A week later.

It seems I have reincarnated.

Needless to say, I took it pretty well. Fainting, that is. I mean it's because I was tired of course. Being just born is very tiring, it's not like a little old thing like dying would get me down. Not like the shock of being a baby all of a sudden would perturb me a little. Nope, nada.

Who do you think I am!

I have reached akasha, and drowned myself with the knowledge of other worlds(internet web novels). There is no way death would hold me down. What doesn't kill you only gets you isekai!

HAHAHAHA… but I freaked the f out.

I've never been so thankful to not having teeth, than at the moment of my birth.

I panicked for a bit, and screamed out the generic one liners anyone would say in that situation. Who are you? Where am I? Etc.

What the hell was I thinking?

If I had been reborn in a world with the same language I would have surely been thrown in the garbage, and/or exorcized as some demon child. Luckily thanks to the combination of new unused vocal cords, no teeth, being tired, and knowing a completely different language; it all came out as an unintelligible dribble. Cute baby drible, but I digress.

In any case, odd beginnings aside, I am thankful. I don't know how this situation came to be, but I'll gladly take advantage of it.

A second chance at life…

I guess Truck-kun isn't responsible for all the Isekais in the worl-Multiverse.

Still though, what is a baby to do?


Nothing, the answer was nothing.

I can safely say reincarnation is not as exciting as it's put up to be. I envy transmigrators. The ability to walk around, talk, or you know… proper bowel control, I miss it all.

It's been a couple of weeks, and I can decisively say; Being a baby is boring!

The fact that I have a concept of myself is a godsend I suppose. How my brain is even functioning right now, I have no idea. I remember learning that a baby's brain is still in development for the first two years, so I should have the cognitive ability of a young puppy.

But hell if I'm going to complain! I'm adorable.

I'll take what I can get.

My body on the other hand…

My body is just embarrassing.

Honestly, I could die of embarrassment.

Anyways, talking, moving, it's all a pain, but I have to keep moving and persevere.

Don't remember when was the proper time to learn potty training, but needless to say, this young master will master the toilet immediately! It would be nice if my body wasn't so tired though. An infant's body is just so tiring. On my first day, passing out excluded, I could only stay awake a few hours.

Probably, there are no clocks here.

Day after day I was able to progress a bit each time. With these never ending boring days, there is nothing to do. The only thing I can do is just eat, and poo. Well, that and learn the language, but that is difficult as expected.'

Luckily, or unluckily, depending on your point of view, I can vaguely make out some words. It sounds like Spanish, but it definitely isn't. I knew Spanish in my past life, as well as English and a bit of french. Basically the romance languages.

Why the romance languages?

Because… Rrrrommmance~

Anyways, they most assuredly aren't speaking any of them. Every once in a while they will speak a word sounding similar to it, but just a little off. Honestly it's a bit worrying. I feel I might mess up and get sold away.

These past few days of observing have made it quite clear that this is your standard medieval world. No electricity. Simple clothing. And I'm pretty sure we're farmers, or at least living in the country. A person can't choose where they are born, and all that, but I do hope I can speak the language properly in a few years. In these medieval type worlds there's always a chance of being labeled a retard, and being thrown away as a disgrace, or something along those lines…

Honestly I'm going mad with paranoia.

The middle ages are a time of paranoia, and I can only hope this world is on the kinder end of things, and not the 'dark ages.'

It didn't help that one of the last stories I read before I died was a Xianxia protagonist, who got disowned by his family for being retarded. In actuality he just had trouble learning their language.

"Grrr," my stomach growled.

Ah, it seems I am hungry.

"Wahh! Wahh!"

Crying baby noises. The initial embarrassment of this baby act is gone now. A person has to do what he has to do to survive.

"...ber. Han an er Rudy?" Comes the sounds of a blonde beauty after hearing my calls. She comes, practically dashing, straight into the room.

Sorry, young miss, I still have no idea what you're saying, but the answer is probably yes.

Turns out my name is Rudy by the way, and… that is all I understand.

There she stands, a beautiful young lady. Blonde hair tied up behind her in a ponytail. With the bangs on opposite sides of her face going down it. She is wearing simple clothes, but it suits her fine. Or rather, with a figure like hers it would be difficult to look unappealing in anything.

"Anber guten avers. Mama es aki Rudy." She says lovingly as she comes and picks me up from my fortress of solitude (Read as crib).

Honestly, it's hard to tell that this woman indeed gave birth a couple weeks ago.

Yep, as you can guess. This woman is indeed my mother.

She gets close to me, unbuttons her shirt, and reveals her breast. My meal is ready. I had mixed feelings about this at first, considering I have an adult mind, but I literally need to feed. So those feelings of shame, of deceiving a young lady, were ruthlessly pushed down.

The actual act of feeding itself doesn't really bother me. I need what I need. I even remember it being necessary up to the age of two.

Or was it 3?

Unfortunately there is no google search in this world, and I had no kids in my past life to know.

It-it's not like I like you, or anything, Ba-baka. Just your milk. Hmph.

Still, though, why did it have to be so delicious?

I-I-I'm not a pervert, you're a pervert!

I'm just stating an objective fact like the color of the sky.

I can add this to one of the many reasons a person should not reincarnate into another world with their memories. Honestly, at this rate I might develop a complex in a few years.

Mother, huh…

I have mixed feelings about this. I have feelings of gratitude, and happiness. But along those feelings I also have feelings of guilt. This woman is my mother, but…

She isn't.

She is breast feeding me, while mumbling things about her day( I assume; can't understand her and all that). But at the end of the day; she isn't my mother.

This woman showers me with love and affection. She, and her husband have given me a roof over her head. She changes me, bathes me, etc. I am her child. But at the end of the day, I'm also not.

These feelings of guilt are really torturous on one's soul. It makes one wonder if I'll age faster at this rate.

Am I going to have Itachi eyes or something at age of 4?

But indeed, I can see why reincarnated protagonists usually time skip, or just go full transmigrate into the later years of life. The guilt those protagonists must have felt must have been too real for your generic escape fantasy.

I am sorry. But I have stolen the place of your son.

I am truly sorry.

Unfortunately, emotions aren't something so easily overwritten. Especially paternal ones. I am 24 years old at heart, madam. The time I wanted and needed a mother has come and gone. I am not a bird. I don't have an in-built instinct to love the first person I see. I don't recognize this woman as my mother.

It's simply hard to recognize someone younger than you, in heart, as your Mom, I simply can't.

Not even with all the affection she gives… and seeks.

And for that I am truly sorry. For your 'son,' can't truly return his affection towards you the way a baby should.

That's not to say I dislike her though.

I am eternally grateful for this second chance, and I can only hope to return these feelings with time. I don't know how I will return such a favor, but I will return these feelings ten fold, one day.

"Ah, Bisimo courtsein," This buxom beauty says to me, as she gently removes me away from her chest, and places me back in my crib. As usual, I have no idea what she is saying.

Still though… This feeling of guilt proves one thing to me. This isn't an illusion. If it were, these feelings wouldn't exist.

I think such thoughts as I raise my hand towards her. She lowers her finger, and I catch in my grasp as well.

Indeed, this is real. Thank you.

I think such thoughts as I can feel my body start to drift to sleep. Honestly, us babies are truly selfish beings, once our needs are met we simply fall to sleep simply enough. Hope tomorrow will be pleasant.

Still though, something about this world is keeping me on edge. Like, it's trying to tell me something, but I can't quite pick it up. I don't know what it is, but it feels like I'm forgetting something. Similar to when you are trying to remember something important, and know it's important, but can't quite remember what it is.

I do hope I figure it out, I don't need any more worries keeping me up at night.

I already have enough rude awakenings, due to this loving couple, making a ruckus at night. I don't need anymore.


Speed… I am speed.

It has now been six months since then. I am speeding down the hallway. My everyday boring days went as one would expect. No incidents. Just your everyday slice of life. Even if it is medieval. Nothing to do now but zip around the house.

Well crawling really fast, but the point still stands.

Gas, gas, gas, gotta step on that gas…something something… tonight, tonight.

But finally, I can move. One can only think back on their past life for so long before they go mad. At this rate I might develop an imaginary friend. Sorry, but I have no intention of speaking to Blue.

"Rudy? Whe are you?" A voice calls out to me from a different room.

Sorry, Zenith, but this body was made for speed. I think while moving my chubby little legs.


And so I continue to speed around the house, going from room to room. I can safely say I am ready to start moving on with my life.


I mean my memories of home have never truly faded, and I do miss my parents, as well as some luxuries from the 21st century.


But I wasn't exactly a kid. All birds have to leave the nest and all, and I was 24 years old. Oldest of a family with 3 siblings. Yet the only one that hasn't started a life for himself as well. Younger brother: 21, married, and with kid. Young sis, 18 the same.

Honestly Explode! What, were you guys reincarnated from a medieval society? Have families at age 30 like a true modern american.

Anyways, digressing: I was 24 years old, and without any true connections in that world, and the only ones I talked to were my parents, who I still live with, but considering my age, I was going to have to move on eventually.

The fact that meant dying was unpleasant, but nothing you can do about that.

But I already knew that dying was a possibility. Even before my accident. My parents had already ingrained it into me how dangerous the world could be. You just have to keep moving forward. It is a lesson I didn't learn 'till the very end. I know my parents would weep, but they have 2 children, and 2 grandchildren on the way. They are fine.

By now my funeral has come and gone. The only thing to do is move on. I'm not worth remembering.

Can't afford to make the same mistakes of the past.

When I was 19 I broke my leg. I also didn't have health insurance at the time, so I went with the cheaper option of going to a chiropractor. 'An unlicensed one…

Little details aside, it worked. I was healed. Mostly… But I was still injured, still feeling it, so I did it. By it meaning nothing. I was 19 at the time. My friends, had moved on with their lives, and there I was, a bird with a broken wing.

Yes big Shocker I had friends. Die!

Sigh, who am I even talking to? I guess it's true one does go mad if you have no one to talk to. At least in my past life I could distract myself with anime. Although, in the end that turned into a mixed bag.

That's just the way life is. Especially in a worn down neighborhood. You either die young, getting involved with the wrong crowd, or you move on. Go to college, get a career, and more importantly go away.

I did not have such a luxury, or at least I didn't take advantage of it. 19 and injured, and lonely. I was barely able to move the first six months.

The 'Guy,' I went to did his job, but… let's just say there's a reason people go to professionals.

Anyways, the mind numbing boredom was getting to me, and that is when I got introduced into the world of lightnovels.

I sat down one day, started reading light novels, and other things that suit my interest. One thing led to another, and I became a full blown Otaku. Told myself: "I'll take a break. I deserve it. Nothing like a good rest before moving on."

That break lasted 5 years. When I finally decided to move on with my life (kicked outside, and told to move you lazy bum). I did just that. Honestly I was even a bit impressed with myself.

Although I wasn't an athlete anymore, I was able to push myself like one.

Then I died.

Don't know when it happened. But my body, the original, had gotten to a point where some light exercise could give it some serious stress.

Not making that mistake again. Made my peace with that over these 6 months. Now, let's go.

Speeeeed! Give me freedom! Le Revolution!

"Where are you Rudy?" A certain blonde beauty yells out.

My humble apologies Lady Zenith, but this young master can't be tied down, the One Piece, she calls to me.

I crawled around, recklessly moving along, viewing anything and everything. After staring at the ceiling, and walls of my room for so long, anything and everything is a breath of fresh air.

Ah, I found someone. It's the Maid.

A real beauty. It makes me wonder if the standards of beauty in this world are rather high, or if I am just lucky in this life, or rather I guess it's Paulo that got lucky, hiring such a beautiful maid.

Oh, Paulo is my father's name.

She is rather taciturn. Keeping a cold visage at all times. As well as having maroon hair, not that big of a deal, but it really stands out. When you're only used to brown, black, and blonde such a new shading of hair is beautiful in its own right. Still though, there is one issue.

"Eep!" She yells out in surprise.

Stare. Stare. We just stare at each other for a while.

Yeah… she doesn't like me much.

Honestly she seems a bit weary of me. Everytime she holds me up. She mumbles things in her native language, and is always a bit nervous. I swear I can hear her heart beating across her chest when she places me on top of it.

I am convinced she was trying to exorcize me.

No, she literally was holding a stick with some petals attached to it as she shook it once.

"Gao," I growled at her.

I don't know what about me she is scared of. I can only guess that as a maid she has some childcare experience, and can tell I am not an ordinary baby.

That said it's been 6 months, and she hasn't left. Nor has she tried to physically harm me, so I think she has gotten used to me.

"Eee, et canis," she whimpers a bit while squeezing a plate. It shattered in her hand, sending the pieces everywhere.

Honestly, do you think I'm gonna eat you or something.

…well, baby steps I suppose. I turned away from her, and…


I step on a shard.

Hmm, I wonder how I should deal with this.

As such thoughts go through my head Lilia, that's the Maid's name, picks me up carefully and carries me with one arm, while using the other to inspect for damage. She looks at me with worry, before inspecting my bloody hand with a frown.

"Master Rudeus! Oh, no what to- Miss Zenith, let's-let's go to lady Zenith. There, there, don't worry mama Zenith is a great healer. She'll Alivare you in no timpo" she says. I got the gist of it.

To which, I raise my bloody hands towards her, and "Gao!" tease her just a little. It's just a cut. I couldn't help but tease her a bit. Even in a medieval society I wouldn't die from this. Probably.

I placed a bloody finger on her lip, and gave her hopefully a mischievous smirk.

There are no mirrors, I have yet to figure out how I look, beyond blond. I can only Imagine a toddlers body being expressive, and hence I hope my mannerisms come across as playful, and nothing demonic.

She looks at me for a moment, the worry on her eyes gone for a second, replaced with one of shock as her eyes bulge a bit in surprise. She then smiles kindly, and looks at me with equally kind eyes.

Ah, so you are capable of such expressions.

Mission raise Maids affection stat complete. Ding Ding. Reward; you will not be murdered in your sleep. Banzai~

Jokes aside, I hope we can move forward together.

After that was over she whisked me away, and took me to Zenit.

"Ah! Rudy, what happened?!" Zenit exclaims.

"It is my euro, lady Zenit. He actrapar the floor, quando…" Miss Lilia gets across the story of what happened.

I do hope she doesn't get punished. In all actuality, she is the normal one in this household, and is reacting normally to this other-worlder. It is just Zenit, and…what was his name again, Paulo? That seems to be lacking some common sense. Thank god for little miracles.

"...jeez. My little Rudeus. Va ater problems already, alright here goes," Lady Zenit says as she takes me away from Miss lilia, and holds me with one hand while the other hovers over my body, and…

"Let the power of Dio be excantanter into a grant crop, and rezaker unto those who have lost the furerzen to stand once more, HEALING!" She yells out, and… it did just that. I am healed.

Well, I'll be… It really hits hard, that this is definitely not home. I really have been Isekaid.

So magic really is a thing huh. Hmm, theirs that nagging feeling in the back of my head again.

As I think these thoughts Lilia and Zenit keep talking, with me only being able to get every other word. Lilia just seems to be bowing her head repeatedly, but Zenit is understanding, and seems to accept her apologies, and doesn't hold it over her.

I'm pretty sure I'm being chastised.

I guess this will be the topic of the day between her, and Paul later tonight.

…Wait a minute…

Paul, his name is Paul not Paulo. Her name is Zenith not Zenit as I've been calling her. And they have a maid named Lilia.

I turned my head, and looked at Lilia, and I mean truly looked at her, as she is. No sideway glances, no teasing, no looking away.

Maroon Hair; almost red. Beautiful Violet eyes.

Because yes that's a thing in this world.

And complete with a maid outfit and glasses.


I should have noticed it sooner, but my interactions with Lilia are minimal, and my understanding of the language is still at beginner. Combine that with the fact that both Paul and Zenith, in the flesh, look like a pair of beautiful people. I never would have seen them as…

2d characters I used to read about.

Well, shit… Perhaps I am delusional after all, because… this isn't… isn't this a…

Well, there's no running away from it. My name is Rudeus Greyrat after all.

I now know what exactly was bothering me this whole time.

What's been in the back of my mind, and that was the fact that this all seemed familiar. Besides the fact that it follows the Isekai tropes.

That's right. I haven't just Isekai'd into any world, but the cubed world I read about a long time ago.

This is Mushoku Tensei. A web-novel.

I have been reincarnated into a work of fiction.

Okay… wow… just… What should I say?

Existentialism crisis aside, there is actually another problem I have on top of that.

What exactly was the plot again?