Disclamer: This story takes a lot of elements from The Batman x Male Reader (On Hiatus) by UltramanWhoLaughs on Wattpad.

Gotham City High, an average high school, to say the least. Teachers who picked their favorites and exempted them from exams, jocks who hit on almost every cheerleader and literally beat up anyone they thought was beneath them. Freshmen who were very proud to have entered a new school and become teenagers, and seniors who were getting ready for college.

Devon Levin was one of them.

He had an average guy's physique, short-cut black hair styled backwards, and blue eyes. He regularly wore jeans with a black t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

He was nothing special, played video games maybe a little too much, started and finished a new box set every other night, was an orphan living in a standard apartment, got average grades, but was interested in two very unusual subjects.

One was the mythical Batman who roams the streets of Gotham late at night, fighting criminals and saving them from destruction.

"Hey Moon Boy, you ready for biology?" Exclaimed a female voice. One of Devon's only friends in this hellhole that was Pamela Isley was walking very fast.

A medium-sized girl with crimson red hair, jade eyes, and rectangular glasses, often wearing a brown jacket and some sort of green/plant top underneath. She was interested in plant life, as a very serious interest.

She kept many plants in her room, subscribed to many magazines, and participated in many protests against cutting down forests or mutating fruit to last longer using dangerous chemicals.

"Moon Boy" was one of the many nicknames she gave him, because Devon was found in the room dedicated to Egyptian mythology near the status of the Moon God during an urbex in the Gotham museum, unfortunately it was at that time that there was a robbery. Luckily he escaped but one of the criminals shot him. When the police arrived he was taken to the hospital where they were able to treat him. Luckily the bullet had just missed his heart. Luckily, the museum did not press charges against him and the police did not punish him for this.

Since then, Pamela called him like that from time to time to make him play down this incident.

Recently, like Pam, Devon often attended protests against landfills or pollution on Earth. He felt it was a less risky hobby than urbex and risked getting shot again. Most of the time, he and Pam would protest together because it was usually the same companies they were targeting.

Devon turns around with a smile on his face seeing his friend so excited.

"What's your hurry, Red?" Devon asked.

He often called Pamela that because of her crimson hair.

She walked next to him, when they had classes together, the two were inseparable and always got the right answers.

"Can't a girl get excited about classes with her BFF?" She asked as they turned the corner. The term "best friend" made Devon groan and close her eyes in frustration.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that? We're best friends, not BFF's, I thought Barbara was your BFF?" He said.

It was quite embarrassing for Devon to be called that a lot by Pam. Some jocks made fun of him and it didn't really help him with the girls.

"Well sure Red is, but your my first BFF." Said Pamela. This is where it gets confusing. Devon sometimes calls Pamela, Red, or just Pam, but because of her red hair, Pamela also calls Barbara Red, which confuses the students listening to their conversations. "She's always backing out of missions and is kept on a very short leash by Jimbo." She said, using the nickname she gave to Commissioner Jim Gordon, Barbara's father.

As they entered the classroom, they sat next to each other. Picking up her bag and unzipping it, Devon noticed that there was no one else in the class, 10 minutes until class started.

"Well can you blame him? He lost his wife, he's just trying to protect what he has left." Devon said as they both pulled out their A4 hard cover notebooks. Pamela's was green with many flowers and trees decorating the cover, while Devon's was black with a white crescent moon. "Sometimes we have to hang onto what we have, or we risk losing everything." He stated, a little sadness in his voice, knowing what he had lost.

Pamela leaned her head on Devon's shoulder, making him blush slightly.

"Does that mean you'll protect me?" She asked with her eyes closed.

In response, Devon smiled, jumped back in his chair and Pamela fell to the floor. She would have but she caught herself just in time and got up. Devon rubbed his nose with his thumb with a sly smile.

"Sure, but only when I feel like it." He said.

"Jerk." Said Pamela as she prepared her lessons.

"My dear Pamela, I may be a jerk, but at least I'm your jerk." Retorted Devon in a teasing tone as more people began to enter the classroom.

The class went as planned, boring, capped with boredom, with a side of dullness. They threw pellets, the teacher yelled, they answered questions and called names. With the occasional question.

"Is it possible for a man to be half-bat?" Asked one jock. In fact, there were rumors of a half-bat creature, unrelated to Batman, flying around in the night sky, reports dubbed it "Man-Bat".

As Devon went to pick up his backpack, he got hit in the shoulder and tumbled.

"Hey, watch it!" He said to the large muscular group with nothing in their skulls that were the jock brats.

The group's eyes turned to Devon, they stopped for a moment and then burst out laughing as they continued walking.

But as the jerks exited the classroom, Devon managed to catch a glimpse of a certain redheaded girl heading inside.

"Hey, what's up?" Said the commissioner's daughter, Barbara Gordon.

Devon groaned as she rubbed her shoulder and grunted.

"You know what it's like, surviving and all, hoping something happens how are you Barb, is your dad okay?" Devon asked, still enjoying checking in on the young redhead.

She had a full life, a police commissioner father, gymnastics classes, and some said she could compete in the Olympics.

"Well you know, he's busy helping Batman on cases to take care of the Joker." Replied Barbara.

It always pissed Devon off, that Barbara's dad was working with Batman, the Batman.

"Anyway, I'm free tonight, you texted me Pam to tell me you had something planned. What is it exactly?" Asked the young red head, raising an eyebrow.

Pamela, who had been rummaging through her purse for plans at the time, smiled at her friends.

"Tonight we're going to give the CEO of Chlorogen a piece of our minds." Replied Pam with an evil smile that always made Devon nervous.

Chlorogen was one of those companies that fell under the umbrella of the friend group. Barbara's main fight was for plants, but she had sympathy for Devon's fight. Chlorogen was mutating fruits and vegetables to make them last longer on store shelves, while dumping unusable chemicals into the ocean, killing animals.

"Chlorogen, Pam how did you get these plans?" Barbara asked in amazement, it wasn't just a floor plan of the building, there were also security schedules, furniture, and even access codes. Pam simply rolls her eyes.

"Red, sometimes it's best not to ask questions about what you don't want to know." Pamela replied as she began to make a plan.

Devon had started to worry about Pamela, she had been staying up late on forums. She asked to borrow money for a "project," and a sum like $15 for the cafeteria. But a few hundred dollars. Luckily for him, Devon had enough money to lend her money. Plus, she always paid him back, sometimes in full, sometimes in part, but she always paid back what she owed. But that always worried him.

"And that's when Devon, you kick in the CEO's door and we give him what he deserves." Said Pamela as Devon came back to reality, he shook his head and blinked rapidly.

"Pam, Pamela, you know I'm not that strong." He retorted.

Devon wasn't a large person, he wasn't very skinny either, more or less in between, maybe a little fat scattered along his body, but that was about it.

"Then you'll get a crowbar or something." Barbara replied cut off as she unwrapped a candy bar. "Crowbars are the most common items used to break into a building and, given your age, no one will suspect you."

Devon is stunned by the information Barbara spouted like it was nothing.

"That's why I'm your friend Barbara, your genius brain." He said.

"Be very careful with her, Devon Levin."

Devon turned quickly, but saw no one around.