Ah, refreshing.

Just behind magic, swimming might just be my new favorite activity.

Can't deny it. It's good for stress relief, while still getting a good workout.

You get to work out all your muscles, get a cool feeling of water on your body, and train your lungs simultaneously. Being a mage, as well as a swordsman, all these aspects are attractive to me. As well as attractiveness you know… I hear swimming is good for your skin.

Hey, it would be a waste to not use up all these good genes I got from my parents.


That and boredom, now that I have to give Roxy and Sylphy their couple hours of magic 101.

Yeah, had her name wrong the whole time.

Her name is Sylphy. Short for Sylphiette. I feel I should apologize to her, but she doesn't know I had her name wrong, soooo no harm no foul?


One more lap to go. Just a bit more…

After the initial confusion of having an injured girl in your house wear out Paul got Sylphy on his horse, when Zenith was done checking her, and brought her peacefully to her home.

Needless to say, I didn't let things end just like that.

Finding a moment alone with Roxy, I asked if she could do me the favor of staying a bit longer, and teaching Sylphy a thing or two about magic.

…it was tricky.

Roxy sensei has a good heart, but is also afraid of showing it, so I had to make a few concessions.

She was conflicted on staying longer, but just to be safe, I offered her compensation. Saying I would owe her one, and the favor of a Saint class mage is worth its weight in gold.

Just to be extra sure; I told her about Sylphy and her circumstances.

Needless to say she complied. Like I said, a sweetheart.

Sometimes sensei just needs a little push.

Then again don't we all.



"Uwaa! So much better!" I ran a hand through my wet hair. "I feel so much lighter," I step out of the water, drying myself off, and changing clothes. I was done with my morning routine, and decided to see where those two are in their lessons.


Ah, their lesson is over…

Finally reaching the open field I make my way to the towns resident green and blue haired duo.

"Ranoa's university doesn't require high social standing or pride. Even if you have some crazy theories, you will not be rejected as long as the logic is correct. Also, due to the acceptance of various races, there is also research done on magic unique to specific races. If Slyphiette wants to start on the road of magic, I would suggest entering the magic university."

Their lessons were over, and Roxy was recounting tales of her past.

"Really?! Various races?!" Sylphy questioned, ears twitching, an unconscious habit I notice she has when happy or excited. On that note, they also droop when sad.

They've gotten closer.

The deal was specifically; that I would like for Sensei to teach Sylphy magic for a bit, and to talk to her. Not a full blown tutelage like me, as that would be asking too much, but enough to get the basics down. But what I was really interested in, was getting them talking, and hence closer.

I won't tell Roxy that though.

Roxy was a bit skeptical at first, if she would even have the talent for magic.

I later convinced her that regardless of whether she has a talent or not I will compensate her as a favor, and would pay everything back, the same as if she were an actual student.

I wasn't lying.

I don't have the money at the moment, but I would in the future.

I'll figure out the how later…

"Really. Slyphiette would make a fine addition to Ranoa," Roxy told her.

Sylphy just stares at the horizon at the Red Dragon mountain range, with a smile on her face.

It was worth it.

"I see you guys are done for the day?" I got closer.

That's the other reason I make myself scarce, I'm trying to get them alone, so they can bond easier.

That and…

"Rudy, you're done swimming?" Roxy asked.

"Yes, Lessons going well?" I probed.

"Indeed. I might say that her talent in magic might even trump Rudy's," she patted Sylphy's head, bringing a small blush out of this pure girl.

As expected of Sylphy she's taking to it like a fish to water.

Will you look at that, so cute~

…but she isn't kidding, that girl is taking to magic at an insane rate, I was hoping the lessons would take a while so she could bond deeper, but she really is talented.

So this is the difference between talent and knowledge, huh.

"Is that so, what does my cute underclassmen have to say, huh?" I ask Sylphy.

She blushes a bit, and turns her head away.

Kya! I raised a flag! Loli get!

Just kidding. I won't be raising any flags with her anytime soon, after all… I'm terrifying…


Yeah, that's the other reason I had to make myself scarce. I'm 'scary,' her words not mine.

My heart hurts, as well as my heart… innocence hurts…

"Rudy, what did I say about making that face,"

How rude, I only have this face you know.

"...I'm sorry," I apologized regardless.

Apparently, I have a scary face… at least to Sylphy.

I'd ask her why, but it's hard to speak to her, from her side at least. It's gotten easier lately, but I notice that she's still keeping a distance from me.

I take a look at her snuggled against Roxy's arm.

Well, at least they've gotten closer.

If I remember correctly, when I asked Roxy what Sylphy told her about me that made me so scary, she said:

'I saw Rudy blow up trees,' 'I saw Rudy laughing maniacally,' 'saw Rudy chasing sensei' 'Rudy made lightning.' 'talking to himself in the forest…'.

Yeah… that…

While Sylphy was working up the courage to talk with Roxy sensei, when she heard the rumors of a Blue haired demon. She came to greet her.

But I was there.

For a socially awkward child, me and my wild antics are a bit much. Hell, I might be a little too much for your average person, let alone someone shy.

And the one time she did talk to me I… well… enough said.

"I-It's alright, I know Rudy doesn't mean to be scary," Sylphy said from beside Roxy.

Ouch, innocence hurts. "...Is my face really scary?" I really hope not.

"N-no, no, Rudy is handsome, I'm just not used to your face being so close," she blushes, turning her head away.

I'm not sure if that's a flag, or if she's just trying to raise my morale, regardless it worked.

My mood is better!

"He he, right~ I'm so handsome it's scary,"

"So easy…" Roxy whispered.

I don't want to hear that from you!

With their lessons concluded, sensei and I, walked Sylphy home before going out to the open field from the final exam, and continued working on that Cumulonimbus spell.

My parents don't know about me and Roxy's deal, so we're using the timeframe in which Sylphy learns the basics, to perfect the Cumulonimbus spell, bit by bit. Needless to say, I'm trying to get it to feed into itself like it's supposed to.

I accidentally made a tornado the other day. It's a good thing sensei is right next to me.

"Destroy and wash everything away! Cumulonimbus!" Skipping the useless chant, and jumping to the incantation I casted.

It lasted an hour, without my input. Cool the atmosphere then funnel the air current.

"…a spiral tornado will bring the clouds upwards. Congratulations once more Rudy,"

"Yes!" I pumped my fist to the sky. Poses are cool.

Overall a total success.


Unfortunately all things must come to an end. Slylphy's prodigious training has finally come to bite her. I could only hold onto Roxy sensei for so long, and we had to say our goodbyes.

"Roxy, it's fine if you want to continue staying in our home. There are many things I haven't cooked for you…" Zenith said.

"That's right. Even if your job as a home tutor is over, you have done many things for us last year. The people from the village will definitely welcome you." Paul seconded.

"Does sensei really have to leave…" quiet whispers of Sylphiette echoed in the wind.

She bends down to Sylphy's eye level, and says, "it's alright this isn't forever. I still have to show you that university. We'll definitely meet again," she said.

"Besides…" she whispered something I was unable to hear into her ear.

Sylphy looks at me then back at sensei, and nods her head profusely.

"I'll write to you soon. Look forward to it," she stands back up.

"Thank you for your offers Mr and Mrs Greyrat, but this situation has let me realize my weakness. I will tour the world and polish up my magic skills." She then looks at me and Sylphy.

"I can't have my students getting too far ahead of me now, can I?"

"Rudy," she faces me directly. "It most certainly has been an experience. Don't do anything reckless now that I'm not here, keep Sylphiette company, and try not to drive your parents crazy,"

"Ah, sure?"

With a tired smile, "You are definitely unique Rudy," she complimented me?

"Thank you?"

She takes something from her satchel and gives it to me.

It's an amulet.

I looked at it quizzically.

"It's a Migurd protection amulet. If you ever come across a hostile demon, you can present this with my name. You might come to an understanding… probably."

That's vague, but probably, is better than nothing. "Thank you very much,"

"Here…" she hands me a piece of paper, attached to it and whispers, "read this when Sylphy is gone," she walks down the road.

And with that, she exits out of our lives. And I'm wondering if I'll ever see her again.

I glance at her far-away figure.

On one hand, being next to her, I risk falling for her, and consequently dying because of it. I have to admit, despite the fact that that's a literal death flag, I really enjoyed her presence, and as such the possibility isn't zero.

On the other hand, I could never see her again and guarantee my safety.

I take a peek at Sylphy, by my side, and then turn to look at the household in which my family is in.

I can't do that.

I want to be true to myself, and as such I don't want to make a decision based on a hypothetical, or what could be. Butterfly effects are bound to happen. I lived in this world long enough to know, not everything will work out as it's supposed to.

I remember Sylphy's unconscious form.

I don't want to go back to treating people like characters from a story I read.

If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

Parting from Sylphy, Paul takes her home, and it's just me and Zenith alone."Come along Rudy," Zenith beckons me home. With a little bit of fear, and a little bit of hope I make my way home.

There were-NO ARE, many complications around us, but I could without a doubt say that at the least, she is my friend.

The funny thing about being reborn in a new world, is that everyone treats you, as you look, a child. Reasonable, but infuriating.

But around Roxy, it was simple, I could be myself. With my parents, that's an impossibility, no matter how 'genius,' your child is, there is a limit to how much you could believe. A divide needed to be made, before they realized something and because of that, I avoided them. I'd rather be alone and true, than around them and fake.

And then there was Roxy.

With Lilia I could be myself, even if she thinks there's something off, she accepts me for who I am regardless, but I can only hang around her for so much time of the day. Then Roxy came in. I know she knows some things off about me, and she knows I know she knows, but she's never said a thing.

I thank her.

Roxy is a quirky woman, a bit on the clumsy side, with a heart of gold. I enjoy our talks, I enjoy our experiments. It's fun when we're having successes, it's fun when we're having failures. Especially the failures, but overall I'll just miss having her around.

She rescued me from my loneliness, she saw me for me, she became my friend. I'm going to miss her.

Parting ways is always difficult isn't it?

Making my way up the stairs, I am finally alone. "Pff," I crash on the bed. I take out the note she gave to read its contents and… am a little shocked.

That's right we'll meet again. After all, I do owe her a lot…

In the sense that I owe her a lot of money.

The note she left me was a bill.

"Pff-fhaha, gotta love that loli!" I yell out like a madman, tears of laughter escaping the corners of my eyes.

Tearful goodbyes sure don't suit me. I imagine her flying through Asura, enjoying the view… the view…

Wait a minute-

Did I ever tell her about the panty flashing?

"…I'll treat her to something sweet next time I see her."

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