Just my opinion: Jurassic World: Dominion - Extended Edition is my favorite movie of all time. I thought it was an epic and satisfying conclusion to the thrilling Jurassic World trilogy. At least to me, the movie had great human character development, fantastic action sequences, great CGI, good music, a very well-written story, beautiful cinematography, a nice direction, and awesome dinosaurs!

However, if I were the director of Dominion, I would have added a lot more content to the film to make it even better and longer.

(1.) I would make Rexy the T-Rex the main dinosaur protagonist.

(2.) I would fill in the rest of the plot holes from the real movie that made it a little choppy.

(3.) I'm would make Giga the Giganotosaurus, who is the main dinosaur antagonist, be more scary and aggressive.

(4.) I would make the movie be more scary, gory, and bloody.

(5.) I would make the runtime be longer.

(6.) I would make Dodgson be more evil and threatening and make his death more satisfying.

(7.) I would add more dinosaur species into the film. Some old and others new.

(8.) I would add the Spinosaurus into the movie, but it would be small cameos and references. P.S. the Spinosaurus would not be in the final battle.

(9.) I would introduce new human characters, some of them would die.

(10.) I would add human cameos of other characters from the Jurassic franchise.

I hope you enjoy my version of Jurassic World Dominion. Let me know in comments what you think of it.