A scene opens up with Atomsk and TME talking about new ideas for a story.

"Here we are, a new story." Atomsk said.

"Yup… a new Naruto story on your side hehe." TME said while he looked amused.

"Hehe, true. But you can also get one or two." Atomsk said.

"True but you come up with good Naruto ideas, maybe we should brainstorm some stuff for your side to bring up the number on your side of things hehe." TME said while he looked thoughtful.

"Quick Q, is Naruto the main character here or Kushina?, I don't think we detailed some stuff in ideas aside from Kushina being alive… she's alive… alive!" TME said while lightning struck outside for dramatic effect.

Atomsk blinked a bit at the lightning outside.

"Weird… as for who is the main character… hmmm… well Kushina alive was all I can think of for the title. May as well be a placeholder. Maybe they can both be main characters?, I mean it's Naruto but with a twist of Kushina being Hokage by Minato's wish. Kushina can protect Naruto if anyone has ill intent on him. I mean from what I read, both Kushina and Minato wanted the title of Hokage. Plus, if Naruto got the nine tails, Kushina will help train him… unless the nine tails was put back in Kushina."

"Hmmm… no since Kushina would be near death at the time so Naruto would have to take the nine Tails or something, though now we have a more critical issue… even if we use Kushina, some events in canon may happen so we may have no choice but to us our classic trap cards." TME said as he got a Yami Yugi look on his face as he summoned two cards.

"I play my trap card!, OC summoning, from each of our hands we use one OC to help spice up the story and I use my continuous trap card… Canon divergence… with it we have to use different methods of story telling than in canon!... we already have Spider Sannin in play!, so you can't have two of the same Story if we just go with Naruto to wave and everything!" TME said with a dramatic look on his face as two large hologram like cards were seen for comical effect.

Atomsk had to laugh.

"Okay… and you said you didn't want to try the yugioh story plan but again… millions of cards. Though would be fun if we did it in the GX series. Emerald in Obelisk while my guy is Slifer but is seriously talented… even if he hides it."

"Oh so I would get my ass handed to me by Cedric, I see how it is." Emerald said while he peeked from behind the Camera and looks at Atomsk.

Atomsk chuckles.

"Maybe but can be good friends. And Azure is in Obelisk as well. So it be like a Jaden and Alexis. But whenever someone loses, it leads to a lemon. But of course, male X female and female x female."

"Maybe we should try that next after this and put it on your side, but only if you do one thing… research cards so we can make decks for each OC… can see why I held back on Yugioh stories with possibilities of duels since that would put more math than I would like… anyway back on topic… we should Pic an OC or two, one to be friends with Naruto, the other to be friends and possibly more with Kushina since she would be much older when she is Hokage and stuff, want to use Cedric for Naruto's friend since we haven't use Cedric in SS yet?, can give time to give him plot importance when we get to the Chunnin exams and stuff… either that or Lillum as a friend of Kushina who helped Raise Naruto?, could be interesting and stuff if we have Kushina X Lillum for Yuri and Futa on female moments." TME said while he rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Atomsk was thoughtful for a bit.

"Sounds interesting. Sure for Cedric on the friend thing. For the rest… can use Lillum and of course Emerald."

"Alright, and I have an idea on how Kushina could be alive and Naruto with the Nine tails." TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Okay. Lay it on me… or maybe we show it and not spoil things." Atomsk said while grinning.

"Depends… will have to text you these ideas so…" TME said as he took a minute to text Atomsk.

Atomsk waits patiently as he writes ideas for a new possible fic.

After a moment of Atomsk's phone ringing and back and fourth between the duo…

"Ok we in agreement of the idea to be?" TME said while grinning at Atomsk.

Atomsk grins.

"Oh yeah. Let's do it." He said but had a question.

"Question, will it have a Naruto harem or just one pairing for him… unless he gets two. Can happen for Kushina as well."

"Oh with What I have in mind… Naruto WILL get a harem and so will Kushina Hehe, just expect reviewers to give issues and stuff if they don't like lemons… Remember people this is a lemon centered story so… if you don't like lemons, you can just walk away." TME said as a final warning to people who don't like the story, they can leave.

"Yeah so no hateful words. Just don't read it if you hate it. We only get constructive criticism." Atomsk said.

"Op!, guess that means no good reviews than, you heard him people, just constructive reviews only so take your best shot." TME said as he and a few OCs and stuff working the cameras laugh.

Atomsk sweatdrops.

"Of course good reviews as well. Let's just start and not waste more space."

"Fair enough… This story starts right when the Nine tails is about to attack Naruto thanks to Tobi's actions." TME said while the scene went to Konoha as the Nine tails was about to use a claw to strike an infant Naruto.

Konoha/ outskirts/ Kushina, Minato

The weakened nine tails roars as it was about to swing its clawed hand at a crying Naruto to keep itself from being sealed away again, normally at this time Minato and Kushina would both be pierced by a large claw, while it was hopeless for Minato who would die shortly from the sealing of the Yin side of the Tailed beast.

However at this time as Kushina rushed to try and shield Naruto, a combination of weakness from the recent birth and all the Chakra she used made her light headed more than usual made her stumble for a moment horrifying her when she saw Minato pierced by a claw but it wasn't enough to stop the claw fully… thankfully thanks to the commotion of the battle, plus how long it took, a mysterious hooded man rushed to block the claw with an abnormally strong looking Demonic themed greatsword to act like a shield to protect Naruto while Minato who was barely alive didn't recognize the man while a older man in a hooded cloak appeared near Kushina while his face was obscured by a large white beard and the shadow of the hood blocking the upper part of his face from view.

"Minato complete the seal now!" The man near Kushina said in a gruff old voice rousing the critically injured Minato from his surprised state to remind him he needed to complete the seal with Naruto and the Nine tails.

"W-What?!" Kushina said as Minato weakly used his strength to complete the seal.

The moment Minato did and the seal was complete and he used one final summoning to have the Key to Naruto's seal sent to Jiraiya… the other half of the Tailed Beast was sealed in Naruto with the 8 trigram seal and thanks to this, Minato had a huge hole in his chest as the mystery man moved to seal his sword in a puff of smoke and moved to catch Minato while Kushina when she saw this weakly reached for Minato but the old man near her picked up Kushina and brought her over to Minato who was laid on his back on the ground and the infant Naruto as Naruto cried nearby.

"M-Minato-kun." Kushina said.

Minato weakly chuckled.

"S-sorry… Kushina… I'm…" He tries to say but coughed with a little bit of blood coming out.

As Kushina cried a bit, the man near the group summoned his sword on guard as Hiruzen and some anbu got to the group just now as they noticed the two strangers, Minato with a hole in his chest and a greatly weakened Kushina while the man with the sword was on guard as the old man with a beard rubs it.

"You're late in aiding the Hokage Hiruzen, my apprentice had to jump in and help Minato with the sealing." The old man said as he had a serious tone to his voice while the man with the sword had it vanish again when he heard his master talk like that showing the old man knew Sarutobi.

Sarutobi blinks a bit before his eyes widened.

"Xan?… never thought I see you here."

"Yeah well we can save introductions for later… try and get a medical ninja for Kushina… and your men guard the area… we need to let Kushina say goodbye to Minato in peace." The now identified Xan said as he and others look at a crying Kushina as Minato was weakly rubbing her cheek.

"T-There there… at least Naruto will have someone to care for him instead of no parents… silver lining right?" Minato weakly said while he was struggling to smile at his wife.

Kushina cries more.

"Y-You idiot. You can't leave Naruto and I… we need you."

"H-Hehe… sorry… m-married men do stupid stuff if it means protecting loved ones… just… do me a favor… keep Naruto happy… he… may get many issues thanks to what that man caused the Nine tails to do… can't fault it as well for wanting to not get sealed away as well… would be angry if I was going to be sealed in a baby who can't walk… S-Sarutobi-Sensei… are you there?, think that man said Hiruzen?... hard to see things…" Minato said while his strength was leaving him more.

Hiruzen was greatly concerned as he got close.

"I'm here Minato. Wish I got here sooner."

"N-No worries… saw you use Enma… protected the village… sorry but you may have to step up as Hokage again for awhile until someone else takes over… s-sorry but… someone will have to make sure the Village recovers over time… do me one favor though… help Kushina protect Naruto… that's all I ask… unfortunately I… won't be going where everyone else will thanks to the side effect of this seal so… yeah… just… protect… Naru…to…and…Kush…ina…" Minato said as he fell silent with closed eyes while his hand fell from Kushina's cheek.

Kushina's eyes widened as she weakly nudges Minato but… silence.

The anbu with Hiruzen lower their heads as they lost a hero.

Though the group looks alarm when Kushina starts coughing up blood as Xan moved with quickness and felt her pulse… was getting weak.

"Shit… Emerald no choice and Hiruzen, Anbu, unless you want Kushina to die shut up and keep quiet on what you are about to see or so help me I'll train Naruto to kick your collective asses when he is older." Xan said while he removed his hood showing an aged face with an eyepatch as the other man with the hood pulled it back to show a man with average looking face, brown hair, a headband but with no icon on it, and green eyes.

"Right." The now identified Emerald said as he bit his fingers and did some hand signs.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Emerald called as a puff of smoke happened and Xan moved Kushina onto her back near Naruto and used some kind of medical Jutsu to ease Kushina's coughing fits.

Hiruzen and the anbu were curious and on guard when they saw something humanoid shape coming out.

though all of the males there got nose bleeds when they saw the nude form of a woman with abnormally large proportions like gravity defying G cup breasts and a large ass you could flip coins off of, large demonic wings, a tail with a heart shaped bit at the end, and she had long brown hair that was braided behind her back while her eyes had an unnatural glow and she looks curious when she saw the Shinigami over Minato's corpse and it floats away while she saw Xan administering first aid to Kushina while Naruto cried in the crib.

"What happened here?" The woman said as Emerald looks at her seriously.

"Nuff said Lillum, heal Kushina and we can explain after when we're not worrying about losing two lives and having to care for an orphan later." Emerald said while he points at Kushina.

The woman, now known as Lillum, got a serious look as she goes to Kushina and starts working on healing her.

Though after she did some work, she got a serious look when she saw how weak Kushina was while she was able to keep her condition from getting worse.

"Good news, I'm able to help but bad news is that it will be costly to me, I'll have to talk with Kushina later and stuff but right now since she can't talk, will have to explain to her later but for now…" Lillum said as she starts muttering in an unintelligible language to humans and a odd symbol appeared as magical energy flowed into Kushina slowly healing her wounds and slowly giving her strength making her complexion much better than before but she was still not moving much.

Hiruzen and the anbu were shocked when they saw that.

"She actually resealed the wound." One anbu whispers.

"Even medical ninjutsu have trouble with wounds that take a told on the body… just what is she?" Another Anbu whispered as Lillum finished her work and took a breath.

"There, she should be fine after some time… not sure what's going on but you should get her in a hospital or something first before we talk." Lillum said when she turned to everyone making her breasts bounce a few times.

This made the males blush for a bit as Hiruzen clears his throat.

"Y-You heard the lady. Let's bring Kushina in." Hiruzen said as Naruto cries again.

Lillum smiles when she went go pick up Naruto.

"There there, not sure what's going on but considering you look like you were just born, here should help if you hungry." Lillum said when she magically shrank her breasts a bit to many surprise before Lillum starts to breastfeed Naruto gently while she held his head carefully as breast milk leaked into Naruto's mouth though one Anbu looks confused.

This helped Naruto calmed down as he enjoys the milk.

This made one Anbu speak up.

"Okay… what are you lady?"

"Hmm?, oh I'm a Succubus, a sex demon if you want to get basic, my mother contracted with Xan long ago and now I took over for my mom and made a contract with Emerald, you could say I'm like one of your summons like Gamabunta or Enma, I know them since they sometimes get visited by my people, I can explain more but again… Kushina needs help otherwise my work will be for nothing and someone needs to take care of that man's body properly." Lillum said while she gave many a pointed look that right now Kushina was the main person to worry about when she seemed to have passed out now.

The anbu jolts when they heard that and after a stern look from Hiruzen, they quickly helped Kushina to the hospital.

Two of the Anbu though had to carry Minato's body.

They carried it on a stretcher as Xan walked to Sarutobi.

"Well Hiruzen, if you want an explanation of what I have done out of Konoha, mind having an Anbu get Lillum a Kimono so she can carry Naruto through town?" Xan said while he rubs his beard a bit.

Hiruzen blushes when he forgot that Lillum was still nude.

"Y-Yes… I'll have a female Anbu do that."

"Good… Emerald, stay with Lillum and the kid, no telling if the person who caused this could be nearby." Xan said as he looks at Emerald who nods his head at Xan.

"Alright." Emerald said as Xan followed Sarutobi leaving Emerald, Lillum, and an infant Naruto alone.

"Hmmm, hungry kid." Emerald said while he looks at Naruto who sucked Lillum's nipple harder to enjoy the milk more.

Lillum giggles.

"Still cute. So Emerald, what exactly happened?"

"Well I'm not sure myself but…" Emerald said as he explained what happened to Minato, Kushina, and Naruto as Emerald helped Minato protect Naruto, by the time he was done he was leaning against a rock.

"...and that's all I know, Xan told me to protect the kid and I did, would have even without issues but… hmmm…" Emerald said as he looks over to see a man with a cane in hand… some cloth over one eye… and pretty much a few Anbu looking men as Lillum frowns when she read the odd man's mind.

"Careful Emerald, quick read of his mind tells me he is Danzo, a twisted man who would do anything for this village, and he doesn't have good intent for Naruto." Lillum said as Emerald narrowed his eyes and got protectively in front of Lillum while she held Naruto.

"Leave…" was all Emerald said as he summoned his demonic looking sword and looked ready to kill if they tried anything to Naruto and Lillum.

The old man, revealed as Danzo, stopped.

"Such hostility. Was only showing concern given some events."

"Considering Lillum read your mind, I would kill you if you tried to do anything to Lillum and the kid… leave and you and your men won't need body bags… I was trained by my master to not be weak so don't think I would go down without a fight." Emerald said while he had a cold look as he got in a guarded stance while some odd energy emitted from Emerald while he had a look that showed he was serious.

All Danzo did was smirk.

"Very well. We shall talk another day. Take good care of the lad." He said before he and his men surprisingly disappeared

Emerald frowns at this while he and Lillum wait a bit and Hiruzen, a couple female Anbu, and others come by with Xan.

"Ok I talked with Hiruzen and… Emerald what happened and why do you have that look in your eyes." Xan said as Emerald looked at Xan.

"Some odd guy named Danzo… Lillum read his mind and seems he didn't have good intentions for Naruto so got on guard… after threatening him and his men he just left without a fight after smirking." Emerald explained while he dismissed his weapon again.

Hiruzen narrows his eyes.

"Danzo… whenever something bad happens it's always him. He always wanted my chair to be Hokage. Even tried to assassinate me but was always denying it. He hated when I chose Minato as my successor. If he's after Naruto, from what I'm hearing, it obvious we need to watch our backs."

"Seriously?... we can't leave Naruto alone then." Emerald said while Xan rubs his beard.

"Which is why until Kushina recovers, you and Lillum will be Naruto's parents… apparently Minato told Hiruzen here the name just in case, we need to watch out for people who would give Naruto issues." Xan said while he had a serious look in his one good eye while the other was covered by an eyepatch.

Lillum got a serious look.

"I will defend Naruto with my life. Unless… we make a backup plan. I can take him to my realm. He would much safer there."

"Lillum… you know that with the Nine tails or what's left he wouldn't be allowed there… who knows what kind of effect your world's air would have on a weak infant." Xan said as he grins at Lillum.

"Though considering that Kushina is alive and Minato and her had a nice place, you two will follow Hiruzen as he leads you there, try and not break some beds you two, Kushina will need the extra rest and stuff before doing anything to repay you Lillum." Xan said while he got an amused grin when he looks at Lillum.

Lillum smirks.

"Oh we can show restraint. Well… probably not Emerald." She joked.

"If that happens I'll pay for a reinforced bed… but if you think I would break the bed… want me to bring up that time in Sunagakure when you were… thirsty and drained me greatly even after breaking two beds." Emerald said while he made Lillum jolt.

The anbu blinks when they heard that as Hiruzen was amused.

"It's amazing that Jiraiya isn't here to hear that. Would've wrote that for his stories."

"Pretty sure Lillum would help star in that book if that was the case… anyway we should get going." Xan said as he starts to lead the group from the battleground.

Lillum made sure to stick by Emerald while holding a sleepy Naruto.

She smiles a bit before looking at Emerald.

"You know… can be good practice if you… want to start something with me." She said.

"Maybe, but let's try and not give your mom a heart attack or something, you maybe the boss Succubus of the sex demons but she is still intense if she has to be." Emerald said while Lillum used a free hand to make a Kimono she liked from one of the Anbu women to appear on her for modesty.

"Hmmm… very stylish Kimono. May do some shopping later when things cooled down." Lillum said.

Emerald nods as the group were led to Kushina and Minato's home… it needed a few repairs from the recent attack but it wasn't bad… replace a window or two, fix the door a bit, the place wasn't bad… homey and snug

"Hmmm.. not bad of a temp place if Kushina doesn't kick us out." Emerald said while he looked at the home with Hiruzen approaching the home.

"Perhaps, but she can be understanding." Hiruzen said.

The group enter and the home looked better on the inside than out… nuff said after funds were given by Hiruzen for the night and tomorrow as an advance and time passed with Kushina groaning when she woke in a hospital room with a groan.

"Hmmm… w-where am I?" Kushina said before groaning as she tries to get up.

Though she heard a voice near her.

"Easy Kushina, try and not move." Kushina heard making her look to see Hiruzen and Xan.

Kushina blinks when she saw the former third Hokage and was confused on Xan either she didn't hear the name or forgot.

"S-Sarutobi-san. How long was I out?"

"Long enough for three days to pass, you were physically healthy thanks to the doctors and others helping but still took awhile for you to recover since you did have the Nine tails ripped from you may forcefully." Hiruzen said while he gave a relieved look to Kushina since she was awake.

Kushina blinks when she heard that before remember something.

"T-That's right. A man in a Orange mask. He shows up and…" she said before her eyes widened.

"Minato-kun… is he…" she said as she hoped her husband's death didn't happen.

Hiruzen and Xan look down as Sarutobi nods.

"I'm sorry Kushina… Minato-kun really is gone… he took that blow for Naruto while Emerald helped him and the Nine tails or half of it is sealed inside of Naruto… Xan's student and Emerald's summon are at your place with Naruto taking care of him, if you want I can have some men get them so they can bring Naruto to you." Hiruzen said while he gave Kushina an understanding look.

Kushina let out some tears knowing her husband was gone.

But… she still has a baby.

"Please… I want to hold my child." She said.

Hiruzen nods as he looks out the door.

"Get Emerald and Lillum with Naruto here and safely as well." Hiruzen said to some Anbu outside… in no time a couple left to get the trip and in no time, Emerald, Lillum, and Lillum carrying Naruto in a small Kimono and diaper enter the room while Naruto was giggling like a little ball of energy when he was pulling Emerald's hair with Lillum having trouble getting Naruto off.

"Ow… ow…ow…" Emerald said while he had a tick mark on his head as he patiently kept himself from doing anything to Naruto.

Lillum kept trying before she finally got Naruto away from Emerald's hair and brings him over to Kushina.

Kushina was able to take her child and hold him gently in her arms.

Naruto gave her a curious look but smiles as he reached for Kushina's face in a happy way while he had no idea of how serious things were or would be.

Kushina let's out a small smile.

That's when she saw his hair.

"Just like Minato's hair." She said.

"Hehe, yeah he is a little ball of energy, honestly instead of calling him Naruto may as well call him Spark or jolt with how he is… honestly he played with a lot of toys we gave him." Lillum said making herself know to Kushina as Lillum took her original figure since she wasn't feeding Naruto now.

Kushina blinks when she looks at Lillum.

"You're Lillum right?"

"Hehe, yup, nice to meet you, sorry it not under better circumstances but name is Lillum Demonica, boss Succubus where I'm from, I can explain more later, but for now, me and Emerald were acting like parents for this little guy here, isn't that right Naruto-kun." Lillum said when she moved to have a finger wiggle near Naruto making him giggle as he reached for Lillum's finger.

"I see… Well thank you for watching over him." Kushina said, though Hiruzen clears his throat.

"Kushina, considering things, you may need their help. When my anbu took you to the hospital, Danzo confronted them. Granted he did nothing but… he has it for your son."

"What!?" Kushina said when she looks at Hiruzen while Xan speaks up.

"Emerald seemed to scare him off or Danzo left after grinning at Emerald for some reason without a fight, probably has some plan in the future so for now it would be best for Emerald and Lillum to stay near you and help you raise Naruto." Xan said while he rubs his beard.

"That's right. Hopefully with your permission at least." Lillum said.

Kushina didn't need to think on this.

"After what happened… I don't want to lose my baby. You and Emerald are welcome to stay at my home for as long as long as you want."

"Hehe, nice… should help since you owe me Kushina-chan, I did heal you after all." Lillum said while she smirks at Kushina in a teasing way.

Kushina blushes when she heard that.

Naruto giggles but only because his mother's face turned to a different color.

Emerald shakes his head from that.

"Lillum, Kushina here just woke and stuff, save the flirts for later when she can walk and process things." Emerald said since Kushina would want to mourn Minato and stuff when she was discharged.

"I'm just trying to lighten the mood Emerald. Besides, you know how I am." Lillum said.

"Yeah which is why I'm saying to ease up otherwise its punishment time… no sex from me for 3 days…" Emerald said really making Lillum jolt and look nervous from this.

"E-Easy Emerald. Don't get too crazy." Lillum said.

Xan rolls his eyes.

"Why don't you two go tie the knot and start having a kids." He teased.

"We would if Lillum would stop teasing other and stuff, granted can't stop her from having sex since its in her nature but considering I am trying to take her on dates, hard to keep her reigned in." Emerald said while he had crossed arms.

Lillum puffs her cheeks a bit which amuses Hiruzen.

"Ah young love." He said.

"Hehe, ain't that the truth… anyway Hiruzen we should go and leave Emerald and Lillum with Kushina so that they can fill her in on some things and Kushina can hold Naruto some more." Xan said as he got up and walked to the door.

"Agreed. Try to take it easy Kushina and remember, Emerald and Lillum are there to help you." Hiruzen said before he left the group.

"Yeah think of us as step parents or long term babysitters hehe, honestly Emerald maybe a grump sometimes but he is sweet with Naruto, even staying up all night to guard him just in case when Anbu are not around." Lillum said as Emerald blushed and looks away when he didn't deny that.

This did make Kushina giggle a bit.

"Well considering things, we may as well get to know each other." She said.

"Oh really well-!" Lillum tried to say as Emerald stopped her.

"Be kid friendly just in case Lillum." Emerald said when he could feel his perv senses tingling.

Lillum pouts.

"I wasn't gonna go that far. Besides, babies don't remember everything."

"Ok just don't blame me if Naruto says something he shouldn't, guys pretty aware for a baby his age and he was born just a few days ago." Emerald said while Naruto was looking at everyone in wonder as he playfully bit his own fingers lightly while Emerald moved to put a pacifier in his mouth to stop that.

Lillum rolls her eyes as she tells Kushina about herself… with the clean version for Naruto's sake.

Emerald did the same as well, he told her he was trained not as a Konoha ninja but a merc type Ninja by Xan who was a former Missing Ninja from Konoha, shockingly Xan was allowed back thanks to Hiruzen but Xan was alive during the second Hokage and firsts and reason why he was a missing Ninja at the time was because he was betrayed by some teammates and made it look like Xan killed them… thanks to Hiruzen and other investors, Xan's name was cleared on the surface but his status as a missing Ninja was used to help gather info in other lands, Xan knew the risks and if he was captured, he couldn't get Konoha's aid, similar to Jiraiya he had his own info network and aid from those Xan trained so he was not just a simple old man but a powerful former Anbu of the past who could fight on par with Kage's with unique Jutsus… by the time Emerald was Naruto was sleeping in Kushina's arms.

Kushina was surprised at the stories.

"Wow that's… a lot." She whispers.

Lillum giggles as she leaned in to whisper to Kushina.

"If you think that's shocking, know that Xan found Emerald as some kind of Experiment in some kind of lab… notes were erased or messed up from what I heard but Emerald is insanely strong for a mortal human." Lillum whispered to Kushina.

Kushina was shocked when she heard that.

'A lab… hopefully not from Orochimaru. I've heard of the things he did.' She thought.

After this with some more small talk, Lillum hugged Kushina and carefully took Naruto after Kushina kissed him gently on the forehead to not wake him.

"Don't worry Kushina, after a day or two you'll be back home with Naruto and spoil him rotten." Lillum said while she grins at Kushina.

Kushina chuckles a bit.

"Believe me I will."

"Good… Though considering things, we may have to move Naruto to a new place, we heard from Xan some may try and make out Naruto as a Demon because of the Nine tails sealed inside of him… So Xan is talking with Hiruzen about opening the Namikaze compound that never seemed to be opened before just in case." Lillum said while she held Naruto gently in her arms.

Kushina blinks when she heard and knows that her home won't be safe.

"Well… Minato-kun and I talked about moving there."

"Nice, hopefully things will go well there and we can move in so Naruto is well protected, he is a precious bundle of joy after all." Lillum said while smiling at Naruto.

Kushina did smile a bit.

"He is. If the nine tails was still inside me, I would be out in a second."

"Well it's not so try and relax, hopefully a strong woman like you will be kicking ass easily if people try and give your son issues." Emerald said while giving Kushina a kind smile which was a surprise given his, to Kushina at least, stoic or irritated look.

Kushina was taken back by the smile but felt better.

"You're right. I'm still known as the Red Hot Habanero."

"Habanero?" Lillum and Emerald said in a confused way with funny looks on their faces.

"Back at the academy, people made fun of my hair so… I beat them up. Though one or two times… I may have almost put a bunch… almost 6 feet under." Kushina said.

"Oh, so the sexy anger prone type eight?, guess that means in the bedroom you maybe the Dom right?" Lillum teased when she grins at Kushina.

Kushina blushes a bit.

"No comment." She said.

Lillum chuckles before she and Emerald approached the door.

"Rest well Kushina-chan, we will be back tomorrow to see how you're doing… oh and just a reminder… once you're ready… My way of payback is for the bedroom hehe." Lillum said as she and Emerald with Naruto left Kushina in the hospital room.

Kushina was blushing brightly at this.

"Kami… this feels like one of Jiraiya-san's… stories." She said.

Time than passed to much later, a few months to be exact, after a funeral for Minato and others killed by the Nine Tails passing, the trio of Emerald, Kushina, and Lillum moved into the Namikaze compound with Naruto and as the group settled in, Emerald passing by Kushina saw her yawn as she was rocking Naruto to sleep in her arms.

"Need help with Naruto?" Emerald asked while he approached Kushina since it was late and she did a lot during the day… honestly though it was forbidden to say much to younger generations, many knew the nine tails was sealed in Naruto now so Kushina and Emerald had to kick ass occasionally when they went out with Naruto, though nowadays they left Naruto with Lillum with lowered attacks by not entirely on the duo.

"H-Huh?… if you can Emerald." Kushina said.

"Eh I'm sure, besides you need the break after today." Emerald said while he gave Kushina a small smile.

Kushina returns the smile.

"Thank you."

"Welcome." Emerald said as he got Naruto and took Kushina's place in the rocking chair as Kushina went to get a snack for herself as Lillum returned to the kitchen after doing whatever.

"Oh Kushina-chan, where is Naruto?" Lillum asked when she saw the redhead in the kitchen.

"Emerald is helping rock Naruto to sleep so he's letting me take a break." Kushina said.

"Really?, well that's nice, you feeling OK Kushina-chan?, you look a bit tired." Lillum asked as she brought over some tea to the Red Hot Habanero.

"Yeah. Naruto was being a bit fussy but I'll be fine." Kushina said.

"I see… so do you need to relax?... want me to help with that?" Lillum said in a teasing way to Kushina, it's been a number of months since Minato's death, a number of months since they moved into the large Namikaze compound, and Lillum even held back on saying what Kushina owed Lillum since the IOU was never paid up yet to her to respect Kushina's feelings.

Kushina blushes a bit.

"Well… I guess I could use some relief."

Lillum smirks at this.

"Good… can have that IOU you owe me paid back and then some… mind leading me to the Master Bedroom after we get some snacks?" Lillum said as she got her and Kushina some drinks and snacks to enjoy.

After that, Kushina, after agreeing, lead Lillum to the Master Bedroom of the Namikaze estate.

It had a pretty large bed and looks soft making Lillum smirk.

"Hehe, shame you get such a large soft bed yet Emy and I have a small bed in a guest room." Lillum teased when she felt how soft the bed was.

Kushina blushes a bit.

"Sorry. I can try and get a bigger mattress delivered."

"Either that or if you don't mind sharing… could have Emy and I bunk with you… bet its lonely here in this large bed right?" Lillum teased as she sat on the bed with part of her Kimono falling down a shoulder nearly showing one of her plump breasts.

Kushina blushes when she noticed.

"W-Well… yes. Minato-kun and I did talk about having a big family after Naruto-kun."

"Oh ho… So was Minato-Kun planning on getting other ladies or were you planning something risky?" Lillum teased with a grin on her face.

Kushina frowns a bit.

"Oh no, I'm Minato's number one gal. If any lady had tried to get in between us, they better pray to Kami."

"Well would that mean I would have to pray to you if you have fun with Emy then?... I wouldn't mind if it was a prayer between those nice legs of yours." Lillum teased when she gave Kushina a lustful look.

Kushina blushes when she realizes what Lillum said.

"N-Not what I meant. Either way, Minato-kun is gone. And it will take time to heal. Problem is… how do I tell Naruto-kun this when he gets older?, especially when I tell him he carries the nine tails."

"Well why not the truth?, that thank to issues happening out of your control, the nine tails got free and thanks to your husband doing what every father should do and protect their child no matter what, he protected Naruto with Emy and the Nine tails was sealed in him, if anything Naruto is a hero even if it wasn't his choice." Lillum said with a more serious look than smiles.

"Don't worry Kushina-chan, Naruto has you to love him, and he has Emy and I as well… sure it may not be the best situation but it's better than not having a family at all right?" Lillum said while smiling at Kushina kindly.

Kushina was quiet for a bit.

"You're right. I would hate to think what would happen if I didn't make it as well. Would Naruto-kun be loved or will the village hurt him."

"Maybe, though given the hostilities… not good… still a depressing what If is not a thing to consider given its supposed to be fun times here, why don't we… distract ourselves with fun in the bed." Lillum said with a lustful look as she snapped her fingers and her Kimono vanished showing her nude form to Kushina.

Kushina blushes brightly when she saw Lillum's nude form.

Funny enough… first time she ever saw a nude female. Unless she counts the ones from a hot spring… if she went there.

Lillum smirks as she rubbed one of her breasts.

"Come on Kushina-chan… disrobe and see how hot the Red Hot Habanero is." Lillum teased when she grins at Kushina.

Kushina blushes again before she nervously takes off her robe.

Even after giving birth and… other injuries before Lillum aid the recovery, Kushina still has a attractive body.

She has a nice hourglass figure with good hips. Her ass looks well toned as her breasts were C-D size.

Lillum licks her lips.

"My my… many would think you wouldn't be a mother with how good you look… a sexy model is more like it." Lillum said when she gestured for Kushina to approach her.

Kushina, after blushing from the compliment, did gulp before she got close to Lillum.

When Kushina did, Lillum gently took Kushina's hand and pulled her so she was sitting next to Lillum.

"Now that we are on the bed… want me to do anything you are curious about between two women?" Lillum said while she licks her lips.

Kushina blushes a bit.

"L-Like what?"

"Oh come on… have you never done anything with a woman?... Kunoichi do have seduction missions so… never try and seduce men or women?" Lillum asked while leaning in a bit towards Kushina.

Kushina blushes more.

"Well no. I never participated in that subject."

Lillum smirks when she heard that.

"Want to learn in case any ladies strike your fancy… Could even help with seducing Emy if he strikes your fancy later when you feel ready… I won't lie I may bring a few ladies here… maybe a guy or two to fool around with… sex demons do need to feed after all." Lillum teased when she used a hand to gently rub Kushina's hip.

Kushina shudders.

"Well… not sure if that can happen but I can try it out."

Lillum just licks her lips and rubs Kushina on her stomach while Lillum licks and sucks one side of Kushina's neck making the red head gasp in reflex for a moment.

"W-Whoa." Kushina said before shuddering from these actions.

"Hmmm… you like that?, I barely started." Lillum teased as she used a hand to rub Kushina's left breast with dainty fingers that hit many sweet spots in no time.

Kushina shudders again while blushing more as she felt Lillum's fingers lightly sink into her breast.

Lillum smiles more when she moved her hand down to rub Kushina's stomach, than near her pussy and finally she touched Kushina's bud…

Kushina jolts the second she felt that.

Though, if she was gonna learn, may as well try things out.

That's when the red head Uzumaki uses one hand to gently grab Lillum's breast.

Lillum hums in a pleased way as she lets Kushina feel Lillum's breast and she could feel how soft Lillum's breast was before she groans when she felt a couple fingers slip in her folds while Lillum smirks at Kushina.

Kushina blushes as she continues to rub Lillum's breast.

'Wow… so soft.' She thought.

"You know… if you want a taste… no need to ask." Lillum said when she smirks at Kushina as she fingers her pussy harder.

Kushina groans from that action before a moment later, Kushina lowers her head a bit and slowly licks Lillum's breast.

Lillum moans as she smiles and pets Kushina's head when she could feel Kushina's tongue lick more as Kushina got closer to Lillum's nipple.

Kushina blushes as she continues to lick Lillum's breast before switching to the other.

Lillum moans a bit and smirks at Kushina.

"You know my nipples are lonely without a good touch… Come on… Suck them." Lillum said when she fingered Kushina harder.

Kushina gulps when she heard that before she nervously starts to suck the left nipple a bit slowly as she wants to get the hang of things..

"Ohhh… yeah just enjoy…" Lillum said as breast milk leaked from her nipple into Kushina's mouth.

Kushina blinks when she felt the texture hit her tongue.

'A-Am I really drinking milk?'

Lillum on her end continues to finger Kushina's pussy while she enjoyed how Kushina's sucked her nipple more as more milk flowed into Kushina's mouth.

Somehow the milk relaxes Kushina a bit before having this thought.

'Now I know how each baby feels.'

This went on for a bit as a relaxed Kushina moved to suck Lillum's other nipple as Lillum hums at the feeling… she fingered Kushina harder when she felt Kushina's orgasm getting close and fingered her harder and faster until…

Kushina muffly groans before she climaxed on Lillum's fingers as her toes lightly curled.

Lillum hums as she enjoys Kushina's tight pussy clamp onto her fingers but Lillum fingered Kushina harder to help Kushina ride out her orgasm.

After about 15 seconds, Kushina taps off before letting go of Lillum's breast to breathe.

"Hehe… How did you enjoy my milk?" Lillum teased when she saw Kushina fell back on the bed fell to pant for breath.

Kushina blushes.

"W-well… it was… lightly sweet." She said.

"Hehe, well if you think that was sweet… ready to return the favor after I pleased you red hot pussy?" Lillum said while she licks her lips when she licked her juice covered hand for a moment.

Kushina, after fully recovered, blushes brightly.


Lillum smirks as she got on the bed on all fours.

"Good… Get to licking then." Lillum said when she presents her ass to Kushina.

Kushina blushes brightly when she saw both holes.

After getting behind Lillum, the red head was nervous as she got close to the Succubus's folds.

She then sticks her tongue out and slowly starts licking it.

Lillum moans when she enjoyed the feeling of Kushina's tongue on her soaked folds.

Kushina shudders a bit at the tastes as she continues to lick Lillum's pussy till she fully got the hang of it.

"Oh yeah… Keep licking Kushina-chan… You're doing well." Lillum said while she enjoyed how intense Kushina was after a bit.

Kushina felt a bit of pride as she continues her actions.

'Hmmm… if I remember right… Minato did this to me.' She thought before she slowly slides her tongue inside Lillum's pussy.

"Oh!" Lillum groans out as she enjoys how deep Kushina's tongue was inside of her.

Though Kushina wasn't done as she uses one finger to… tease Lillum's asshole.

Lillum got wide eyes and she moans when she felt a finger enter her asshole.

"O-Oh shit…" Lillum groans when she didn't expect that.

Kushina blushes at the reaction as she continues to tease Lillum.

As Lillum enjoyed this with her fidgeting, her toes curl, and her pussy twitch against Kushina's tongue and stuff.

Kushina then remembered something she did with Minato… or what he did as Kushina actually starts licking… Lillum's asshole.

Lillum really groans from this as she starts to pant when her orgasm was approaching.

As Kushina licks Lillum's ass more, she starts to finger the Succubus's folds.

"F-Fuck… g-gonna… gonna…" Lillum muttered before she groans when she came hard on Kushina's fingers and tongue.

Kushina felt this as she continues to tease Lillum more while letting her ride out her orgasm.

After she tapped off, Lillum pants a bit as she chuckles.

"F-Fuck… fast learner… still we should get to the next step… know how to scissor a woman?" Lillum said while she looks back at Kushina.

Kushina blushes brightly.

"U-Um no. But I'm… familiar of that… term."

"Good." Lillum said with a smirk and in no time Kushina and Lillum were moaning when Lillum rubs her pussy against Kushina's while Lillum held one of Kushina's legs up which had the leg between her breasts.

Kushina groans a few times from that action.

"O-Oh fuck." She groans.

"F-Fuck is right… A hot pussy like this not getting pleased is a shame… Maybe I should bring Emerald here next time or maybe I should form a cock and fuck your pussy hard… Or maybe have a cock form on you and you fuck me!" Lillum groans as she rubs her pussy more on Kushina's folds while their juices mix.

Though Kushina groans, her eyes widened when she heard that.

"W-Wait… you can… ah… do that?"

Lillum grins devilishly when she grins at Kushina.

"I am a magical Sex demon who uses abilities different than you mortals with Chakra… though I have heard that there are Jutsus that help ladies have fun with one another." Lillum said while she looks amused at the blush that formed on Kushina's face.

"W-Well… there's that." Kushina said as she blushes more.

"Well… want to try out the spell before you try looking for that Jutsu?, or want me to save it for another time and bring Emy here?, he should have put Naruto to sleep in a crib by now." Lillum suggested to Kushina.

Kushina blinks at the options before thinking carefully.

"Well… I do still owe you for saving me so… I'll let you use the spell."

"Hehe nice… so… want me to use it on myself… or you to see how the Red Hot Habanero can do on the offensive?" Lillum said while she grins at Kushina.

Kushina blushes brightly.

"Well… you for now." She said.

Lillum smirks when she lets go of Kushina and as she was on her knees, she made Kushina blush profusely when Lillum summoned a cock from her pussy that was around 12 inches long and 3 in width with various barbs on the cock.

"O-Oh my." Kushina said as she just saw the biggest cock she has seen.

Maybe bigger than Minato's if his size was mentioned.

Lillum smirks as she stroked her cock.

"Hehe, like what you see?" Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Kushina jolts.

"S-Sorry. Was just surprised."

"Well I like giving surprises… so ready to have some real fun to help you loosen up?" Lillum teased when she enjoyed how eager Kushina's pussy looked when it looked soaked now.

Kushina gulps a bit since she's about to sleep with someone that's not her deceased husband.

Though funnily enough before more could be seen as Lillum slowly approached Kushina… the scene fades to black as the day came to an end on the Namekazi compound.