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Hello everyone! And welcome to my fanfic! This is my first fanfic I've ever written and it's a crossover of Two Kinds, I haven't really been up to date with the original yet so pardon me if I mess up with the timeline and separate from the canon story and lore, I will still read TK so that I could still make it as lore-accurate as possible.

About the crossover: Yeeeah... It started off as just an idea, making a crossover of Two Kinds with a dead Roblox game seems like a bad idea, but the lore of the game Vetex made was just too interesting. You should check it out by searching "Arcane Adventures lore" if you're interested, though in this fanfic it has some OCs, and deviations from canon lore so it's basically an AU of mine.

So the making of this fanfic went with this: I started thinking about it, and I said to myself "Why not?" and then started to write it! Chapters may be short but I can make it longer if I can, anyways, that's it folks! Enjoy reading! I will welcome reviews or any questions!

Prologue Part 1

Gaia, Magius, Citrine City Capital, Y2,985

Today's a quiet night at the palace in the center of the still bustling capital city of Magius.

There were fewer councilmen than normal, as the leader of this nation sent everyone to vacation as a reward for their hard work.

Within a certain office, was its owner, still sorting out his own paperwork.

Black spiky hair swayed to the side, eyes colored red, and an ever present frown. He wore a white military uniform similar to a general's, outlined with green. Black pants and brown shoes.

This person currently sitting upon a chair to a desk was none other than the ruler of Magius, Director Trigno.

Despite his young look, he was anything but. He had walked on this land for over hundreds of years.

He was also a former pirate, until he quit after the last war on this world ended a thousand years ago.

He is also close friends with the one who ended that war, the Peacekeeper.

Said Peacekeeper had also just arrived at his office.

"Still working late again, Trigno?"

He didn't look up from his paperwork sorting, only responding to his friend. "Henry."

The man who ended the last war only shook his head at Trigno.

"You know, you really should take a break."

"Can't. Don't have the time," Trigno replied monotonously.

"What do you mean you don't have time? We basically live forever, you know?" Said Henry.

"Not what I meant."

Trigno heard a sigh from Henry.

"Can't you just look at your friend when he's talking to you?"

Trigno stopped his paperwork, and looked up at Henry.

Light blue hair, with emerald green eyes on an easygoing smile. Wearing a desert cloak (Trigno still had no idea why Henry started wearing that) that covered most of his casual clothing underneath.

The people called him the Peacekeeper, but his real name is Henry Clay.

Prior to a thousand years ago, he was just a rookie mage, until he trained under the tutelage of powerful individuals, including Trigno, during his adventures.

There had been a great evil, that had brought chaos in this world ever since the Fall of the Old Civilization, and during the Great Cursebeard War, this same great evil was finally defeated by Henry, ending the war in the process, after reaching his full potential.

After the war had ended, Henry used his great magical prowess to lift a continent from underneath the sea. This very same land they lived upon is that same continent.

He was then called "The Peacekeeper" by everyone, after his great deeds and feats during his adventures were known throughout the world.

Henry then sat on a chair that was in front of Trigno's desk. While doing so, his face shifted from easygoing, to serious.

Trigno noticed it, and asked. "Something wrong?"

Henry didn't say anything for a while, until he opened his mouth. "I have something to tell you. It's about something that has happened beyond this world."

Trigno sat in attention. He knew there were multiple worlds, ever since Henry achieved an ability that was the great evil's source of power, and in extension, could unlock gateways between worlds.

"What is it?" Trigno asked.

Henry looked down and gulped, before answering. "Something terrible has happened. It already took place before I could unlock worlds…"

Henry looked up at Trigno, face becoming pale. "Trigno… this world will end soon."

Trigno widened his eyes in shock and horror. "What…"

"Don't worry, I have a plan for that." He quickly reassured Trigno. "During my adventure into multiple worlds, I have found a way to place this continent onto another world."

Trigno was greatly shocked again. "That's incredible, Henry…"

Trigno then noticed something. While Henry was talking about the spell he discovered, he only still looked less happy.

A pit formed in his stomach. "There's a catch, isn't there?"

Henry looked down after Trigno called him out. "Yes… in order for this spell to work, it has to take a lot out of me, and…"

Trigno waited for him to finish. The pit slowly grew as he waited.

"...I have to be out of its area to perform it."

Henry's sentence felt like something had stabbed him in the chest.

No… Trigno tried to deny it. "Wait… you can't be serious, right?"

Henry didn't answer, still looked serious ever since this conversation started.

Trigno glared at him. "No…"


"There must be another way, right?"

"...No Trigno, there isn-"

"Well, there HAS to be!" Trigno looked at him in desperation. "It has to be there, somewhere in one of those worlds-"

"I TRIED, TRIGNO!" Henry yelled at him to stop. "I have searched almost every possible world, to find another way, but there is none!"

While Henry had been talking, Trigno's fists were clenching on the edge of the desk.

In all his life, he had always outlived his friends, ever since obtaining a power known as a Sea Curse.

The Curse gives him the power to turn into its element, and thereby rendering him invulnerable to attacks that aren't magical in nature. It may seem a great boon for naive, power hungry fools, but it wasn't for Trigno.

Sea Curses removes all the user's energy if they were to be submerged in water, turning them into a hammer, and lastly, it stops them from aging.

So, ever since then, Trigno had been outliving everyone he knew, and the next people he became friends with.

Then, Henry came along, who had obtained the great evil's source of power, the Absorption Curse, which enabled him to steal all magics and curses alike.

It also allowed him to live forever, like Trigno. So, for the first time, he had felt like he finally found someone worthy of calling a friend.

It would've been fine for Trigno if Henry had decided to rest in peace, but right now, it wasn't the case.

It was a case of sacrifice. Something Henry did not deserve, after what he had done for this world.

Tears had begun to appear in the corner of his eyes as he looked down on his desk, muttering. "It's not fair…"

He was going to lose his friend, not by leaving peacefully, but by sacrificing himself one last time.


Same place, 1 year later

Red—Red was all Trigno could see in the sky as he stared at it. Orders were issued already to his councilmen to prepare for a continental-wide evacuation to the tunnels, but he couldn't dispel panic that was reigning all over the continent. No one knew what was happening, other than him, and Henry.

This disaster was eerily similar to the Fall of the Old Civilization event, that ravaged the world years ago. Chunks of ocean blown to the red skies caused by volcanic eruptions, it's as if the world had decided to unleash all its piling magma, like a global-spanning eruption.

It all seemed like it was really the end of the world this time. No human settlements can survive this, unlike the last one, and all of humanity would have no hope of surviving to this day.

But Trigno had hope, hope that all of Magius would survive, and trust. Trust in the Peacekeeper.

Henry had somehow predicted when this event would occur about a year ago, and had told it to him, and the Seven Star Wizards in secret.

The Seven Star Wizards is an order of seven powerful wizards Trigno formed to be the protectors, and senate of Magius. Each can level an entire city with only a few attacks.

They had been created based on his own fear that if he, or his successors, were to go mad with power and turn on their own people, then they would be more than enough to deal with himself, or his successors.

When Henry relayed his plan to them, many doubts were placed upon him by the Wizards, but Trigno cleared all of that, and soon began preparing within a year.

Henry had a plan, which required everyone to build a continental-wide tunnel system so that they wouldn't be exposed to the magical radiation.

The plan was a dangerous one, Henry warned, which he might get everyone killed, but Trigno trusted him, and placed his hopes that his plan would work.

There was one thing that Trigno didn't put his hopes on anymore, however. It would be that Henry would ever survive this.

It was obvious. The procedure required him to be outside of the zone.

Trigno, at first, wanted to find another way, but Henry already told him numerous times during his bouts of grief that there was no other way.

Now, a year later, he had mostly moved on.

He already had said his goodbyes to him, and internally promised that he would move forward completely, and be the leader the people of Magius needed.

And as he was reminiscing back when he was a pirate…

…Back when he, Henry, and another companion, Angel Creed, traveled together, before her unfortunate death…

…When he trained Henry to become who he is today, and will still be: The Peacekeeper, a resounding boom was felt all over the continent.

When he opened his eyes after a tear left his eye, a new color replaced the red skies.

He saw white.

To be continued.