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Location: Vacuo - Sahara Road
Time: 1405

It's a bright sunny day as a convoy goes through the desert road, three white Atlas military vehicles armed with soldiers with a single turret above each vehicle.

There, a center vehicle inside held an important person... A woman with snow white hair, and light blue eyes. She stands out compared to other soldiers inside the car, due to the fact she wears a formal dress.

There's a large awkward silence throughout this whole trip...

"How long till our destination?" She asked.

"Just about 20 minutes, Ma'am." The first soldier replied.

She nodded as the awkward silence picks up again, "Um, excuse me, Ma'am?" The second soldier spoke up, causing her attention. "Is it true that you have sung at the last ceremony?" He asked.

She sighed and explains, "Yes, I'm capable of singing." She said with a smile.

He turns to the other soldier, "See?!" He exclaimed, "I told you this ain't fake!" The first soldier next to him is slightly downcast as he turns back to her, "You are truly a prodigy, Ma'am." He complimented.

"It's nothing..." She replied.

"Well, I insist Ma'am." The second soldier said, "Your company has been great for help for this world."

"No worries," She shook her head, "Anything to achieve inner peace."

Suddenly an explosion blew up the leading vehicle in front of them. Gunshots and such were heard at the side of their vehicle. Then behind them, soldiers got out of the vehicle, aiming their rifles as gunshots fired.

"We're under attack!" The second soldier yelled as the driver gets out of the vehicle, holding his rifle but gets shot down immediately. Then other men, one by one are killed.

"Damn it!" He replied, "Protect Miss Schnee!" He ordered the first soldier and he nodded.

"Get down!" The first soldier demanded as she was known as 'Schnee' does so. But she witnesses the second soldier shooting from the outside but is also shot down.

"Shit!" The remaining soldier cussed. "You stay here!"

"Wait! Let me help!" But her words don't reached him as he went out and was shot down, bullets hit the side of the vehicle, luckily it missed through Schnee as well bullets are stopped by bulletproof windows that if not could've killed her.

She has no choice, she's a sitting duck! She goes out of the vehicle, and sees dead soldiers, she gasped at the sight of them. Then explosions occurred nearby, she recoiled by the nearby blasts and attempted to make a run out of the road.

Explosions continue as she hides behind the large rock outside of the road. Gunfire occurs, as she pulls out a small device and presses a small yellow button which it forms a tablet.

She makes a call, hoping the signal will pick up. That is until something fast landed beside her, she glanced at it, seeing it is a missile, that has a familiar title on it: Schnee Industries.

"Huh!" She exclaimed as she tries to get up but the missile exploded, making her through the air. She hit on the ground hard, she felt a big pain in her chest.

Her left side of the face is bleeding. Her vision gets blurry...

Later on, her vision is covered, as she hears voices mumbling out loud but couldn't hear them. Then her vision is uncovered as she winced her eyes from the bright light.

She then sees herself surrounded by men with guns while in front of her is a camera pointing at her on record.

"You did not tell us..." She hears a single voice slightly clearer but doesn't hear their full sentences. "...As you can see..."

"Your deception and lies will cost you dearly..." The man beside her is the one who is speaking to the camera. "The price..." He stated.

"...Has just gone up."

36 Hours Earlier...

Location: Atlas - Megaron Palace
Time: 2105

A voiceover speaks, "Weis Schnee... Visionary. Genius. Daughter of a legendary technology developer, Willow Schnee, quickly stole the spotlight with her brilliant and unique mind." The screen showcased Weiss Schnee in front of a large Schnee Industries facility.

Then the screen shows a montage of her achievements, "At age 4 she built a self-made scroll, at age 6 her first engine, and at 17 she finished graduating at Atlas Academy."

"Then, the passing of a titan. Willow Schnee's lifelong friend and ally, Lilith Grimhilde, steps in to help fill the gap left by the legendary founder, until, at age 21, the prodigal child returns and is anointed the new CEO of the newly improved Schnee Industries." The screen shows a woman with green eyes, and dark hair standing beside Willow Schnee with both of them showing their smiles.

"With the keys to the kingdom, Weiss ushers in a new era for her mother's legacy, from supplying Dust to now creating smarter technology, advanced robotics, and weapons." Then the Schnee Industries Logo shows a beautiful Snowflake, thus showing the title of the company itself.

"Today, Weiss Schnee has changed the face of her own industry by ensuring freedom and protecting Remnant and her interests around the globe." Finally, showing a world map of Remnant itself as fighter jets fly over the map.

Just that, everyone who is here watching gave a round of applause. In front of the audience is the stage with none other than Lilith Grimhilde herself walking up in front.

"Thank you all, for coming to this event!" She spoke to the people. "Willow's company has never been more successful than ever. Before the Apogee Award is given, I'd like to introduce Atlas' Air Force Officer, Fenix Atar!" She introduced the man himself as he appear on stage as more clapping occurs.

"Thank you, Miss Grimhilde." Fenix nodded as he is holding the award, he speaks out to the mic, "As a liaison to Schnee Industries, I've had the unique privilege of serving with a real patriot." He stated. "She is my friend and she is my great mentor. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present this year's Apogee Award to Miss Weiss Schnee."

He gestured, to which Weiss herself arrived, she is wearing a grey-blue strapless ball gown. Everyone here clapped along with Lilith herself as Fenix handed the award to Weiss who nodded as she turns and speaks out to the audience.

"It has been a pleasure to you all." Weiss spoke out, "I would tell you how honored I feel and what a joy it is to receive this very prestigious award." She explains. "And with that thank you all."

And that a final round of applause goes off. As Weiss shows off her smile to the audience...

Then after the speech, as Weiss is backstage, her smile immediately disappears. Fenix sees and recognises the look on her face.

"Weiss, come on." Fenix appeared as well, "You should be deeply honored."

"For what exactly?" Weiss questioned Fenix, "What does this have to do with the company itself?" She chastised as she holds out the award. She hands it to someone, "Klein, just put that thing in storage when we return." She said.

"Of course, Miss Schnee." Klein obliged as he takes the award.

"Weiss, please." Fenix attempts to speak this out. "I know you think this is pointless..."

"Of course, I think this is pointless." Weiss immediately spoke up, "I should be doing other things that are important for my company. I don't have time for inconsequential." She stated.

"That is an Apogee Award, you and your company should feel honored." Fenix justified.

"And my company has been continuing to succeed without that award." Weiss responded as she and Klein is about to leave. "Farewell, Fenix, I shall meet you in Vacuo, tell them I am making an early leave." She said, and that, she's off.

Fenix shook his head, frustrated, "You're so stubborn..." He muttered.

"Is something wrong?" Lilith came by and sees Fenix, then she put the situation already, "She's already leaving." She suggested as Fenix simply nodded. "Oh well, how unfortunate." She replied.

"Yeah..." Fenix is all he can say.

Later on, Weiss and Klein are outside, there are people out there who see her and already camera flashes appear. Many are excited to see her, as Weiss remains looking smiling but deep down she is faking it.

Walking through the carpet path towards the limo, suddenly a male reporter walks up, but is stopped by the retractable barrier, "Miss Schnee! Excuse me, Miss Schnee! I'm Carl Basalt from the Vale News Network. Can I ask you a couple of questions?" He asked.

"Oh, sure! Come see me in the Schnee Manor, if you want to ask those questions!" Weiss happily also sarcastically remarked towards the reporter, however, he didn't pick up the sarcasm. As Klein opens the door for Weiss as she enters the limo, while Klein goes to the driver's seat and the car drives off.

Meanwhile, Carl acknowledges and plans to meet him by the next day.

Location: Atlas - Schnee Manor
Time: 0730

A car is parked outside the Schnee Manor, as Carl comes up to the door and knocks. No response. Very odd...

He knocks on the door again, no response again. Then he sees a doorbell and decides to press it as a ringing sound occurs. He waited for a few seconds, but it felt like minutes. He pressed it again, a bit impatient about the wait.

"Warning." A voice spoke out which startled him, "You are not allowed to press the doorbell twice." He said.

"What the...?" Carl muttered. Then one of the doors is opened, and Carl sees someone, a male wearing a white suit, he has navy blue eyes, slightly pale skin, and dark blue hair.

"Apologises, Jarvis runs the house security, tho you must be patient." He said. "Who are you?" He asked.

"Oh..." Carl realised who this person is, "You must be Jay Freidrich. The assistant of Weiss Schnee." He replied.

"Indeed I am, now Miss Schnee is busy this morning, but I am here." Jay replied, "Is there something you need to say?" He asked.

"That's odd, I am here due to Schnee's acceptance that I should come here for an interview." Carl explained his arrival.

"As I said, Miss Schnee is busy this morning, and she never mentioned to me about your arrival." Jay replied.

"What?" Carl is confused by this.

"Well, I'm afraid if you have no proof for your claim..." Jay shook his head gently, then he smiled tho it doesn't look genuine. "I am happy to lead you out to the door where you can join the others."

"Others?" Carl questioned. "Hang on... You're the one who deny us, other reporters!" He exclaimed.

Jay nodded, "I do anything and everything that Miss Schnee requires, including, occasionally, taking out the trash." He said.

Then Carl is immediately sent off out the Schnee Manor...

Meanwhile, in the luxury workshop, Weiss is wearing plastic goggles and a workshop outfit and is working on a cybernetic arm. Then she goes next to the arm which is a hologram screen and presses onto the screen, then the hand moves. She sees the wrist spin and fingers flexing.

"How is it, Jarvis?" Weiss asked.

"90% of the arm's flexibility is complete." Jarvis replied, guess Weiss needs to improve it more.

Just then, Jay comes downstairs and comes to the glass door and presses it revealing a screen with a passcode lock. He types the passcode down as it unlocks, thus he enters to see Weiss working.

"Who was that?" Weiss asked as she heard the doorbell, twice which annoys her.

"Another reporter came to you." Jay replied as Weiss sighed with annoyance, "It seems they will follow your words too much." He remarked.

Weiss is very annoyed now, these guys don't know when to quit, "How did he take it?" She asked.

"Took it well, Miss Schnee." Jay replied. "Your flight is about to arrive in about an hour."

"I thought I had more time..." Weiss muttered as she still working on the cybernetic arm.

"And there's been another buyer for Johnson Pollock's paintings, says that a specific one would fit well in the Schnee Manor." Jay informs.

"Well, just tell him I accept and put it in the storage." Weiss nonchalantly responded. She sighed, knowing that the arm is not going to be complete.

Jay then listed a second one, "The MIT commencement speech-"

"Tell them, I'm not available." Weiss immediately replied as she takes off the goggles.

"They are haranguing me that you should come." Jay added.

"Oh, and I'll go say the same old speech over and over again!" Weiss reprimanded. "What else is there?..." She asked as she walks and takes off her workshop apron.

"It's also my birthday." Jay stated and Weiss stopped.

Weiss turns to him, "Is it that today?" Jay nodded at her question. "Argh..." She groaned. "Just like last year?"

"Yes." Jay simply replied.

"Okay, this time I'll try to think of a birthday gift for you." Weiss assures.

"And I can trust you this time, Miss Schnee, tho I will apologise for having slight hesitation." Jay smiled. Weiss sees that smile as an obvious smirk, she really gets annoyed by his snarks, but can't help it much since he along with Fenix and Klein. They are her only friends...

"Well, just watch, I'll think of something." Weiss proudly stated as she leaves the workshop Jay watches with the same smirk.

Outside the courtyard of the Manor, a large Atlas first class transport ship is stationed. As Weiss along with Jay and Klein are here with Fenix coming out of the aircraft.

"Have safe travels, Miss Schnee." Klein took a small bow. Jay joined as well.

"Thank you." Weiss replied as she joined Fenix as the two enter the airship as it flies off while the two watched.

Location: Atlas - Sky
Time: 1000

The aircraft continues to fly through the sky, Weiss and Fenix are seated in the first class area as Weiss watches from the window that shows the clouds and ocean.

Weiss then glances at Fenix who is just not really making eye contact with her, and recalls about last night, "Fenix... Sorry about what happened last night." She said.

Fenix sighed, "It's fine, I know how you feel." He said, "Your father, he always likes to claim awards and that makes you despise that."

"...So, you're not mad." She said.

"I'm not mad." Fenix replied, "I'm just... Concern about you." He said. "Sometimes... You are always stubborn. You have the responsibility but you're carrying that heavy thing all by yourself!" He stated, as Weiss listens, he gives his demonstration, "You know when I get up in the morning... I put on my uniform, you know what I recognise? I see in that mirror that every person that's got this uniform on got my back!"

Weiss is confused by this. "I'm not like you. There aren't other prodigies like me." She said.

"I'm saying you don't have to be like me! But you're more than what you are." Fenix explained. As Weiss thinks of that more...

Location: Vacuo - Sahara Desert
Time: 1300

The airship landed, and Weiss and Fenix met the Atlas military group. She and Fenix walk up to the female leader of the group.

"Specialist." Weiss greeted as the two began their handshake.

"Greetings, Miss Schnee." The female leader replied. "We look forward to your weapons presentation." She gestured for the transport convey.

They arrived at a different location as Weiss begins to speak.

"Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both." She said as she was in front of the group with Fenix on the side.

"With that in mind, I humbly present a new weapon of Schnee Industries." She gestured that next to her is a missile launcher. "It's the first missile system to incorporate our first proprietary repulsor technology."

"For this weapon, you only need to fire once." She stated as the missile flies off. "A single strike and the enemy won't bother to peek out their holes." The missle than open up, revealing to fire miniature missiles as it's about to land in the target area.

Weiss gestures as she speaks, "Everyone, I present to you: The Zenith."

Then, the missiles landed and multiple large explosions are created so much, covering the entire targeted area as the shockwave begin to reach them, causing some huge wind which the group, cover their sights from the sand.

The soldiers are amazed as the Specialist is impressed. Fenix is also impressed by this, Weiss still shows why she's the best, especially in making this weapon.

Robot drones from the airship have appeared and walk up as they introduce the group with a mechanical cooler full of cold beverages. They took the bottles and pour out the available cups on the table.

Everyone takes the cup each as Specialist is beside Weiss as she raised her cup, "We thank Weiss Schnee for providing us great technology, we would never reach this far without her. To Schnee!"

"To Schnee!" The soldiers joined in their raising cups as they take their drinks.

Weiss takes a small sip of her glass. Then ringing is heard from her scroll, she opens it up and sees the caller none other than Lilith herself. She accepts the call which shows Lilith in her bathrobe.

"Hello, Weiss!" Lilith waved. "How was the presentation?" She asked.

"It did well." Weiss simply replied, "I will soon return back to base, and back to Atlas." Then she noticed her appearance, "What did you do?" She asked.

"Took a relaxing shower..." Lilith sighed in relief but she beamed, "But way to go! Soon you bring world peace with those weapon advancements." She stated.

"Yeah, thanks." Weiss nodded, "I shall see you soon." Then the call is off. She walks to the transport vehicle, where she meets Fenix there.

"Ah, you're going now?" Fenix asked.

Weiss nodded, "Aren't you?" She asked.

"Well, the rest are packing the missiles." Fenix explained. "Gotta stay behind since we don't have enough vehicles to carry this stuff. Nor would be a good idea to have the weapon close to you." He said.

"Well... I'll see you at the other side." Weiss warmly smiled as Fenix smiled and nodded.

Weiss along with a few men enter the transport convey as it now heads off while Fenix along with some other soldiers watches by.

Recapping Now...

Now it comes together...

Her origin journey...

Her experience...

Her life...

Her presentation...

The transport convoy...

The ambush...

The death of many soldiers...

Weiss' injury...

Then back at the capture...

All Weiss can do...

Is wonder...

What's next for her?...

Chapter 1 Completed

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