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Chapter 20

A week following the death of Edward, Bella was back in court, with Demetri hovering to make sure she was strong enough. She loved how much he cared and enjoyed the pampering she'd received after becoming so weak, but was ready for some normalcy.

What she didn't enjoy was being treated as if she were made of glass. Demetri hadn't touched her since before Alice was killed and it was starting to piss her off.

Finally after court was done for the day, she turned to her mate in frustration when he put his arm around her to lead her out. "Sto bene. Smettila di trattarmi come se stessi per crollare." (I am fine. Stop treating me as if I will break.)

Demetri looked at her, stunned, while the three kings chuckled at her outburst. "Gatáki, I―"

"Save it. We will talk about it when we're alone."

Bella left the throne with a confused Demetri hot on her heels. She was silent until they reached their suite. Hearing the door click shut behind Demetri, she spun on him, her hair and cloak flying around her like a curtain.

"You haven't touched me since before Alice's trial! You're treating me like I'm breakable and I'm tired of it!"

Stunned to almost near silence, Demetri wasn't sure how to react. He only wanted to make sure she was okay and not still weak. "I'm sorry, but when you fainted after dealing with Edward, I was worried. You're still a newborn."

"I may be a new vampire, but I am not a wilting flower, Demetri. You have to stop treating me like I'm still human."

"I know you're not, but you're my mate and when you're weak, you're vulnerable. I can't let anyone hurt you." Demetri tried to take a step toward her to take her in his arms, but she was faster and moved back holding up her hand to stop him.

"Who am I vulnerable to, Dem?" Bella felt the fight leaving her as she sighed. "No one in this castle would dare try anything with or to me. Not just because of my gift or because I'm your mate, but because Caius is my father. He isn't treating me with kid gloves and he was just as concerned as you."

Demetri hung his head knowing she was right. "I'm sorry, Agápi Mou, I don't mean to make you feel as if you can't do things yourself." Stepping forward, this time she let him cup her cheek. "You have to understand where I'm coming from, though. When you collapsed in my arms, I've never known fear like I have in that moment. Yes, you had overtaxed yourself, but how was I to know what the results would be?" Leaning down, he pressed his forehead to hers, "I can't lose you, Agapiménos, it would end me."

Bringing her hands up to from his face, she stared into his red eyes. "Nothing is going to happen to me, Amore mio." Leaning up on her toes, she pressed her lips to his. When she pulled back, she grinned at him, "I love you, Demetri, but if you don't stop acting like I'll break, I'm going to kick your ass."

Raising an eyebrow at her, Demetri smirked, "Is that so?"

Bella's answering smile was almost a challenge, one Demetri was going to accept. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he spun her around, slamming her back against their closed door.

Pressing himself against her, he leaned down and scraped his teeth along the column of her neck. "Is this what you want, Gatáki? You want the beast in me?"

Bella gasped in shocked pleasure as Demetri grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it down the center, the ruined fabric falling from her shoulders leaving her in nothing but her black lace bra and matching boy shorts. She hissed when he brought his finger to her neck, running it down her body, breaking through the delicate mesh on his way down. She could see the evidence of his growing desire outlined behind the zipper of his pants.

Demetri growled at the sight of his mate's nudity. He wanted to devour her, lick every one of her curves, making her scream with pleasure. He wanted to worship her. Stepping closer, he ran his hands up her thighs, over her hips and the curve of her waist. Only once he was cupping her full breasts in his hands did he slam his mouth over hers.

Bella moaned when Demetri's tongue pushed past her lips to tangle with her own. Reaching up, she grasped the sides of his shirt and ripped it open before scraping her nails down the planes of his chest eliciting a growl from deep within him.

Demetri grabbed her by the backs of her thighs and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he continued to plunder her mouth. When he felt Bella's fingers on his belt, he moved back only the slightest to allow her easier access. Once she had it undone, she ripped his pants the remainder of the way open and released his hard cock from its confines. Without waiting, he surged forward and entered her to the hilt. Bella removed her mouth from his and cried out at the intrusion.

"Is this what you wanted?" Demetri growled as he set a punishing pace.

"Yes!" Bella screamed as his hips pounded into hers. "Don't stop!"

Bella clung to her mate as he took her against the door of their suite. She was glad Caius had soundproofed their rooms, as she knew the castle would be able to hear them otherwise.

"Fuck, so close..."

"Cum for me, my mate." Demetri growled as he pistoned his hips faster and harder.

When Bella could hold back no longer, she sank her teeth into his neck as her body convulsed around him. The feel of her teeth embedded in his neck brought forth his own release and Demetri bit into her neck as he climaxed. When they were spent, they each removed their teeth and looked at each other.

"Don't ever treat me like I'm breakable again," she whispered before placing a soft kiss to his lips.

"Never," Demetri vowed.

He walked them over to their bed, where he proceeded to make love to her for the next two days. When they returned to their duties, the kings all breathed a sigh of relief that things were once again good with the mated pair.


Following the events which led to the deaths of Esme, Alice and Edward the Cullen Coven disbanded. Carlisle chose to stay with the Volturi and learn under Marcus. Where once he wanted to help save humans, he found that he was better suited to science. With the help of the lonely king, he accidentally created a synthetic blood which allowed those vampires who didn't want to hunt humans the ability to thrive on their semi-natural food source.

Jasper left Voltera and returned to Peter and Charlotte in Texas. He kept in touch with Emmett and Bella, letting them know he was settled and had decided to reopen his family's horse breeding farm. His soothing nature meant the animals weren't afraid of him and Whitlock Stables became very well known. He did eventually find a companion and lived a quiet life with her, his brother and his mate.

Emmett brought the Volturi into the new century with his technology. It was easier to be kept up to date with the ambassadors who were assigned to the different countries and keep things in an order which still allowed for their secrecy. He found his mate in a pretty Irish vampire named Maggie. She had come to the Volturi after discovering some lies and a plot against the ruling coven from some nomads who were passing through her lands. It was hard for Emmett to say goodbye to Bella, who once again saw him as a big brother, but he knew they would see each other again.

Rosalie began seeing one of the counselors that Marcus suggested and also helped Santiago, who it turned out was her mate, in the garage with the Volturi's fleet of cars. She had finally worked through her anger and resentment at the life which she was forced into and accepted things for how they were. Once she was able to do that, she formed a close bond with Bella, finally becoming the sisters and friends they wanted to be.

Bella and Demetri only returned to Forks once, to attend the funeral of her father. Charlie had been shot in the line of duty five years after his daughter had died in a fatal plane crash on her way home from her tour abroad. He'd never gotten over the loss of his only child, but cherished the time he had with her when she came to live with him. It was a year after her death that Billy was finally able to get him to go fishing again, to start living again. At least until a liquor store robbery gone wrong sent the chief to his death.

After the funeral, Bella placed a rose on her father's grave, before leaving as quietly as she came.

Years moved on and things stayed the same, as they do for vampires. Bella and Demetri continued to work for the brother's, their love only growing stronger.