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Location: Atlas - City
Time: 2100

In the city, General Maxine is in the bar, drowning his sorrows with alcohol ever since his humiliating defeat. His hair is a bit messed up, as he finishes drinking his cup.

"Reload." He demanded another drink. The female faunus bartender pours another drink onto his cup as he is holding his cigar.

He takes a drink and instantly drank it whole. "Reload." He demanded another.

The female faunus looked a bit worried tho she give him a new cup. The General stared at the glass' weak reflection seeing a mess of himself before taking a smoke on his cigar.

Just then a door opened, and someone walks into the bar. As this someone walks to the General.

"So this is where you have gone to..." A female voice spoke out, as Maxine turns to see it is none other than Weiss Schnee in her suit. "I can't say, I told you so, General." She stated. "That Super Soldier program was put away for a reason. At least the hardware doesn't have extenuating consequences."

General was slightly surprised to see her, "Schnee..." He muttered out loud, "You look good... Want a drink?"

"I'm not too fond of alcohol, General..." Weiss replied as alcohol reminded her of a certain someone back in her family. "l heard that you have a problem, back at Mountain Glenn."

The drunken General scoffed, "You should talk." He replied.

"You should listen." Weiss responded as the General decided to comply. "What if l told you we were putting a team together?" She said.

Then the General is confused... "Who's we?" He questioned her.

To Be Continued... Hulk Will Return...