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But this chapter at least has some smuttiness in the first half.

Chapter 52

The bed, while not exactly made - just the bedding thrown on top of it the way Logan had unpacked that particular bag of shopping, still folded and neat - proved to be an immensely satisfying object to fall onto, after they'd made it through the labyrinth of boxes without falling or tossing any items of clothing accidentally onto a burning candle. It was indeed a fine bed, and its memory foam padded bliss added an extra celebratory aspect to their already festive and bold undressing. There was no-one watching from the window across the courtyard, blinds drawn or not, there were no thin walls or the danger of anyone under any circumstances walking in unannounced or even banging on their door. They would have to go through Carl first, or call. It was the sense of true freedom.

Logan pressed his naked body against hers, well almost - she still had her panties on, while kissing her mouth with full intent. She could just feel his arousal growing against her abdomen - there was just something so satisfying about sensing that velvety member that it made her stomach all hollow as if getting ready to accommodate it.

Logan kissed his way down her neck and clavicle, while Rory was left with little choice but to just caress his back muscles and eventually neck as he made his way down to her breasts. He brushed his nose against her hard nipples, already pert from the change of temperature, and and followed that up with a gentle tug with his teeth, while Rory's fingers gently massaged his scalp, knowing how he loved that.

Rory had a pretty good idea already where his lips were headed. It was kind of expected even but she certainly wasn't complaining. It was kind of hot thinking he actually enjoyed the way she tasted. The way he slipped her underwear off her legs felt liberating, the coolness of the air replacing soon enough with the hotness of his mouth.

"Ummm…," Rory hummed as he lapped along her lower lips.

There was again that determined grip around her thighs, pulling her closer to his face, as if there was no escaping from her high. Rory had given up any shred of resistance, and was enjoying the pleasure of having her folds suckled by his mouth, special focus in form of suction being on her clit.

Little moans and whimpers left her lips.

It was almost as she couldn't remember it getting any better than when he reminded her that - oh, it could - by burrowing his tongue inside her. His hand that was wrapped tightly around her thigh reached to her clit and took over the task formerly his tongue had had. Two of his fingers, his thumb and index finger, easily made slick by her juices, continued to rub her, occasionally applying also a dull squeeze, as his tongue pistoned in and out of her.

"Oh, god…," Rory moaned, already shuddering a little from the intense feelings, causing Logan to cast a devilish glance up at her, hoping to catch her facial expression when she came.

Rory's hips bucked despite not having a lot of wiggle room, unsure what to do with herself as a series of spasms traveled through her body. Her fingers, still intertwined into his hair, grabbed a hold of it and tugged - not hard but so he could definitely feel it, leaving him with a messy head of hair and satisfied grin. He seemed to enjoy a little pain too.

While normally he might've just stopped there, this time he released the grip of her thighs with his right hand and slipped two fingers into her, wanting to see if he could just carry her onto another orgasm. His lips returned to her clit but held off on the intensity, knowing she tended to get a little oversensitive.

"You're insane," Rory shot an accusatory line towards him, but her moans of pleasure weren't not really in unison with her words, and along with the evident shudder of her abdomen she came again just as Logan curved his fingers upwards not so much focusing on the pace but the intensity of pressure. He could play her like an instrument by now.

The air felt cool against her wet folds as his mouth and fingers retracted, and he pulled her hops against his pelvis like she weighed nothing. Logan was never a big gym buff, but when it came to holding or lifting her during sex, he always proved his strength, making her feel utterly at his mercy. His tip pressed into her as her legs remained bent and she stretched them out, placing them on his shoulders, one on each side. He kissed her calves and ankles just before thrusting forward, enveloping himself in her core. With a victorious smile, alternating with an occasional hissing sound he continued to thrust, his hands caressing her thighs, knees, calves and ankles along with an occasional nibble.

Everything was as it was supposed to - calm but determined thrusts were taking them step-by-step towards their high, Rory's eyes fluttering shut as she gasped at impact, and occasionally reached between her legs to feel his shaft as he moved, or to rub herself.

Logan pushed her legs back onto her chest. She wasn't overly flexible, but they'd tried this position at least a dozen times, and both had enjoyed it immensely, both for the feel and view. It was the utter sensation of fullness, almost like he barely fit, which not only stimulated physically but also mentally the idea of being stretched by his rock-hard arousal like that just made her crazy for him. She even enjoyed the grip of his palms on her thighs - another hint of powerplay.

Logan took it one step further, seeing her hands idly gripping at the mattress, and wrapped her wrists together above her head in his palm, causing Rory to smile back at him as she welcomed the move. There was just something delicious about giving up control to him.

Rory got ready to received some deep, almost punishing thrusts, expecting it to leave her sore afterwards. But it was a different kind of pain that she felt.

"Ow," Rory mumbled, barely audibly and her mind was reluctantly pulled out of her climb towards her third high of the day. It was just a single jolt, and Logan did react to it, slowing down a little as Rory shifted herself to a less deep-penetrating position - missionary, and assured the problem didn't reoccur. It was a little disappointing, but he was too far gone to really be picky about it - and she continued to slam into her wetness rapidly, eager to get off.

Rory was, however, not able to get her head back in the game, having gotten too distracted.

It was not like sex had never hurt before - it had a little the first time, they'd sometimes even got carried away when her pleasure been very borderline to paint when he'd rammed into her during one of their more rougher experiments. There had been occasional accidents such as getting the angle wrong or surprising the other at a wrong moment. But this was different - she'd usually never had a bad experience with this position and more than anything it just made her worry.

Logan came with a loud grunt, and Rory loved watching his body tense up and face overcome with this deep sense of release, a broad, serene, smile on his lips as his eyelids fell shut and then opened, giving her a sense of his eyes rolling over.

She didn't exactly fake an orgasm, but she did make it seem like simply enjoying the process those last few minutes than she really was. It was not like she came every single time from every single act. She just knew he'd insist on finishing the task at hand one way or another yet again, and she knew he usually did, but right now she just didn't feel like it anymore.

With utter contentment Logan fell sideways onto the Queen size bed, panting heavily.

"I could get used to this," Logan commented with a satisfied tone, pulling her body close for a kiss. He was speaking about the bed mostly, and the freedom of having their own space.

"I concur," Rory exhaled, not wanting to dwell on the single grain of salt in her day, and focus on the good.

The next moment their cuddly moment was interrupted by the sound of the buzzer, indicating that their pizzas had arrived. The two had very nearly forgotten about it.

"Now we just have to decide who gets dressed first," Rory said, feeling very reluctant about getting out of bed. There wouldn't really have been much of a conversation, Logan generally volunteered to provide her with any type of nourishment - it was how things had already been during their dorm-room days.

Logan smiled, and got up, realizing the problem. Their robes were still packed in one of those boxes. So grabbing his boxers and shirt on his way, Logan made it to the buzzer in his nude, which really wasn't a poor sight, and answered the buzzer.

Rory rolled up his pants and tossed his pants towards him, very nearly hitting one of the candles.

"Sorry," Rory said along with giggles.

"Here I was hoping we wouldn't burn this place down the very first night," Logan commented, appreciating the sight of Rory, her chest wrapped into a bedsheet, smiling back at him with her cheeks all blushed on their bed.

They spent the night eating pizza and drinking wine, while they unpacked, at the very least deciding to reduce the labyrinth until tomorrow's party.

Rory felt utterly relieved that Logan was fully on top of the party planning. The food and drink was catered, thankfully without servers, the cleaners were coming the following day, Finn and Colin were making sure everyone who needed to be there would know where to come and when, while Logan had some guy to make sure his apartment got a top AV system to cover the evening's musical part.

All Rory needed to worry about was unpacking and finding something to wear, which was more easily said than done. But eventually she'd done it - and was ready to host a party in her pink rosy dress, which was definitely on the sexier side, along with a pair of sexy ankle strap pumps. She'd worn her hair down, just slightly curled, having thankfully found her curling iron just in time.

"Wow, you look great, Ace," Logan said, returning from the kitchen where he'd just had all of their food delivered and laid out. Mostly cold appetizers, and a few items along with chafing dishes, but the menu didn't exclude simpler things like chips, dips and miniature pies.

"Thank you," Rory replied, and gave him a little peck. "So do you," she chimed, loving him in dark-toned dress-shirts which was also the reason why his wardrobe included more of those than it ever had.

Most of the guest were fashionably late, and to Rory's relief most of the people were the ones she knew and liked. She hadn't been to a proper LDB even in many weeks and now despite there also being other people there as their dates, this was close enough.

Logan's pool table, which he'd just bought, was a popular entertainment, as was the buffet table in the kitchen. A game of darts was hung onto Henry's, the suit of armor, neck and each time someone missed the dart clinked against its chest. But most of the people found enough entertainment in their drinks, Rory having for the first time in her life a bar cabinet that was comparable to that of her grandparents, and telling stories, Logan or one of his closest buddies being mostly in the center of them.

Not many of Rory's friend were there - just Paris and Doyle who'd just stopped by, having already some other plans. There was also Althea who just happened to be the date of one of Finn's buddies and to Rory's surprise there was also a girl she remembered from her very first LDB event at the old factory. It was the girl who'd let her in on there being a line to get to Logan, but remaining herselft refreshingly indifferent to Logan's charms.

"Hey, I remember you," Rory said, deciding to start a conversation with the girl who was dressed a lot less notably compared to her Harley Quinn outfit the last time she'd seen her. "Well, I remember you, but I don't recall your name. I'm sorry," Rory added apologetically.

"Hi, it was Angie - Rory, right?" she said.

"Good memory, better than mind, obviously," Rory replied, holding her Martini glass at the same time. The interaction was a little awkward as Rory recalled having specifically left the impression to the girl that she had not been seriously interested in Logan that way. And now here she was, living with the man.

"The place looks nice," Angie commented politely.

"I guess. There's still a lot to unpack, I've barely gotten half of my books out," Rory replied.

For few minutes an awkward small-talk continued, Rory struggling to think of what casual things to ask beyond majors and hobbies.

After a short silence, Angie broke the silence.

"So you really landed the whale, you're a real Annette Bening," the girl commented, but didn't sound like she was trying to offend as such, but was just making an observation. It was such a thing as Rory would've expected Paris to say, but apparently this girl, who didn't seem to have much of a filter, had thought it too.

"Well, it was not my intention. I just happened…, believe me it would've been a lot easier had he been someone less well-known, to our families as well," Rory commented. She didn't like having to prove to just anybody that her love for Logan was real.

"Yeah, and it must not be very easy with everything people are saying either," Angie commented.

"If it's about me cutting in line again, then I don't really care," Rory replied.

"Not so much," the girl said. "But I figured you knew…," she added.

Rory almost felt obliged to ask what, but truthfully she just didn't want to hear it.

"Hey, I'm not the enemy here. I'm not undermining whatever it is you have with him. Others… may have other agendas," she shrugged.

"I would really just rather not know to be honest. For what its worth I know this is real, and I refuse to let other people shake it," Rory said, wanting to maintain as firm of a stance has Logan had when it became to protecting them from his family.

"Good for you…," Angie chimed, excusing herself but definitely sounding a little like she wasn't entirely convinced of her words. Rory hadn't seen her many times, but somehow she did trust her and her words. But this meant that despite not wanting to care, she couldn't help to wonder what sort of gossip was going around about them.

What she did in that moment, however, was just assume the worst - assume that people thought that she was with Logan for the money, and she was just his sex toy, and just carry on, and resume her position on Logan's side where he wrapped his arm, cosily around her hip. But even this worst case scenario was made infinitely better by the way he looked at her. In an instant she was yet again assured their feelings were not fake.