The Great Hall was roaring with the sounds of children's chatter, the clinking of goblets, and the flapping wings of owls delivering mail. Keen eyes and ears were surveying the hall. Watching, listening, anticipating the chaos brewing in the minds of the little mischievous cretins. Picking at his breakfast, Severus Snape ran through all the prospective detentions and punishments he could dole out to the students he loathed. Though he seemed to loathe all students. Griffyndors especially.

With his usual cold and caustic demeanor, Professor Snape turned toward Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and drawled with his deep voice "Albus, must we always -" but before he could finish his sentence, he was cut off by the sounds of a sharp caw coming from a large midnight black raven. The raven was substantially bigger than the surrounding owls. It carried a predatory look in its piercing eyes and its mere presence intimidated the other birds in the hall. It landed with a resounding thud, directly on top of Severus' plate. The chatter in the Great Hall quickly quieted as the students watched the Slytherin Head of House freeze at the sight of the predatory bird. Its beady eyes locked on to the professor's and then gave out another boisterous caw while extending its razor-sharp talons to point out the tiny scroll affixed to its leg. Raising an eyebrow in incredulity, Severus carefully removed the scroll from the raven's leg and fed it a piece of sausage in acknowledgment of its completed task. The raven took one last glance at Severus, spread its massive wings, and then took off for destinations unknown.

Severus stared blankly at the scroll in hand as his mind rushed to catch up with the events that just unfolded. Realizing that the scroll was shrunken to secure its transportation, Severus pulled out his wand and cast engorgio to reinstate the parchment to its original size. His eyes quickly scanned the letter and then widened to unseen proportions on the usually dour potion master's face. He read and then re-read the letter in disbelief. Gripping the letter so tightly his knuckles turned white, threatening to tear the letter in two, Severus abruptly rose to his feet, the chair harshly scraping the floor, his face screwing up into his signature sneer, and bolted towards the hallway leading towards the dungeons. The students were bewildered at the sudden departure of their seemingly unflappable professor. The chatter returned to its previous volume as the students gossiped among themselves theorizing what could've caused Professor Snape to leave breakfast in such haste.

The Hogwarts professors left remaining at the head table looked to one another in confusion and concern. Headmaster Dumbledore, releasing a quiet huff, rose to follow Severus out of the Great Hall.


Thorfinn Rowle cared for very little in his life. Family, friends, Quidditch, and sex were the only things that motivated the hulking wizard. Rumored as descendants of Vikings, the men of the Rowle family all shared the same massive form, blond hair, and a penchant for fire. Seated next to him was his best friend, brothers in every way but blood, Antonin Dolohov. Almost as tall as the Viking wizard, 6'2 to Thorfinn's 6'5, Antonin was just as muscled but sported more of a lean build as that of a Quidditch chaser compared to Thorfinn's beater physique.

Antonin shoved his elbow into the massive wizard's side to gain his attention. "What do you think all that was about?"

Turning his attention to the brooding Russian wizard, he joked "Snape was probably informed that they weren't able to procure some obscure ingredient like unicorn tears for his research. What does it matter to you, Tosha?"

Spearing his last sausage and quickly devouring the morsel, Thorfinn rose from his seat and motioned towards Antonin "let's head back, we need to grab our gear and head to the pitch for practice." Finishing off the last bit of his pumpkin juice, Antonin stood up to follow Thorfinn back to the Slytherin dorms.

With their long and fast stride, Thorfinn and Antonin quickly made their way through the hallways to the dungeons. They both abruptly stopped as the sounds of rushed whispers entered their ears.

"A daughter… I have a daughter. Albus! This child must be a bloody abomination if it's truly a spawn of mine. I make no illusions about my appearance and my caustic demeanor. And her mother!? I can't even recall what this witch looked like, but I do know what type of witches are attracted to me and they should not be allowed to procreate."

"Now, now Severus. You mustn't be so draconian. Give the child a chance. Give yourself a chance. This is a wonderous opportunity for you, Severus. You can be a father to this girl."

"A father…"

The whispers dissipated as the sound of doors being closed reached them. They looked at one another in disbelief. Frozen, stunned, completely baffled. Thorfinn suddenly lurched forward and nearly collapsed in laughter

"A kid?! Can you believe Snape has a kid? And from a one-night stand at that? Can you just imagine a mini-dungeon bat? Poor girl, she's probably just as ghastly looking. I can picture it now. Pale, greasy black hair, a huge nose, tall and gangly. I don't know if she'll be as cold and calculating as him or be deathly afraid of him. I know I'd be taken aback to find out a wizard like Professor Snape was my father."

"Finn, hush yourself. Everyone in the Great Hall can hear you from here. If Snape finds out that we know, or even heard what you just said, he'll hex us into oblivion."

"Alright, alright. I can't wait to tell the guys on the pitch about this. Let's go." Antonin huffed in exasperation. "Let's just hope he doesn't find out it was you who let this slip. Knowing you, this'll be common knowledge by tomorrow morning."


A week had passed since Thorfinn and Antonin overheard Professor Snape's confession. As predicted, the entire school now knew of Snape's love child. Wild rumors were running around the school. Students were buzzing with gossip. They all tried to theorize about what this girl would look like, how old she was, or whether she'd be a clone of Snape.

The students were especially aware of the fact that their potions master had been missing the entire week. Headmaster Dumbledore covered his lessons and had the students review ingredient preparation techniques. His seat at the head table was like a beacon bringing attention to his absence during meals.

Today, however, was very different. There was a single stool sat at the front of the head table and sitting on top of it was the sorting hat. Headmaster Dumbledore's eyes held his signature twinkle and it was routinely flickering between his plate and the doors to the Great Hall.

Thorfinn and Antonin were looking at one another. Filled with anticipation and excitement, Thorfinn gestured to the other 7th years and said "I bet she'll be his carbon copy. Another dungeon bat. Probably even has a sneer on her face with an icy personality." Just as Amycus Carrow opened his mouth to respond, a sudden chill crept through the hall. The students immediately noticed the drop in temperature. The floors were beginning to build icy wisps and students began seeing their breath in the air. Two pairs of footsteps could be heard walking toward the Great Hall. The temperature kept dropping as the footsteps became louder and louder. Suddenly, the doors to the Great Hall were thrust open by Severus Snape. He sported his signature sneer and looked down on his students. His billowing cape flowed around him as he made his way to the head table. Directly behind him was a small figure. Female, petite, most likely no more than 5'3. Easily dwarfed by Snape's 6'2. Her form was partially covered by Snape's frame. From the Slytherin table, all you could see was that she was pale and had long black hair that reached her waist, bouncing with soft curls.

The students were dumb-struck and the only sound that could be heard in the hall was footsteps. All of the students were attempting to get a glimpse of their professor's daughter. When they reached the head table, backs turned to the students, Severus bent down and whispered into the girl's ear. She tilted her head slightly to better hear Professor Snape. She gave a slight nod and then faced forward. Like a sudden snap, the chill dissipated and the students gave out a collective sigh as their bodies began to heat back up.

Headmaster Dumbledore rose to address the students. Casting the sonorous charm on himself so his elevated voice could be heard through the hall, "Everyone. Attention! I'd like your attention, please. As you may know. Hogwarts has never taken in a transfer student. However, in this instance, one of our esteemed professors has learned about the fortuitous addition to his family line. I'd like you all to please help me in welcoming our newest addition to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione Ophelia Snape, please step forward and have a seat on the stool to be sorted into your house."

The silence was deafening as the students sat on the edges of their seats to see Hermione's face. Turning to face the students, Hermione immediately threw up her Occlemency shields and slammed on a cool yet guarded expression.

The students were stunned. Completely, utterly, stunned. Hermione was gorgeous. Positively ethereal. Her hair was long, voluminous, and as black as sin. Her skin was pale, no…, porcelain. Smooth, begging to be touched. To be caressed. Her well-rounded breasts stretched the fabric of her shirt. They were large, but not too large. A perfect handful really. Paired with a slim waist, her legs looked miles long. A bit surprising since she was so short. She held a certain elegance and poise that would've had all the Pureblood mothers clambering to know the identity of her etiquette teacher. Her lips were plump and pronounced. She had a perfectly symmetrical Cupid's bow and they were the perfect shade of pink. Just begging to be kissed. Her cheekbones were high and well-defined. She was absolutely enchanting, but her real defining feature was her eyes. Hidden beneath thick black lashes were eyes that could only be described as a piercing icy blue, veined with pure cold silver. The metallic glint caused shivers in anyone who caught a glimpse.

Hermione sat patiently as Headmaster Dumbledore placed the sorting hat upon her head. "Interesting. Interesting indeed. Most peculiar. Intelligent, yes. Loyal. Cunning. Hmmmm. Where to place you." The sorting hat continued to mumble. Bouts of silence preceded its questioning. Minutes ticked by as the hat deliberated.

Thorfinn was gobsmacked. Never before had he seen a witch so beautiful. He's bedded plenty of witches in his time. Witches from all over the world. He even had dalliances with part-Veelas and yet Hermione was even more alluring than the seductive birds. Thorfinn could not believe that this bewitching creature was the daughter of his potions master. The bat of the dungeons. The man who had never smiled. The wizard who was infamous for his distaste for everything and everyone.

Whispers began passing back and forth as the students debated on which house she'd be placed in and on why the hat was taking so long to place her. It had already been 4 minutes and the sorting hat did not seem any closer to reaching a decision. "Yes, brave and willing to do anything to protect those she cares for. Hmmm, would make a good Gryffindor." At the sound of this, Professor Snape's scowl deepened. "An insatiable thirst for knowledge. You would do well in Ravenclaw."

"Have we decided on Ravenclaw?" Asked Headmaster Dumbledore.

"Hmmmmm. Truly puzzling." By this time, 6 minutes had elapsed. The longest hat stall in Hogwarts history. Even surpassing the sorting of Minerva Mcgonagall.

Throughout this whole endeavor, Hermione's demeanor remained calm and collected. At 6 minutes and 17 seconds, Hermione raised one eyebrow in questioning while glancing up towards the hat. This was reminiscent of an expression Professor Snape commonly used.

"Yes. Yes, you will do well in that house. Of course, you must be placed in SLYTHERIN!"

The Slytherin table burst into applause and cheers in light of the news. Hermione merely glanced at Professor Snape and his lip curled up. Some students argued that Professor Snape was actually smiling while the majority took it as a smirk in triumph.

Hermione stood from the stool and placed the hat back on the perch. Momentarily facing forward, her tie and skirt morphed into the signature green of the Slytherin house. Her robes were adorned with the crest of the Slytherin serpent. She turned towards her father and gave a slight nod. Without saying a word, she walked up to his side and joined him in his trek forward to the Slytherin table.

Coming round to the head of the Slytherin table, Professor Snape presented Hermione with a forward motion of his hand. Hermione took his cue and faced her fellow students. With a small curtsy, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Hermione Ophelia Snape. The daughter of potions master Severus Snape and ancient runes master Carina Corbyn. I have been homeschooled up until now so I hope to learn a lot from you all."

Many of the young boys were too stunned to speak. Murmurs of welcome and we'll wishes we're passed along.

Severus inclined his arm towards Hermione, prompting her gaze. She took the cue and wrapped her arm around his. "Come now, we must begin your testing. Your age should put you with the sixth years, but without knowing what curriculum your mother followed, we just can't place you based on assumptions."

"Yes, father." Turning her head back to the table of students "It was wonderful meeting you all. I'm sure we'll see more of each other soon." And with that, the father-daughter pair made their way swiftly towards the halls.

Gossip erupted as soon as they cleared the great halls. "Salazar help us. I just can't wrap my head around it. She's…. she… wow, just, wow."

"You gonna try and shag her, Finn?" Antonin asked.

Running a frustrated hand through his golden locs, "Yes, no, yes, I don't know. I mean, Salazar yes she is bewitching, but she's Snape's daughter! I quite like my body in one piece. I'm sure he'd know how to make it look like an accident. They probably wouldn't even be able to find my body if I did try anything."

"Yeah, Snape probably already has a list of tortuous curses and hexes to use on anyone who tries to act inappropriately towards his daughter. He's definitely going to receive a ton of betrothal contracts once she is formally introduced to society. He may be a half-blood, but he is a world-renowned potions master and her mother was an equally renowned ancient runes master who comes from a long line of purebloods. The Corbyns aren't quite Sacred 28, but they are powerful and are known for their wealth and capabilities. That girl is even in tune with the elements. She practically froze the Great Hall and had to be prompted to release the chill. It's almost like your family and their proclivity towards fiendfyre."

Thorfinn hummed in agreement. Thorfinn knew he should leave her alone. That trying anything that could be seen as untoward with her would lead to his untimely demise. However, that didn't mean he didn't want to and man did he really want to. Something about that witch called to his very being. Whether Thorfinn would do the smart thing would remain to be seen.


Alrighty, y'all. What do you guys think? Again I don't have a beta. I'm not working off of the original timeline. This is completely AU and OOC. These characters have been inspired by other Thorfinn and Antonin stories I've read. I've read too many to recall and they're all kind of meshing together here to make my renditions. Fan cast: 18 Thorfinn - young Brock O Hurn, 18 Antonin - young Michiel Huisman, 16 Hermione - Vanya Jagnic (vanjajagnic on Insta).