The scene opens up to show TME while he was waiting for Atomsk while he rereads Red Hot Habanero Lives first chapter.

Just then, you hear a jungle call and Atomsk comes in while swinging on a vine.

TME when he noticed made a floating bed to catch Atomsk before he would hit a wall.

"Hey man, nice to see you." TME said while he looks amused.

"Yeah. Thanks for the catch. Looks so easy for Tarzan." Atomsk said.

"Well I think the guy is used to crashing unlike you so… yeah…" TME said while he rubs his head.

"Anyway since we got a reviewer who wants a lemon and stuff, want to make one before we continue things plot wise?" TME said while he looks amused.

"Well we did left it off with Kushina about to have fun so may as well continue it." Atomsk said.

"Hmmm… sure, maybe as Lillum and Kushina break after a bit of fun, Emerald gets a few rounds while Lillum takes care of Naruto since Emerald has been helping Kushina a lot." TME said while he looks thoughtful.

"Hmmmm… good point and here's an idea. What if Kushina was friends with a few moms like Mikoto and Hinata's mom?" Atomsk said.

"Oh yeah, should be interesting if we use some SS to keep Mikoto alive and same with Hinata's mom Kagome, know what I mean?... oh and unless someone tells us a canon name, Kagome is a OC name of sorts since we don't know Hinata's mothers real name and stuff unfortunately." TME said while he shrugged as he rubs his head.

"True that." Atomsk said.

"Since we're in agreement, let's get things started."

"Right, just a small recap first, this story is a what if on what if Kushina is alive after the Nine tails attack so while Kushina will have an impact in the story, it won't be much persay aside Kushina being alive so after this chapter, big time skip to a number of years later more or less, thats when this prologue ends and real changes to the Naruto story begin though some things will be different… since this start Kushina, unless she is joining Naruto and stuff on some missions, try and not expect certain missions to go like you may think, the Wave arc for example, it may or may not have Haku and Zabuza alive so could be canon stuff for a bit or maybe it could change with Naruto doing something to change things… unfortunately we may not show you all since that would be treading some ground Atomsk and I covered recently… if you want a nice what if, look up Spider Sennin on Atomsk's side for a what if on Naruto well being a Spider Sage and stuff." TME said while he clarified some things on who the real star here is for this story being Kushina.

"Indeed. TME and I don't spoil things." Atomsk said.

"Well unless it helps the story, like tags for instance… expect HEAVY Futa on female, male on female, and creature on female since Kushina may have a lot of fun with some Inazuka Dog or wolf partners and stuff, or could have humanoid summons in the future and stuff, but for now, enjoy the story and enjoy the fun with Kushina and Lillum soon… anything to add Atomsk before I start?" TME said while he looks at Atomsk.

"Yeah… not sure if TME and I said this before but a harem may happen sometime in the future." Atomsk said.

"Yup… oh and Atomsk and I take paid requests and stuff so if you have any story requests you want to write and have a major control over, PM Atomsk or I so we can talk details… anyway not to the story!" TME said while the scene shifts to…

Konoha/ Namikaze compound/ Kushina's bedroom/ Kushina, Lillum

…Show Lillum as she was eating out Kushina deeply to repay her and warm her up for what she did earlier as she had Kushina on her back with her legs spread.

Kushina was groaning a few times as she felt how intense Lillum was with her licking.

This made her toes curl when Lillum fingered her ass deeply while she worked to hit Kushina's weakspots.

"Oh Kami!… Oh fuck!" Kushina groans again before moaning.

Lillum smirks in an amused way as she slipped her tongue into Kushina's pussy again and this time used a finger to rub her bud so that she could really feel good.

This made Kushina groan and moan more as her folds got very wet.

After a bit, Lillum pulled her head and fingers back and smirks at Kushina.

"So Kushina-chan… ready for a long overdue dicking?" Lillum teased while she smirks at Kushina.

Kushina lightly pants a bit while blushing.

"Y-Yes." She said.

Lillum licks her lips as she got over Kushina.

"Good… relax… time to see what many men dream of fucking when I make the Red hot habanero scream in bliss." Lillum teased when she rubs the head of her dick on Kushina's folds.

Kushina blushes a bit more when she saw Lillum's cock before trying to relax.

When Lillum saw this she smirks as she moved to kiss Kushina and slowly inserts her dick into Kushina's pussy stretching it wide as she worked her dick deeper in the long unused pussy.

Kushina was a bit surprised before she groans into the kiss as she felt Lillum's cock go deep.

Lillum hums more while she had her tongue fight against Kushina's while she stopped when she got to Kushina's cervix.

Kushina blushes again as she felt Lillum's tongue rubbing against hers while feeling the inside of her pussy trying to match Lillum's cock.

When Lillum felt Kushina relax, she pulled her head back as she grins at Kushina.

"I'm going to start now." Lillum said while she got ready to thrust her hips.

Kushina lightly nods her head at Lillum.


Lillum smirks as she leaned down so her breasts press against Kushina's with nipple touching as Lillum pulled her hips back and she thrusts her hips hard and fast in a slow buildup from a slow rhythm to intense after some time making the bed shake as Lillum's dick barraged Kushina's folds and hit her cervix a number of times.

Kushina was groaning a few times as felt Lillum's cock going in and out of her pussy which caused her toes to curl.

Lillum growls and whatnot as she thrusts her hips harder while she used her powers to read Kushina's mind to see what she was thinking so far as Lillum's dick really went wild inside of the fiery redhead's folds.

'Oh fuck! Lillum's really being intense. It's almost like the time Minato was with me… granted I was the more wild one but… it was like when we made Naruto.' Kushina thought as her pussy starts to squeeze Lillum's cock.

Lillum was amused by this as she worked to fuck Kushina harder, so much so that her dick bashed into her womb by her cervix a number of times.

This made Kushina moan loud.

"Oh fuck!… T-This cock!" She moans.

Lillum grins darkly as she moved to turn herself and Kushina over so Lillum was on her back and Lillum has her hands on Kushina's ass and made her ride her cock while she grins at Kushina in a lustful way while she thrusts her hips up a number of times.

Kushina was surprised by this but… made the red head milf start riding Lillum's cock causing the bed to shake more.

"O-Oh yeah!... ride that cock… show me how wild you are!" Lillum groans as her breasts bounce a bit while her dick barraged Kushina's pussy more.

Kushina blushes when she heard that but didn't stop her as she lightly shakes her hips as she got more rough on riding Lillum's cock.

As Lillum groans, she moans when she felt Kushina's hands on her plump breasts making Lillum look up at the Red hot Habanero.

That's when Kushina starts to roughly squeeze Lillum's breasts before teasing her nipples.

"Oh yeah… fuck your fucking sexy Kushina-chan." Lillum moans as she lets Kushina ride her dick as Lillum layed still to let Kushina have full control.

Hearing that turned Kushina on.

"T-Thanks. Y-You're… hot as well." She admitted.

Lillum had a cute blush when she looks up at Kushina.

"Thanks… better enjoy yourself… I'll be here to make sure your stress leaves and everything." Lillum said with a smile on her face as she rubs Kushina's breasts and nipples.

Kushina blushes from that and surprisingly… the widow leans down and in the heat of the moment… she kissed Lillum's lips this time as she rides her cock harder.

Lillum was surprised by that as she enjoyed the kiss and when that happened for a minute, Lillum moans into the kiss when she came hard inside of Kushina's pussy making her womb bloat greatly as a result.

Kushina moans into the kiss before she climaxed as well while hugging Lillum close.

After the duo ride out their orgasms while kissing one another intensely, Lillum tapped off with a groan and Kushina pants as she rests her head against Lillum's for a moment as sweat was on the duo's bodies.

"Hehe… so Kushi-chan… how was that for a start?" Lillum said with a smirk on the nickname she used with Kushina.

Kushina blushes from that as she lightly pants.

"I-It felt… good." She said while comically, her pussy agreed by squeezing Lillum's cock.

Lillum groans when she felt that and grins at Kushina.

"Well ready for round two with that ass before you return the favor?... can help with the experience if you find a nice lady friend to have fun with if Emerald and I are not around." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Kushina blushes again before lightly gulping.

"O-okay." She said.

Lillum gained a really lustful look as she moved to have Kushina on her hands and knees with her ass presented to Lillum.

"Hehe… man such a tight looking ass… I'm going to enjoy breaking it open… you do things with Minato in the past with this sexy ass?" Lillum said while she rubs Kushina's ass in a teasing tender way.

Kushina blushes a bit.

"Y-Yeah." She said.

"Than I won't hold back when breaking this ass in." Lillum teased when she got on her knees behind Kushina and rubs the head of her dick against Kushina's asshole in a teasing way.

Kushina shudders when she felt that before waiting for Lillum to start.

And start she did when Lillum slowly moved her body so her dick slowly went into Kushina's ass and Lillum made sure to go slow so Kushina would adjust.

Kushina groans the second she felt that.

"F-Fuck." She groans.

Lillum resists doing that as she slowly went deeper until she managed to get rather deep in Kushina's asshole and she groans when Kushina really gripped her cock tightly.

"F-Fuck… taking me so deep." Lillum groans when she enjoyed herself now.

"A-And your cock is huge." Kushina groans.

Lillum licks her lips when she felt Kushina's ass relaxing.

"All the better to fuck you with… so Kushi-chan… ready?" Lillum asked while she rubbed Kushina's sides.

After fully relaxing, Kushina looks back at Lillum.

"I-I'm ready."

Lillum nods before she slowly pulled her dick back out of Kushina till the head was in and Lillum inserts it again and again while slowly getting faster as time went on.

Kushina was groaning a few times as she felt Lillum's cock going in and out of her ass before starts to groan a bit loud.

After a bit, Lillum used her hand to smack Kushina on the ass while she used more power to make the bed shake a bit as a result.

"Oh fuck!" Kushina moans when she felt her ass getting smacked.

"Fuck is right!... your a cock craving slut just eager for dicks huh Kushi-chan!... huh!... HUH!?" Lillum growls as she pounded Kushina's ass harder than ever.

Kushina grinds her teeth.

"Y-Yes!… I do!" She groans.

"Bet you'll get fucked by me or fuck others now to really relax!... a woman like you deserves as good fucking!" Lilllum growls as she felt herself getting close after some time of constant ass fucking barrages.

Kushina could also feel her orgasm approaching.

"A-Ah!… I do. I-I… want this!"

"T-Than take my cum you fucking whore!" Lillum growls as she forced her dick deep in Kushina's ass and groans as she floods Kushina's stomach with plenty of demonic cum as Lillum held her body to Kushina's body.

Kushina moans loudly as she felt her stomach bloat that would make her look pregnant again.

Once Lillum rides out her orgasm as she pants and groans from a few final aftershocks… she tapped off and gasped for breath while enjoying the afterglow immensely while she rubs Kushina's stomach in a teasing way.

Kushina was also panting for breath as she enjoys the afterglow.

"F-fuck." She said.

"H-Hehe… I would but I'm sure you want to return the favor right?" Lillum said before kissing Kushina on her neck.

Kushina blushes from that.

"Y-Yes." She said.

"Good." Lillum said as she pulled her body back so her cock was pull free of Kushina's ass and like Lillum said Kushina's ass was gapping and sperm leaked from her ass and pussy in large amounts.

Kushina groans the second she felt so much leak out.

"K-Kami… I could've been pregnant again with this amount."

"Hehe, don't worry, unless I will it I can turn my virile loads impotent with magic, well… could change in the future if you want to try and make the Uzumaki clan hehe." Lillum teased when she heard rumors of the CRA here and there.

Kushina blushes brightly after hearing.

"M-Maybe… too soon to think about that."

"Well Kushi-chan… maybe in the future could help you out there, after all… if you learn this spell or the Jutsu equivalent… pretty sure you would be able to easily make a new Uzumaki clan with a number of ladies…. Consider we are like family… I don't mind going first on that list if you want since we have known one another for awhile." Lillum said with a sensual smirk on her face

Kushina blushes again.

"Well… I mean I don't want the clan to die out persay since it's just me and Naruto. Though not sure if there are any survivors."

"Well if there are any, we may run into them… and before you ask, no Emerald doesn't mind if you and I have a kid… pretty sure the child will be a happy and healthy Succubus or Incubus to be… already talked with Emerald about that… so… want to level up and maybe have a kid or two with me Kushi-chan?" Lillum said with a teasing smirk on her face.

Kushina blushes brightly at the offer.

"Well… could give Naruto a sibling… or two."

Lillum smirks as she held a finger up.

"Nice… lets get you equipped… word of warning… you'll climax hard when it forms so your body can adjust to the feeling and know what to do… it will vanish after 24 hours so should be enough to help knock me up." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face as she got ready to cast the spell.

"W-Wait really?" Kushina said.

"Really… let me give you a few ideas on why I'm agreeing this fast… I'm a kinky bitch… its not uncommon for my kind to want to birth a few kids… and won't lie… a cutie like you… I would love to see dominate women like me and other women and men unless Emy is the main one for us… your call there on if you take another man… but whats wrong in taking other women?" Lillum said with a smirk on her face while she showed a serious look in her eyes.

Kushina blushes a bit.

"Well… I honestly never thought of it. Despite the fact of how… intimate we are now."

Lillum smirks teasingly at Kushina.

"Well if thats the case may as well let Emy knock me up first… should give me time to go on dates with you if you want to be proper." Lillum said while she grins at Kushina now.

Kushina was lightly quiet.

"Well… I still need to learn how to use… a cock. Can still date… no matter what happens."

This amused Lillum as she kissed her fingertip that sparked with magic.

"Non-virle cock it is… better brace yourself Kushi-chan… it will be a blast." Lillum said as she shot a blast of magic at Kushina's pussy and from her bud a massive dick that was around Lillum's size appeared with Lillum dismissing her own dick as Kushina blinks in shock for a moment but her dick starts to throb and twitch when her breathing quickens when she felt something rising in her dick.

"Oh my…" Kushina said before she lightly touched it.

"I-It's real."

This was too much though for Kushina when she accidentally hits a sensitive part when she grits her teeth as the pleasure skyrockets and Lillum smirks when Kushina groans with wide eyes as sperm blasts from her dick in large thick ropes making Lillum lick her lips when she saw this.

"Ohhh… guess the Uzumaki clan have virile bodies because those are thick blasts of sperm." Lillum said when she saw a few shots of sperm head her way and she moans when it hits her body a few times on her face and breasts.

Kushina groans as she kept climaxing before having this thought.

'K-Kami… this is what Minato-kun felt?'

When Kushina tapped off, she was panting deeply for breath while she felt her heart pulse in her chest while Lillum licks her breasts while enjoying the treat she got and when Kushina saw that with Lillum eagerly licking her own sperm…

This made her new cock to comically get hard again.

"K-Kami… This is what every man feels?" Kushina said.

"Pretty much Kushi-chan… now… why not feel what its like to climax in a woman and come fuck me." Lillum said as she turned on all fours and presents her shapely ass to Kushina while she shook it to tease Kushina.

This made Kushina blush brightly as her cock twitches like it was excited.

She was able to get up and gets behind Lillum.

When Lillum saw that, she smirks as she shook her ass more to keep Kushina from aiming unless she grabbed Lillum's ass.

Kushina took a bit before the red head widow grabs Lillum's ass and can feel how soft they were.

Lillum moans when she felt that and Kushina felt her fingers sink deep in Lillum's ass cheeks.

'So soft.' Kushina thought before she gulps as she aims her cock at… Lillum's folds.

Lillum smirks when she felt the head of Kushina's dick.

"Come on Kushi-chan… consider this practice if we try and have a kid of our own." Lillum teased while she really enjoyed teasing Kushina.

"R-Right." Kushina said while blushing at the tease before she slowly inserts her cock inside Lillum's pusssy.

Lillum moans from the feeling as she felt Kushina's dick go deep inside of her… once Kushina got cervix deep though the pressure was too much and she came hard in Lillum's womb making her moan from the feeling of sperm pooling in her womb.

Kushina groans for a bit.

"S-Sorry." She said but moans during the climax.

Lillum groans more before she looks back.

"D-Don't worry Kushi-chan… its a learning experience… bet it felt good flooding my womb huh?" Lillum teased when grins at Kushina over her shoulder while tightening her pussy on Kushina's dick.

Kushina groans from that.

"Y-Yes… It did." She said.

"Well… try thrusting those hips and lets see how well you do with an orgasm built up." Lillum said while she wiggles her hips making Kushina's dick wiggle inside of Lillum's folds.

Kushina shudders for a moment before she slowly thrusts her hips while feeling her cock go in and out of Lillum's folds.

Lillum lightly moans from the feeling as she loved how deep Kushina went with each thrust while she lets Kushina work at her own pace.

Kushina lightly grunts and groans as she continues to thrust and buck her hips before she starts to get to the rhythm of things.

"O-Oh yeah… thats right Kushi-chan… k-keep going!" Lillum groans as she enjoyed Kushina getting rougher with her… Lillum did yelp and moan when Kushina smacked her ass a couple times when she saw it rippling.

"T-Take… this!" Kushina groans as she smacks Lillum's ass a few more times.

"O-Oh fuck!" Lillum groans while she enjoyed how aggressive Kushina was… in no time Kushina was having a ball when she smacked Lillum's ass more, gripped her long hair and pulled it to help herself fuck Lillum more, and more and Lillum just took it all like a bitch in heat for Kushina to dump another load in.

"W-Who's my bitch?!" Kushina said with a dominant look.

"I-Im your bitch!" Lillum groans out while she had a fucked up look on her face.

This made Kushina grin.

"D-Damn right you… are!" She groans loud before filling Lillum's pussy with her cum.

"M-Mistress!" Lillum groans when she came hard on Kushina's dick with great strength to milk Kushina's dick for all she had for now.

Kushina grinds her teeth as she firmly held Lillum's ass as her cock throb.

"O-Oh… fuck… s-so… much…" Lillum felt while her womb was flooded more than ever with Kushina's cum.

Kushina grunted before she taps off.

"F-Fuck… so… h-hard." She said.

Lillum grins when she heard that.

"Well Mistress Kushi… why not fuck my ass and see if your cock calms down?" Lillum suggets while Lillum used her hands to spread her ass cheeks to show her tight asshole to Kushina.

After a bit, Kushina grins before she pulls her cock out and slides it inside Lillum's ass.

Lillum really groans from how hard Kushina's dick went when it went in her ass.

Kushina groans at the tight squeeze.

"K-Kami… so tight."

"W-Well I'm made for fucking so would be shocked if I was loose… come on Mistress…. Fuck your sexy pet and give her a nice treat." Lillum teased while she tightened her ass on Kushina's cock a few times.

Kushina grinds her teeth a bit.

"With pleasure!" She groans before she starts to fuck Lillum's ass.

"O-Oh… yes!... f-fuck my ass harder Mistress… PLEASE!" Lillum groans out while she yelled that last bit and while Kushina would worry about Naruto… well…

Meanwhile… Emerald was putting Naruto in his crib while it was silent as a few seals glow around the room… protective magic and seals to prevent sound from entering, to prevent intruders, and pretty much make sure no one with evil intentions could enter, helped a lot in the past…

"Well Naruto, looks like its bed time for you… good luck resting kid, you'll need the energy tomorrow for growing big and strong… may teach you a few things I know in the future if Lillum and I stick around for a long time." Emerald said as he covered Naruto in a small blanket and made sure the seals to the room were set up as Emerald used a small wind Jutsu to cool the room comfortably and he starts to walk from Naruto and reached for the door.

As Naruto was sounding asleep, Kushina continues to dominate Lillum while enjoying the pleasure after so long.

As she was getting close with Lillum feeling the same, seems silencing seals were in the room because when Emerald entered, he was looking down and rubs his head.

"Hey Kushina Naruto finally went to sleep and-what the!?" Emerald said while he looks up and saw Lillum getting fucked hard by Kushina while Kushina looked like a dominatrix right now… comically enough with how close they were… well…

"Take my cum bitch!" Kushina groans before she creampies Lillum's ass while not noticing Emerald.

Lillum moans as Emerald blushed at the sight while Lillum's toes curl when she moans from a powerful orgasm hitting her like a freight train.

After a moment, the duo finally taps off.

"Oh fuck." Kushina said and pants a bit before she took a glance and her eyes widened.

"E-Emerald?!" She said when she finally noticed him.

"U-Uh… hey… sorry… was coming to let you know Naruto was put to bed in his crib so he will be safe and sound… uh… I should go and…" Emerald tried to say as Lillum smirks.

"Why the rush Emerald? I think it's time for your reward." Lillum said.

"H-Huh?... I wasn't doing anything for a reward." Emerald said while he looks away from Kushina mainly so he wouldn't get called a perv.

"Perhaps but… Kushi-Chan here does owe you for helping out." Lillum said.

Emerald blinks at that and looks at Kushina when he wondered what she thought about that.

Kushina blushes a bit.

"Well… you did help and figure I give you… a special thank you."

"You sure?... unlike Lillum, I'm not a sex inclined demon so I can respect if you want me to leave." Emerald said while he tried to be mannerful.

Kushina however shook her head.

"No. You can stay."

"I see… Well let me get undressed and I'll join you in bed." Emerald said as he starts to undress while Lillum smirks when she reads Kushina's mind when she was about to have sex with a man who wasn't Minato.

'Oh boy… hope I don't regret this. Sex aside, what if Minato was watching and thought I was replacing him?' Kushina thought.

Lillum on her end used a spell to clean her and Lillum off while having Kushina's dick vanish and she moved to kiss Kushina's cheek and whispered in Kushina's ear.

"Don't worry, pretty sure if your husband was here… he would be happy you're trying to live your life." Lillum whispered to try and ease Kushina's worries.

Kushina blushes when she heard that but it helped ease her before she lightly hugged Lillum.

Lillum returned the hug lightly and smirks when she gesture for Kushina to look at Emerald when he got nude.

Kushina looks and was blushing brightly at what she was seeing.

What she saw was a nude Emerald with a massive 12 inch dick that was 3 in width… if Minato whose size was hard to mention here for a number of reasons, the figured could be more detailed… if Minato was made to be speed and technique incarnate with a powerful mastery of Space/time Ninjutsu, than Emerald was the opposite with a bulky but not too bulky so he wasn't a body builder though seems he skilled abs training when he had a small gut, but main reason was his arms and legs looked trained to be able to handle serious outputs of power… so if Minato was a civilized Ninja, Emerald would be the Uncivilized Ninja with Ungabunga on his size than Technique though how much technique would be a mystery as Lillum smirks.

"I based our cocks on Emerald's size… all natural for him." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Kushina's jaw dropped the second she heard that.

'They were based on his cock?!' She thought.

Kushina blushed more when Emerald approached the bed and he looks at Kushina.

"Want me to join in Kushina or want me to leave?, I don't mind leaving." Emerald said as his dick was iron hard despite his hesitancy.

Kushina's train of thought was interrupted when she heard that.

"U-Uh? Oh no, you can stay Emerald."

Emerald nods as he got on the bed as Lillum giggles and moved to hug Emerald from the side.

"Well Kushi-chan, why don't we get started with doing this to Emerald." Lillum said as she moved to kiss Emerald on the lips and he returned it while he gripped Lillum on the ass hard making his fingers sink in her ass cheek more than Kushina's fingers did.

Kushina blushes when she watches the duo kiss as Lillum moans as she sent her tongue to play with Emerald's tongue.

After Emerald and Lillum kissed one another, Emerald pulled away and looks at Kushina to see what she would do when he gestured for her to approach.

Kushina blushes again before she got close to Emerald.

It was a bit before the redhead widow slowly leans in and softly kiss Emerald on the lips.

Emerald was gentle with Kushina as he moved to hold her back and pull her in to him while he made sure to not spook her… what she did with Lillum was women in women at first before he got to the here and now.

Lillum just smiles as she looks at the two kiss as Kushina lightly moans.

Emerald pulled his head back from the kiss as he and Kushina kissed a few more times and Kushina and Lillum moved to get before Emerald's dick and it looked massive, even had thick veins on his cock making it look monstrous.

Lillum licks her lips as Kushina blushes before the duo starts to please Emerald's cocks.

"Oh…" Emerald groans while he pets the two ladies heads.

Kushina blushes as Lillum eye smiles while the duo continues to please Emerald's cock.

Lillum than moved to suck Emerald's heavy balls which caused Lillum to give Kushina a teasing look when she left Emerald's dick to her.

Kushina did gulp as she knew what Lillum did and was lightly nervous since she was gonna suck another man's cock.

But she didn't want to chicken out before she gave Emerald's cock a few licks before opens her mouth and slowly takes it in.

Emerald really groans when he felt this and thanks to what she and Lillum did, Kushina was more relaxed so she could suck Emerald's cock without choking on his dick.

After a moment, Kushina starts moving her head back and forth on Emerald's cock.

"Oh yeah… fuck thats a nice mouth." Emerald groans while he pets Kushina's head a few times.

Kushina blushes from that as she sucks Emerald's cock a bit harder while Lillum watches as she licks and sucks Emerald's balls.

This went on for a bit as the two women's combined actions worked Emerald up more and more and Kushina heard Emerald's voice.

"A-About to.. to blow…" Emerald groans as he warns Kushina of his impending release.

Though Kushina heard, she still bobs her head before she starts to deepthroat Emerald's cock.

When Emerald felt that, Lillum moved her head back as Emerald gripped Kushina's head and starts to face fuck her when he thrusts his hips making his dick barrage her mouth a number of times as he got closer to an intense climax.

Kushina may have gag a bit but she was strong enough to take it before she grabs Emerald's balls and roughly fondled them.

This sets Emerald off as he growls and he floods Kushina's mouth with sperm, more than Lillum shockingly enough making a mess on her chin and breasts as Emerald's balls throb hard with each shot.

Kushina muffles in surprise at how fertile Emerald was before Kushina did her best to swallow Emerald's cum.

Emerald rides out his orgasm while his balls throb as he made sure to ease up on Kushina while he lets go of her head and when he was about to tap off, Emerald pulled is hips back and came a few good shots of sperm on Kushina's face before he tapped off.

Kushina was at first surprise as she closed her eyes and once Emerald stop climaxing, Kushina swallows the rest of the cum.

Lillum giggles when she saw that and moved to lick sperm off Kushina's face and breasts while Emerald watched.

Kushina blushes from that before her face was clean.

"So Kushi-chan, how was Emerald's cum?" Lillum said with a teasing smirk.

"Well… it was big." Kushina said while blushing.

"Hehe… I meant the Taste Kushi-chan… we both know he is virile…" Lillum said with a teasing grin and worked to get Kushina to really answer her question.

Kushina blushes more.

"Well… it was salty… but sweet."

"Hehe, well hopefully not too salty… now that we got him lubed up and we're full of sperm… at least on your end… want to get fucked by a real man after so long?" Lillum said with a lustful look in her eyes.

Kushina was slightly quiet before she glances a bit at Emerald's cock.


Lillum gained a mischievous look.'

"Well Kushi-chan… how do you want to do this… Emerald dominating you… or you dominating Emerald?" Lillum said with a fanged grin on her face.

Kushina blushes a bit before she was laying on her back and spreads her legs.

Guess she wants to be dominated.

When that happened, Emerald looks at Lillum to see if it was OK for him to go all out.

Lillum smirks.

"Go right ahead Emy dear. Give her the works."

Emerald nods as he looks at Kushina.

"Just to make sure… you OK with me going further?" Emerald asked while he had a painful hardon showing while he was willing for more, would respect Kushina's wishes.

Kushina lightly gulps at this before looking at Emerald.


Emerald nods before he looks at Lillum.

"Use a spell to clean her off so I can treat her right and afterwords I'll return the favor." Emerald said while he saw Lillum grin eagerly.

"Consider it done." Lillum said before her hands glowed and a moment later, Kushina was fully cleaned inside and out.

Emerald nods and after kissing Lillum for a moment, he broke the kiss when he looks at Kushina and looks at her body and saw her already dripping.

"Seems I won't have to do any foreplay… ready for fun or want me to do something Minato wouldn't normally do if you were the dominant type?" Emerald asked while he wanted to see what Kushina wanted since she will be on the receiving end with a male.

Kushina blushes brightly for a moment.

"Well… I wanted Minato to be… extra rough with my body… including my breasts."

Emerald nods as he looks at Lillum.

"Lillum, one more thing…" Emerald said as Lillum smirks.

"Way ahead of you Emy…" Lillum said with a teasing grin as she had magical bindings on Kushina's arms and legs… they didn't actually do anything at first, looking like fancy tattoos… but when Lillum moved a finger, Kushina's arm moved and when Lillum did it again, the other arm moved and Lillum smirks.

"While ropes and bondage are nice, can be pretty restrictive so why don't I do this and make it so you can't move unless I will it Kushi-chan and Emy here has his way with your helpless body… as rough and teasing as you want… all we need is a safeword and I'll disable the spell so to speak." Lillum said while she used some finger movements and Kushina was spread on the bed while she couldn't move her limbs at all.

Kushina couldn't believe what was happening before looking at the duo.

"Safe word… it's Ramen."

Lillum looks amused while she looks at Emerald.

"All yours Emy… do what you will." Lillum said as Emerald nods his head.

"Alright." Emerald said as he got on the bed while Kushina was blushing as Emerald moved to get between her legs and over her to look her in the eyes as he aimed his dick at her folds while he gave her one last look to get a confirmation to start.

Though Kushina gulped, she knew that she made it this far before nodding her head at Emerald.

Emerald nods and he carefully moved his hips forward and his dick slowly entered Kushina's pussy stretching her wide as a result.

Kushina groans while a bit surprised at how large Emerald was as she feels the insides of her pussy stretching.

Emerald growls as he got rather deep inside of Kushina's pussy and he felt her cervix a moment later, he waits for her to adjust since he wanted to make sure not to harm her.

"K-Kami… so huge." Kushina groans.

"Hehe, oh yeah, probably the biggest mortal dick around Konoha… not sure if other villages match or come close but pretty sure you'll be one content woman if you let Emerald dick you daily." Lillum said when she grins at Kushina.

Kushina blushes after hearing that.

After a bit, she calms down.

"Y-You can start."

Emerald nods and he starts to slowly thrust his hips making his dick slip in and out of Kushina's folds and Emerald moved to suck one of Kushina's nipples aggressively while he fondles the free one with one of his hands.

Kushina groans a few times from having her pussy fucked before moaning from having her nipple sucked.

Lillum looks on as she watched Emerald get rougher with Kushina like she wanted but he had to lean back and grip her hips so he could really thrust his hips harder making Emerald growl from how strong his thrusts were making Kushina's breasts bounce a number of times on the bed and Lillum smirks when she summoned some magic hands that float to Kushina's breasts and fondles them roughly.

Kushina was surprised when she saw the hands before moaning loud.

"A-Ah!… Oh fuck!" She moans.

Emerald growls more as he used some of that green mist like energy to fuck Kushina harder and dominate her like she wanted.

This made Kushina groan and moan loud as her pussy squeezes Emerald's cock a few times.

"F-Fuck… so deep and tight…" Emerald growls while he had a fierce look on his face while Lillum bit her lower lip while she fidgets when she saw how aggressive Emerald was while he fucked Kushina so hard that the bed really shook from how hard Emerald hit Kushina's womb when it bashed by her cervix.

"A-And your cock is so hard and… h-huge!" Kushina moans as her pussy kept squeezing it.

Emerald was silent as he focused on screwing Kushina harder and faster as Lillum teased Kushina's breasts more and more until…

Kushina moans very loud as she climaxed hard on Emerald's cock.

Emerald grits his teeth and growls deeply as he forced his dick balls deep in Kushina's womb and pussy and came directly in her womb making it bloat immensely as a result.

Kushina moans more as her climax got stronger while looking at Emerald.

Emerald surprised Kushina when he moved to kiss her during the orgasm while his balls throb hard with each shot and he overfilled Kushina in no time.

Kushina muffles in surprise from that action but… thanks to the orgasm, she kissed Emerald back while moaning.

After Emerald and Kushina tapped off from their orgasms, Emerald leaned back as he took a moment to breathe while he enjoyed the afterglow.

Kushina pants a bit after tapping off.

"F-Fuck… so full." She said as her womb was greatly bloated while the blush on her face made her look cute.

Lillum chuckles while she enjoyed the show.

"Well with how virile Emerald is… he won't be stopping anytime soon after two shots… ready to get your ass destroyed again?" Lillum said in a teasing way while she grins at Kushina.

Kushina blushes brightly after hearing that.

"Y-Yes." She said.

"Good…" Lillum said and after Emerald removed his dick and sperm leaked from Kushina as Lillum used her magic to flip Kushina onto all fours and her ass was presented to Emerald.

"Hehe, good… here is a magic lube so this will be easy for Emerald to slip into your ass." Lillum said with a lustful look when she enjoyed what fun she was having doing this puppet master routine.

"M-Magic lube?" Kushina said as she looks back.

"Yup… helps things get easier with ass fucking and also works to heat up the male and female… so should make things interesting when Emerald goes all out now." Lillum said as Emerald starts to pant a bit when he looked harder than ever.

Kushina noticed it and was lightly surprised at how hard Emerald's cock was.

Lillum smirks as she undid her spell on Kushina as the tattoos on Kushina dim and she got off the bed.

"I'll go check on Naruto real quick so good luck Kushi-chan… you'll need it." Lillum said as she floats out of the room leaving Kushina and a heated Emerald alone.

Kushina blinks a bit before looking at Emerald.

"E-Emerald?" She said.

Emerald looks really heated now and he looked like he was fighting from jumping Kushina though she saw his muscles bulge and veins show when he did that.

Kushina knew that he can't stop himself so…

"Go ahead Emerald… fuck me hard… if you're lucky… can make Naruto a sibling."

Emerald though had eyes on Kushina's ass so that would probably be a thing to consider for him in the future… for now he jumped Kushina and the scene went out of the Namikaze compound to hear Kushina moan and groan loudly while loud thuds and smacks where heard while Lillum, in a simple robe, smiles as she saw Naruto sleeping in a content way and left the room to get a drink while she had an excited look on things getting better for Kushina.

"Hehe… Kushi-chan, you're getting lucky in both bed and in life. Perhaps one day you'll finally start reviving your clan. I know Naruto will do the same when he gets older. He'll be quite a ladies man." Lillum said with a smirk.

After this, time passed to MUCH MUCH later… currently Naruto was 5 years old or so, give or take a few months and he was walking with Emerald while helping with groceries and Emerald, in a new outfit consisting of a long trench coat similar to Ibiki Morino's during the chunnin exams though his was more customized to cover his lower mouth… thanks to some tests, various skill levels, and whatnot, Emerald was given the offer to be a Jounin of Konoha and took it so he had a Konoha headband on his head while he had his massive demonic greatsword on his back, it helped with intimidating people who gave Naruto some nasty looks and Naruto, raised not by just his mother, but Emerald who may as well be like a father, and Lillum a second mother, was happily carrying groceries like steaks and mushrooms and stuff.

"Hehe, I can't wait till we get back home Emerald and get to cooking." Naruto said.

Emerald nods his head a bit.

"Yeah, your mother will be doing a lot and… hmm?... hey is that Sasuke?" Emerald said while he saw Sasuke carrying groceries to the Uchiha main gate and Naruto grins when he saw Sasuke, thanks to certain changes, like Emerald helping Sasuke train a bit, Sasuke and Naruto met one another a few times in the past and hung out sometimes with supervision of course.

"It is. Hey Sasuke!" Naruto calls out.

Sasuke blinks when he heard that and noticed Emerald and Naruto approach him.

"Great minds think alike it seems with getting food today, whats the occasion since it looks like you got fancy stuff?... finally perfect the fireball Jutsu and actually make your dad go slack jawed?" Emerald said while he had a hand in his pocket.

Sasuke smirked.

"I did. He actually felt proud of me."

"Nice, guess using me as a test dummy for the fireballs helped as well with aiming at a moving target, maybe next time we should try out a different Jutsu to learn." Emerald said while he looks down at Sasuke since he was still a kid as Naruto chuckles.

"Hehe, yeah!... oh maybe we can stop by your place and see if your family and ours wants to mix food and have one big party, you got a lot of food for four people after all." Naruto said as Emerald gave Naruto a half lidded look.

"Naruto you had Ramen earlier and out ate multiple adults… go easy on the food otherwise you'll turn into an Akamichi at this rate… good thing I'm training you for the Ninja academy in a number of years so shouldn't happen… but still." Emerald said while Naruto tapped his head while having a teehee look on his face which amused Sasuke a bit at Emerald and Naruto's antics since Emerald acted like a father to Naruto.

"Oh I'm sure my parents won't mind if I invite you to my home." Sasuke said.

"Well if thats the case may as well ask, sorry for the intrusion though." Emerald said as he approached the Uchiha main gate with Naruto and Sasuke in tow… when they entered though… they were shocked to see corpses in the street as Emerald instantly grabbed Sasuke's shoulder tightly to prevent him from rushing off as Emerald looks at Naruto.

"Naruto go to the third and tell him what you saw, if anyone gives you issues tell them that if anything bad happens here and it's because of them I will kick their asses, Emerald said before he bit his finger and did a few hand signs.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Emerald said as a small Lizard like summons appeared, guess Emerald had more than one type of summoning it seems as the Lizard looks shocked and looks at Emerald.

"What is going on here?" The Lizard said as Emerald looks at him.

"I'll explain later Giri, go with Naruto and make sure the third hears of this." Emerald said while he looks at the Lizard summons named Giri.

Giri nods his head with a serious look and went after Naruto who ran off after dropping the groceries.

Sasuke was in disbelief when he saw bodies of his clan before realizing something.

"My family!" He said.

Emerald though looks at Sasuke seriously.

"Listen Sasuke, we will go to your family but stay close… we don't know if the killer or killers are nearby, if they are Chunnin or Jounin level enemies you won't be helpful to save your family if dead so follow me and keep your senses open, remember what I taught you on focusing and keeping calm." Emerald said while he lets go of Sasuke and ran ahead towards Sasuke's home while he kept on guard.

Sasuke tries to be calm and follows Emerald while keeping his senses open.

As the duo got to Sasuke's home, Emerald and Sasuke open the door and enter… when they did though Emerald and Sasuke saw Itachi with a bloody blade standing over the bodies of Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha… Emerald didn't know what the hell was going on but Emerald knew this was not good and well as Itachi starts to turn to the duo with him preparing to use the Sharingan on Sasuke, Emerald chopped Sasuke on the back of the neck knocking him out before he realized it and Emerald made sure Sasuke was near a wall and all Emerald said was this in a cold tone as energy emits from his body.

"You have 10 seconds to explain why I shouldn't attack you, Itachi… I trained with guys like Kakashi and know not to look in your eyes… you and I trained before and know I have a way to see without my eyes so threats are not going to work on me like you may intend." Emerald said as he lowered his headband to cover his eyes to prevent Itachi from using his Sharingan on him as Emerald slowly reached for his greatsword but didn't grip it when he wanted to see what Itachi would do but Itachi knew Emerald was on guard for him and would react at any moment, Emerald normally doesn't use Jutsu but can use small level ones and even a couple Shadow clones, but similar to Rock Lee in the future, Emerald was more of a Taijutsu man and can at best use some low level to mid Jutsu and only a few times… the glow was something he had called Aura and it used his own lifeforce to boost his physical powers similar to the 8 gate release but not to the same level… still dangerous either way since Emerald could do things most Shinobi couldn't.

"Emerald… I really wish you and Sasuke didn't come. I had to do what I thought was right." Itachi said.

Emerald contemplated those words carefully and narrows his eyes.

"I see… the whole district though?... unless… no… that fucking… Itachi… tell me one thing… were you forced to do this?" Emerald said while having some suspensions on who was really responsible for this, even if Itachi was forced… he wouldn't just kill the entire clan to an extinct level unless he had one hell of a reason.

"It matters not. What's done is done. Blood has been spilled on this night." Itachi said.

Emerald than rushed Itachi with his sword drawn and in an instant nearly sliced Itachi in two but him using a substitution Jutsu and standing on a nearby tree looks on as Emerald moved to look at Itachi despite the forehead protector blocking his view as Emerald listened as Itachi said one final thing to him.

"Sorry Emerald. The fight between you and I will not happen. That honor will be Sasuke's when he wakes up." Itachi said.

Emerald gripped his sword tightly as Itachi finished things with this as he turned from Emerald.

"Train Sasuke well… he will need the strength to survive what's to come." Itachi said as he vanished with high speed movement making Emerald growl as he lifts his headband.

"Fuck…" Emerald said though he did look at Mikoto.

"Not sure if he held back or he didn't notice… but seems your lucky at least Mikoto." Emerald said as he saw some life left in Mikoto and used some minor healing Jutsu he learned to slow the blood loss to Mikoto's body as Sasuke starts to come to since Emerald didn't put much power into his chop.

"Hmmm… what?… what hap-!" Sasuke said but his eyes widened when he remembered what happened and when he saw Emerald healing his mom…

"Mother!" Sasuke said as he went to Mikoto's side.

"Don't touch her!" Emerald said making Sasuke jolt.

"I'm sorry, I'm using first aid Jutsu's to slow her blood loss and what not, listen I need you to focus and get me some items from your kitchen, or around the house if you want Mikoto to live, Naruto should be here soon with the third and some others… I need a towel, lots of water, a large bucket so I can clean her wounds, some thread and a needle, I need to close the more serious wounds while I still have chakra to focus on the Jutsu and I cannot move… Sasuke I'm depending on you to save your mother." Emerald said while he gave Sasuke a serious look.

Sasuke jolted as he quickly went to get some towels.

No sooner than later, Naruto and Giri came back and brought the Hokage with some ninjas.

Even Kushina and Lillum surprisingly arrived as they got the news. Guess Giri warned Lillum about what transpired.

When the group got to the Uchiha district, they ran after Giri when he tracked Emerald down, and the group found Emerald using some first aid on Mikoto while Sasuke helped gather items quickly while he had a worried look on his face.

"OK now I need you to use the water in the two buckets, one to wash out wounds and the other to clean the towel, don't mix the water, I'll work on closing the serious wounds now, if she starts to stir don't worry, she is well knocked out right now." Emerald said as he quickly got to work while a couple medical ninja moved near Emerald to help him so they could take over properly.

"We will take it from here, nice job with the first aid but this won't help her for long, we need to do real surgery at the hospital, you two use the gurney we have and get ready to take Miss Mikoto to the hospital now." One of the ninja said showing this was a medical Ninja of high rank as a couple Anbu got ready to help get Mikoto to the hospital as Emerald washed in his hands in the water bucket since it wouldn't be needed now as Emerald looks at Naruto.

"Nice job getting help Naruto, sorry if seeing the bodies here frightened you." Emerald said while he looks at Naruto though Emerald did look at Sasuke who looked like he was in shock as he watched his mother get carried out and Emerald looks at Kushina and Lillum.

"We can't leave him here… Lillum, get Sasuke to the compound… Naruto… go with them… I need to speak with the third in private, Kushina, go after Mikoto and make sure she will be OK… not sure if anyone else will be coming after Mikoto… as for some of you Anbu, doubt I can give orders but just in case you may want to go with them to protect them… don't mind a few stay here to guard the third but after what happened… doubt anyone needs to defend the third given who was killed today." Emerald said while he had a serious look on his face when he gave the third a look that said he had serious info for the third but didn't want Naruto, Sasuke, and some Anbu he didn't trust nearby for privacy reasons.

The third Hokage nods his head before looking at the group.

"You heard him everyone." He said.

After that, Lillum took Sasuke and Naruto back to the compound as Kushina went to help guard Mikoto.

After most left the room with a few Anbu left with the third, Emerald looks at Hiruzen.

"Lord third… are you Anbu here trustworthy to keep quiet on what I'm about to say until the time is right to act?" Emerald said when he looks at the silent Anbu in the room.

"Of course Emerald. They won't do a thing unless I gave the order." Hiruzen said.

Emerald nods as he looks at the Hokage.

"Good… Lord third… Itachi seems to be the one to kill the Uchiha clan… I don't have proof but… given the rumors and what not… I have a high suspicion that Itachi was forced to kill his clan… he never went after Sasuke despite the fact he could even when I attacked him." Emerald said while he had a narrow eyed look on his face.

Hiruzen narrows his eyes.

"Are you certain?"

"80 to 90% sure… I would bet all the cash I would use for Naruto's trips to Ichiraku ramen that Danzo had a hand in this… Itachi wouldn't just attack his clan for no reason unless he had a damn good one… even if this coup was a legit thing he would spare kids at least… but I saw bodies of children on the way here… no… I'm positive Danzo had a hand in this since Danzo would probably be the main one who would cut off a branch to save the tree if the branch was infected… that analogy works with Danzo to a fucking T… I may not be able to say or do much aside guarding and training Sasuke if he lives at the Namikaze compound for safety… but if anyone tries to kill Sasuke… well… you remember what happened to that crowd who tried to assault Naruto despite all my warnings." Emerald said when he reminded Hiruzen of a bloody moment when Emerald had to kill some drunken or stubborn civilians and ninja when they came after Naruto once…. That was a blood day but not as bloody as this.

This angered Hiruzen.

"I'm honestly not surprised. Danzo had always have a knack of causing a disturbance. He hated that I took the hat and had tried to assassinate me. Why the Uchihas, I don't know."

"Well with the rumors about the Uchiha and what not, pretty sure if Danzo had a hand in this, probably to protect Konoha… fuck… no matter what though this was overkill… look I need to go and make sure Mikoto is OK… we don't know if any of Danzo's agents, if involved, will try something to Mikoto at the hospital… I'll let you handle what happens here lord third unless you need me to do something." Emerald said while he had a serious look on his face.

Hiruzen nods his head.

"Go. Now."

Emerald nods as he ran out of the building and towards the Leaf hospital… he ran into Kushina while she was in the waiting area after being told that Mikoto would be taken to the Intensive care area.

"Kushina-chan!" Emerald said while he slowed after running to her and saw how worried she looked.

"Emerald? What happened?" Kushina said.

"Nothing on my end, talked with the third, how is Mikoto?, given the time she maybe in the IC unit right now." Emerald said while he had a concerned look on his face.

Kushina was worried.

"I don't know. The doctors just took her in. I just can't believe it. Everyone in the clan district. At least Sasuke is okay but what about Itachi?"

Emerald was quiet as he looks around.

"Well you'll hear of this later but…" Emerald said as he quickly explains to Kushina what happened and by the time Emerald finished… Kushina had wide eyes and a horrified expression on her face as she covered her mouth with her hands.

"N-No… that can't be… Her own son." Kushina said as she had a hand over her mouth as this info was beyond big.

"Sorry… but its true… I attacked Itachi while he had blood on his blade… he nearly tried to use the Sharingan on Sasuke and I had to knock him out for a moment… I really wish it wasn't the case Kushina-chan… but thanks to what happened… think we can let Sasuke and Mikoto when she recovers live at the Namikaze compound?... your free to say no but after what happened… well…" Emerald said while Kushina looks determined now.

"No. They need help after what they…" Kushina said before shaking her head.

"I'll make sure the guest rooms are ready." She said.

Emerald nods as he looks at Kushina.

"Go make sure Sasuke is OK since he was shooken up immensely… I'll stay here and guard Mikoto… pulled all nighters on missions so won't have many issues here." Emerald said while he had a serious look on his face.

Kushina nods her head before she goes to Emerald and kiss his cheek.

"Be careful though."

Emerald nods as Kushina ran out of the hospital and back to her home… Emerald stayed in the Hospital to watch Mikoto and Kushina on her end ran back to her home to watch after Sasuke.

The scene fades to black on this dark day though since more could change in the future thanks to these events.

(Note from TME: For those who read Spider Sannin, yes this is similar to the reasons why Sasuke is living in the compound with Naruto and everything, many Spider Sannin plots maybe used here as placeholders so expect certain moments to be similar, for those who have not read the story, Spider Sannin is like a prototype Naruto story that will hopefully be fleshed out more, currently by the time of this posting, the Wave arc was finished there so if your curious on certain things and wonder if some story bits there will be used here, take a look and hope you all enjoy Spider Sannin… and hope you enjoy Red hot Habenero, don't worry, Kushina will have kickass moments once Naruto is older, think of this as the prequel where things get started before the action gets serious.)