AN: A ROGAN fixer AU, that starts during the spring break episode. Involves original dialogue from the show but often with alterations or in new situations. I do not own the original - that is all thaks to the writers and ASP/DP. The rest is my imagination.

"Hey, I think your husband's here," Paris said, over the loud music, nodding towards the exit.

The music was blasting around them, and while it should've been a fun scene, Rory was feeling notably out of place, as was Paris.

"What? Where?" Rory asked and looked at the guy. Dark and handsome, definitely a type she'd fallen for before. Put a leather jacket on him, wipe away his smile and put a book in his hand and Jess Mairano wouldn't be too far off.

"Why don't you go buy him a drink?" Paris suggested, being stuck living vicariously through her. For once the social game of flirting and what spring break should no-doubt entail was less lost on Paris than Rory. Rory had never really had to flirt, date or chase after a guy in her life - they'd all just found her.

"What, like a nice ginger ale?" Rory rolled her eyes at the suggestion, continuing to move to the beat.

"Well, maybe you could get Madeline and Louise to buy a drink for you, and then you could go bring it to him," Paris replied.

Rory glanced back at the guy again, and made eye-contact, hopefully. To do it. That was a rite of passage too - hooking up with a cute guy over spring break. Wasn't it?

Rory was already feeling like she was probably going to be the 40-year-old-virgin. She'd been ready last spring back she'd regretted not having gone further with Jess… there had been so many chances before that horrible party, before all had gone to hell.

To do it. That was a rite of passage too - hooking up with a cute guy over spring break. Her mother at least seemed to think so, having tucked three condoms into her book bag when she wasn't looking. She kept looking at him, watching him talk to his friends.

As Rory considered the plan and glanced over she saw the guy - not Jess but named Sean as she'd learned before, walk away in the opposite direction. Sean - even the name rhymed with Dean. A mix of her exes almost. And considering her dry spell this year, the one date with Trevor not counting, she was indeed curious to what it'd be like, feeling like a spinster already, despite having tried all year very hard not to show it. But she was all alone - Jess was god-knows-where and Dean was married. Married married.

Maybe she wasn't quite as over it as she'd thought?

"Well, that was the shortest relationship ever," Rory sighed, feeling like she'd let another opportunity slip through her fingers. She scolded herself for overthinking things.

"What?" Paris asked.

"He looked, he saw, he changed his mind," Rory sighed, continuing to sway from one foot to another.

"Sorry," Paris said and observed the room around them. "Okay, what is going on here?" she added after a minute.

"What?" Rory wasn't following.

"Why is every single person in this place having a better time than we are?" Paris asked after making a very valid observation.

"Well, I don't know that they are," Rory shrugged.

"Look around. Every single person in this place is having a better time than we are. Why? I mean, we've been doing everything everybody else is. We're here, in the hot place," Paris contemplated.

"So we're not great dancers. We did the hanging out at the pool part pretty well," Rory reasoned, accepting her flaws.

"We're not trying hard enough," Paris decided. This was her answer to everything, wasn't it?

"What are you talking about? This is not a test, Rory disagreed.

"We came here to do spring break, and we are going to do spring break," Paris insisted.

"Well, what else do you suggest we do?" Rory barely got out before Paris' very determined lips were on hers, having caught her completely off guard. What was worse, was that she held onto her face with both of her hands, making it difficult to escape.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Rory objected and broke the kiss apart, her body language becoming very defensive.

"Well, Madeline and Louise do it," Paris said humbly.

"Madeline and Louise wear their underwear outside of their clothes. I don't want to do what Madeline and Louise do!" Rory huffed. She couldn't believe this.

"I just thought…," Paris replied apologetically.

"Just stop thinking, okay? Your thinking is very, very dangerous," Rory said, realizing she should be telling herself the same thing.

Rory just felt she wanted out. Air. Quiet. Alone.

Rory decided to leave.

"Rory…," Paris pleaded and followed her.

"Get away from me! You're not my type," Rory replied in a huff.

"Will you just wait?" Paris asked seriously.

"What?" Rory asked.

"How was I?" Paris asked.

"What?!" Rory exclaimed.

"As a kisser?" Paris added.

Rory groaned and Paris gave her a lengthy explanation how she wanted her unbiased criticism on her kissing techniques. But it really was the last thing Rory wanted to be discussing.

"I need some fresh air," Rory said, dismissing Paris' question and continued to leave. She just needed a moment without Paris' crazy.

Just as she was about to succeed in her plan, the guy in question, Sean, made a smooth move to stand in her way.

"Hey! Where you goin'?" Sean asked with a devilish smirk.

"Um, outside," Rory replied, sensing the masculine energy this guy was giving off. He was actually a little taller than Jess, come to think of it.

"Can I come with you?" Sean asked eagerly.

"Oh, well…," Rory replied hesitantly, having no such courage to just agree to something like that. While in theory she liked the idea of flirting, meeting cute guys and possibly getting hot and heavy with this particular specimen, she didn't have the grace to pull it off.

But then he went ahead and spoiled it.

"Maybe your girlfriend wants to come, too?" Sean added.

"My girlfriend?" Rory answered with confusion.

"I gotta tell you - that was some kiss," he exclaimed, clearly having appreciated the view.

"Oh, my God!" Rory groaned and walked past him.

She stood out there on the sidewalk for a minute, deciding to just check her messages in peace. The ocean breeze felt delightfully cool after the stuffy air inside that club. She took a deep lungful of air. Naturally there were at least a few messages from her mother - nothing much just encouraging her to have fun and stay safe. While she listened to the messages, she watched the people out on the beach - a few girls attempting to stand on their hands, exposing their underwear when their skirts fell backwards, some guy speaking agitatedly into his phone and a hotel worker gathering up their beach chairs.

What she hadn't expected though was that after a brief contemplation Sean had actually followed her.

"Listen, I'm sorry. I just said it like I saw it, couldn't help myself," Sean said, raising his palms demonstratively, his beer bottle still in his hands, as she tucked her phone back into her pocket and glanced around, and saw him leaning against a lamp post a few feet from her.

"Yeah, well… I wasn't into it," Rory replied, turning around and leaned against the low wall that separated the beach from the street.

"I said, I'm sorry," Sead repeated. "Want a beer?" he offered, having another glass beer bottle waiting beside him on the wall. He held it out for her.

"Thank you… but I better not," Rory replied, her head contemplating the possible scenarios that could both be the lamest thing or the smartest. The bottle was open, she'd heard all about roofies and things like that, but at the same time, besides the one stupid comment, the guy was here and hadnsome. This could be a chance to experience something she'd been craving. It was not like spring break was supposed to lead to meaningful conversations and a long term relationship.

"Loosen up. I don't bite...," Sean suggested, holding the bottle up for her.

"Really, thank you. But I don't like beer that much," Rory fibbed, as the guy towered closer to her, feeling at the same time a little weak at her knees at his energy but also tensing up because of everything she'd been taught. It was such a conflicting position to be in - excited, nervous and a little scared.

"So where are you staying?" Sean asked, seductively. The question would've been harmless, but it was the way that he said it, inching closer and closer to her, almost whispering it into her ear, was making his sole intentions very clear. And while she was no doubt curious of how this could go, what it'd feel like and that curiosity within her almost wanted to throw caution in the wind… this was all just too quick for her.

Rory knew better than to just give him that answer and she was nearly beginning to wonder where Paris was when you needed her.

"I think I better go back inside, my friends are waiting for me," Rory said.

"Oh come on… you're such a tease," Sean complained, rolling his eyes. "Just have a drink..., relax...," he suggested.

"No, I don't want to," Rory said and began to leave, but Sean blocked her way, much like he'd done earlier. But this felt more agressive.

"I do believe she said 'no'," came an unexpected voice. For a second she didn't recognize the voice, but as she saw him it returned to her - it was the same guy who'd been talking angrily into his phone at the beach a few minutes ago.

"Hey, who do you think you are? This is none of your business!" Sean objected.

"A 'no' is a 'no'," the blonde guy repeated. "And maybe if I wasn't in a shitty mood like I am today, I might not feel like budding in, but here I am and trust me, the mood is pretty shitty," he hissed, moving close, his body language looking rather intimidating towards the guy. The blonde was actually a little shorter than Sean, but he looked strong, definitely not a lightweight.

Rory didn't know what to do - there were these two guys in her path, almost looking like they were about to get into a fight. Because of her. Someone either of them barely knew. Was this what spring break was like? Was she just supposed to watch? Or run?

"Logan!" came a shout from a nearby club door door.

"In a minute," the blonde replied to the tall guy by the door, without looking at him. "Now - you leave!" he insisted from Sean. He had a very notable presence, confidence beyond his looks - it seemed.

Sean snickered, and pushed the guy by his shoulder, the actual act of physical contact causing Rory to take a step back.

But within a few seconds, three guys, including the former tall one, appeared behind this Logan guy.

"I'd rethink that if I was you. You don't know who you're dealing with," Logan replied, cautioningly, causing Sean to back off with a disrespectful - "You can have this fucking prude! Jeez!"

"Logan, you know what Honor said about getting your beautiful face bruised," the tall guy, with an evident Australian accent, said to the blonde.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Logan replied with a shrug.

"The call with the Dark Lord must've gone well," Collin commented under his breath to the others.

"You alright? You've got friends around?" Logan asked Rory.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you," Rory said, now knowing what to say or do beyond that. Her hands were crossed on her stomach, feeling uncomfortable.

The next moment Rory could head Paris' voice from inside the club - something about her objecting to the ticket policy, and Rory just realized she didn't want to deal with her.

"I should just get back to my hotel - I do not have energy for her right now," Rory mumbled and sighed.

"Or you could come with us, Love?" the tall Australian suggested. "We have a private room booked at the restaurant over there, they're still serving food for a few hours. There are a couple of girls with us too," the Australian suggested.

There was something comforting about this group - while they looked like any group of guys partying here, there were zero alarm bells going off in her head around them. Maybe it was just the adrenaline affecting her judgement?

"Absolutely! My treat," Logan offered, giving her a weak smile. He definitely wasn't bad looking either, even if not really what she'd considered her type before. But there was definitely the added 'knight in shiny armor' aura to him.

"I don't even know you," Rory replied despite being strangely drawn to this group.

"Easily fixed - I'm Finn, this is Logan, Robert and Colin," the tall guy continued, pointing out each of the guys.

"Hi," Rory replied, humbly. "I'm Rory," she added, wordlessly indicating her agreement to join them.

"Nice to meet you, Rory," Logan said, his eyes glancing her over with an appreciative smile, looking like his evening had just improved considerably.