddenly she felt it, felt what he meant. Being one, yes, that's what it felt like. And she felt like she could never let him go. He had held her captive with his eyes the whole time. Her soul lay bare before him; he could read her like an open book. But he knew that he was bare to her as well. There was something supernatural and wonderful about that moment.

And he had to tell her. He couldn't keep it to himself anymore, it simply burst out of him. "I love you."

She took a deep breath. He didn't expect her to say anything, she didn't have to, he could read it in her eyes. She nodded slightly and then slowly closed her eyes. Her head fell back and slowly Booth began to move. He slipped out of her and immediately back into her. He found a steady rhythm.

In the end there were only their moans, their gasps, their bodies gliding against each other and climaxing. And they fell, together, hard and endless.

Eventually he collapsed onto her, quickly rolling onto his side to avoid crushing her. He immediately pulled her into his arms and eventually they caught their breath again.

He kissed her head.

"Are you okay?"

She turned her face to him, a soft smile on her lips. "Very okay."

They lay there for a few minutes, enjoying each other's presence. She ran her hand lightly over his chest; he brushed his fingers along her upper arm. Then it hit him.

"God, Bones, how could we forget, we didn't use a condom. It was all too fast and overwhelming."

He lifted her head slightly to look at her. "I'm so sorry." His eyes begged for her forgiveness but she just smiled at him. "Don't worry Booth, I've gone back on the pill." He breathed a sigh of relief.

"And otherwise I'm safe." She smiled a little embarrassed. "It's been quite a while since I've been with a man." Booth flinched, this was something he really didn't want to hear. The thought of her with another man was just too painful.

"Come to think of it Mark, yes Mark was the last man I was with." Booth looked at her in surprise. "And since then I've had two health checks at the Jeffersonian. So there's nothing to worry about."

"God Bones." He pressed a light kiss to her lips then laughed lightly. "But I can easily beat that. He hesitated for a moment, calculating in his head. "I think yeah, I've had six FBI health checks since I last had sex."

Her eyes looked at him in wonder. "Booth, that's three years! You haven't been with a woman for three years. Why?"

He smiled at her. "You really have no idea, do you?"

She shook her head.

"You..." He kissed her again very briefly on the lips. "The reason was you."

"Me?" Her eyes widened. "You did this because of me?"

He nodded. "Yes Bones. Even while I was with Cam, I felt like I was kind of cheating on you." He raised his hand to reassure her directly. "Yeah I know, I know we weren't a couple at all so I couldn't be unfaithful to you either."

He sighed. "But it felt like it. You were all I could think of, even then. All the other women were no longer interesting to me."

"So we kind of abandon other partners because we really only wanted each other?" She looked at him. "So we were big fools, weren't we?"

He smiled tenderly at her. "No, we weren't. We just took our time until we were both on the same page." He hugged her tighter again. "And I think now is just about right, don't you think?"

"Yes Booth, yes." Then he kissed her again, this time deeper, longer, rekindling the fire between them. But he felt he needed a few more minutes of recovery time. The orgasm had been so intense.

Suddenly a thought ran through his head. A phrase she had used came to his mind. " I've gone back on the pill." He had forgotten and suddenly the memory came back. He knew all along that he'd had a brain tumor, but for the first time he remembered how the diagnosis came about. He had totally forgotten that they were actually in the process of conceiving a baby.

He had agreed to become the sperm donor for her child. He swallowed, searching for words. Why had she never mentioned it? Doesn't she want a child with him anymore? He had to talk to her about it - it couldn't stand between them. And he remembered the dream, the Bren in his dream was pregnant. So she must have wanted it at some time, to have written it into the story.

"Bones," he whispered softly. "Why didn't you ever mention again that you wanted my baby?" She twitched, then looked at him, with regret filled eyes. "You didn't say anything about it anymore, so I thought you had forgotten. Or didn't want it anymore." She shook her head. "I didn't want to burden you further or confuse you. You already had so much to deal with." She was very serious now. "I'm sorry."

He stroked her cheek. "Bones, it's nothing to apologize for, really. And I actually forgot about it for a while."

She laid her head back on his chest, lost in thought. The next question burned on his lips. Would he risk too much here? "So are you thinking about that now?"

He held his breath.

She waited a moment to answer. It was important that nothing stood between them from the start, so this issue had to be brought up. "I think,"... she hesitated. "I think that at some point I want to try it again." She smiled at him. "But not as artificial insemination." Her gaze intensified. "I think we found a better way now, don't you?"

And suddenly the mood changed again, became more sensual, more erotic. Sliding her body against his, she slipped her leg over his crotch and slowly moved onto him until she was straddling him. Her voice grew hoarse, "And I wouldn't mind if we practiced right now."

"Oh god, yes!" Fascinated, he ran his eyes over her. Like a goddess she reigned over him, her breasts held his gaze captive. Beautiful, she was just gorgeous and his body had already responded to this erotic sight again. His hands clasped her hips and very slowly he let her sink down onto him.

Immediately her hips began to rotate, propelling him higher so quickly that he knew this wasn't going to last long. Up and down, he was in a trance, heat flooding his entire body. Her breasts moved in rhythm with her movements. He needed to touch her and his hands traveled up to caress her, to feel her. It was amazing. Her beauty overwhelmed him.

He had to keep telling himself that this wasn't a dream. That they really were here in the hotel room, that they really were making love with each other.

She leaned forward, letting her upper body slide over his chest with relish.

His whole body tensed with excitement. He thrust into her from below. Booth felt that she was also close to orgasm.

Then she whispered something into his ear and it made him explode instantly inside her, pulling her with him.

"Booth. I love you too."

The End

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